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Best Energy Drinks For High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a medical condition faced by the old and in some cases, the young. High blood pressure is among the most common illnesses in our population.

Stress, excessive sodium consumption, and an unhealthy lifestyle are among the main factors of high blood pressure. When you have high blood pressure, you have to practice a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet.

If you love energy drinks and are uncertain whether you can still have them despite having high blood pressure, this article is for you.

Read on as I cover how energy drinks can affects your blood pressure, and along with the best energy drinks for your condition.

Disclaimer: If you have high blood pressure and other medical conditions, please consult your doctor first. Listen to their advice on whether you can have energy drinks or no before making your decision.

Things To Look Out For In Energy Drinks


Caffeine helps you stay awake.

Caffeine helps you with staying awake, as well as enhances your exercise and mental performance.

However, caffeine isn’t something you can consume without limiting your intake. The daily caffeine limit is 400mg for healthy adults, according to the FDA.

Although caffeine can help you in a lot of cases, an overconsumption of it may lead to insomnia, jitters, headaches and rapid heart rhythm.


Sugar causes increase in blood pressure.

Besides caffeine, sugar is also a main ingredient in energy drinks. Sugar can provide you with a temporary boost of energy.

However, too much sugar can lead to a sugar-crash, and other health issues like diabetes and obesity. Plus, sugar doesn’t go well with your health if you have high blood pressure.

Most energy drinks are packed with lots of sugar, but the good news is that there are plenty of sugar-free low-calorie options.


Guarana is a similar ingredient to caffeine as it also helps with your performance.

Guarana is basically four times stronger than the caffeine that is found in coffee beans or seeds.

If your energy drink has guarana, it means there is more than what’s mentioned on the nutritional label.

Guarana can help improve your focus and cognitive functions. It also helps enhance your exercise performance.

Can You Drink Energy Drinks With High Blood Pressure?

Consuming caffeine in moderation won’t affect your blood pressure much.

I highly recommend you to consult your doctor first on whether you can have energy drinks if you have high blood pressure.

If you have high blood pressure, please avoid strong or highly caffeinated energy drinks. Go for something with less caffeine and sugar.

If you have high blood pressure, please avoid strong or highly caffeinated energy drinks. Go for something with less caffeine and sugar.

Does Caffeine Increase Your Blood Pressure?

Caffeine can increase your blood pressure.

If you’re a person who consumes caffeine regularly, consider toning it down. Caffeine causes a temporary increase in your blood pressure, but it’s nothing to worry about as it happens to everyone.

A slight increase in blood pressure after consuming caffeine is normal for everyone.

But if you have problems with your blood pressure, speak with your doctor first before drinking caffeinated beverages.

Does Sugar Increase Your Blood Pressure?

Sugar can increase your blood pressure.

Consuming sugar leads to higher insulin levels, which causes a spike in heart rate and blood pressure.

Too much sugar can also lead to weight gain and higher cholesterol evels, which isn’t good for you if you’ve high blood pressure already.

If you have high blood pressure, consider reducing your sugar intake. If you really can’t resist sweet stuff, consider sugar-free options instead.

Is Drinking Energy Drinks With Sugar Healthy If You Have High Blood Pressure?

It’s best if you consult your doctor first before having energy drinks with sugar if you have high blood pressure.

However, it’s highly advised that you limit your sugar intake if you’ve high blood pressure. Plus, it’s healthier for you.

For guidance, the American Heart Association (AHA) recommends a daily sugar limit of 24g and 36g sugar for women and men respectively.

Sugar, like caffeine, can cause a short-term increase in your blood pressure levels. .

Furthermore, a high sugar intake leads to the following health problems:

  • High blood pressure
  • Obesity
  • Inflammation
  • Aging skin
  • Weight gain

So, it’s best to consume as little sugar as you can. But, if you have high blood pressure and are planning on drinking energy drinks, talk to your doctor first.

For more information on high blood pressure, check out the video below:

Best Energy Drinks For High Blood Pressure

Energy DrinkCaffeineSugarCalories
Red Bull Total Zero80mg0g0
Coca-Cola Energy80mg26g105
3D Energy200mg0g15
G Fuel Powder150mg0g25
XS Energy80mg0g10
Monster Zero Carb120mg0g15
The caffeine, sugar and calorie content of the energy drinks described below.

Red Bull Total Zero

Red Bull Total Zero is a sugar-free version of the popular Red Bull energy drink.

Low in calories without any added sugar, Red Bull Total Zero would be a good energy drink to consider if you’ve high blood pressure.

Simple yet effective, Red Bull Total Zero comes with 80mg of caffeine. Its moderate caffeine content along with its nutrients make it a suitable option if you’ve high blood pressure.

Curious to know how Red Bull compares to coffee? Feel free to head over to my article on Red Bull VS Coffee for an interesting comparison.


Aspire is all-natural energy drink that helps burns calories.

With only 80mg, Aspire is an energy drink that was made with health with mind. Other than being sugar-free, Aspire’s caffeine content naturally sourced.

It also keeps artificial ingredients to a minimum, and has lots of vitamins and amino acids.

Not only is it good for you if you have high blood pressure, it can be really healthy for your diet too.

If you want to know if Aspire works as an energy drink, check out the article I’ve written on whether Aspire works for an in-depth look.


Zipfizz is budget-friendly and is definitely good if you’ve high blood pressure.

Zipfizz is sugar-free and has 100mg of caffeine, 20 calories, along with plenty of vitamins and nutrients.

It’s another great option if you have high blood pressure, considering it’s quite healthy with a moderate caffeine content.

Coca-Cola Energy Drink

Coca-Cola Energy is tasty but its sugar-free option is better.

Coca-Cola Energy is the energy drink version of the classic soda Coca-Cola.

A single can of Coca-Cola Energy has 80mg of caffeine, 26g of sugar and 105 calories. It also comes with some amino acids and B vitamins.

Coca-Cola Energy has the right amount of caffeine if you’ve high blood pressure. Though, the sugar content is pretty high.

If you aren’t a fan of that much sugar, you can consider its sugar-free option instead.

For a detailed discussion on how it may affect your health, check out my article on whether Coca-Cola Energy is bad for you.


Guru is also another great energy drink for people with high blood pressure.

Made for the health-focused, Guru is an all-natural energy drink that offers great taste with many health benefits.

A single can of Guru has 100mg of caffeine, 21g of sugar and 80 calories, along with a generous serving of vitamins and natural ingredients.

What I appreciate about Guru is that it contains sparkling water , which is much healthier if you have high blood pressure.

Guru also has a sugar-free option if you want to cut back on sugar and calories.


Celsius is a sparkling energy drink too!

Celsius is another healthy energy drink to try out if you’ve high blood pressure. It has a high caffeine content that can help boost your performance.

Besides, Celsius also has many nutrients that can help improve your health.

If you are interested in how Celsius tastes and works, check out my review on Celsius Energy for my experience with the drink.

3D Energy

3D Energy can help improve your endurance and focus.

Colorful and sleek, 3D Energy is a high-performance energy drink that can help boost your energy levels.

A single can of 3D Energy has 200mg of caffeine, 15 calories, and a bunch of vitamins as well as amino acids. Plus, it’s sugar-free, making it relatively healthy.

While its caffeine content is quite high, it’s perfectly fine to have this much caffeine even if you’ve high blood pressure. However, make sure not to drink it all at once.

To know how 3D Energy tastes and works, check out my review on 3D Energy for my thoughts on the drink.

G Fuel Powder

G Fuel Tubs
With a lot of flavors to choose from, you can also customize your own G Fuel drink from the company’s official website!

G Fuel is one of the most popular gaming energy drinks out there. It’s an energy drink with plenty of nutrients, making it quite healthy if you’ve high blood pressure.

Each serving of G Fuel Powder has 150mg of caffeine, 25 calories, along with a generous serving of vitamins, amino acids, and other nutrients.

G Fuel Powder also has plenty of flavors to choose from and you can customize your drink according to your preferences.

If you want to know how G Fuel tastes and works, check out my review on G Fuel Powder for my personal take on the brand.

XS Energy

XS Energy drink is a good option, considering it’s low in calories with a moderate caffeine content

XS Energy drink might seem small, but it can pack a punch.

With 80mg of caffeine and 10 calories, XS Energy is a tasty energy drink you can consider if you have high blood pressure.

Aside from keeping you awake without the pesky jitters and headaches, it can also improve your performance.

Monster Zero Carb

Monster Zero Carb is carb-free option of the classic Monster Energy Drink.

Each can of Monster Zero Carb is sugar-free and contains 120mg of caffeine, 15 calories, along with a few amino acids and vitamins.

Monster Zero Carb can help boost your energy levels and improve your performance without leading to many side effects later.

If you’ve wondered about the differences between Monster and coffee, check out the article I’ve written on Monster VS coffee for a detailed discussion.

The Bottom Line

Having high blood pressure can be a constant struggle. Taking good care of yourself, from exercising regularly to maintaining a healthy diet, is key in balancing your blood pressure.

Even if you love drinking energy drinks, your health comes first. Therefore, if you have high blood pressure and would still like to feature energy drinks in your diet, consult your doctor first.

Once you got the green light, make sure to not go overboard and consume energy drinks in moderation.

Although caffeine and sugar might slightly increase your blood pressure, provided you have them in moderation, you’ll be okay.

You should also make sure to choose a suitable energy drink that won’t increase your blood pressure much.

Ultimately, it’s about making wise decisions when choosing your energy drink if you have blood pressure.

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