Does AMP Energy Drink Actually Work? (Find Out!)

In short, AMP surely works well as an energy drink by providing a quick power boost. But it is not considered the healthiest energy drink due to its high sugar content.

It is one of the well-known energy drinks that’s consistently advertised as a potent creation designed to provide a reviving dose of energy to anybody who consumes it.

AMP, like most energy drinks, gives you a short burst of energy. However, due to its high sugar level, it isn’t ideal for regular consumption.

In this article, we’ll first address a few issues before we can completely decide whether AMP works as an energy-boosting drink or not.

Continue reading for an in-depth look at AMP Energy Drink, from the ingredients to how long its results last.

Does AMP Energy Drink Actually Work? (Find Out!)
A Standard Can (16 fl. oz.) of AMP Energy Drink

Nutrition Facts of AMP Energy Drink

Take a look at the ingredient label on the back of the can to get a general understanding of what’s in AMP energy drink.

Nutrients In AMP Energy DrinkAmount
Caffeine142 mg
Added Sugar58 g
Taurine14 mg
Sodium140 mg
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)0.7 mg
Vitamin B3 (Niacin)4 mg
Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid)2 mg
Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)0.3 mg
Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin)1.2 µg
Nutrition label of AMP Energy Drink (16 fl. oz.)

Now that we have a clear idea of what goes inside a can of AMP energy drink, let’s talk about the main active ingredients one by one.

To know more about the nutrition facts of AMP Energy Drink, you may check this article I’ve written.


Caffeine in AMP energy drink
Caffeine in AMP energy drink

AMP contains around 142 mg of caffeine per 16 fl. oz can, which is considered a mild level compared to other energy drinks on the market.

Caffeine is a natural stimulant that works by blocking the sleep-inducing brain chemical adenosine, causing a rush of adrenaline in the bloodstream.

In my opinion, the amount of caffeine present in AMP works quite well in giving you a quick energy boost.

The FDA recommends 400 mg of caffeine per day for healthy adults. And the amount of caffeine found in AMP isn’t even close to the daily limit.

However, I would still advise you to limit it to one can at a time, just to be on the safer side.

But again, caffeine also has its fair share of drawbacks which includes:

  • nervousness
  • jitteriness
  • diarrhea
  • headaches

If you have a high caffeine tolerance, you would most likely not experience any of these symptoms.

Again, if you’re sensitive to caffeine, you may not be able to tolerate the 142 mg caffeine of AMP Energy Drink.

I personally like to keep my caffeine intake within 150 mg per serving and no more than 300 mg per day (with sufficient intervals in between). I find this amount very convenient for myself as it doesn’t make me feel anxious or overwhelmed afterward.


A 16 fl. oz can of AMP Energy Drink contains 58 grams of sugar, which includes the total carbohydrate count for a single can.

58 grams is around 4 tablespoons of sugar, which is really high for any energy drink. And the recommended sugar consumption, on average, is 24 grams for women and 36 grams for men.

In that sense, the sugar content in AMP Energy Drink is double the amount of what we should be consuming on a regular basis.

Too much sugar can lead to an increase in blood glucose followed by a crash. Furthermore, the high sugar content may cause serious health problems, including:

  • increased risk of heart disease
  • weight gain
  • type II diabetes
  • increased risk of depression
  • tooth decay
  • kidney damage

High Fructose Corn Syrup

High Fructose Corn Syrup In AMP energy drink
Is the HFCS in AMP energy drink bad for you? How so?

HFCS (High-Fructose Corn Syrup) is an artificial sweetener made from corn starch that replaces sugar in certain foods and drinks.

While the use of HFCS is one of the reasons behind the amazing flavor of AMP energy drink, it can be harmful to your health, particularly if ingested in large quantities over time.

Regular high fructose corn syrup intake can cause many health problems like metabolic dysregulation, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and diabetes.

I think the best way to avoid all these is to limit your regular intake of AMP Energy Drink to one or two can per day at maximum.

Watch this video to determine the differences between High Fructose Corn Syrup and normal sugar

HFCS vs Sugar

Taurine in AMP Energy Drink

AMP Energy Drink contains 14 mg of taurine per 16 fl. oz can.

Taurine is an amino acid that is commonly used in energy drinks. It has various benefits, such as:

  • it reduces anxiety
  • it helps with nerve growth
  • lowers blood pressureincreases metabolism
  • protects muscles
  • protects the heart
  • improves exercise performance

Does AMP Energy Drink Work?

AMP Energy Drink definitely works by giving you a jolt of energy.

The caffeine in AMP, when mixed with the sugar, is enough to offer you the boost you’d expect after consuming an energy drink.

The drink is prepared with a calming mix of taurine, ginseng, guarana, and other energy-boosting components, which makes it a perfect choice to have for increasing energy.

Besides, the blend of B and C vitamins in AMP Energy Drink make it an even better source of energy.

However, the two main ingredients- caffeine and sugar, could become a disadvantage if you consume AMP irresponsibly.

Although there a very few chances of you running into problems because of the caffeine in AMP, the high sugar content isn’t considered a healthy amount for regular consumption.

And regularly consuming an unhealthy amount of sugar can cause various negative health effects.

But again, all of these can be avoided if you limit your daily AMP Energy Drink consumption to a can or two. Just make sure to track your tolerance level and you should be fine.

Is AMP Energy Drink Safe For Everyone?

Is AMP Energy Drink Safe For Everyone?

Although AMP energy drink is safe for most people, its high sugar content is not suitable for the ones who have a sugar-related disease or any pre-existing health issues.

The warning label on the can clearly state that it is not recommended for children, pregnant women, or caffeine-sensitive individuals.

The high sugar content present in AMP Energy Drink can lead to a spike in blood sugar followed by a crash especially for those who need to control their sugar levels due to diabetes or any glucose-related condition.

Otherwise, it is usually safe for healthy adults to drink a can or two of AMP Energy Drink.

Side Effects Of AMP Energy Drink

Although a can of AMP Energy Drink once in while is unlikely to affect you negatively, a lot of the active ingredients present in it could put your health at risk.

The potential adverse effects of AMP energy drink include:

  • obesity
  • raised insulin levels
  • caffeine overdose
  • sugar crash

While caffeinated drinks like AMP aim to provide a quick boost to help you get through a short period of time, nothing can stop the gravitational forces that contribute to these refreshments.

When you consume a lot of sugar and caffeine, your glucose level rises rapidly, causing the pancreas to work harder to produce the right amount of insulin. As the insulin does its job, the glucose level suddenly drops, leaving you feeling frail, tired, and drowsy.

In that case, limiting your AMP Energy Drink consumption to one can every now and then maybe a better option.

Should you be drinking AMP Energy Drink every day?

I wouldn’t suggest drinking more than one AMP energy drink a day due to its high sugar content.

AMP energy drink has double the amount of sugar you need in a day. This sugar will later convert into fat leading to many health complications.

It’s safer to consume a can of AMP energy drink before engaging in any strenuous physical exercise. This way you can make the most of the energy boost you’ll be getting from drinking AMP Energy Drink.

AMP Vs Other Energy Drinks

IngredientsAMP Energy
(16 fl. oz)
Game Fuel
(16 fl. oz)
Red Bull (8 fl. oz)
Calories220 calories90 calories110 calories
Caffeine142 mg159 mg 80 mg
Sugar58 g23 g27 g
A quick comparison of AMP Energy Drink vs. Red Bull & Game Fuel

Considering the can size and amount, AMP Energy Drink seems to be the best option for a pure short-term energy boost among these three.

Flavors Of AMP Energy Drink

With only four varieties to choose from, AMP offers a limited selection of fruity choices.

  • Original Dew
  • Strawberry Limeade
  • Cherry Blast
  • Tropical Punch

Alternatives For AMP Energy Drinks

Alternatives for AMP energy drink

If you’re looking for something similar to AMP energy drink, I’d recommend checking out the energy drinks below:

Final Word

In my opinion, AMP certainly works well as an energy drink. However, its consumption should be limited to a moderate level due to the high sugar content.

Sugar is one of the main sources of energy and it is used in most energy drinks if not all. But the amount of sugar present in AMP energy drink is a little too over the board for regular consumption.

Therefore, if you’re a healthy adult with no underlying health conditions, I would recommend you limit your consumption of AMP energy drinks to one can a day.

This way you’ll be able to enjoy the taste of your favorite AMP drink as well as stay fit.


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