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Hype Energy Drink: Caffeine & Ingredients (Detailed)

Hype Energy Drink is a performance beverage formulated for quick and powerful energy courtesy of the popular Formula 1 driver Bertrand Gachot. As such, Hype Energy has a heavy involvement with the motor racing industry.

However, while Hype Energy has a stylish packaging and an interesting background, what ingredients actually go into a can of this drink?

Briefly, a 250 ml can of Hype Energy has 120 calories, 80 mg caffeine, 28g of sugar, along with some amino acids and B vitamins.

For a more detailed discussion, read on to know more about Hype Energy, from its ingredients to whether it’s healthy for you.

Let’s get started.

Ingredients In Hype Energy

The ingredients of Hype Energy.

Hype has a few flavors available, including a sugar-free option. The ingredients vary from one flavor to another.

Here are ingredients in a 250ml can of Hype Energy Drink:  

  • Carbonated water
  • Sugar
  • Acidifier Citric acid E330
  • Taurine (0.4%).
  • Acidity regulator: sodium citrate E331
  • Color: Caramel Sugar syrup
  • Flavors
  • Caffeine (0.032%).
  • Vitamins: Niacin, Pantothenic acid, Riboflavin, B6, and B12.

Nutrition Facts Of Hype Energy Drink

The nutritional values in a can of Hype.

Here are the nutritional values in a can of Hype Energy:

Standard Values Amount Per Serving (250ml)
Total Fat0g or 0%
Total Carbohydrates30g or 10%
Sugars 28g
Protein 0g
Sodium 65mg or 3%
Calories 120 calories
The nutrition facts of Hype.

Hype Energy also contains 5 different B vitamins:

Vitamins UsedAmount of Vitamins in Every 100ml
Vitamin B20.56mg (40% RDA)
Niacin or Vitamin B36.4mg (40% RDA)
Vitamin B51.98mg (33% RDA)
Vitamin B60.56mg (40% RDA)
Vitamin B121.00μg (40% RDA)
The Vitamins in every 100ml of Hype Energy.

Calories In Hype Energy Drink

A single 250ml of Hype Energy has 120 calories.

For an energy drink of its size, 120 calories is a pretty moderate amount. If you compare the calorie content of Hype Energy with Red Bull, it’s nearly similar in amount considering that a can of Red Bull has roughly the same calorie content (110 calories per 8.4 fl.oz).

Given that the daily calorie intake is 2000 calories for women and 2500 calories for men, a can of Hype Energy won’t leave a big dent in your diet. However, you may have to make some adjustments to your daily intake, especially if you’re on a diet, or working out.

You would also have to moderate your Hype Energy intake, as consuming too much of it would eventually lead to weight gain and other healh issues.

If you prefer to do away with calories completely, Hype offers a zero-calorie and sugar-free option.

Caffeine In Hype Energy Drink

Each 250 ml can of Hype has 80mg caffeine.

With 80mg of caffeine, Hype is quite a moderately caffeinated energy drink, nearly comparable to a cup of coffee.

Since the caffeine content of Hype is pretty moderate, you shouldn’t have much problems with this drink, unless you’ve a low caffeine tolerance.

Still, while Hype may not have a lot of caffeine, it’s important to make sure you don’t overdo it.

The recommended daily caffeine intake is 400mg caffeine for healthy adults as recommended by the FDA. Any more than that, and it might lead to side effects like:

  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Shakiness
  • Restlessness
  • Lack of Concentration and Focus

For more information about the effects of caffeine on the body, check out the video below:

Check this video out, as it explains more in detail about what happens to your body when you drink too much caffeine.

Therefore, make sure to moderate your Hype Energy intake and try not to drink too many caffeinated beverages often to prevent caffeine overconsumption.

Sugars In Hype Energy

A can of Hype Energy has quite a lot of sugar.

A single 250ml can of Hype has 28g of sugar, which is a pretty large amount.

Although sugar is tasy and can be a temporary dopamine-booster, it’s unwise to consume it in excessive amounts.

In Hype Energy’s case, while it’s not excessive, there’s quite a lot of sugar in each serving, which can’t be healthy for you.

Considering that the recommended daily sugar limit by AHA is 25g for women and 36g for men, having too many cans of Hype would negatively affect you.

As such, it’s important to consume Hype Energy wisely with proper moderation. Otherwise, you might experience some serious health problems like:

  • Diabetes
  • Heart Diseases
  • Weight Gain
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Obesity

Make sure to limit your consumption of Hype Energy and other sugary energy drinks to stay on the healthier side.

B Vitamins In Hype Energy

B vitamins are important for us as they help our body to function healthily while maintaining our wellbeing. Most energy drinks come with B vitamins in their formula and Hype is no different.

Hype Energy contains a few B vitamins that can help boost your performance, cognition and health. Here’s a table of the B vitamins in Hype Energy, with an explanation of what they do:

B Vitamins In Hype EnergyPurposeTolerable Upper Intake Level
Vitamin B2Red blood cell production, break down fats, proteins and carbs
Vitamin B3Produces energy, DNA production and repair35mg
Vitamin B5Generates glucose from food, synthesizes cholesterol
Vitamin B6Aids in immune system and metabolism100mg
Vitamin B12Aids in brain function, maintains nerve tissue health
The B vitamins in Hype Energy.

Is Hype Energy Good For You?

Hype Energy is good if consumed in moderation.

With 80 mg caffeine per can, the chances of having a ‘caffeine crash’ are very low, even if you have low caffeine tolerance.

With 80 mg caffeine per can, the chances of having a ‘caffeine crash’ are very low, even if you have low caffeine tolerance.

Plus, you’ll get a pretty smooth boost without many of the unwanted side effects, which could help improve your physical and mental performance.

However, the amount of sugar in Hype energy is pretty high, which might lead to a sugar crash once the effects wear off. You can always go for the zero-sugar option though.

Ultimately, Hype Energy can be good for you if consumed in moderate amounts. But I wouldn’t recommend that you have Hype Energy regularly, as it isn’t the most nutritious beverage around.

Hype Energy, with its caffeine and other performance-boosting ingredients, is better consumed when you really need that kick of energy.

Can You Drink Hype Energy Every day?

Hype energy drink can greatly boost your performance before a workout session.

The short answer is, you can drink the Hype energy every day as long as it’s in moderation.

With a caffeine content of 80mg, having a can of Hype Energy definitely won’t put you over the daily limit. But the drink also comes with 28g of sugar, which can be quite overwhelming after a single can.

If you’re planning to drink Hype Energy every day, you need to limit your intake to only one can. But you can go for the zero-calorie or sugar-free option if you want to cut out on all that sugar.

I personally don’t recommend you to drink Hype Energy, or any energy drink every day. While these beverages won’t fail to provide a boost of energy to you, a consistent consumption would cause health problems.

So, it’s best to only have Hype Energy for the times when you really need a boost to push through your fatigue.

Does Hype Energy Drink really work?

Hype Energy Drink really does work. One’s caffeine tolerance and overall health are two of the many variables that affect how well Hype Energy Drink works for you. Hype Energy Drink’s primary stimulant, caffeine, may temporarily increase some people’s alertness, energy, and focus.

Caffeine is a stimulant, but too much of it can cause jitters, anxiety, insomnia, and a racing heart. If you have any preexisting health concerns, it is very important to contact with a doctor before drinking energy drinks and to stick to the suggested serving amount.

Is Hype Energy Drink bad for you?

Hype Energy drink is not bad for you. However, like other energy drinks, Hype Energy Drink may pose some health hazards if consumed in excess. Caffeine and sugar used in energy drinks can increase your heart rate, blood pressure, nervousness, and anxiety.

Additionally, consuming high amounts of sugar can contribute to weight gain, dental problems, and many other health issues. It is important to consume energy drinks in moderation, as part of a balanced diet, and to follow the recommended serving size.

Is Hype Energy Drink Healthy?

Although Hype Energy isn’t the worst energy drink out there, it isn’t the healthiest either.

Hype comes in a sweet blend of taurine, caffeine and has an excellent blend of vitamins. While it definitely carries several benefits, there are some downsides to this drink.

Hype Energy has a lot of sugar in it. With 28g of sugar, Hype isn’t healthy for you in the long run. Plus, it also comes with 120 calories per serving, which can pile up over time in your body if you don’t drink it in moderation.

In short, while Hype Energy can give you an excellent kick of energy and help you focus, it isn’t particularly healthy for you.

What are the benefits of hype energy drink?

Hype energy drink, like many other energy drinks, aims to provide a boost in energy and alertness. The primary benefit of Hype energy drink comes from its caffeine content, which can temporarily increase mental focus and physical stamina. This may be advantageous for individuals seeking a quick pick-me-up,

Some Hype energy drinks may also contain additional ingredients like B-vitamins, amino acids, and herbal extracts, which are commonly found in energy drinks to support energy metabolism and overall well-being. However, it’s important to recognize that the benefits of Hype energy drink are primarily short-term.

Is Hype Energy FDA approved?

Hype Energy Drink is FDA regulated and safe. The FDA regulates dietary supplements and energy drinks to ensure their safety and proper labeling, but this does not equate to a formal approval process for each product, including energy drinks like Hype Energy.

Hype Energy and other energy drinks are considered dietary supplements, and their manufacturing and marketing must comply with FDA guidelines. This includes proper labeling of ingredients and potential health claims. It’s essential for consumers to be aware of the ingredients and potential risks associated with energy drinks.

Hype Energy Drink Pricing And Where To Buy

Hype Energy Drinks are quite budget friendly, with each 8.4 fl. oz costing about $1.10.

You can get your own Hype Energy from many places, including gas stations, or your local mart like Target and Walmart. You can also buy Hype Energy online, through their official website or from online retailers like Amazon.

How Many Flavors Does Hype Have?

Some of the flavors of Hype.

Hype Energy Drink offers 7 flavors:

  • Hype Energy Twisted.
  • Hype Energy Mojito.
  • Hype Energy MFP ( Zero-Sugar)
  • Hype Energy MFP ( Non-sugared version)
  • Hype Energy Ice Berry Max
  • Hype Energy Twisted (Tropical Punch)
  • Hype Energy Enlite (Zero-Sugar)

What Are The Alternatives To Hype?

While Hype is pretty good, here are some other options that might tickle your fancy instead:

Final Thoughts

Overall, I think Hype is a decent energy drink with its blend of ingredients, but it can do better.

With 80 mg caffeine per can, along with its blend of vitamins, Hype Energy can give you a pretty good boost. But the disappointing part is its sugar content and lack of other beneficial ingredients.

Hype Energy contains quite a high sugar content, which isn’t good for you in the long run. But it does offer a sugar-free option, which is much healthier for you, if you want to avoid all that sugar.

Furthermore, for a brand that focuses on better performance, it doesn’t really live up to its name. Each serving of Hype Energy only comes with a small amount of taurine and B vitamins.

It would’ve better if it had some additional amino acids or electrolytes for a more effective boost. But that’s just my personal opinion.

As for Hype Energy’s affordable pricing, it definitely matches what it offers. Overall, it’s a pretty solid energy drink, though there are better ones out there with more benefits.

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