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Should You Buy Gamer Supps Germany? (Explained)

Gamer Supps.
Gamer Supps

Contrary to common assumptions, energy drinks are not just useful for athletic activities. Indeed, energy drinks may be useful for gamers who need to stay active and concentrated.

Similarly, Gamer Supps can be bought out from many brands in Germany. Gamer Supps is one of these brands, swiftly gaining a loyal following of esports players and fans alike.

The company bills itself as “the gaming energy and nutrition leader.” Each can contain a variety of vitamins and a moderate quantity of caffeine, but is that enough to keep dedicated gamers going?

We’ll look into this and more in this article so let’s begin!

Ingredients In Gamer Supps

Acai Berry Extract.Cells are detoxified and metabolic functions are enhanced.
Goji Berry Extract.Improves blood sugar control and cancer prevention.
Ginseng Root Extract.Relieves chronic pain and inflammation.
Mangosteen Fruit Extract.Improves mental wellness and the immune system.
Ingredients and Benefits

While many products use Ginseng extract, finding Acai, Goji, and Mangosteen was a pleasant surprise. Natural fruit extracts like these can provide several health advantages, including a lower risk of diabetes and hypertension.

Gamers Supps Flavors

If there’s one thing Gamer Supps is proud of, it’s their broad flavor line, which includes 13 different versions:

  • Guacamole Gamer fart 9000
  • Pineapple Cocktail
  • Waifu Candy
  • Misfits Melon
  • Mango Meta
  • Citrus Lemonade
  • Blue Razz
  • Dragonfruit Punch
  • Acai Blueberry
  • Sour Apple
  • Watermelon Ice
  • Strawberry Burst
  • Lemon Limeade
Gamer supps review

Taste Of Gamer Supps

The first taste of GG Gamer Supps was fantastic! I was ready to give it a 9 out of 10, but as the act progressed, it simply didn’t deserve that score.

The last few sips of it didn’t taste nice, at least to me. It got to the point where it didn’t taste appetizing anymore. The richness of the drink was too overbearing in the end, much like rich chocolate cake—the more of it you had, the less appealing it seemed.

GG Gamer Supps did not leave me with a big crash to cope with, which is frequent with sugar-free energy drinks. There was also not a lot of caffeine.

The aftertaste, on the other hand, was a letdown for me. While the effects of GG Gamer Supps were undeniably impressive, the flavor failed to match the product’s quality.

Can GamerSupps Be A Pre-Workout?

Because it contains caffeine and other chemicals that help improve energy, attention, and performance, GamerSupps is a great pre-workout supplement.

GamerSupps can be used by most healthy people. However, it is always better to check with a doctor before starting any new supplement.

As a pre-workout supplement, GamerSupps has no known adverse effects.

Gamer Supps Nutrition Facts

Vitamins and minerals are what sets energy drinks apart from other beverages. Below is the list of the supplements you can get from the brand.

Gamer Supps nutritional value
Gamer Supps nutritional information
Vitamin C100mg
Vitamin D3200IU
Vitamin B65mg
Vitamin B12200mcg
Nutritional facts of gamer supps

While these vitamins are popular, vitamin D3 is a great addition to the mix. This chemical is proven to strengthen bones and muscles while also improving one’s mood.

Energy drinks are also known to have an effect on one’s mood and decision-making process, which is bolstered by the vitamins included in each cup.

Caffeine Content In Gamer Supps

Gamer supps contain only 100 mg of caffeine
Gamer supps contain only 100 mg of caffeine

Gamer Supps has just 100mg of caffeine, making it an excellent alternative for people who are caffeine-sensitive or wish to limit their caffeine intake!

Because caffeine is a stimulant, such a dose can assure that its usage results in improved memory, less tiredness, and improved cognitive capabilities.

This is encouraging given that the FDA advises just 400mg of caffeine per day. Excessive consumption might cause irritation, thirst, diarrhea, and other symptoms.

If people continue along this path, they may develop caffeine dependence, which can lead to two outcomes: caffeine addiction and caffeine overdose.

In either case, it’s a risky conclusion to communicate because it might have irreversible consequences for your health.

Gamer Supps delivers the exact amount of caffeine to the body, preventing users from experiencing caffeine addiction symptoms or an overdose.

Sugar Content In Gamer Supps

Gamer supps drinks have artificial sweeteners in it
Gamer supps drinks have artificial sweeteners in it

Gamer Supps, like other well-known energy drinks, is proudly sugar-free. They do, however, include artificial sweeteners as an alternative.

Erythritol, a sweetener commonly used in the creation of bubblegum, chocolates, and other candies, is utilized in the drink. It has little to no effect on blood sugar levels, just like the famed Sucralose.

As a result, it is suitable for diabetics and others who require or wish to limit their sugar intake.

This is useful information since it allows people to control their daily sugar consumption.

The AHA recommends that women consume no more than 25 grams of sugar per day, while men consume no more than 36 grams.

The sugar-free quality can help you avoid weight gain while also resulting in fewer mood swings and a healthier mental state.

No sweetener, however, is perfect. You should still limit how much Erythritol you drink in a 24-hour period because it is still 60%-70% as sweet as its natural equivalent.

Failure to do so might result in skin issues, weight gain, and possibly the onset of other ailments such as cardiovascular disease.

Calorie Content In Gamer Supps

Gamer Supps is also low in calories. Instead, they rely on energy-giving substances to assist the body manufacture more blood sugars, which are then used as fuel to get you moving.

Calories are required for our bodies to operate properly, and it is optimum when they are turned into energy through physical activity. If you’re on a calorie-restricted diet, it’s better to avoid excess calories in order to maximize your diet.

This is where calorie-free energy drink companies such as Gamer Supps may help.

Where Can I Buy Gamer Supps In Germany?

If you’re wondering where to find and how much Gamer Supps costs in Germany, you can get them for roughly $4 on their own website or on Amazon.

Other than that you can buy it via other stores like:

Gamer Bulk

Gamer Bulk is an official retail marketplace where you can find Gamer Supps in all flavors and sizes! It operates in Germany including other EU countries.


Ubuy is another online marketplace where you can shop Gamer Supps at home in Germany.

Ubuy ships all flavors and sizes of Gamer Supps in Germany as well as internationally.

My shipment included a high-quality shaker that matched the color of the Gamer Supps I got. You’ll almost certainly receive one with your order.

The good news is that it can be delivered. The delivery charge, however, may vary based on your location. Still, I prefer purchasing online since I can quickly select my favorite flavor!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

Is Gamer Supps FDA approved?

GG is a nutritional supplement, not a pharmaceutical. Unlike pharmaceuticals and treatments, which must be authorized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), nutritional supplements do not. However, you can be confident that GG is produced in FDA-approved facilities.

Can You mix Gamer Supps with alcohol?

The GamerSupps website does not encourage mixing Gamer Supps with alcohol, just as Red Bull does not recommend mixing their product with Jaegermeister.

What Age Are Gamer Supps For?

For anyone who’s above 18, Gamer Supps is safe to be consumed in moderation.


  • Because of the inconsistency, I give GG Gamer Supps an 8.5 out of 10. It was delicious at first, but towards the end, it had lost its luster.
  • The cost was also an issue. It was not an inexpensive energy drink. The price was far too high, especially because I could just go to a shop and get energy drinks for a lower cost and the same effect.
  • It has low-calorie content, 100 mg caffeine, and sugar replaced with artificial sweeteners.
  • Aside from the aftertaste, the aftermath was a pleasant experience. Because of the low sugar and caffeine content, I did not crash. Overall, this is a nice product for people who aren’t too concerned about pricing.

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