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Best Energy Drinks Without The Crash (No Fatigue)

Many people drink energy drinks for that sweet kick of energy. Energy drinks help us to stay awake as well as enhance both physical and mental performance.

However, aside from caffeine, most energy drinks are packed with sugar, which give us energy temporarily too. But too much sugar or caffeine in an energy drink may lead to a crash.

A crash after an energy drink can be pretty unpleasant, as it leaves you feeling quite tired and sluggish. You probably wouldn’t want this to happen, especially if you’ve work to settle.

Thus, let’s get started on what to look out for in an energy drink and the best brands that can help you avoid a crash.

Caffeine And Energy Drinks

Caffeine can be harmful in excessive amounts.

In energy drinks, caffeine is the main ingredient that provides you with energy as well as improves your physical and mental performance.

Multiple studies report that its ability to hinder adenosine from functioning is the reason you feel more awake after consuming caffeine.

Adenosine is a sleep-inducing neurotransmitter, which makes you feel sleepy. When its functions are blocked by caffeine, you no longer feel tired.

Caffeine also helps in improving your physical and cognitive performance. Studies report caffeine can improve your cognition, as well as boost your exercise performance.

When you consume caffeine, you may find yourself performing better with increased focus and concentration.

However, an overconsumption of caffeine can be harmful. The FDA approves of a daily caffeine intake of 400mg for adults.

Hence, it’s safe to say that you should make sure to consume less caffeine than the recommended daily limit.

Sugar And Energy Drinks

How much sugar is too much?

Most energy drinks are loaded with sugar. Fortunately, there are sugar-free and zero-calorie energy drinks nowadays.

While sugar can briefly give you energy, too much of it leads to many health problems like obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

The AHA recommends a daily sugar limit of 25g and 36g for women and men respectively. Hence, if you want to avoid a sugar crash, it’s best to go for an energy drink with less than that.

Do Energy Drinks Cause A Crash?

Energy drinks which contain too much caffeine or sugar may cause a crash.

After consuming an energy drink, within 15 to 45 minutes, you will start to feel more awake. This is when the energy boost starts occurring in your system.

After a few hours, you might start to feel the crash. Your alertness and performance level will drop back to normal. Plus, you’ll also feel drowsy and your mental focus will deteriorate.

Though, some energy drinks that are low in sugar and caffeine likely won’t cause you to crash.

For more information on the effects of energy drinks on your body, check out the video below:

How Can You Handle An Energy Drink Crash?

There are a few simple ways to deal with an energy drink crash.

For starters, try to get some rest. A nap could make a lot of difference, and after waking up, you’ll feel more refreshed.

Furthermore, don’t forget to drink enough water. Energy drinks aren’t the best beverages that can keep you hydrated. Plus, water is calorie-free and packed with many important nutrients.

Besides, you can try spacing out your caffeine intake if you’re a regular caffeine consumer. This can help you lessen the unwanted side effects after the effects of the energy drinks wear off.

Energy Drinks Side Effects

Energy drinks are best enjoyed within a limit.

Drinking too many energy drinks can lead to negative side-effects. Here are some side effects from excessive energy drink consumption:

  • Anxiousness
  • Nervousness
  • Fidgeting
  • Shakiness
  • Increase in blood pressure
  • Headaches
  • Nausea

Make sure to consume energy drinks in moderation, even if they have a low caffeine and sugar content. While they provide quick energy, they aren’t the healthiest drinks to consume regularly.

Best Energy Drinks Without The Crash

Energy DrinksCaffeineSugarCalories
Red Bull Total Zero80mg0g0
XS Energy80mg0g10
Monster Zero Carb120mg0g15
Monster Zero Ultra140mg0g0
3D Energy200mg0g15
The caffeine, sugar and calorie content of the energy drinks mentioned below.

Red Bull Total Zero

Red Bull is one of the most popular energy drinks in the world. While the Original is great, their Sugar-free flavor, Red Bull Total Zero, is definitely better.

A single can of Red Bull Total Zero contains 80mg of caffeine and is completely calorie-free. It also has the same taste and benefits, without the unnecessary sugar.

Red Bull Total Zero can give you nice boost of energy without any crash afterwards.

To know how does Red Bull compare to Bang, check out my article on Red Bull VS Bang for a comprehensive guide.


Aspire is a calorie-burning energy drink for your workouts.

Aspire is another good choice to consider if you’re looking for an energy drink that won’t lead to any crashes.

A single 12 fl. oz can of Aspire is completely sugar-free and contains 80mg of natural caffeine, along with multiple vitamins and amino acids.

It’s healthy and can give you an energy boost that’d keep you going throughout the day. Plus, since it’s sugar-free, drinking a can of Aspire won’t lead you to sugar crashes afterward.

If you want to find out how Aspire is like as an energy drink, check out the article I’ve written on whether Aspire works for a detailed discussion.

XS Energy

Small with basic ingredients, XS gives you a decent boost.

Low in calories and completely sugar-free, XS Energy can provide you with a boost for your day.

Each can of XS Energy has 80mg of caffeine, as well as some amino acids and vitamins for higher performance.

With its moderate caffeine content and zero-calorie nature, XS Energy can help boost your energy levels without the crashes later.


ZipFizz is another healthy energy drink option.

Available in small tubes, Zipfizz is a powdered energy drink made for the health-conscious.

Every serving of Zipfizz is sugar-free and has 20 calories as well as 100mg of caffeine. With few calories and zero sugar, Zipfizz offers an energizing boost without the crash.

Zipfizz is also packed with a lot of vitamins and minerals, making it a comparatively healthy energy drink.

Monster Zero Carb

Monster is another world-famous energy drink. It has multiple flavors and can provide you with a perfect boost of energy.

If you aren’t a fan of sugar, go for Monster Zero Carb, the brand’s low-calorie version of the drink.

A single can of Monster Zero Carb contains 120mg of caffeine, 15 calories, along with some beneficial ingredients for higher performance.

Monster Zero Carb can definitely help improve your focus and endurance without leading to any crashes after some time.

If you want to know where you can get your own Monster, check out the article I’ve written on where to buy Monster for a detailed discussion.

Monster Zero Ultra

Monster Zero Ultra is the zero-calorie version of Monster.

Monster Zero Ultra is a completely sugar-free energy drink with zero calories. Thus, you can expect a promising boost without any of those unpleasant crashes.

A single can of Monster Zero Ultra has 140mg of caffeine, along with plenty of B vitamins and amino acids.

It might have less caffeine than the Original Monster, but it can improve your cognition and physical performance regardless.

3D Energy

3D Energy can help boost your exercise performance.

3D Energy is a sleek and fun energy drink that strives to provide you with a high-quality boost sans the side effects.

A 16 fl. oz can of 3D Energy contains 200mg of caffeine, 15 calories, along with some helpful ingredients.

Since it doesn’t contain sugar, you won’t experience a sugar crash. 3D Energy is worth considering as it is packed with a number of vitamins and nutrients for better performance.

To know if 3D Energy is a good energy drink, check out the article I’ve written on whether 3D Energy works for an in-depth look.

Celsius Energy

Celsius Energy also has sparkling water, is healthy and offers a lot of flavors!

Celsius Energy is all-natural energy drink that offers a plenty of nutrients and health benefits.

Each can of Celsius is absolutely sugar-free as well as contains 10 calories and 200mg of caffeine. Every serving comes with many vitamins and amino acids too, making Celsius a healthy energy drink.

Having Celsius definitely would energize you without causing any crashes later.

To know how Celsius tastes and works, check out my review of Celsius Energy for my personal take on the drink.

What can I drink daily for energy?

You can drink many things every day for energy. Water, green tea, beet juice, and kombucha are healthy beverages that can provide an energy boost. They can help increase focus, alertness, and exercise performance while providing hydration and natural probiotics.

Additionally, certain herbal teas like peppermint, ginseng, or ginger can provide a natural energy boost without caffeine. It’s important to remember that while these beverages can help increase energy, a healthy diet and regular exercise are also essential for maintaining good energy levels.

How Can I Avoid Energy Drink Fatigue?

You can avoid energy drink fatigue in many ways. It’s important to choose drinks that provide sustained energy instead of a quick spike. Look for drinks that contain caffeine and other ingredients like B-vitamins, amino acids, and adaptogens. Drinking water and eating a balanced diet can also help prevent fatigue.

It’s also recommended to limit caffeine intake to 400mg per day and to avoid consuming energy drinks late in the day or before bed to prevent disrupting sleep patterns. It’s important to listen to your body and recognize when you may need to take a break from energy drinks.

How do you drink energy drinks without crashing?

To minimize the likelihood of experiencing an energy crash after consuming energy drinks, it’s essential to use them in moderation and make wise choices about when and how you consume them. Avoid consuming energy drinks late in the day or close to bedtime, as this can disrupt your sleep.

Additionally, consider pairing energy drinks with a balanced meal or snack to help stabilize blood sugar levels and provide sustained energy. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day, as dehydration can exacerbate the effects of caffeine. Be mindful of your overall caffeine intake from all sources.

Why am I still tired after energy drinks?

The Bottom Line

To sum it up, the best way to avoid a crash is to go for an energy drink that’s low in caffeine and sugar.

There are many sugar-free and low-calorie energy drinks in the market. Finding the right brand that won’t lead to a crash is pretty simple if you pay attention to the contents of your energy drink.

Or, if you can’t resist sugary energy drinks, make sure to space out your consumption. Don’t chug on it in one sitting, instead take slow sips.

Sometimes, a crash happens because you didn’t get enough rest and you’ve been holding it off with energy drinks. If that’s the case, put down your energy drink and take a nap. It’ll work wonders.

Overall, make sure to consume energy drinks in proper amounts if you wat to avoid a crash.

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