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Does Hi-Ball Energy Drink Actually Work (Analyzed)

Hi ball energy drink
All Natural

Hi-Ball is an energy drink brand launched by Anheuser-Busch, an American-based company that currently owns around 400 beer brands; they even used to hold the renowned beer brand “Budweiser.” So one can’t question their prominent role in the beverage industry.

Hi-Ball energy drink contains 0 calories, 0 g of sugar, and 160 mg of caffeine.

Energy drinks have replaced coffee for many years. There are so much more versatile than coffee and have numerous benefits over coffee in their unique blends. There is an energy drink for everyone that caters to each individual needs. Hi-Ball is specifically targetting those healthier needs.

For all the energy lovers out there looking for healthier alternatives then, there is one energy drink you’re still missing out on: Hi-Ball.

Hi-Ball is an energy drink that promises to give good energy through organic, sugar-free ingredients. It is made with sparkling water too. Fancy, I know.

Ingredients in Hi Ball Energy Drink

Nutrional Table on Hi Ball
An all-rounder view
Hi-Ball 16fl oz (473 ml)Values
Total Fat0
Sodium 0
Total Carbohydrate0
Total Sugar0
Added Sugar0
Protein 0
Vitamin B-12150%
Vitamin B-6150%
Niacin 150%
Pantothenic Acid 150%

Caffeine Content in Hi-Ball

IngredientAmount Per Serving
Organic Caffeine160 mg
Organic Guarana50 mg
Organic Ginseng50 mg

Carbonated Purified Water

Water that has been infused with carbon dioxide gas under pressure is known as carbonated water. This generates sparkling water.

Carbonated liquids, except seltzer water, are frequently treated with salt. Other minerals are occasionally added in modest amounts.

Carbonated water is an alternative for sugary drinks. The pH of carbonated water is between 3-4, which indicates it is acidic.

However, drinking it won’t make your body high on acids. Quite disappointing, right?.

It also has several benefits for digestion.

  • Triggers the neurons that control swallowing.
  • Stronger feeling of fullness.
  • Relieves constipation due to its acidic nature.
  • Digestion is aided by carbonated water.

Organic Caffeine

Average Caffeine Range in most energy drinks200-300 mg
Caffeine in Hi-Ball 160 mg

Organic Caffeine is naturally occurring as it is extracted from plants.

There are around 55+plants that produce organic Caffeine.

Artificial caffeine causes a slump after the boost, yet organic Caffeine keeps you satisfied throughout the day. Plus, there are also fewer chances of you experiencing caffeine crashes with organic caffeine.

Take a closer look at the aforementioned details.

Organic Guarana Extract

Hi-Ball consists of 50 mg of organic guarana content.

The amount of guarana in a 16-ounce energy drink can range from 1.4 mg to 300 mg. Since many firms do not provide a milligram number, it is unclear how much guarana is in each can.

Guarana is a Brazilian plant whose extract is made by processing the seeds into powder form.

Caffeine, theophylline, and theobromine are just a few of the stimulants found in them. Antioxidants found in guarana include tannins, saponins, and catechins.

Today, the beverage industry uses 70% of guarana produced in soft and energetic beverages, while the remaining 30% is ground into powder.

Guarana contains antioxidants like caffeine that deactivate free radicals, which are potentially damaging chemicals. These molecules can interact with different portions of your cells, causing damage that has been related to the aging process, heart disease, cancer, and other disorders.

Guarana in energy drinks supports alertness; it causes a recharged shot and reduces fatigue.

Some of the other benefits are:

  1. Supports Weight-Loss
  2. Treatment of diarrhea and constipation
  3. Help in treating skin-related diseases
  4. Prevents heart-related problem
  5. Contain anti-cancer properties

Organic Panax Ginseng extract

Hi-Ball consists of 50 mg of organic ginseng content.

Ginseng previously had been used for medical purposes and now supports the human body by leveling the energy content through its addition to energy drinks.

It has anti-fatigue and stress-relieving properties.

An everyday ginseng-infused energy drink appears to have a regular amount of 200 mg per day, although most people can safely take up to 2700 mg through supplementation.

A 50 mg consumption a day can be regarded as safe.

Hi Ball Vs Common Energy Drinks

Energy Drinks
Energizer Power Pack
DrinkServing Sizes
Tab Energy10.595
No Fear16174
Wired X50524505

Hi-Ball provides a fulfilling serving size with a low to moderate content of caffeine which states that it won’t have any adverse effects on health.

Additionally, containing organic caffeine adds up as a plus point for the brand.

Hi-Ball Energy Drink Key Features

  1. Completely Organic
  2. Zero Calories
  3. Safe Ingredients
  4. Presence of sparkling water
  5. Variety in flavors
  6. Moderate caffeine content – organic
  7. Light energy drink
  8. Fulfilling serving size

Things I like about Hi Ball Energy Drink

Preferences differ from person to person. A light, fruity, less caffeinated sugar-free drink might look the best solution for sleeping problems, yet it might go quite oppositely for the ones who are bulk consumers of strong energy drinks.

Things I like about Hi-Ball is:

  1. It is completely organic.
  2. It uses organic caffeine rather then the artificial one which is twice as harmful due to the presence of additives.
  3. Light in consumption.
  4. Provides natural energy that is supported by ginseng and guarana content.
  5. It offers a fruity range.
  6. Zero calories and artificial flavors.

For me, Hi-Ball is an extremely favorable all-rounder, safe, and effective energy drink to consume that can additionally help you keep your rhythm by its extensive fruity range of flavors.

I can usually drink it without worrying about ending up in the ER due to its very mild caffeine content and its zero sugar and calorie content.

It’s a drink that doesn’t instantly deliver a solid punch to your guts, unlike heavy-hitters like Redline and Brein Fuel, but instead, it has a pleasant buzzing effect to it.

Hi Ball Energy Drink Negatives

I can brag all day about the goodness of this energy drink, yet how can anything be perfect. Consumers have had a few problems with the drink.

After a thorough read on reviews, it was founded that the following two factors contributed to the ‘negatives’ of the drink.

After Taste

The over-carbonated content generated through the presence of sparkling water left a strange after-taste that was said to be a dislike factor for the drink. Those carbon dioxide bubbles giving your tongue tiny french-kisses aren’t what some people are fans of.

No presence of sweeteners

Energy drinks indeed contain a bitter taste due to the contents of Caffeine. Sugar, therefore, is added in numerous amounts to eradicate the taste yet can be alarming for body fat consumption.

Artificial sweeteners are added instead of sugar to eliminate the bitter taste. Almost all sugar-free promising drinks contain sweeteners that are health alarming.

Hi-Ball can be differentiated based on being a sugar-free and an artificial sweetener-free drink, yet that can still constitute a problem.

Yes. The taste might leave a substantial effect for those who are not used to energy drinks or are first-time consumers, although prime and loyal consumers might not feel any difference and practically worship the drink.

Does Hi-Ball Energy Drink Actually Work?

Smiling women.

Ingredients don’t lie. If you incorporate organic, natural products into your drink, then it will deliver the promise you want your consumers to feel.

All energy drinks offer different ingredients in different quantities. Some are high on caffeine, others are high on sugar, and vice versa.

Hi-Ball’s energy boost is a jitter-free pick-me-up that leaves you with no anxiety or crashes. It’s made with organic extracts like guarana.

Summary: These fruity-flavored beverages will strike the spot for individuals trying to keep their energy drinks light and breezy.

Energy Drink Alternatives to Hi-Ball

Other notable mentions


Hi-Ball claims to utilize only organic and fair-trade ingredients (when feasible), and their sparkling water energy drinks are calorie-free and free of artificial sweeteners. Assuming it’s all true, that is fantastic.

Hi-Ball avoids surprising the system with too much energy all at once by using organic caffeine, which is less prone to having unwanted side effects.

So all in all, Hi-Ball is pretty effective and worth a try!

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