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Energy Drinks With Stevia (In-Depth Fact Check)

Nowadays, there is a huge market for energy drinks. However, the vast majority of items available on the market are loaded with unhealthy substances like sugar. Energy drinks made with stevia also offer a healthier substitute for sugar. We review the top stevia energy drinks available now in this article.

Let’s get to know more about stevia-containing energy drinks.

What Is Stevia?

Bai Boost Sugar content
Stevia is a sweetener extract from plants

Stevia is a sugar substitute made from natural plants. It comes from a plant called Stevia rebaudiana. Stevia has been used for many centuries as both a herbal treatment for high blood sugar and a natural sweetener.

Stevia is astonishingly up to 300 times sweeter than regular sugar. The steviol glycoside molecules in stevia are what give it its sweetness. The leaves of the stevia plant must be cleaned of these glycosides. The dry leaves are first steeped in water in this procedure, which results in the isolation of the glycosides.

The extract that is left is spray-dried before being transformed into a sweetener. Either a concentrated drink or a single-serve stevia packet is the product that ends up on the supermarket shelf.

The majority of stevia products you can buy off the shelf contain fillers like maltodextrin. They can be used as a recipe replacement because they are frequently supplied as sugar-based counterparts.

Stevia contains no calories or carbohydrates. Some of the items on the shelves do, however, have additional ingredients. To balance the flavor, these could contain sugar alcohols and other sweeteners. To make sure you are purchasing truly pure stevia extract, we advise you to carefully read the label on the product.

Energy Drink Sweeteners: Stevia vs. Sugar

In a relatively short period, stevia has gained enormous popularity as a sugar substitute. It’s not strange to see why when you realize that it is entirely calorie-free and plant-based.

Stevia is also chosen by many individuals over aspartame and sucralose because it is entirely natural. Since stevia contains no carbohydrates, it also prevents the insulin spikes that come from consuming sugar.

Stevia has 250–300 times the sweetness of sugar. You only need to take it in little amounts, so to speak. A stevia is a fantastic option for anyone looking for a sugar alternative who is attempting to lose weight because it has no calories.

A recipe becomes substantially healthier when stevia is used in place of sugar. You also lower the food’s glycemic index rating.

It’s important to keep in mind that stevia may somewhat alter the flavor of a recipe when sugar is substituted. Experimenting to determine what works best for you would be beneficial. Some people may also experience a very little aftertaste from stevia.

Energy Drinks Containing Stevia

Following are the energy drinks with stevia available in the market:

Celsius Essential Energy

Without any undesirable ingredients, CELSIUS offers all the essential energy you want.Usablel energy, manufactured with high-quality, time-tested components, is CELSIUS.

The purpose of CELSIUS, which comes in a range of sparkling and non-carbonated flavors, is to motivate people to LIVE FIT, surpass their objectives, improve their daily lives, and perform at their very best.

CELSIUS STEVIA Essential Energy Drinks contain green coffee beans for natural caffeine and Stevia for natural sweetening. The beneficial advantages of our original CELSIUS Essential Energy Drink line are present in all three varieties.

Seven important vitamins are present in CELSIUS, which also has no sugar, artificial colors, aspartame, or high fructose corn syrup.


One of the first soda companies to employ stevia leaf in its products was Zevia, which was founded in 2007. Zevia continues to set the standard for healthy ingredients that consumers can rely on its objective is to produce naturally sweetened, zero-calorie beverages that support the health of people and the communities they live in.

Without the dangerous ingredients present in normal sugary carbonated beverages, Zevia beverages deliver robust tastes that you will adore. Zero calories and zero sugar are present in every Zevia beverage, without compromising taste or enjoyment.

Zevia sodas, energy drinks, sparkling waters, and mixers provide fizz and delight in a healthier manner thanks to the wonder that is the stevia leaf. Zevia has you covered for any event with the flavor you want without the ingredients you don’t.

Get to know more about stevia drink Zevia

True Lemon Energy

A natural energy drink without artificial flavors or sweeteners, True Lemon Energy Drink sweetens with stevia leaf extract. This beverage is offered in a box. Four boxes containing your order are delivered. The flavors of two of them are wild cherry and cranberry, while the flavors of the other two are blackberry and pomegranate.

There are 6 unique drink packets in each box. Consequently, the set you purchased gives you 24 separate drink servings. In addition to actual fruit extracts, each meal contains 120 grams of natural caffeine. Vitamin C and malic acid. True Lemon Energy Drink comes in 16-ounce servings.

Feel Natural Energy Drink

Feel Natural Energy Drink is a natural energy beverage without artificial sweeteners. Guarana, taurine, sugar alcohols, colorings, or flavorings are not present. The beverage comes in a variety of tastes and has a low carbonation level. Each dish has only 15 calories and 4 grams of carbs.

This energy drink contains a proprietary combination of sweeteners that is entirely composed of plants. 4 grams of pure cane sugar and stevia are combined in each can. Additionally, five B vitamins and antioxidant vitamins C and E are included in each dose of Feel energy drink. Each can contains 100 milligrams of caffeine. This is made from green coffee beans and offers a pure, caffeinated supply without a crash. This

How Do You Choose an Energy Drink With Stevia?

Stevia is the best option available when seeking a healthy substitute for an energy drink that contains sugar. Find a beverage that contains stevia leaf extract.

The stevia rebaudiana plant should be used to produce the stevia glycosides. Most energy drinks won’t utilize 100% stevia to sweeten their product because this kind of pure stevia is bitter.

You should therefore carefully consider what the other 50% is. While some manufacturers employ artificial sweeteners, others use sugar. But you should seek out an energizing beverage that combines stevia with another similarly healthful ingredient, such as agave nectar.

Is It Safe To Use Stevia?

Stevia is safe to use
Stevia is safe to use

Yes, for the vast majority of people, stevia is safe to use. It is a natural, plant-based alternative to sugar and synthetic sugar substitutes. Stevia glycosides are approved as safe by the US FDA. It does not, however, currently recognize whole stevia leaves or raw stevia extracts.

There has been some worry voiced that certain people with Type 2 Diabetes may have issues with specific varieties of stevia. However, this can be because a product also contains other sweeteners and stevia.

The use of stevia during pregnancy has also sparked some controversy. We advise pregnant women to stick to foods that have received FDA approval.

It is well known that stevia is child-safe. It’s a great sugar replacement for kids that can help them maintain a healthy weight.

Stevia consumption often has no negative side effects, although one study found that it might affect good intestinal bacteria.


  • You can get a terrific pick-me-up from energy drinks, enabling you to persevere throughout the day.
  • The majority of energy drinks are available. However, are so high in sugar that they will make you nervous and result in an unavoidable energy drop.
  • Hence, stevia-sweetened energy drinks are a wise substitution.

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