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Bai Boost Energy Drink Review (Exposed)

bai energy drink
Out of 10, I would rate Bai a solid 6.

2009 saw the launch of Bai beverages in Princeton, New Jersey. 

Bai is the term for “pure” in Mandarin Chinese. Botanical antioxidant infusions are another possible acronym for it. 

I give Bai Boost a six out of ten because it has calcium, potassium, vitamin C, and a modest quantity of caffeine. But I don’t like that there are no B-Vitamins in the ingredients of this energy drink. Additionally, it contains few calories, which is usually a plus. 

For consumers looking for healthier alternatives to high-calorie drinks with processed synthetic ingredients not found in nature, Bai makes delicious beverages using only natural flavors and no artificial sweeteners. 

What Sort Of Beverage Is Bai? 

Bai energy drink review

The business manufactures beverages that are marketed as antioxidant infusion drinks.

“Bai” stands for Bai Antioxidant Infusion. Customers love the brand’s extensive selection of healthy energy drinks. 

The majority of energy drinks available on the market are infused beverages with high sugar content that increase calorie intake.

These calories eventually lead to weight gain and a decline in health. The beverage’s high calorie, sugar, and caffeine content negate any potential health benefits. 

Finding a healthy companion in the market may be difficult because you may not be aware of the ingredients to seek out.

Preservatives are not added to the beverage. The majority of the consumers are people who are concerned about their health. 

Customers prefer this beverage over any other healthy energy drink, even though there are many drinks on the market with lower sugar content than this one. 

Bai energy drink has less effect on health compared to other energy drinks
Bai energy drink has less effect on health compared to other energy drinks

Benefits Of Bai 

Comparing the Antioxidant Infusion Drink to other energy beverages, there are several advantages. These are the advantages: 

Taste: The beverages make fruit-infused water delicious and healthful, making it ideal for daily consumption. 

Hydrating: Bai drinks have a high water content, which keeps your body hydrated during the summer. It guarantees that your body never runs out of water.

So, one can conclude that beverages are good for a lush face and skin. 

Low sugar content: The beverage closely adheres to low sugar content across the board. As a result, the beverage is healthier and more satisfying. 

A healthy way of life: The beverage makes you incredibly energetic in addition to filling your stomach. 

Beneficial for vegans: These beverages are ideal for vegans who are attempting to avoid consuming any animal products in their diet. The drinks are ideal for vegans because they include no animal products and are only made of fruits. 

Bai Boost Flavors

There are 3 delicious flavors of Bai Boost available in the market

Every flavor smelled amazing, to the point where we would gladly purchase anything that was perfumed with Bai Boost. When comparing the tastes, they are all pleasant and energizing.

Although ranking them was difficult, here is the ranking and rating for each flavor. 

3. Strawberry Watermelon Watamu 

Our review crew was impressed because this flavor tastes and smells like both strawberry and watermelon. On a hot summer day, the “refreshing and light” flavor would be wonderful.

The moderate aftertaste was the only thing that prevented this from being higher on the list, but it wouldn’t stop us from occasionally enjoying it. 

Score: 6.5/10 

2. Tangerine Citrus From Togo 

We were pleasantly surprised to taste undertones of tangerine in this as most things with tangerine flavor taste more like orange than tangerine. It is effective as a jolting morning pick-me-up. 

It was undoubtedly “a terrific mix of tangerine and orange” that most people would like because it had a richer, sweeter flavor than the other varieties. 

It was challenging to choose a ranking for this one. This is your favorite if you enjoy tangerines or a glass of orange juice in the morning.

Some people might think it’s a little too strong and would rather have the flavor we ranked first. 

Score: 7.7/10 

1. Buka Black Raspberry 

Buka Black Rasberry Flavor
Buka Black Rasberry Flavor

Fans of raspberries rejoice! This flavor was incredibly sweet with a hint of raspberry tartness. It adds taste, but not to the same extent as Tangerine Citrus.

Those who think it’s a little too sweet might prefer it diluted. 

This is the best black raspberry-flavored item ever, according to one of our Rankers. I would like to consume it daily. 

This flavor of Bai Boost is for you if you enjoy sweet flavors or berries. 

Score: 8/10

Nutrition Facts Of Bai

Ingredients of Bai Boost energy drink
Ingredients of Bai Boost energy drink
Nutrition Facts Amount Per Serving Recommended Daily Amount 
Calories 10 2000-2500 
Sodium 10mg 2400mg 
Potassium 120mg 3500mg 
Total Carbohydrate 11g 300g 
Sugar 1g 27g-65g 
Erythritol 10g – 
Protein 0g 65g 
Vitamin C 15% 60mg 
Nutritional table of buka black raspberry flavor.

Calories In Bai Boost 

Each bottle of Bai Boost only has 10 calories. 

Energy drinks typically have a high-calorie load since they contain sugar. However, Bai boost has a low sugar content, thus it only has 10 calories.

Your body releases energy in the form of calories when food is processed. 

Your calorie needs are influenced by your age, size, gender, and way of life. Experts recommend that both men and women ingest 2000–2500 calories daily.

Eating high-calorie foods can increase the amount of fat in your body and increase your risk of obesity. 

Compared to other energy drinks on the market, Bai boost energy drinks have a very low-calorie content. You don’t need to be concerned about the calories accumulating if you drink one bottle every day.

It might be a wonderful option for hydration before a jog or exercise to help you feel more energized. 

Bai Drink Ingredients 

Ingredients used bai energy drink
Ingredients used bai energy drink

One serving is specified as being an 18-ounce pack. Ten calories total, consisting of 55 mg of caffeine, 13.5 mg of vitamin C, 10 g of erythritol, and 10-15 mg of salt. 

A few ingredients are shared by all flavors of Bai drink, including Limu lemonade, Costa Rican clementine, and lime watermelon. The following are the ingredients: 

Juice concentrates: The juice in the beverage protects the body from oxidation caused by natural processes. The fruit is hand-picked from the lush green fields under the tropical sky and adds taste. 

Antioxidants: Antioxidants are a key component in Bai beverages. Antioxidants are beneficial to our health because they fend off harmful free radicals and prevent immune system deterioration. 

Blended sweeteners: The clever sweeteners Stevia extract and erythritol are last but certainly not least. There are no artificial sweeteners utilized.

The aforesaid ingredients are combined to create each flavor of the smart sweeteners, which contain only 5 calories. 

  • purified water 
  • acetic acid 
  • extract from coffee fruit 
  • White tea extract 
  • Citric acid 
  • Ascorbic acid 
  • Sodium citrate 

Caffeine In Bai Boost

Amount of caffeine contained in bai boost energy drink
Amount of caffeine contained in bai boost energy drink

A 12 fl oz bottle of Bai Boost contains 110 mg of caffeine since it contains 9.59 milligrams of caffeine per fluid ounce. This is sufficient to awaken and energize you. 

A common stimulant made from plants is called caffeine. Raising the concentration of cortisol and adrenaline in your body can help you become more focused and alert in little dosages.

Within 30 minutes, caffeine is easily absorbed by the body. Your breathing and pulse rate will both speed up.

But caffeine also has certain drawbacks. If you take it consistently, you might build up a tolerance to it and find that even a small dose is insufficient to wake you up.

And you might experience some side effects if you take it in large doses. 


  • Because it contains calcium, potassium, vitamin C, and a small amount of caffeine, I rate Bai Boost at a six out of ten.  
  • The company produces drinks that are sold as antioxidant infusion drinks. Bai Antioxidant Infusion is what is meant by the abbreviation “Bai.” Customers adore the brand’s wide variety of nutritious energy drinks. 
  • There are several benefits when comparing the antioxidant infusion drink to other energy drinks. 
  • We would gladly buy anything scented with Bai Boost because every flavor smelled incredible. The tastes are all agreeable and energizing when compared. Here are the ranking and rating for each flavor, even if it was challenging to rank them. 
  • Since they contain sugar, energy drinks often have high-calorie content. However, Bai boost only contains 10 calories because it has low sugar content. When food is metabolized, your body releases energy in the form of calories.  
  • Since Bai Boost has 9.59 milligrams of caffeine per fluid ounce, a 12 fl oz bottle of it has 110 mg of caffeine in it. This will wake you up and give you energy. 

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