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Is Bawls Energy Drink Vegan? (Answered)

Short answer: Bawls Energy Drink is vegan friendly since it is herbal and does not contain any animal-based products.

Bawls Guarana is a caffeinated soda drink that tastes so good you will wish it was the only thing being sold instead of drinking water.

Hobby Buppert founded Bawls Guarana in 1996 in Florida under the firm name Hobarama. Hobby planned to market coffee substitutes as part of his business concept.

It is a fantastic energy drink made with the goodness of Guarana berries. The berries are high in antioxidants, and if ingested in moderation, they can help you focus better. You will enjoy this if you enjoy coffee and energy drinks.

The beverage is available in 10 oz and 16 oz cans and bottles. The drink is now well-known in the United States.

The drink has only 59 milligrams of caffeine in every 10 oz bottle, with 102 milligrams in a 16 oz container.

People are drawn to the appealing bottle design and are compelled to try it. The great variety of flavors has a large following. The taste is also addicting since it is sweet and crispy.

Please keep reading to find out what ingredients are used in Bawl since it does not use animal products.

Ingredients in Bawls Energy Drink

  1. Carbonated water
  2. Citric Acid
  3. High fructose corn syrup
  4. Natural guarana extract
  5. Caffeine
  6. Sodium benzoate (preservative)
  7. Natural and Artificial Flavors
  8. Caramel Color

Natural Guarana Extract

Guarana Berry is used in Bawls Energy to provide a long-lasting energy boost.

The Royal Society of Chemistry looks into how to get more caffeine out of guarana seeds. The primary focus and energy-boosting ingredient in this drink is natural guarana extract.

This plant is a liana or shrub that climbs and is native to the Amazon region of South America, notably Venezuela and Brazil.

Guarana contains caffeine (up to 6%), theophylline, and theobromine. Caffeine works by energizing the central nervous system, the heart, and the muscles. Theophylline and theobromine, both caffeine-like chemicals, are also found in guarana.

It is found in energy drinks for various reasons, including improved athletic performance, mental performance, and energy, but there is no conclusive scientific proof to support these claims.

Some Amazonian indigenous people use a paste prepared from the seeds to relieve weariness, as a diuretic, relieve heat stress, and cure diarrhea.

Some known benefits of Guarana are:

  1. Rich in antioxidants
  2. Reduces Fatigue
  3. Increases Mental Performance
  4. Promotes Weight Loss
  5. Treats Constipation
  6. Prevents heart diseases

Watch the following video to know about the health benefits of Guarana Herb.

Benefits of Guarana

Citric Acid

Citrus Fruits
Add a little sour taste to your taste buds

Citric acid is used in various industries, including food, beverage, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and cosmetic products, as an acidulant, preservative, emulsifier, flavoring, sequestrant, and buffering agent.

Citrus fruits contain citric acid, including lemons, oranges, or limes. Due to the presence of citrus in lemon, it is employed in most of our cooking recipes.

Citric acid’s antioxidant and fat-burning qualities make it advantageous even if there is no correlation between weight loss and enhanced energy.

Citric acid is considered to be a safe food ingredient by the FDA.

Citric acid is also used as a preservative and cleaning agent due to its high pH levels.

Citric Acid has the following benefits:

  1. Preservation of personal care products
  2. Help in removing stains
  3. Metabolizes energy
  4. Helps in the absorption of nutrients.

Carbonated Water

Carbonated water is a secondary ingredient since it is found in almost all energy drinks.

To make water “sparkle,” carbon dioxide gas is introduced into it under pressure. Carbonated water includes club soda, soda water, and seltzer water.

Even though carbonated water has been available for decades, it is just now becoming more popular. According to statistics, carbonated water sales in 2016 totaled more than $6 billion, up from $2.6 billion in 2011.

The buzz that sparkling water generates is comparable to that of a soda but without the calories and sugar. The majority of carbonated water producers use natural flavors.

The benefits of Carbonated Water are:

  1. Helps stave off dehydration
  2. Improves digestion
  3. Weight loss
  4. Relives constipation

Caffeine Content in Bawls Energy Drink

Coffee Beans
An excellent source of caffeine

Caffeine and guarana extract, two primary ingredients in popular soda and energy beverages worldwide, are both present in Bawls Energy.

While some consumers love the Bawls drink, others say it is just okay, and that caffeine is the driving force behind it.

Each 16 oz can of Bawls Energy Drink has 102 mg of caffeine.

It is slightly stronger than a regular cup of coffee, but that is nothing to be concerned about.

Caffeine enhances attentiveness, according to a study. As a result, this amount of caffeine will keep you focused and alert. However, your caffeine tolerance is still a factor.

There is a limit to how many Bawls cans you can consume in one day. Caffeine consumption of 400 mg per day is considered safe by the FDA.

If you ingest more than this amount of Bawls cans, you may have the following side effects.

  1. Anxiety
  2. Fatigue
  3. Insomnia
  4. Muscle breakdown
  5. Caffeine addiction
  6. Rapid heart rate
  7. Caffeine dependency
  8. High blood pressure

Nutrition Fact of Bawls Energy Drink

 Bawls Original Energy Drink
Nutrition Facts of Bawls Original Energy Drink
Bawls Energy DrinkNutrition Content
Calories110 cal
Total Fat0g
Total Carbohydrate29g
Total Sugars28g
Nutrition Content Bawls Energy Drink


Bawl energy has 110 calories, which is the perfect amount to keep you going all day because your body requires calories to function. It will suffice to provide you with the energy you need.

However, consuming too many calories and not burning them off quickly enough through activity can contribute to weight gain, whereas not enough calories might put you at risk for health problems owing to a lack of energy.

According to the NHS, men should consume 2,500 calories per day, and women should consume 2,000 calories per day.

Calories are essential for your health because they allow your body to break down food molecules and use the stored energy for tasks such as movement, cognition, and growth.

Bawls provide a lot of energy for your cells to burn from a nutritional standpoint.


Around 40mg of sodium is used in Bawls energy, which is a safe amount to take.

Sodium must be consumed, but only in amounts that do not exceed the daily recommended allowance of 1500 milligrams.

Sodium aids in the prevention of bacteria and other disease-causing substances.

The importance of understanding the effect of salt in energy drinks cannot be overstated. It enhances the flavor of your glass and makes it taste better.

Sugar Content of Bawls Energy Drink

Bawls Energy includes 28 grams of sugar per serving.

According to the AHA, males should consume 37.5 grams of sugar per day, while females should consume no more than 25 grams.

One can of Bawls Edition may not be a problem for you, but I would not recommend drinking more than one because of the high sugar content.

It is not recommended to consume excessive sugar, especially if it is added sugar. Type 2 diabetes, accelerated aging, and dental decay have all been related to an overabundance of added sugars.

In addition to regular sugar, Bawls contains high fructose syrup as a sweetener, making it incredibly delicious to ingest.

High consumption of sugar through energy drinks can lead to:

  1. Obesity
  2. Type 2 diabetes
  3. Cardiovascular diseases
  4. High blood pressure
  5. Acne
  6. Hormonal Imbalance

High Fructose Syrup

High-fructose corn syrup is a corn-based liquid sweetener. Maize syrup is made by breaking down corn starch into separate molecules.

Corn syrup is 100 percent glucose. Some of the glucose is converted to fructose via enzymes.

It has the same number of calories as added sugars. High-fructose corn syrup is less expensive than sugar, and it has a longer shelf life.

It is more constant and stable, especially with acidic meals and beverages.

As a result, high-fructose corn syrup rose from 1% of sweeteners in the 1970s to 42% in 2004 in the United States.

Sugar and high-fructose corn syrup are very similar. Fructose, glucose, and water are present in the two most prevalent forms, comprising 42 percent or 55 percent fructose.

High Fructose Syrus can impose the following health risks:

  1. Obesity
  2. High Triglycerides
  3. Liver Problem
  4. Type 2 Diabetes

Is Bawls Energy Drink Vegan?

Yes, Bawls Energy Drink is suitable for vegans.

Veganism is a style of life that tries to avoid animal-derived goods such as meat, dairy, eggs, etc.

The majority of individuals nowadays live a vegan lifestyle. A vegan diet, according to studies published in the University of Pennsylvania Scholarly Commons, has numerous advantages, including:

  1. Help in weight loss
  2. Lower risk of heart diseases
  3. Controlling diabetes

Flavors of Bawl Energy Drink

Bawls Energy Drink Flavours
4 different flavors of Bawls Energy Drink

Bawls has a total of seven flavors as of yet. According to its website, they aim to create more flavors for you, extending its existing line.

  1. Orignal
  2. Cherry
  3. Mandarin Orange
  4. Root Beer
  5. Ginger Ale
  6. Zero
  7. Cherry Cola

Bawls Orignal: It has a taste similar to crème soda. It has a silky smooth feel. The original drink comes in a stylish cobalt blue bottle or can.

Bawls Cherry: It has got just the right amount of caffeine with a tasty cherry twist.

Bawls Mandarin Orange: It is a delicious combination of mandarin orange and guarana berry, with sparkling smoothness and energizing flavor.

Bawls Root Beer: The guarana berry’s deliciousness is energizing and combines well with the other ingredients.

Bawls Ginger Ale: The ginger flavor is similar to ginger ale. The taste is light and refreshing, with just the right amount of kick.

Bawls Zero: Bawls Guarana Zero has just the right sweetness without artificial sweeteners.

Bawls Cherry Cola: It is the most recent addition to the Bawls family of flavors. It gives you the nostalgic taste of cola with the added benefit of caffeine.

My favorite would be the Bawl’s Cherry flavor. Since I have a sweet tooth and prefer sweetness in almost everything, this flavor works well. The sweet cherry flavor explodes in my mouth and gives me a refreshing feeling, while fulfilling my sugar cravings.

Things I like and dislike about Bawls Energy Drink

This drink is ideal for people who want to get rid of fatigue instantly, yet weight-conscious consumers and those with heart problems should avoid it due to its excessive sugar content.

Things I like about Bawls Energy Drink:

  1. Organic Caffeine from Guarana
  2. Taste
  3. Calorie

Things I dislike about Bawls Energy Drink:

  1. High Caffeine
  2. No Vitamins
  3. No Electrolytes
  4. Excessive sugar
  5. Use of Fructose Syrup

Alternatives to Bawl Energy Drink

Hype Energy Drink

Hype energy drink is designed to give you a short performance boost. It is a proven mix that has earned a reputation as a top drink in the motorsports sector.

Each 250ml can of Hype energy drink includes 120 calories, 80 mg of caffeine, and 28 grams of sugar. Amino acids and B vitamins are also included.

As you can see, there is just a tiny amount of caffeine in a 250ml can.

Since the caffeine content is low, I do not think you will have any caffeine-related issues unless you are extremely sensitive to caffeine.

Hype energy drink is dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly, according to the FAQ section of their official website.

Reign Energy Drink

Reign Energy Drink
A highly caffeinated choice of drink for the lovers of caffeine

Reign Total Body Fuel is an energy drink series that is chock-full of caffeine and other components like BCAAs and electrolytes. It is designed for runners and fitness enthusiasts.

While Reign energy drinks are not vegan-certified, they do not appear to include any vegan-unfriendly ingredients. Thus, they are entirely vegan.

Reign contains 300mg of caffeine per 16 fl. oz can.

According to their Amazon page, the caffeine in Reign is derived naturally from green coffee beans and tea leaves, making it vegan-friendly.

Since this drink is sugar-free, each can contains no regular sugar.


This drink is suitable for people who wish to get rid of fatigue quickly, but weight-conscious users and those with cardiac problems should avoid it due to its high sugar content.

It has a good amount of caffeine but a lot of sugar, so if you are still worried, Bawls Zero, which is sugar-free, is a good option.

Suppose you are not concerned about the inclusion of high fructose corn syrup. In that case, Bawls Energy Drink provides a perfect carbonated replacement and alternative, whether you want to increase your focus and concentration or are simply bored of the same old coffee every day and night.

It is entirely vegan-friendly, so you do not have to be concerned about animal-based items being used in it.

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