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Is Maw Energy Drink Vegan?

Maw Energy drink is a powdered energy mix specially designed to provide the required boost of energy and mental strength for gaming.

Even though the drink is targeted specifically at gamers, it will work for anyone who wants a kick of energy to get through their day.

The ingredients of Maw Energy are organic and environmentally friendly. The drink claims to be a clean source of energy since it contains no artificial color or flavoring and no sugar.

Maw Energy drink is a blend of caffeine, active ingredients, and vitamins making the formula quite simple yet effective.

All the ingredients of Maw Energy drink are plant-based and therefore the drink is vegan friendly.

This article is a detailed review of all the ingredients in Maw Energy drink which will help you to figure out if this drink is the right choice. Keep reading ahead.

Ingredients Of Maw Energy

Maw Energy drink contains the following list of ingredients

  • Natural Flavor
  • Citric Acid
  • Malic Acid
  • Fruit and Vegetable Juice (Color)
  • Sucralose

Nutritional Facts

The following table shows nutrients per 1.2g of Maw Energy drink

NutrientsAmount Per Serving (1.2 g)
Calories5 cal
Vitamin C100 mg
Vitamin B65 mg
Vitamin B12200 mcg
Nutrition Facts
Nutrients And Ingredients Of Maw Energy
Nutrients And Ingredients Of Maw Energy

How Much Caffeine Does Maw Energy Contain?

A scoop of Maw Energy drink contains about 100-140mg of caffeine.

The ingredients of Maw Energy drink do not contain any information about the exact amount of caffeine in the drink.

The nutrition label on the drink states that it contains a focus blend of 140mg which contains natural caffeine along with four other active ingredients.

Even though this can be a bit misleading for the consumers, with the given information I figured that the exact amount of caffeine is somewhere below 140mg. A good guess for the range would be between 100-140mg.

The daily caffeine intake recommended by FDA is 400mg.

Since the drink contains natural caffeine, the risk of experiencing jitters or a caffeine crash is minimized because natural caffeine provides a slow release of energy making the energy boost more long-lasting.

Sugar Content In Maw Energy

Maw Energy drink is a sugar-free source of energy.

Even though sugar provides an energy rush to the body, consumption of high amounts of added sugar can be dangerous to health.

Most energy drink contains a good amount of sugar to provide a quick energy surge and give the drink a sweet, addictive flavor. However, regular consumption of sugar can lead to excessive weight gain, risk of heart diseases, elevated blood pressure, and risk of type 2 diabetes.

Therefore when choosing an energy drink, going for a sugar-free drink is always a better option.

Maw Energy drink is free of sugar and therefore is a relatively clean source of energy. To balance out the taste and sweetness of the drink, Maw Energy drink contains an artificial sweetener, Sucralose.

Sucralose is a low-calorie sweetener that provides sweetness without the risks of any harmful side effects of table sugar.

Maw Energy Vitamin Blend

Maw Energy drink contains a mix of vitamin C, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12.

Vitamins are essential for the regulation and maintenance of various body functions. For the maximum performance of your body, it is important to have a proper balance of each vitamin in your body.

Energy drinks are a good source of vitamins, helping your body to perform at its best. Generally, energy drinks contain B-vitamins as they increase energy production and help fight fatigue.

This table shows the list of vitamins included in Maw Energy drink along with their ingredients.

Vitamin CStrengthens immunity and lowers the risk of heart disease
Vitamin B6Reduces symptoms of depression and improve heart health
Enhances the production of hemoglobin
Vitamin B12Boosts the formation of red blood cells
Improves brain activity and rate of energy production
Vitamins In Maw Energy Drink

Energy And Focus Blend In Maw Energy Drink

Maw Energy drink focuses on providing an energy boost that enhances brain activity and makes you more alert and alive.

The drink is designed to enhance reaction time and improve your processing speed so you perform your best every time.

The formula of Maw Energy drink contains a blend of ingredients that work together to provide an effective and long-lasting energy rush.

The energy and focus blend of Maw Energy contains Natural Caffeine, L-tyrosine, L-theanine, Astaxanthin, and Lycium Berry.

This table shows the function of each of these ingredients

Natural CaffeineEnhances brain activity and provides a time-released energy boost
L-tyrosineHelps enhance focus and makes you more alert
L-theanineHelps you relax and improves attention span
AstaxanthinRich source of antioxidants and helps strengthen the immune system
Lycium BerryImproves mood and helps fight fatigue
Active Ingredients In Maw Energy

Is Maw Energy Drink Vegan?

A vegan-friendly diet contains no food or ingredients that are based on animals.

Let’s look into each of the ingredients of Maw Energy to know if Maw Energy drinks contain any ingredient that is not vegan

IngredientsVegan or Not
Lycium BerryVegan
Citric acidVegan
Malic acidVegan
Fruit and Vegetable juiceVegan
Silica (Used in the Mythic Melon flavor)Vegan
FD&C Red #40 (a color used in the Mythic Melon flavor)Vegan
FD&C Blue #1 (a color used in the Blue Buzz flavor)Vegan
FD&C Yellow #5Vegan
Natural and Artificial flavorsVegan
Is Maw Energy Drink Vegan?

Since every ingredient in Maw Energy drink is vegan, which means it is not derived from animal-based sources, it is safe to say that Maw Energy is a vegan-friendly energy drink.

Learn more about a vegan-friendly diet through this article.

What Is Maw Energy Used For?

Maw Energy drink is designed especially for gamers. The drink provides mental strength and alertness that helps you stay focused throughout the game.

Apart from gamers, the drink will work for anyone who wants an energy rush to fight a midday slump or wants a push to get through the day.

Natural caffeine along with other energy-boosting ingredients provides a timely released energy boost that will help excel your physical and mental challenges.

Can Maw Energy Be Used As A Pre-Workout?

Maw Energy is essentially an energy boost for gamers.

Maw Energy drink contains 140mg of energy and a focus blend that provides a subtle boost in energy.

Generally, pre-workout drinks contain high amounts of caffeine and energy-inducing ingredients that provide you with the required stamina and physical strength.

Maw Energy drink focuses more on providing mental focus and enhancing processing speed.

The ideal use of this drink is as gaming fuel but if a subtle boost of energy works for you then you can use Maw Energy as a pre-workout.

How Good Is Maw Energy?

Maw Energy drink is a clean energy source that contains zero sugar and no artificial flavor or colorings.

Maw Energy drink formula contains essential vitamins and 140mg of focus blend that contains natural caffeine.

With zero sugar, I think it’s safe to say that Maw Energy drink is a relatively healthier choice compared with the mainstream sugar-filled energy drinks.

The drink is a good source of energy but the key is moderation. Overconsumption of any energy drink can lead to harmful side effects such as elevated blood pressure, restlessness, and irregular heartbeat.

Can You Drink Maw Energy Daily?

You can drink Maw Energy drink daily.

Maw Energy drink contains about 140mg of natural caffeine. Since natural caffeine is absorbed slowly in the body, it gives a gradual energy boost, minimizing the risk of jitters or a caffeine crash.

Drinking Maw Energy drink every day is safe until you are not overconsuming it in a day. Limit yourself to one to two scoops of Maw Energy drink daily. This will provide you with the required energy boost without causing any harm to your health.

Side Effects Of Maw Energy

Maw Energy drink does not cause any side effects if it is consumed in moderation.

Maw Energy drink provides you with the physical and mental boost of energy but excessive consumption can lead to unpleasant consequences.

Consuming more than 400mg of caffeine in a day can lead to

  • Severe headache
  • Restlessness
  • Elevated blood pressure
  • Anxiety and jitters
  • Insomnia

To minimize the risk of these side effects keep track of your daily caffeine consumption and make sure you do not exceed the daily recommended caffeine intake of 400mg.

Flavors Of Maw Energy Drink

Maw Energy drink comes in the five exciting flavors

  • Mythic Melon
  • Green Growl
  • RIP Harambe
  • Blue Buzz
  • Jungle Berry

Alternatives To Maw Energy drink

If the energy boost from the Maw Energy drink does not work for you, here are some alternatives that might be the right options.

Final Thoughts

Maw Energy drink is a sugar-free energy source that helps enhance your meta focus, makes you more alert, and improves your reaction time.

The formula of Maw energy drink contains 140mg of energy and focus blend along with essential vitamins. All the ingredients in Maw Energy drink are vegan and therefore this product is vegan friendly.

With moderate intake, Maw Energy drink is a great source of energy and stamina.

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