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Celsius Vs. Bang (Comparison)

It is hard to believe that energy drinks can be termed ‘healthy’. With caffeine and other ingredients like taurine, consumers often feel slightly uncomfortable having them. What if I tell you that there are healthy versions of energy drinks too? Would you believe that?

Celsius and Bang Energy drinks are sugar-free energy drinks with 0 fat and promote the drinks to consumers who are diet conscious or have a risk of diabetes.

Although their mission statements differ alongside a few ingredients, they do serve well in their respective primary function of providing an instant boost of energy.

Bang Energy drinks are made to boost your performance, build muscle, and improve your appearance.

On the other hand, Celsius energy attempts to motivate those who wish to live a healthy lifestyle by providing a stable energy source that is carefully developed to work with your body and help you achieve your goals.

The main difference that can be spotted easily is that Celsius energy claims to have used healthy ingredients like ginger, guarana, and green tea, which are missing in Bang energy drink.

Continue reading to learn more about both of these drinks and compare them to have a better understanding of how they differ and what needs they each address.

Ingredients of Celsius Vs. Bang Energy Drink

Celsius Energy promotes its “strong, proven, unique MetaPlus blend” with a lot of fanfare. Alliteration makes sentences sound more punchy, according to marketing 101.

It’s a clever ruse to hide the truth that there’s nothing new here — many manufacturers have their proprietary recipes.

Bang claims to include “powerful brain & body-rocking fuel,” as a trademarked term. This particular formula, according to them, contains Super Creatine, caffeine, CoQ10, Super, and EAAs.

Let’s have an overview of what both the energy drinks contain:

Celsius Energy DrinkBang Energy Drink
Guarana ExtractSodium Benzoate
GlucuronolactoneCitric Acid
Ginger ExtractPotassium Citrate Monohydrate
Green Tea Leaf ExtractCarbonated Water
Vitamin BSucralose
Vitamin CPotassium Phosphate Dibasic
ChromiumVitamin C
Carbonated WaterCalcium
Citric AcidMagnesium Chloride
SucraloseSuper Creatine
Ingredients of Bang and Celsius.

Celsius energy drinks offer beneficial components like guarana, ginseng, and green tea extract, which help burn fat, speed up metabolism, and are low in calories. They also don’t contain high fructose corn syrup.

I’m sold on a drink that enhances my energy, helps me burn fat, and speeds up my metabolism. Who wouldn’t want such an energizing beverage?

Bang Energy, on the other hand, appears to be causing a stir among fitness enthusiasts all over the world with its new and revolutionary energy drinks, which contain creatine, BCAAs, and CoQ10 and are the first of their type on the market, claiming to improve mental and physical capacities.

Although its sugar-free content and presence of vitamins and electrolytes make it an excellent option to consume, you must know that it comparatively consists of no organic ingredients like Celsius and therefore can’t be considered a ‘Healthy Option’.

Caffeine Content of Celsius Vs. Bang Energy Drink

Coffee Beans
Coffee Beans – Source of caffeine

Celsius Energy includes 200mg of caffeine every 12 fl. oz can, whereas Bang Energy has 300mg per 16 fl. oz serving.

Caffeine is a common element in energy drinks, and it has a variety of benefits, including keeping you alert and increasing your cognitive abilities.

As a result, the amount of caffeine in energy drinks dictates the quality of the energy spike and how long it lasts.

In the case of Celsius Energy and Bang, because Bang contains more caffeine, it will provide a more significant energy spike that will last longer.

The drawback you would not be expecting right now is that the caffeine content of Bang Energy stands at almost the border of the FDA’s daily recommended intake.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has determined that 400 milligrams per day should be the maximum limit for consuming caffeine by a healthy adult. Surpassing this limit can adversely affect your health.

Consuming more than the recommended limit or a single can of Bang Energy can impose the following health risks:

  1. Anxiety or panic attacks
  2. Dehydration
  3. Diarrhea
  4. Headaches
  5. Jitters
  6. Seizures
  7. Irregular heartbeat

Naturally, whether Celsius or Bang Energy Drink is right for you depends on your caffeine metabolism and how effectively your body adapts to caffeine.

If you have a high caffeine tolerance or have a busy lifestyle, Bang will be of great assistance. Meanwhile, Celsius will give you a good boost if your caffeine tolerance is poor or low.

Nutrition Facts of Celsius Vs. Bang Energy Drink

Celsius Nutrition Facts
Celsius Nutrition Facts

Celsius Energy Drink is advertised as a safe alternative for athletes who are always searching for that additional rush of vigor when they hit the gym. As it is free of sugar and preservatives and prepared with natural tastes and plant extracts.

Bang Energy Nutrition Facts
Bang Nutrition Facts

Bang Energy Drink can be beneficial for you because it is calorie and sugar-free, making it ideal for those on a strict diet. Only the high caffeine content of 300mg is something to be conscious about, but you should be fine as long as you consume it in moderation.

Total Fat00
Total Carbohydrates2g0
Vitamin C60mg27mg
Total Sugar00
Added Sugar0
Vitamin B21.7mg
Vitamin B320mg
Vitamin B510mg
Vitamin B62mg0.5mg
Vitamin B126ug1.5mcg
Magnesium 5mg
Nutrient comparison of Celsius and Bang.


Bang energy has no calories, whereas Celsius has 10, which is the ideal quantity to keep you going throughout the day because your body needs calories to function.

However, consuming too many calories and not burning them off enough through activity can lead to weight gain, while not having enough can put you at risk of health problems due to a lack of energy.

According to NHS:

Calories Intake (Dailly) 2,500 cal per day2,000 cal per day
Recommended daily calorie intake

Calories are essential for your health since your body can break down food molecules and utilize the stored energy for various processes such as movement, cognition, and growth.

From a nutritional aspect, Celsius does not supply a big amount of energy for your cells to burn; instead, the caffeine in it provides the majority of the boost.

For Bang energy, the ten calories provide the necessary energy, as well as a strong caffeine attack from the 300g of caffeine consumed in a single can.


Celsius doesn’t include sodium as its ingredient yet Bang energy uses around 40g of sodium which is a safe amount to consume.

Since Celsius does not contain sodium, says its preservation is slightly shaky. Sodium helps to keep germs and other disease-causing agents at bay.

It’s critical to understand the role of salt in energy drinks. It brings out the flavor of your glass and improves its taste.

Sodium must be included in your diet, but only in amounts that are less than the daily recommended allowance of 1500 milligrams.

I can tell you why salt isn’t removed from soda, and it’s because it acts as a preservative.

Overall, the inclusion of sodium in Bang energy and its absence in Celsius won’t make a big deal for the energy drinks since artificial flavoring is usually doing its work by adding flavor balance to the drink in the absence of sodium.


Celsius and Bang Energy has all the vitamins and B-Vitamins that an energy drink should have.

Since B vitamins are necessary for energy metabolism, they are found in energy drinks. They have enzymes that help break down lipids and amino acids and as well as release energy from carbohydrates.

B Vitamins are water-soluble, those that aren’t absorbed by your body are flushed away, leaving no harm behind. This allows energy drinks to contain significantly more caffeine than the daily recommended intake without harming the consumer.

Apart from B-Vitamins, the inclusion of Vitamin C makes these drinks extremely rich in antioxidants that help with your immune system and repair your body tissues.

Other potential benefits are:

  1. Formation of collagen
  2. Absorption of iron
  3. Wound healing
  4. Maintenance of cartilage, bones, and teeth

Sugar Content in Celsius Vs Bang Energy Drink

How much sugar is too much?

If there is something that couldn’t be compared to these two drinks, it would be the fact that they both oppose sugars.

Celsius and Bang are both sugar-free energy drinks.

Since Celsius and Bang Energy use sucralose instead of sugar, they’re the healthier option if you’re on a diet or trying to cut down on your sugar intake.

Furthermore, with both of them, you have a lower chance of experiencing health problems in the future.

However, compared to Red Bull or Monster, both these drinks have a relatively high sugar content for an energy drink of their size. Granted, the sugar in Red Bull makes it taste fantastic and allows you to indulge in sugary delights until the sugar crash sets in.

The American Heart Association recommends a daily added-sugar restriction of no more than 100 calories for women and no more than 150 calories for men.

Any limit that is exceeded can result in:

  1. Obesity
  2. Type 2 diabetes
  3. Cardiovascular diseases
  4. High blood pressure
  5. Acne
  6. Hormonal Imbalance

Check the following video to see how sugar can also affect your brain.

How does sugar affect the brain?

Celsius Vs. Bang Energy Flavors

Celsius Energy Drink Flavors
9 different flavors of Celsius

Celsius, for me, serves as a perfect drink for summer. It is refreshing due to the presence of fruits like guava and strawberry.

Originals, Naturals, On-The-Go, and HEAT are the four product categories offered by Celsius. Here are a few of the flavors available for each Celsius product type:

Celsius Orignal

  1. Orange
  2. Grape rush
  3. Watermelon
  4. Wildberry
  5. Kiwi guava

Celsius Naturals

  1. Grapefruit
  2. Cucumber lime
  3. Orange pomegranate
  4. Watermelon berry

Celsius On-The-Go

  1. Orange
  2. Berry
  3. Coconut
  4. Cranberry lemon

Celsius Heat

  1. Blueberry pomegranate
  2. Cherry lime
  3. Inferno punch
  4. Strawberry dragonfruit

The peach flavor from Celsius Line is my favorite due to its sweet taste, which is equally rich and refreshing. It gives you a highly crisp flavor of peach. I usually consume it on days when I get sugar cravings.

Bang Energy Flavours
A wide range of flavors of Bang

Bang adds new tastes to its portfolio regularly and removes the ones that are not popular.

  1. Bangster Berry
  2. Birthday Cake Bash
  3. Black Cherry Vanilla
  4. Blue and Yellow Limoncello
  5. Blue Razz
  6. Candy Apple Crisp
  7. Champagne
  8. Cherry Blade Lemonade
  9. Citrus Twist
  10. Cotton Candy
  11. Delish Strawberry Kiss
  12. Frose Rose
  13. Key Lime Pie
  14. Lemon Drop
  15. Miami Cola
  16. Nectarine Blueberry
  17. Peach Mango
  18. Pina Colada
  19. Power Punch
  20. Purple Guava Pear
  21. Purple Haze
  22. Radical Skadattle
  23. Rainbow Unicorn
  24. Root Beer
  25. Sour Heads
  26. Star Blast
  27. Swirly Pop
  28. Whole Lotta Chocolata
  29. Wyldin Watermelon

Cherry Blade Lemonade is my favorite flavor from Bang’s selection.

It has a biting lemon flavor that keeps you on your toes and makes you want more. By mixing the sweet cherry and acidic lemon flavors, Bang Energy created an all-time classic. This beverage is on par with, if not better than the competition.

I prefer the flavors of Celsius Energy since I’m more of a person who likes to add sweetness to almost everything that I can get to drink or eat.

Celsius usually has sweetness added to almost all of its flavors, whereas Bang tends to get a bit sour and off-putting after taste.

Things I like and Dislike about Celsius and Bang Energy Drink

LikeSweet Taste, Sugar-Free, Less Calories, Vitamins, and Organic caffeine. Sugar-Free, Cheap and High in electrolytes
DislikeHigh Caffeine Content and Expensive. High Caffeine and After taste.
Things I like and Dislike about Celsius and Bang.

Alternatives To Celsius And Bang Energy Drink

Zoa Energy Drink

Zoa Energy Drink
A choice for a healthy lifestyle

Zoa Energy is a healthy energy drink because it contains a moderate quantity of caffeine and as well as vitamins C, B, and choline for attention. It can also aid in keeping you hydrated.

As you may know, a typical energy drink contains only 85-150mg of caffeine. Zoa energy drinks include 160mg of caffeine, which is comparable to what you’re used to.

It also prioritizes improving your immunity with vitamin C, vitamin B, and choline.

Each can has 100 calories and 23 g of sugar.

Sugar is a good source of calories and can give you a boost of energy. With ZOA, sugar crashes occur because it already includes 23 grams of sugar. I experienced modest signs of a sugar crash, such as dizziness and headache.

Runa Energy Drink

Runa  Energy Drink
A healthy energy drink

Runa is an excellent alternative energy drink because it is minimal in calories and sugars and has an energy-boosting component derived from the Amazon rainforest.

According to the producer, organic Guayusa is one of the drink’s seven essential ingredients. Runa is a carbonated energy drink with double the antioxidant content of green tea.

The 150 milligrams of caffeine in Runa come from the Guayusa plants.

Furthermore, Guayusa’s polyphenols and L-theanine deliver long-lasting energy and focus without the jitters and sugar crashes that artificial energy sources are known for.

Runa is also gluten-free and vegan friendly.

This energy drink is my all-time favorite since it gives a natural punch of strong caffeine that effectively combats my drowsiness.


Celsius is undoubtedly a better energy drink than Bang in terms of nutrition, as it contains more nutrients and variety, making it a far healthier alternative.

Those who consume a lot of caffeine may not get the dramatic burst of energy they want from Celsius, but they may avoid the harmful effects of caffeine overdose.

Celsius is sugar-free and contains fewer calories than Bang, beneficial to your total diet and daily calorie intake.

Furthermore, Celsius has more vitamins and natural elements, increased mental concentration, and longer-lasting energy.

Bang is more suited to specific uses, such as strenuous workouts, sports training, etc.

Finally, both Celsius and Bang are excellent options with distinct features and benefits, so deciding which energy drink is ideal for you depends on your personal opinions and needs.

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