Best Energy Drinks For Diabetics (A Comprehensive List)

Energy drinks
Which energy drink is the best for you?

If you have diabetes, you’re probably wondering about the sugar present in energy drinks. Too much sugar can elevate your blood sugar and can cause insulin spikes that damage your health.

Contrary to that belief, there are plenty of diabetic-friendly sugar-free energy drinks out there.

In this article, I will discuss some of the common questions related to diabetes and energy drinks and will try to give to recommend some energy drinks.

So without further ado, let’s jump right in!

Can You Consume Energy Drinks If You’re Diabetic?

The quick answer to this is that you most likely can, provided that you opt for a sugar-free version or something on the lower end of the scale when it comes to its sugar content.

If you have diabetes, energy drinks with low sugar, low caffeine, and fewer calories seem to be healthy for you, but they can still elevate your blood sugar levels if you consume them regularly.

It’s still best practice to moderate how much you consume, as caffeine can also play a factor — although varying sources say otherwise.

Can You Consume Caffeine If You’re Diabetic?

coffee beans
How much caffeine should a person with diabetes consume?

You can consume, but to a certain amount.

According to the FDA, the caffeine present in energy drinks can raise your blood sugar and cause insulin spikes for those with type 2 diabetes. Other studies also suggest that caffeine can reduce the chance of getting type 2 diabetes in the first place.

The daily intake for caffeine should not be more than 400 mg per day in adults. Too much caffeine can give you side effects like:

  • Headache
  • Insomnia
  • Nervousness
  • Irritability
  • Frequent Urination
  • Fast Heartbeat
  • Muscle tremors

If you wish to know more about caffeine, here’s an informative video for you to watch below:

How much caffeine is too much?

Best Energy Drinks For Diabetics

Without further ado, here’s my version of the best energy drinks for people with diabetes.

I prepared this easy-to-read table for your reference:

Energy DrinkCaffeine Content
(in mg)
Sugar Content
(in g)
Red Bull Total Zero (8.4 fl. oz)8000
VPX Bang (16 fl. oz)30000
Monster Zero Ultra (16 fl. oz)14000
Aspire Energy Drink (12 fl. oz)8000
C4 Original (16 fl. oz)15000
XS Energy (8.4 fl. oz)80010
Zip fizz100020
Xyience Energy Drink17600
3D Energy200015
Contents of energy drinks for diabetes

Red Bull Sugar-Free

It’s essential to note that the sugar-free version of Red Bull makes this list.

A regular 8.4 fl. oz can of Red Bull energy drink contains 110 calories, 27 grams of sugar, and about 80 mg of caffeine. While a can of 8.4 fl. oz of Red Bull sugar-free has 0g of sugar, 5 calories, and 80mg of caffeine.

The popular energy drink can be purchased in most convenience stores and supermarkets, and retails for $40 to $45, depending on the sale.

VPX Bang

Bang energy drink
Bang has zero sugar

This energy drink is famous for its extreme caffeine content, which is close to the recommended 400 mg by the FDA. A 16 fl. oz can of VPX Bang energy drink contains zero calories, zero sugar, and 300 mg of caffeine.

Bang has essential amino acids which help the body to function properly and remain healthy. Moreover, the drink doesn’t contain any sugar, and it won’t affect your blood sugar levels and won’t cause any sugar crashes.

The drink does contain sucralose, which can affect your health negatively in the long run. So, consuming in moderation is the key.

The price of 16 fl. oz Bang energy drink is around $2 according to Amazon, retailing for about $24 for a pack of 12.

You can check out this article I wrote about Bang energy drinks if you want to know more about it.

Monster Zero Ultra

A 16 fl. oz of Monster Zero Ultra has 140 mg of caffeine, 10 calories, and no sugar.

Compared to Bang, the caffeine content of Monster Zero Ultra is rather conservative. It shouldn’t be a problem if you’re already used to consuming a cup of coffee on a daily basis.

Monster Zero only contains a measly 10 calories, so this shouldn’t be a big deal for those who are abiding by a strict diet plan. Moreover, like most energy drinks on this list, it doesn’t contain any sugar and uses sucralose as an alternative.

If you’re thinking of purchasing this energy drink, a pack (12 cans) of 16 fl. oz costs about $19, about $2 per can.

Aspire Energy Drink

A single serving 12 fl. oz can of Aspire Energy Drink has 80 mg of natural caffeine, zero sugar, and zero calories.

Its caffeine amount is considered to be on the lighter side, but it’s enough to boost your energy levels, improve cognition and keep you mentally alert.

Moreover, it is keto-friendly and gluten-free, free of any preservatives, artificial flavors, and colors. It is also high in beneficial ingredients such as L-carnitine, vitamin C, and green tea extract.

Read here to check out my full-length article about Aspire Energy Drink.

C4 Original Sugar-Free Energy

A single serving of 16 fl. oz can of C4 energy drink contains 150 mg of caffeine with zero calories and zero sugar.

This energy drink can be considered a natural source of hydration. It contains CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine that helps in workout fatigue. It doesn’t contain any calories and also no sugar, hence making it suitable for diabetes.

When it comes to the caffeine content, C4 energy drinks can be considered within the average range compared with other energy drinks.

However, if you’re highly sensitive to caffeine, you should be careful about consuming this amount of caffeine. You may experience the following symptoms:

  • racing heartbeat
  • headache
  • jitters
  • nervousness or anxiousness
  • restlessness
  • insomnia

A pack of 12 C4 Zero Sugar would retail for $25 or lower during sales and special promotions.

XS Energy Drink

XS energy drink
A blast of energy

An 8.4 fl. oz of XS energy drink has zero sugar, 80 mg of caffeine, and 10 calories per serve.

XS Energy drink offers 13 flavors, three of which are caffeine-free.

You can check out their website to have a better idea of what kind of flavors they have to offer. One 8.4 fl. oz sized can of XS energy is around $3-$4.


Zipfizz is an energy drink mix powder with 100 mg of caffeine, 20 calories, zero sugar, and a generous serving of B vitamins.

This energy drink markets itself as ‘healthy energy in a tube!’. It allegedly delivers a surge of micronutrients to your system, making it a great candidate for those looking to boost their energy levels without health anxieties.

Other than containing zero sugar, Zipfizz doesn’t have any ephedra or any other artificial stimulants. The drink contains naturally derived caffeine, vitamins, minerals, and vital amino acids to protect your immune system.

Energy drink enthusiasts claim that Zipfizz can keep a constant energy level for over 4 hours without the associated sugar crash afterward.

Prices often fluctuate between $28-$38 dollars, depending on the sale.

Xyience Energy Drink

Xyience Energy Drink

One 16 fl. oz can of Xyience energy drink has zero sugar, 176 mg of caffeine, and zero calories.

This energy drink isn’t as well known as the others on the list, but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t deliver results. The energy drink boasts of helping you through your busy days.

It’s particularly popular for its refreshing flavors, which is a feat considering that it contains no sugar.

Furthermore, the energy drink is packed with fortified vitamins, ginseng, and Guarana — all of which are great for boosting your cognitive stimulation, reducing stress, and increasing energy.

Xyience retails for around $35 for a pack of 12, though prices may vary.

Final Thoughts

If you have diabetes, standard energy drinks are detrimental to health due to their high level of sugar, caffeine content, and amount of calories.

Hence, if you’re searching for ample energy boost without compromising your insulin levels, then you can try out any drink from the above-recommended list. 

Given that, even for healthy individuals, consuming sugar-free energy drinks for an extended period is not good either.

If you still wish to have a go at them, have them in moderation. It’s totally up to you what you decide to put in your body and in what amount. It’s always best to hydrate your body only with water.

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