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Shine Energy Drink Review (Full Review)

A bottle of chilled Shine Energy
You can drink Shine Energy whether it’s chilled or room temperature.

Shine is an energy drink that’s originated in Australia. It has a sleek bottle and a bright coloured liquid that you would never think it’s an energy drink.

And it has a natural nootropic formula to make you think, feel, and do better.

In brief, I find Shine Energy refreshing in taste, and it has a fair amount of caffeine and sugar. But, it’s pretty costly for an energy drink.

Read on to find out my full review of Shine Energy, from nutrition facts, ingredients, taste, and overall experience with Shine.

Nutrition Facts Of Shine Energy

Let’s have a glance at the nutritional facts of Shine Energy.

Energy18 calories
(of which saturated)
(of which sugars)
Vitamin B69mg
Vitamin B129ug
Ginkgo Biloba150mg
Siberian Ginseng100mg
Green Tea100mg
Nutrition facts of Shine Energy
Shine Energy nutrition facts

Ingredients In Shine Energy

Here are the ingredients of Shine Energy.

  • Water
  • De-ionised apple juice concentrate
  • Acidity regulators
  • Citric acid
  • Sodium citrate
  • Natural flavours
  • Natural Ginkgo Biloba Extract
  • Natural Siberian ginseng Extract
  • Natural Green Tea Extract
  • Turmeric Extract
  • Preservatives (202, 211)
  • Colour (Riboflavin)
  • Caffeine
  • Natural sweetener stevia (Steviol Glycosides)
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12
  • Natural rosemary extract
Ingredients of Shine Energy
Shine Energy ingredients

Caffeine In Shine Energy

A 110ml bottle of Shine Energy has 32mg of caffeine, which was relatively low compared to other regular energy drinks.

Caffeine is the primary ingredient of an energy drink. If consumed responsibly can provide you with several benefits, such as:

  • Improved mood and brain function
  • Boosts alertness and wakefulness
  • Burns fat
  • Decreases fatigue
  • Improved mental function
  • Type 2 diabetes prevention
  • Protection against neurodegenerative disease
  • Lower risk of Parkinson’s disease
  • Liver protection
  • Fights depression

According to Food Standards (AU), adults over 18 years old should only consume 400mg of caffeine in a day with a maximum of 200 mg in a single serving.

The amount of caffeine in Shine Energy may not be sufficient to give you a long-standing energy boost, but it still depends on your caffeine tolerance and metabolism.

You can have more than two Shine Energy bottles if necessary to get the boost that you want, but not regularly to avoid caffeine dependency.

If you want an energy drink that has an ample amount of caffeine and will keep you awake, check out the recommended energy drinks by reading this article: Best Energy Drinks For Staying Awake

You can check the video below about caffeine dependency.

Caffeine dependency video

Sugar In Shine Energy

two sugar cubes

Shine Energy contains 3.3g of sugar in every 110ml bottle.

An adult with a healthy Body Mass Index should only consume 50g of sugar per day or 12 teaspoons set by Food Standards (AU).

The sugar content of Shine energy is almost one teaspoon of sugar which is a small amount compared to other energy drinks like V energy that contains 29.2g.

Consuming too much sugar consistently can result in several health problems, including:

  • Hypertension
  • Acne
  • Diabetes
  • Weight gain
  • Heart problems

Although Shine Energy doesn’t have too much sugar, it would be best to consume it responsibly.

Are you seeking other drinks with low sugar and calorie content alongside Shine Energy? Check out the Best Zero-Calorie Energy Drinks (No Sugar).

Natural Nootropics Ingredients In Shine Energy

Natural nootropics label of Shine Energy
Shine Energy has natural nootropics.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba, also known as maidenhair, is a native tree in China that has many uses. The leaves and seeds are often used in traditional Chinese medicine. It has several health benefits, including:

  • Fights the damaging effects of free radicals
  • Fights inflammation
  • Improves circulation and heart health
  • Reduces symptoms of psychiatric disorders and dementia
  • Improves brain function and well-being
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Treats depression
  • Improves vision
  • Treats headaches and migraines
  • Improves asthma and COPD symptoms
  • Reduces PMS symptoms
  • Treats sexual dysfunction

Siberian Ginseng

Siberian ginseng is often called an adaptogen, a substance that can strengthen the body and boost resistance to daily stress.

Some use it to improve their athletic performance, immune system, and get a better appetite.

Siberian ginseng is different from American or Panax ginseng which is more expensive.

It’s also possibly effective for:

  • Bipolar disorder
  • Common cold
  • Diabetes
  • Herpes simplex
  • Fatigue
  • Athletic performance
  • Hangover
  • Heart disease
  • High cholesterol
  • Stress
  • Osteoarthritis

If you’re wondering if energy drinks with Nootropic ingredients really help with better appetite, read Do Energy Drinks Suppress Your Appetite? (Answered).

Green Tea

Green tea is from unoxidized leaves and contains most antioxidants and polyphenols.

It offers several health benefits, including:

  • Promotes heart health
  • Protection against brain disease
  • Helps with weight loss
  • Improves liver function
  • Reduces the risk of cancer
  • Improves skin health
  • Improves exercise performance
  • Enhances recovery
  • Reduces blood sugar


Turmeric is a sought-after spice and medicinal herb in India that has been used for thousands of years.

It can provide you plenty of benefits, such as:

  • Fights inflammation
  • Increases the antioxidant capacity of the body
  • Boosts brain-derived neurotrophic
  • Lowers risk of heart disease
  • Cancer prevention
  • Treatment for Alzheimer’s disease
  • Treats symptoms of arthritis
  • Treats depression
  • Prevents heart disease

B-Vitamins In Shine Energy

Different medicines in a hand
B Vitamins have essential roles in maintaining good health and well-being.

Shine Energy contains vitamins B6 and B12.

Here’s a table that shows information about Vitamin B6 and B12.

Upper level
Vitamin B6Improves mood
Promotes brain health
Reduces symptoms of depression
Vitamin B12Prevention of congenital disabilities
Helps in red blood cell production
Prevents loss of neurons

Does Shine Energy Have Benefits?

Since Shine Energy has moderate caffeine and sugar, a bottle would have offered you many benefits.

The natural nootropics in Shine are also beneficial for you.

Here are the benefits of Shine Energy:

  • Improves mental alertness
  • Reduces mental fatigue
  • Enhances brain function
  • Enhances physical performance.

Can You Drink Shine Energy Every Day?

You can drink Shine Energy every day, and it will help you improve your mental performance, focus, and alertness.

The amount of caffeine in Shine is only 32mg which is actually lesser than the amount of caffeine in a cup of coffee, and it’ll not significantly affect your health.

However, it would help if you wouldn’t consume too many bottles of Shine in a day to avoid too much caffeine that would lead to several side effects, including:

  • Headaches
  • Anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Irritability
  • Jitters
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Sleep deprivation

Also, the amount of sugar is relatively small, it won’t significantly affect your sugar consumption the entire day.

What Happens When You Drink Shine Energy Drink?

After consuming Shine Energy, you might feel enlivened and awake due to the effects of caffeine in the drink.

As analysed earlier, its caffeine amount can give you the alertness you’ll need to perform well on your daily tasks.

Alongside caffeine, it has 18 calories that can help you with straining physical tasks.

If you’re maintaining your weight, trying to cut down, and using the calories you’ve consumed, it has a minimal amount of sugar which is effective for extra energy.

Read Energy Drink Side Effects (Find Out) to know more about the other side effects common on energy drinks

How Many Shine Energy Can You Drink In A Day?

Since it has 32mg of caffeine, you’re suggested to consume one serving a day.

That caffeine amount won’t be too much if you’re not sensitive to it. It might be beneficial if consumed responsibly.

If you need additional servings to supplement your energy for a certain activity, you can drink 2 servings a day. But, make sure it’ll be seldom to avoid risks to your health.

I still recommend sticking to one 100ml bottle per day, since it has enough nutrients for your daily advantages.

Is it OK if I drink energy drink everyday?

It’s generally not advised to drink energy drinks every day. While moderate consumption may not have immediate negative effects for some people, excessive and long-term intake can pose health risks.

The high caffeine and sugar content in energy drinks can impact sleep, hydration, heart health, and overall well-being. It’s a good idea to consider the potential long-term consequences and consult with a healthcare professional to make informed decisions about your daily beverage choices.

Is Shine energy drink vegan?

Shine energy drink is vegan. It is formulated without the use of any animal-derived ingredients, making it suitable for individuals following a vegan lifestyle or dietary preferences.

Shine energy drink offers a vegan-friendly option for those seeking an energizing beverage without compromising their ethical choices.

Does Shine Energy Drink Really Work?

Shine Energy works just fine and efficiently as it has an adequate amount of caffeine and nutrients for your benefit.

Caffeine is a stimulant that’s potent for boosting vitality. That being said, it has effects like awakeness, which is likely to make you feel less tired.

However, after 5 hours, only half of the amount you’ve taken will remain on your body. It’ll take 1 and a half to 9 and a half hours to totally expel the entire caffeine out of your body.

Basically, the caffeine can kick in after 10-15 minutes of consumption and will last for 6-9 hours.

Expect its effects once you’ve tried drinking Shine Energy. Also, as advised, you’re to drink it in the morning or 10 hours before your bedtime to prevent having insomnia at night.

Shine Energy Flavours

Shine Energy has six natural fruity flavours:

  • Ginger Lemon
  • Blueberry Lemonade
  • Peach Passionfruit
  • Wild Tropical
  • Watermelon Mint
  • Orange Mango

What Does Shine Energy Taste Like?

Shine energy has a refreshing taste, and you’ll not be able to recognise if you’re drinking an energy drink or a fruit juice.

I really enjoyed the taste. It’s pleasantly sweet and has a kick of ginger in every sip. The sweetness is right, not too sweet, and it blends well with the ginger.

Unlike other energy drinks that are too sweet and have an artificial taste, Shine has a more fruity and herb taste.

I only tried the ginger lemon flavour. I never had an opportunity to try out other flavours.

Shine Energy Drink Price

A bottle of Shine Energy would cost you around $6.

Shine is expensive for an energy drink, and you can only get 110ml per servings when it comes to price.

Compared to other energy drinks like Mother and V Energy, which will only cost you around $3 or $4 and can give you 500ml per serving.

It seems that you’re spending for the design and brand more than the benefit that you can get on an energy drink.

Moreover, other energy drinks have the same ingredients and can benefit you at a reasonable price.

Shine Energy Drink Review

7 out of 10. Shine has a refreshing taste with moderate caffeine and sugar that can provide you with a boost snd health benefits.

Shine Energy outshines others with its distinctive taste and an Instagram-worthy bottle.

Another good thing is that it’s a low-sugar energy drink with natural ingredients that actually result in a more natural taste and not like the typical energy drink taste.

The caffeine is also in a moderate amount that can give you a decent boost of energy, alertness, and focus. But, it still varies on your caffeine tolerance.

However, if you’re on a tight budget, Shine might be a turn-off since it’s a bit pricey for an energy drink.

All in all, Shine Energy is a good try for something different. Shine Energy will be a great option if you take a break from your regular energy drink brand.

Shine Energy Drink Alternatives

If you like to try other energy drinks that are similar to Shine Energy. You can try the following:

The Bottomline

Shine Energy drink is an energy drink that will give you a natural boost of energy, focus, and alertness.

With its natural nootropics ingredients that are proven to provide health benefits and have antioxidant properties.

A moderate amount of caffeine and sugar won’t give you a sudden crash of energy after hours of consumption.

The refreshing natural taste is also a plus point for Shine and an excellent alternative for your usual energy drink or a cup of coffee in the morning.

Talking about price, it’s the only downside of Shine Energy, but I think it only compensates for the natural ingredients present in it and the unique taste of Shine.

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