Does Game Fuel Actually Work? (Detailed Analysis)

Short Answer: Game Fuel energy drink works!

A standard can of Game Fuel contains sugar, caffeine, calories, and B-Vitamins which are essential ingredients that help provide an energy boost.

So, if you’re looking for an energy drink that can certainly give you an ultimate boost, Game Fuel has got you covered!

For this article, I will share with you the specifics to help you conclude if this drink does really works as an energy booster. For emphasis, we’ll tackle the ingredients that are solely responsible for helping you achieve a quick boost, namely: caffeine, sugar, calories, and B-Vitamins.

So, no more dilly dallies, let’s get on with it!

First off, let’s see what kind of ingredients does Game Fuel uses, along with its nutrition facts.

Ingredients of Game Fuel

Here’s a quick rundown of Game Fuel ingredients.

  • Carbonated Water
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • White Grape Juice Concentrate
  • Citric Acid
  • Sodium Polyphosphates
  • Natural Flavor
  • L-Theanine
  • Gum Arabic
  • Sodium Benzoate
  • Caffeine
  • Acesulfame Potassium
  • Sucralose
  • Yellow 5
  • Glycerol Estin of Rosin
  • Calcium Disodium EDTA
  • Niacinamide
  • Panax Ginseng Root Extract
  • Sucrose Acetate Isobutyrate
  • Calcium Pantothenate
  • Yerba Mate Extract
  • Yellow 6
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B6
Game Fuel Ingredients list on the can
Game Fuel Ingredients found on the back of the can.

As you can see, that is a long list of ingredients, which probably means that the drink itself is quite strong and filling.

Now, let’s move on to the nutrition facts!

Game Fuel Nutrition Facts

For reference, here’a a table of Game Fuel Nutrition Facts.

IngredientsAmount (per 16 fl. oz)
Added Sugar20 g
Vitamin B60.68 mg
Vitamin B52 mg
Vitamin B36.4 mg
Vitamin A180 µg
Protein0 g
Caffeine90 mg
Total Sugar23 g
Total Carbs24 g
Sodium180 mg
Total Fat0 mg
Nutrition Facts Table for Game Fuel Energy Drink

Now, we’ll go into the ingredients details to prove whether or not Game Fuel works.

Game Fuel Caffeine Content

Game Fuel contains 90 mg caffeine!

A 16 fl.oz can of Game Fuel contains 90 mg caffeine, which is quite low for an energy of this size.

I think 90 mg caffeine is ideal for someone with low tolerance. Personally, I prefer my energy drink to contain more or less than 150 mg per serving and that makes Game Fuel within my preference.

The caffeine in Game Fuel is responsible for keeping you awake and alert while performing. It also gives you the strong boost that you need for a period of time.

Caffeine is found in tea, coffee, and plants. It stimulates the brain and central nervous system which keeps you alert and delays the exhaustion at the same time.

Caffeine can be addictive and too much of it can lead to overdose making you experience the following symptoms:

  • insomnia
  • headache
  • fever
  • irritability
  • diarrhea
  • dizziness
  • increased thirst

Keep in mind that the FDA recommends a caffeine intake of no more than 400 mg per day for healthy individuals. Going past this limit may not affect you, depending on your tolerance level, metabolism, and level of activity. Still, you shouldn’t overindulge to avoid the nasty effects of caffeine.

In my opinion, the caffeine in Game Fuel is just about right as 90 mg won’t make you feel jittery and uncomfortable if you’re relatively healthy and active.

Game Fuel Calorie Content

Each 16 fl. oz. can of Game Fuel contains 90 calories, which is quite enough to give you the boost that you need for a couple of hours.

For reference, a 16 fl. oz. can of Monster contains 210 calories, while an 8.4 fl. oz Red Bull stands at 110 calories. With that, we can deduce that Game Fuel’s 90 calories is quite an acceptable amount.

The amount of energy in food and drinks are measured in terms of calories. It is important to always check the calorie content of food and drinks to stay on top of the recommended intake.

As a reminder, men should consume at least 2500 calories per day and 2000 calories per day for women to maintain a healthy body.

If you’re curious to know how to count your calorie intake, there are a few online calorie counters which can be downloaded for free online.

Calorie-wise, I believe Game Fuel can supply you with enough workout energy that will last for a little while. The calorie content of this drink is not too overwhelming and will not make you gain weight as long as you limit your intake to one can per day.

Game Fuel Sugar Content

Game Fuel contains 23 g of sugar!

There are 23 g of sugar in a 16 fl. oz. can of Game Fuel, which is getting close to the prescribed intake per day.

In addition to this, Game Fuel uses high fructose corn syrup, acesulfame potassium, and sucralose, which are all used as sweeteners.

Personally, I think the sugar content in Game Fuel is too much and the drink, itself may not be safe if consumed long-term.

Take into consideration that high sugar intake can lead to weight gain, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, gout, and other health complications.

The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends a daily sugar limit of 36 g for men and 25 g for women.

With this figure, we can immediately tell that you need to closely monitor your intake of sugar on top of the Game Fuel energy drink.

However, you shouldn’t be too dismissive of sugar because it has good benefits too. It provides an immediate burst of energy and also help you restore the energy that you need later.

So, in that sense, Game Fuel’s sugar content will definitely work in supplying you with the energy boost that you need.

B-Vitamins in Game Fuel

Game Fuel contains vitamins B3, B5, and B6 which are all essential energy boosters.

In general, B-Vitamins play a key role in maintaining energy levels, better brain function, and cell metabolism.

To get a clear picture as to how B3, B5, and B6 works, I have created this table for you:

Vitamin B3 convert food into energy
Vitamin B5release energy from food when eaten
Vitamin B6energy metabolism
B-Vitamins found in Game Fuel and their functions.

These groups of vitamins are water-soluble, and for this reason, you should always have B-Vitamins on your diet. That being said, Game Fuel could be an option for obtaining B-Vitamins.

Of course, you shouldn’t just rely on energy drinks for these types of vitamins because nothing compares to healthy and natural source.

Other Ingredients

Vitamin A

A can of Game Fuel contains 180 µg beta carotene (Vitamin A) which is equal to 0.18 mg.

Beta carotene is the source of Vitamin A in Game Fuel. It has powerful antioxidant properties that neutralize unstable free radicals.

According to related studies, beta carotene supplementation improves cognitive function if taken long term. However, this premise needs further research. On the other hand, the intake of food rich in beta carotene decreases cognitive decline.

Here are the other benefits of beta carotene:

  • boost skin health
  • better lungs
  • protects the body from free radicals

Frankly speaking, the beta carotene in Game Fuel is quite low which makes it hard to conclude whether or not it will be beneficial to you.

There is no recommended allowance for beta carotene intake. However, it is important for you to get the most of it to ensure you get the full benefits.

Yerba Mate Extract

Yerba mate is a medicinal plant that is used to relieve mental and physical fatigue. It is used as a medication to treat heart failure, irregular heartbeat, and low blood pressure.

In addition, Yerba mate contains caffeine which adds strength to Game Fuel. The caffeine in Yerba mate also helps stimulate the brain, heart, muscle lining, blood vessels, and other parts of the body allowing you to perform better.

Some of the benefits of Yerba mate includes:

  • boost energy levels
  • improves mental performance
  • improves muscle health
  • boosts immune system
  • lower blood sugar levels
  • lowers risk of heart disease
  • weight loss

Again, it is hard to tell if you can truly reap the maximum benefits of Yerba mate in a single can of Game Fuel.

Moreover, you also need to consider that long-term use of Yerba mate can lead to increased risks of some type of cancer.

Panax Ginseng Root Extract

Panax ginseng is one of the many types of ginseng commonly used in herbal medicine and each type has its own health benefits.

It has compounds called ginsenosides which are extracted from roots, leaves, and stems of the ginseng plant. There are more than 60 ginsenosides that were isolated and identified in the Araliaceae family.

Some of the benefits of Panax ginseng include:

  • increased stamina
  • boosts immune system
  • improves cognitive performance
  • may aid in diabetes management

The addition of Panax ginseng to Game Fuel ingredients can definitely help you achieve the energy level that you need to better your overall exercise performance.


L-Theanine is naturally found in green and black tea!

L-Theanine is naturally sourced from green tea, black tea, and certain types of mushroom. It affects the level of serotonin and dopamine – neurotransmitters that influence, mood, sleep, and cortisol.

The combination of caffeine and L-Theanine in Game Fuel makes the drink work even better in terms of providing an energy boost.

L-Theanine reduces physiological responses to stress by inhibiting the excitatory responses in the brain. On the other hand, caffeine blocks the adenosine receptors in the brain, which is a stimulatory activity.

Caffeine and L-Theanine are a perfect combination as it improves reaction time, attention, and promotes task accuracy. It can also help you focus and increase your sense of alertness.

In that sense, the L-Theanine in Game Fuel can definitely work in terms of prolonged concentration, improved energy levels, and endurance.

Gum Arabic

Gum Arabic, also known as acacia gum is a plant-derived fiber that is used as a thickening agent to hold the ingredients together in Game Fuel.

Because it is plant-derived, that makes it an acceptable ingredient for vegans/vegetarians. It is usually non-GMO, gluten-free, and well-tolerated if consumed in healthy amounts.

These are the benefits of Gum Arabic based on studies on humans and animals:

  • reduces skin inflammation and redness
  • fights insulin resistance
  • promotes better oral health
  • prevents obesity
  • helps manage IBS symptoms

Apart from the good benefits, Gum Arabic is also associated with digestive issues, including flatulence, bloating, mild diarrhea, and indigestion.

Although, I think the amount of Gum Arabic used in Game Fuel may not be enough to make you suffer these symptoms, I still not recommend drinking more than one can per day.

To know more about Gum Arabic, check out this video!

The Basics of Gum Arabic Explained

How long does it take for Game Fuel to kick in?

Based on experience, it took 15 minutes for Game Fuel to kick in and it left me pretty much energized for at least 6 hours.

In general, it takes 10 to 15 minutes for the caffeine to enter the bloodstream. Once it enters the bloodstream, you’ll feel your heart and blood pressure rate rising.

And after 30 minutes to an hour, the caffeine is fully absorbed by the body leaving you with an energy lift that could last for hours.

Moreover, it will take 5 to 6 hours for the body to reduce the amount of caffeine in the bloodstream to 50%. Also, it will take 12 hours to fully get rid of the caffeine depending on activity levels and metabolic rate.

Is Game Fuel better than G Fuel?

The answer to this question is subjective because it really depends on your preference.

So, I have created this table to compare the nutrition facts of Game Fuel and G Fuel. That way, you can arrive on a conclusion which drink is better.

ContentGame Fuel
(16 fl.oz.)
G Fuel Powder
(7 g per serving)
Vitamin A180 μg
Vitamin B36.4 mg45 mg
Vitamin B51 mg
Vitamin B60.7 mg0.4 mg
Vitamin B12425 μg
Vitamin C250 mg
Vitamin E15 IU
Caffeine90 mg140 – 150 mg
Sodium79 mg
(Of which sugars)
24 g
(23 g)
0 g
(0 g)
(Of which saturated)
0 g
(0 g)
0 g
(0 g)
Protein0 g0 g
Game Fuel vs G Fuel Nutrition Facts

Caffeine-wise, Game Fuel can be a better choice. If drunk in moderation, a can of Game Fuel won’t make you feel jittery and uncomfortable.

Is Game Fuel actually good?

Game Fuel is definitely good – in terms of flavors and the energy boost that you can get from it.

The 90 mg caffeine is enough to keep you on your toes without feeling uncomfortable. Other energy boosting properties are also within the recommended limit which makes the drink quite good for most people.

Moreover, I suggest you try these different Game Fuel flavors to taste its real goodness.

  • Original Dew
  • Berry Blast
  • Cherry Burst
  • Tropical Strike

Alternatives for Game Fuel

If you’re looking for something similar to Game Fuel, here are a few recommendations for you:


In conclusion, Game Fuel works because it is stuffed with powerful ingredients designed to provide an ultimate boost.

It has the right amount of caffeine, calories, and vitamins which all work together, in terms of better performance. On top of what I have mentioned, it also includes Yerba mate, Panax ginseng, L-Theanine, Gum Arabic, and Vitamin A which makes Game Fuel such a powerful energy drink.

After looking through the ingredients and examining their functions, we can deduce that Game Fuel indeed works. And it will continue to provide you with good benefits as long as consumed responsibly.

So, what are you waiting for? Go get a can of Game Fuel now!


The only thing I like more than a delicious energy drink is uncovering the TRUTH about energy drinks. Well, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but I like to share the facts that I uncover and I hope you find my words interesting and useful.

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