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Energy Drinks Without Taurine (Tops Picks)

Chemical formula of Taurine on a futuristic background
The chemical formula of Taurine on a futuristic background

Energy drinks are quite good at what they are supposed to accomplish, which is to improve your energy. The market as a whole is dominated by major brands. 

The ideal beverage for gamers is an energy drink. Players can raise their performance thanks to their advantages.

Well-known energy drinks contain the chemical taurine, a nervous system depressant that only stimulates the brain. 

It normally doesn’t have any undesirable side effects, but it also doesn’t have many benefits. Contrary to its sugar and caffeine content, it is said to contain a lot of dietary and health benefits, but you won’t notice them immediately away. 

Among the energy drinks without taurine are OCA, Oxyshred, Bai Boost, Baya, Redline Xtreme, Spike Hardcore, Hi Ball, Runa, Bawls, and Brein Fuel

If you want to learn more about taurine and which energy drinks don’t contain it, keep reading. 

What Is Taurine In Energy Drinks? 

Taurine plays a crucial role in several of the body’s metabolic processes and shares chemistry with other amino acids. Antioxidant qualities are thought to exist in taurine.

However, nothing is known about how long-term supplementation with taurine may affect the body. 

Taurine can be consumed naturally in form of meat, dairy products, beans snd, etc. Thus some studies show signs of better athletic performance after taurine consumption.

Furthermore, one study found that congestive heart failure patients who took taurine supplements three times per day for two weeks had improved exercise tolerance.  

Be aware that energy drinks may contain significant amounts of other substances, such as sugar, caffeine, or herbal stimulants. Caffeine overuse can raise blood pressure and heart rate, disrupt sleep, and exacerbate anxiety while sugar addition could result in unneeded calorie addition. 

The Purpose Of Taurine In Energy Drinks 

Taurine isn’t a stimulant like caffeine, despite the widespread belief that it is. The chemical, which is included in popular energy drinks as a nervous system depressant and only has a stimulating effect on the brain, really has the opposite effect. 

Taurine inhibits the neurotransmitter receptors in your brain that provide excitatory effects when you take it. It suppresses anxiety and panic.

In reality, taurine works similarly to the well-known GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid), a neurotransmitter that calms the central nervous system. 

Potential Taurine Side Effects 

With all of that stated, it is clear from the numerous research that taurine is neither particularly remarkable nor required to be added to energy drinks. While it typically doesn’t have any side effects, it also doesn’t offer many advantages. 

It’s vital to stop using taurine and consult your doctor if you have any severe negative effects while taking the supplement, whether it’s in the form of an energy drink or another dietary supplement. 

A taurine free energy drink
A taurine-free energy drink

Taurine Dosage And Toxicity 

Most adults get about 50 mg of taurine daily from foods including milk, eggs, fish, and meat that are naturally rich in amino acids. The typical dose of taurine found in many energy drinks, which typically contains roughly 1000 mg of taurine per serving, is far lower than this normal intake. 

There are some questions about the dosage of taurine in energy drinks and whether or not this high level may cause individuals to experience unfavorable side effects, especially if more than one serving is drunk each day. The safe taurine dose limit has been the subject of extensive research to address this problem. 

Compared to the high taurine levels in these goods, it is thought that the other compounds included in energy drinks are more likely to be linked to unfavorable side effects. Particularly the high sugar and caffeine content may cause an increase in heart rate and blood pressure, as well as anxiety and agitation. 

Energy Drinks Without Taurine

Redline Xtreme

Red line Xtreme has no added sugar or taurine
Redline Xtreme has no added sugar or taurine

An effective, fast-acting, ready-to-drink energy supplement is Redline Xtreme. 

It has no added sugar and 300 mg of anhydrous caffeine. It includes an electrolyte matrix, a unique blend, and B vitamins. 


Starbucks has formally introduced a brand-new line of beverages in the US as the business makes its first push into the energy drink sector. 

It introduced the flavors of the Starbucks Baya energy drink line in Mango Guava, Raspberry Lime, and Pineapple Passionfruit. 

While providing 160 mg of caffeine and around 90 calories, a 12-ounce black coffee from Starbucks offers 193 mg of caffeine and only four calories. 


For consumers who are concerned about their health, Hi-Ball Energy is a pioneer in developing energy drinks. Hi-Ball Energy is a revitalizing and energizing energy beverage. 

Preservatives, sugar, and calories are not present in the formula of Hi-Ball Energy. An energy boost is provided by guarana, ginseng extract, and 160 mg of natural caffeine. 


OCA Energy drink
OCA Energy drink in 4 different flavors

Each serving has 60 calories, 9 grams of sugar, and 120mg of natural caffeine. OCA does not have the necessary vitamins that the majority of energy drinks do while being an energy drink composed entirely of natural components. 

Runa Clean

Runa Clean Energy uses carbonated water, organic Amazon guayusa, citric acid, and natural flavors to improve focus, calm the mind, and produce sustainable energy. 

This beverage comprises 10 calories, 16g of sugar, and 105mg of caffeine, compared to 150mg of caffeine in 355 ml. 


Bawls energy drink
Bawls energy drink

Maintaining energy, concentration, and attention throughout the day might be difficult, but Bawls energy drink can help. 

A 16 fl. oz. can of Bawls contains 102 mg of caffeine, making it a moderately caffeinated energy drink. 

Jocko Go 

Although there are several energy drinks on the market, today we’ll concentrate on the Jocko Go range. Jocko Go first appealed to me as a unique and beneficial energy drink. 

Jocko Go offers only 15 calories, no sugar, 95 mg of caffeine, and healthy components including Bacopa and Alpha-GPC. 

jocko go energy drink cans
Jocko go energy drink cans

Bai Boost 

The Dr. Pepper family has included Bai Boost since 2016. It is a caffeinated beverage that has vitamin additions and fruit flavors. 

A single can of Bai Boost contains 110mg of caffeine, erythritol, citric acid, coffee and tea extract, natural flavors, and other components. 

Brein Fuel 

Caffeine is one of the ingredients in the energy and fitness supplement, Brein Fuel that helps with both mental and physical performance. 

The Brein Fuel energy drink has 360 mg of caffeine as well as a wealth of additional vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Additionally, it offers 4 invigorating tastes for you to choose from. 


Thanks to the specially developed Rowdy energy drink, you’ll feel more energized right away. It can immediately restore your lost energy. 

Along with 18g of sugar, electrolytes, amino acids, and essential minerals, this caffeinated beverage contains caffeine. A single 473 ml can have all of these nutrients. 


Does taurine cause sleeplessness? 

Taurine treatment at concentrations of 0.1% to 1.5% decreases locomotor activity by 28% to 86% and causes it to become nocturnal. 

Can taurine increase your strength? 

Taurine is known to boost muscular mass, strength, and power. It also lessens the effects of exercise on the muscles, speeds up recuperation in between sessions, and may even have an insulin-like impact on the body. 

Is taurine more harmful than coffee? 

Daily Caffeine consumption within recommended limits is safer than daily taurine consumption.


  • OCA, Jocko Go, Oxyshred, Bai Boost, Baya, Redline Xtreme, Spike Hardcore, Hi Ball, Runa, Bawls, and Brein Fuel are among the energy drinks lacking taurine. 
  • Taurine shares chemistry with other amino acids and is essential for a number of the body’s metabolic activities. Taurine is known to have antioxidant properties.  
  • Despite the prevalent misconception, taurine is not a stimulant like caffeine.
  • Foods including milk, eggs, fish, and meat that are naturally high in amino acids provide the majority of humans with roughly 50 mg of taurine per day. This usual intake is much higher than the common dose of taurine found in many energy drinks, which normally contains about 1000 mg of taurine per serving. 

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