Is Aspire Energy Drink Bad For You? (Explained)

A can of Aspire energy drink
A can of Aspire energy drink

Straightforward answer: Aspire energy drink is not necessarily bad for you if you drink it responsibly.

Aspire energy drink contains natural plant-based ingredients that can help you lose weight. On top of that, it’s sugar-free and only contains 80mg of caffeine.

Aspire energy drink is a calorie-burning energy drink. Its ingredients can boost your metabolism rate and makes for a good companion in your daily workout.

But, you may still have questions about whether it really is bad for you or not. Let’s explore further about Aspire energy drinks and find out the results.

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Nutritional Facts Of Aspire Energy Drink

Here’s an easy-to-read table containing the nutrients of Aspire energy drink:

Name Of NutrientAmount In Aspire (12 fl. oz.)
Energy0 calories
Vitamin B311mg
Vitamin B63.4mg
Vitamin B121.7mcg
Pantothenic Acid4mg
Nutritional facts of Aspire Energy Drink
Nutrition facts of Aspire energy drink
Nutrition facts of Aspire energy drink

How Many Calories In Aspire Energy Drink?

Aspire energy drink contains zero calories.

For comparison, an 8.4 fl. oz. can of Red Bull contains 110 calories, and a 12 fl. oz. can of Coca-Cola Energy has around 140 calories Aspire energy drink is a solid choice for you if you’re planning to lose weight.

Healthy men eat around 2600 calories per day to maintain their weight. On the other hand, healthy women eat around 2200 calories. The calorie intake can also vary based on factors like height, age, gender, and lifestyle.

What Are The Ingredients Of Aspire Energy Drink?

Let’s take a quick look at the ingredients of Aspire Energy Drink:

  • Natural Caffeine
  • Carbonated Water
  • Citric Acid
  • Malic Acid
  • Taurine
  • Sodium Citrate
  • Calcium Lactate
  • Guarana Seed Extract
  • Natural Flavor
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Choline Bitartrate
  • Vegetable Juice (Coloring)
  • Sucralose
  • L-Carnitine
  • Green Tea Polyphenols (EGCG)
  • Ginger Root Extract
  • Niacinamide (Vitamin B3)
  • D-Calcium Pantothenate (Vitamin B5)
  • Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B6)
  • Biotin, Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12)
  • Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)
Ingredients list of Aspire energy drink
Ingredients list of Aspire energy drink

Is The Caffeine In Aspire Energy Drink Too Much?

Aspire energy drink has 80mg of caffeine which is only a light amount compared to other energy drinks.

To give you a better understanding, Celsius energy drink contains 200mg of caffeine while Bang energy drink contains 300mg of caffeine.

Furthermore, this study states that low doses of caffeine can improve exercise and sports performance. Other benefits of caffeine include:

  • Improving mood and brain function
  • Boosting metabolism and fat burning
  • Protecting against diabetes and heart disease
  • Decreasing the risk of cancer

Aspire energy drink has the same amount of caffeine as a regular coffee. If you like to drink coffee every day, Aspire energy drink can work as a substitute. The energy drink can offer the same benefits as coffee without the bitterness of coffee.

However, you shouldn’t consume too much Aspire energy drink. The FDA set the daily caffeine limit at 400mg for healthy adults. Exceeding that limit may cause you to experience these symptoms:

  • Anxiety
  • Agitation
  • Restlessness
  • Sleeping problems
  • Tremors

If you consume caffeine close to your bedtime or when you are extremely tired, you may encounter a caffeine crash. This can possibly leave you with a massive headache among other things.

Is The Sucralose In Aspire Energy Drink Bad For You?

Sucralose is used to replace sugar in Aspire as it gives the drink a sweet flavor. Sucralose is not really bad for you if you consume it in moderation.

According to this article, sucralose is a calorie-free sweetener and is 600 times sweeter than sugar.

This study found that there is no link between sucralose and weight gain. Plus, it doesn’t have any effects on blood sugar levels and insulin levels.

However, the long-term effects of sucralose are still unknown. It’s best for you to limit the consumption of food or beverages that contain sucralose for your safety.

Is Aspire Energy Drink Actually Bad For You?

A can of Aspire energy drink
Drinking in moderation is the way to drinking Aspire energy drink every day

If you don’t have any pre-existing medical condition, drinking Aspire energy drink shouldn’t be bad for you.

Aspire energy drink is calorie-free, sugar-free, and has a moderate amount of natural caffeine. For this reason, it can actually be beneficial for you if you consume it in moderation.

Aspire energy drink is filled with natural ingredients. It’s calorie-free, sugar-free, and has a moderate amount of natural caffeine. For this reason, Aspire energy drink can actually be beneficial for you if you consume it in moderation.

However, if you’re a minor, pregnant, or nursing, you should avoid Aspire energy drink. You should also avoid Aspire energy drinks if you have caffeine sensitivity.

In case you have caffeine sensitivity, you’ll experience an intense adrenaline rush when you consume Aspire or any other energy drink. The caffeine in your body will also metabolize slowly, so the symptoms may last for several hours.

The symptoms of caffeine sensitivity may include:

  • Headache
  • Jitters
  • Nervousness or anxiousness
  • Restlessness
  • Insomnia
  • Fast heartbeat

Is Aspire Energy Drink Bad For Your Heart?

Energy drinks are not really good for your heart if you consume too much of them. The same goes for Aspire energy drink as well.

This study states that drinking energy drinks can affect the cardiovascular system.

Consuming too much Aspire energy drink can cause hypertension which can lead to complications like heart attack and stroke.

Is Aspire Energy Drink Bad For Your Liver?

If you drink Aspire energy drink for an extended period, it can lead to acute liver injury.

Caffeine is known to worsen acute inflammatory liver injury.

The symptoms of acute liver injury are:

  • Pain in the upper right abdomen
  • Abdominal swelling
  • Vomiting
  • A general sense of feeling unwell
  • Pain in the upper right abdomen
  • Disorientation
  • Sleepiness
  • Yellow of skin and eyeballs
  • Tremors

Is Aspire Energy Drink Bad For Your Teeth?

The high acidity in energy drinks like Aspire can be bad for your teeth if you consume too much of them.

Energy drinks are the leading cause of tooth decay amongst adults. They are known to be twice as acidic as sports drinks. Energy drinks can cause oral health problems like tooth decay and erosion.

Here are some things that you can do to avoid some potential oral health issues due to drinking Aspire energy drink:

  • Brush your teeth. (After an hour)
  • Rinse your mouth with water
  • Chew a sugar-free gum

Alternatives To Aspire

If you like to drink Aspire energy drink, you may also opt for these:

You can watch the video below to know how you can choose a healthy energy drink at the grocery store.

How do you choose a healthy energy drink?

The Bottom Line

Aspire energy drinks shouldn’t be bad for you as long as you limit yourself to one can per day.

Drinking too much Aspire energy drink can lead to caffeine-related issues that can hamper your health. It can also damage your heart, liver, and teeth if you consume excessively.

That being said, Aspire energy drink doesn’t contain any sugar or calories, which makes it healthier than a number of energy drinks. Plus, its 80mg of caffeine shouldn’t be a problem, even if you have low caffeine tolerance.

Think of it more like coffee because of its caffeine amount. If you can drink one cup of coffee per day, you should be able to handle a can of Aspire energy drink.

On a final note, you should already know everything about Aspire energy drink’s impact on your health. If you think it’s the perfect energy drink for you, then go out and buy a can now!

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