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Mother Energy Drink Nutrition Facts (Detailed)

Different flavors of Mother Energy.
Mother Energy is available in250ml and 500ml can.

After Coca-Cola’s attempt to buy Red Bull wasn’t successful, they introduced Mother Energy.

Mother was first introduced in New Zealand and Australia. And now competes with the leading brands like V Energy and Red Bull.

Mother Energy is available in 250ml and 500 ml cans. Each 500 ml cans, contains 160mg of caffeine and 51g of sugar. But if you want a healthier option, a sugar-free version of Mother Energy is available.

However, if you want to know more details about the nutritional facts of Mother Energy and its impact on your health, read on until the end.

What Is A Nutrition Fact?

A nutrition fact or nutrition information panel (NIP) labels supplies information on the number of nutrients.

It must be in the standard format that indicates the average quantity per servings per 100g or ml.

Nutrition facts or NIP help maintain better-eating habits, make good choices for their health, and customize their options according to their needs.

For energy drinks, nutritional facts are essential for you to determine the contents of your drink especially caffeine and sugar, and know if the energy drink is suitable for your health and needs.

Nutrition Facts Of Mother Energy

Here’s a quick look at the nutritional facts of Mother Energy in every 500ml can.

NutrientsMother Energy
Energy228 Calories23 Calories
(Of which Saturated)
(of which Sugars)
Vitamin B39.0mg9.0mg
Vitamin B53.3mg3.3mg
Vitamin B120.5mcg0.5mcg
Nutritional information for Original and Sugar-Free.
Nutritional Information of Mother Energy Original
Nutrition fact of Mother Energy Original

Ingredients In Mother Energy

Below is a list of ingredients of Mother Energy Original and Sugar-Free.


  • Carbonated Water
  • Sucrose
  • Citric Acid
  • Sodium Citrate
  • Taurine
  • Colour (Caramel IV)
  • Potassium Sorbate
  • Caffeine
  • Flavour
  • Vitamins
  • Guarana Extract


  • Carbonated Water
  • Acesulphame Potassium
  • Sucralose
  • Taurine
  • Colour (Caramel IV)
  • Potassium Sorbate
  • Caffeine
  • Vitamins
  • Guarana Extract

Mother Energy Calorie Content

Mother Energy Original contains 228 calories, and Mother Energy Sugar-Free has 23 calories.

The recommended daily calorie limit for healthy adults is 2000-2400 calories for women and 2400-3000 calories for men.

If you’ll drink Mother Energy Original, which has 228 calories, and will also take other food and drinks with the calories, there’s a possibility that you’ll go over the limit of the recommended daily intake.

If you consume fewer calories, you might achieve a calorie deficit, which is an effective way to achieve weight loss, lower cholesterol, and less inflammation.

Please take note of your caloric intake. If you want to lose weight and cut down calories on your diet, it’s better to drink the sugar-free version of Mother Energy.

Mother Energy Caffeine Content

Mother Energy Original 500ml can contain 160mg of caffeine, and Mother energy Sugar-Free 500ml can contain 159mg of caffeine.

Caffeine is the most extensively used stimulant worldwide. It can help you boost energy, enhance cognitive function, and will let you feel less tired.

Aside from energy drinks, caffeine is commonly found in different food and beverages such as:

  • Coffee
  • Cocoa beans
  • Chocolate
  • Kola nut
  • Green tea
  • Guarana
  • Yerba mate
  • Chewing gum
  • Coffee containing foods (tiramisu, ice cream)
  • Chocolate flavoured foods

The amount of caffeine in Mother Energy is considerable, unlike other energy drinks with 200-300mg of caffeine, which is quite strong.

Although Mother Energy has a considerable amount of caffeine, you must always note the FDA‘s maximum daily limit of caffeine, which is 400mg.

And an excessive caffeine intake may lead to severe health conditions, including:

  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Digestive problems
  • Agitation
  • Ringing in the ears
  • irregular heartbeats
  • Dehydration
  • Dependency
  • Dizziness
  • Restlessness
  • Jitters

Mother Energy Sugar Content

The Original version of Mother Energy has 51g of sugar in every 500ml can. While the sugar-free doesn’t have any.

50g or 12 teaspoons a day is the maximum daily intake of a healthy adult according to Food Standards (AUS).

And the sugar content in Mother Energy Original is quite a strong amount which is 51g. This might be a bit bothering since it exceeded the maximum daily intake.

Consequently, an excessive sugar intake may cause adverse effects such as:

  • Weight gain
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Depression
  • Acne
  • Tooth decay

But if you need a healthier option, you can switch to a sugar-free version.

The video is about why excessive sugar is not good.

Mother Energy Artificial Sweetener

Mother Energy Sugar-Free has artificial sweeteners such as sucralose and acesulfame potassium.

Artificial sweeteners are also called nonnutritive sweeteners, a type of sugar substitute.

It’s commonly used in many processed foods such as:

  • Softdrinks
  • Baked goods
  • Candy
  • Puddings
  • Canned foods
  • Jams and jellies
  • Dairy products

The FDA declares artificial sweeteners GRAS or generally recognized as safe. In Australia and New Zealand, it’s approved by the Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ) for general use.

A cone of ice cream.
Ice cream has artificial sweeteners.


Sucralose or popularly known in the market as Splenda. It’s 600 times sweeter than sugar with no calories and no aftertaste. It’s commonly used in food such as:

  • Yogurt
  • Candy
  • Ice cream
  • Sodas

It doesn’t affect blood sugar and insulin level and is, therefore, safe to consume for a person with diabetes.

Acesulfame Potassium

Acesulfame Potassium or Ace K is another type of artificial sweetener which is zero-calorie and 200 times sweeter than sugar.

It’s usually used in:

  • Sodas
  • Frozen desserts
  • Candies
  • Baked goods
  • Chewing gum
  • Sauces
  • Yogurt

It’s marketed as Sunnett and Sweet One, and it offers several health benefits such as:

  • Weight management
  • Diabetes prevention diet
  • Good for dental health

So if you are health conscious and don’t want too much sugar in your diet, you can drink Mother energy Sugar-Free instead of the original version.

Mother Energy B-Vitamins Content

Mother Energy is fortified with B-Vitamins, which are beneficial for your overall health.

The table below is a guide of the B-Vitamins content of Mother Energy, its function, and the tolerable upper intake level of each B-Vitamins.

Upper Intake
Mother Energy
Per 500 ml
Vitamin B3
Conversion of food into energy
Maintenance of healthy, skin,
nervous, and digestive system
Vitamin B5
(Pantothenic Acid)
Aids in metabolism
Essential in red blood cell production
Vitamin B6
Maintains normal amino acids in the blood
Fights infection
Vitamin B12
Maintains healthy Blood and
nerve cells
DNA production

Taurine In Mother Energy

Mother Energy Original and Sugar-Free contains taurine.

Taurine is an amino acid that’s preeminent in the body’s metabolic processes and has antioxidant properties.

The common sources of taurine are:

  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Dairy products
  • Human milk

It can also be found in studies that might improve athletic performance. Another study shows that taurine if combined with caffeine, can improve mental performance.

Taurine has several health benefits, including:

  • Improves blood sugar
  • Controls and fights diabetes
  • Reduces the risk of heart disease
  • Boosts athletic performance
  • Improves eyesight and hearing
  • Reduces seizures
A person walking.
Running and walking are forms of exercise that will help your overall health.

Guarana Extract In Mother Energy

Mother Energy also contains guarana extract.

Guarana extract is derived from seeds of the guarana plant and processed into a powder.

Paullina Cupana is another term for guarana, which is a native climbing plant native in Amazon. The Amazonian tribe has used it for centuries due to its therapeutic properties.

Guarana has several health benefits, including:

  • Fights free radical due to its antioxidant properties
  • Maintains focus and mental alertness
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Improves memory
  • Aids in weight loss
  • Treats constipation and chronic diarrhea
  • Reduces the risks of heart disease
  • Pain reliever
  • Anti-aging properties that reduce saggy skin and wrinkles
  • Suppress cancer cell growth
  • Kills harmful bacteria

How Does Mother Energy Affect My Health?

Mother Energy has an ample amount of sugar and caffeine, and if taken in excess, it might harm your health.

Since Mother Energy contains 160mg of caffeine and 51g of sugar, if taken excessively can result in:

  • Increase blood pressure
  • Increase risk of heart disease
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Weight gain
  • Tooth decay
  • Increase risk of diabetes
  • Kidney damage
  • Dependency and drink addiction

When you drink Mother Energy, you can have a quick boost of energy that you need for a rigorous task. But always keep in mind that you must drink it in moderation to avoid any adverse effects.

And remember to seek professional advice from your doctor if you’re not sure what food and drinks are safe for you, especially if you have a pre-existing medical condition.

What are the positive effects of energy drinks?

Research suggests that energy drinks can enhance physical endurance but have limited evidence for improving muscle strength or power. They may boost alertness and reaction time, but could potentially affect hand steadiness.

It’s important to keep in mind that the effects of energy drinks can vary from person to person, depending on things like how well your body handles caffeine, your overall health, and how much you drink. So, always listen to your body and make choices that work best for you.

How Much Mother Energy Can I Drink In A Day?

You can drink one 500ml can of Mother Energy Original in a day.

With its 51g sugar content, you can have some days of not drinking Mother Energy to give your body a pause once in a while.

Consuming more than one 500ml can of Mother Energy Original is actually beyond the limit of the recommended sugar intake. It can be harmful to your overall health.

And when it comes to Mother Energy Sugar-Free, you should consume no more than two 500ml cans a day.

Additionally, there’s a reminder at the back of the can that you should limit your intake to one can.

Does Mother have more caffeine than Red Bull?

Mother energy drink generally contains more caffeine per serving compared to Red Bull. A standard 500mL can of Mother typically has around 160mg of caffeine, while Red Bull has approximately 80 mg in a 250mL can.

Everyone’s caffeine sensitivity is different, so it’s wise to keep that in mind and enjoy energy drinks in moderation, regardless of how much caffeine they contain. It’s all about finding your sweet spot and sipping responsibly for a balanced and enjoyable experience.

What Are The Flavours Of Mother Energy?

There are 7 ace flavours of Mother Energy:

  • Original
  • Sugar-Free
  • Tropical Blast
  • Passion
  • Frosty Berry
  • Razzle Berry
  • Epic Swell (Australian exclusive)

Mother Energy Alternatives

If you want to check out other energy drinks that are similar to Mother Energy, you can try the following brands:

Final Takeaway

Mother Energy has energy-boosting ingredients and ace flavours that you might want to be included in your energy drink. It’ll definitely give you the energy and focus that you want whenever you need it.

The caffeine content is a reasonable amount together with taurine and guarana to keep you energized.

However, the sugar content is the only thing you’ll have to be concerned about due to its high amount.

But, there’s an alternative to the Original, the Sugar-free version, if you’re not comfortable consuming high amounts of sugar.

If you have a health condition that can primarily affect by sugar, you mustn’t consume Mother energy to avoid such complications or harm.

Nevertheless, if you’re a healthy adult, Mother Energy is a must-try.

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