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Where to Buy Runa Clean Energy? (Relevant Information)

Are you one of those people who need external forces to provide them some kind of energy boost and you have tried almost all the ways to get rid of the fatigue but are unable to do so?

Well, you are not alone on the list. Due to these reasons, caffeinated energy drinks like Runa clean energy have gained popularity in the market.

However, unlike other detrimental energy drinks, Runa clean energy is an organic energy drink that is made of all the natural ingredients and does not tend to pose any threat to your health.

If you are interested in buying Runa Energy Drink, but you do not know where to start, so do not worry, I have got your back!

You can easily order Runa Clean Energy Drink from Amazon and Walmart, and you will be delivered the package at your doorstep!

If you are looking for short guidance related to Runa Energy Drink products and everything you are looking for, then you should keep continuing the article.

Runa Energy Drink Ingredients

Before deciding whether you should buy a Runa energy drink or not, you should be aware of the ingredients of the Runa Energy Drink.

Following are the ingredients of Runa Energy Drink:

  • Carbonated Water
  • Organic Amazon Guayusa
  • Organic Sugar
  • Natural Berry Flavors
  • Natural Flavors
  • Citric Acid
Runa energy drink
Runa energy drink Ingredients

Runa Energy Drink Nutrients

Are you wondering what benefits will Runa energy drink provide you? So you must first consider the nutrients that are found in the Runa Energy drink!

Nutrients8.4oz (250ml)12oz (355ml)
Total Fat0g0g
Total Carbohydrate2g3g
Total Sugars16 g2g
Nutrients in Runa Energy Drink

Caffeine in Runa Energy Drink

Runa Clean Energy 355 ml contains 150mg caffeine, whereas, Runa Energy Drink 250ml contains around 105mg.

If you are new to energy drinks and you are wondering why every energy drink along with Runa energy drink has caffeine present in it, then you can check the amazing facts about caffeine just below.

Caffeine is the most commonly known psychoactive drug in energy drinks, coffee, and other sports drinks. It is a substance that is found in some plants and has several effects on the body, such as being a stimulant and a diuretic.

Caffein’s usage has been linked to the following benefits:

  • Caffeine can decrease the amount of adenosine in the brain, hence it decreases unwanted fatigue as well.
  • You will be amazed to know that caffeine indirectly regulates memory.
  • It also increases the metabolic rate.

However, to say that caffeine is a magical ingredient that has all the benefits and no side effects would be a deceiving statement; a few side effects have been associated with caffeine which is presented below:

  • Caffeine can cause nausea and lightheadedness.
  • Caffeine might also cause jittery effects, especially if caffeine sensitive.
  • Does drinking caffeine make you go to the bathroom? Well, it can be the case because caffeine is a diuretic.
  • It can cause insomnia.
  • Caffeine can make your stomach upset.

However, you can avoid the side effects above by drinking caffeine within the limit of 400 mg, which is the recommendation of the FDA.

Runa energy drink and caffeine
Runa energy drinks contain around 105-150 mg of caffeine!

Sugar in Runa Energy Drink

The sweet tiny white particle, sugar, is a daily used ingredient in our lives. However, you must know that sugar does not have any nutrients present in it.

There are many energy drinks in the market which are powered by the usage of sugar and caffeine, however, such a high amount of sugar is only linked to the development of obesity and diabetes, as well as increased risk of tooth decay and cavities.

Moreover, a sugary beverage such as energy drinks can add up to 200 more calories than drinking a regular carbonated drink.

Sugar in energy drinks indeed provides you with sudden energy, however, this energizing effect is temporary then you might feel fatigued, agitated, and crave more sugar as a result of a sugar crash.

However, the Runa Energy drink contains only 16 grams of total sugars in it. Which is under the recommended limit by the FDA.

However, do not consume more than 1 to 2 cans of the Runa energy drink per day.

Sodium in Runa Energy Drink

There is around 5-10 mg of sodium inside the Runa energy drink.

Sodium is an essential mineral used in the body, helping to regulate how the body uses and processes minerals and water.

Being an important mineral for our bodies, it is used in thousands of functions, such as: maintaining healthy blood pressure, preventing hypertension, and adding minerals to the body, including calcium.

However, too much sodium can be harmful. Some experts recommend that an average adult should only consume 1,500 mg of sodium a day.

For some people, this daily recommendation may be too little and they need to consume around 2,300 mg a day.

Many people consume too little sodium, which can lead to a condition known as hyponatremia, which is the condition of abnormally low blood sodium levels.

sodium in runa energy drink
There is 5 to 10 mg of sodium inside the Runa energy drink

Calories in Runa Energy Drink

The human body consists of millions of cells, and each cell needs the energy to operate. The primary source of energy for cells is food or calories.

The calories in food determine how much energy the food will provide for the cells. The number of calories per food item is measured in kilocalories (kcal).

The need for calories changes from person to person, however, an average daily requirement for calories is 2000-2500.

The good news is that the Runa energy drink contains only 10 calories, so you do not have to worry about consuming excessive calories or gaining weight.

Flavors of Runa Energy Drink

Another reason to buy Runa energy drink is the list of its delicious flavors.

Following are a few flavors of all-natural Runa energy drink:

  • Berry Boost
  • Blood Orange
  • Lime Twist
  • Pineapple Pick Me Up
  • Watermelon Focus

Is Runa Energy Drink Good for You?

Energy drink producers have long produced the type of high-dose energy drinks that have been linked to a variety of negative health effects, including dependence, anxiety, sleeplessness, and other severe conditions.

The side effects of these drinks are not limited as these drinks contain high doses of artificial ingredients.

However, unlike other drinks that are loaded with artificial ingredients, Runa energy drink is not loaded with artificial ingredients, it is an organic drink with natural ingredients.

So drinking the Runa energy drink in moderation is not bad for you it can provide you with a decent amount of energy without causing any serious health issues like artificial energy drink beverages.

A can of Runa Energy drink
Runa energy drink is a natural energy drink

Side Effects of Runa Energy Drink

Even though the Runa energy drink is a good energy drink with all-natural ingredients, it might have the following potential side effects if consumed in excess:

  • A caffeine-sensitive person might feel nauseous and make you lightheaded.
  • Due to the presence of caffeine, drinking Runa energy drinks can make it harder for you to fall asleep.
  • If you are someone with diabetes, then you should avoid drinking this energy drink in excess.

Where to Buy Runa Energy Drink?

You can buy the Runa energy drink from the Amazon Runa energy drink and Runa energy Walmart.

You might also be able to find it from other online websites, however, Amazon and Walmart are generally trustworthy websites.

Price of Runa Energy Drink

The price of Runa energy drinks can differ from site to site, it is best to see a comparison between the prices of Runa energy drinks before buying them, once you are satisfied with the price then proceed with your shopping.

Amazon$29.88 (12 FL oz, 12 packs)
Walmart$41.38 (12 FL oz, 12 packs)
Price of Runa energy drink

The Runa energy drink is organic, and the prices of such drinks are usually higher than regular energy drinks.

Amazon gives you 12 packs of 12 fl oz for around $29.99 which is around $2.49 per pack, whereas you can find a 12 FL OZ pack of 12 for around $41.38 which is around $3.44 per pack.

It is kind of expensive and you might find other better alternatives than Runa energy drink in the market with better price.

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Final Verdict

The Runa energy drink is a good energy drink with no severe side effects. However, if you are caffeine sensitive then you might want to choose any other energy drink with low caffeine dosages.

The Runa energy drink does not contain other harmful ingredients, because it contains all-natural ingredients.

You can buy the Runa Energy drink from Amazon for $29.99 per 12 packs and from Walmart, you can buy the Runa energy drink for around $41.38 per 12 packs.