Where to buy NOS Energy Drinks? (Best Deals)

You can buy NOS Energy Drinks in retail and bulk online through Amazon or Walmart, as well as in physical supermarkets and convenience stores.

Thanks to technology, everything, even your favorite energy drink, can now be delivered straight to your door.

If you want to know where to get the best deals on NOS Energy Drinks, you’ve come to the right place.

Here, I will share the websites and physical stores where you can buy NOS energy drinks. I will also make a price comparison of NOS beverages in different stores so you’ll know where exactly to purchase and save more!

First, let’s start with the NOS energy drink packaging.

NOS Energy Drinks in a Plastic Bottle

NOS is available in 11 and 22-ounce resealable bottles, in 8 and 16-ounce aluminum cans, and as a 2 ounce “Powershot.”

If you’re a long-time consumer of NOS energy drinks you probably know that the plastic bottle was the original packaging of all NOS energy drinks.

The first NOS packaging was actually inspired by the Nitrous Oxide System, which is a type of internal combustion engine found in vehicles. This is why the original plastic bottle was designed to resemble the tank in which the Nitrous Oxide System was stored.

The name and logo of the energy drink NOS was licensed from Holley Performance Product, which is a company that manufactures nitrous injection systems.

According to the company, NOS is a leading automotive product that also has an edible food product that shares its name and logo.

As you can see, there’s actually a pretty rich history behind the name of NOS energy drinks. This also explains why NOS is very popular among race car drivers and car enthusiasts.

You can also check this video to learn more about why NOS is popular among professional car racers.

Why is NOS popular among race car drivers?

Is NOS Energy Drinks Discontinued?

NOS Energy Drinks discontinued its plastic bottle packaging in 2015 for the 16 and 24 fl. oz variants. However, this only refers to the packaging and NOT the overall production of NOS energy drinks. 

Since 2015, the original NOS energy drinks in 16 and 24 fl. oz plastic bottles were discontinued. However, even if the original packaging is no longer on the market, it is still available commercially in aluminum cans like all the other energy drink brands.

Currently, the NOS energy drink brand is owned by Monster Beverage, the energy drink division of The Coca-Cola Company.

It was the Monster Beverage company who decided to make the shift to aluminum cans. This was most likely a part of its marketing strategy. Tin cans are the most common form of energy drink packaging.

So now that we know NOS is available in plastic bottles and cans, which of the two should we buy?

NOS in Plastic Bottle or Cans?

A line of different energy drinks in aluminum can and bottles.
Most energy drink brands are packaged in aluminum cans too!

There are advantages and disadvantages to choosing bottled or canned NOS energy drinks. For example, canned NOS Energy Drinks are more convenient to carry around, whereas the bottled ones are resealable, giving them a relatively long shelf life.

There is no right or wrong answer here because it is simply a matter of preference.

Now, based on my observation, I noticed that NOS energy drinks in aluminum cans are more accessible in convenience stores and groceries. On the other hand, big supermarkets or online stores offer NOS energy drinks in plastic bottles.

Personally, I like both types of packaging.

If you buy NOS in a can, you can bring it with you anywhere because it’s convenient and easy to carry around. I also think it cools faster in a refrigerator because of its metal case.

If you buy it in a plastic bottle, you’ll enjoy its resealable feature, so there’s no pressure to finish the drink in one gulp. You can also put it back in the refrigerator to maintain its chilly temperature.

The plastic bottle packaging is also unique and I like it on a personal level. It kind of reminds me of the earlier days of energy drink production.

Of course, I know there’s also an issue about the environmental impact of plastic bottles so you should still be mindful to limit your purchase of NOS in plastic bottles.

Check out this study to learn more about the impact of plastic bottles to the environment.

Maybe you can buy NOS once or twice in the original packaging as some sort of memorabilia.

Besides, there really is no difference between the two types of packaging. Whichever you choose, you’ll still end up with a great-tasting energy drink that will help power you through the day.

Where to buy NOS Energy Drinks?

A person holding a credit card for online purchases.
You can buy NOS Energy Drink in a physical store or more conveniently, order ONLINE!

You can order NOS energy drinks online through Amazon or Walmart. For retail, NOS energy drinks are also usually available in grocery stores near you.

I will focus on online stores because almost everyone nowadays does their grocery shopping online. Here are my top recommendations:

Also, you are likely to find all the flavors of NOS Energy Drinks via Amazon or Walmart. You can also buy per piece or bulk and have your order delivered within 2-4 business days depending on the location.

Additionally, if it’s more convenient for you, you can choose to pick up the item from the store or Amazon’s nearest pickup location.

In my experience, the Walmart online shop always has more stock of NOS energy drink than Amazon. If you’re hunting for bulk orders, check Walmart first.

But, if you’re looking for NOS’ 2oz “Powershots” or their 384 fl. oz drink, you’re more likely to find them on Amazon. They have a stock of more rare variations of NOS that might not be available in physical stores.

Aside from these stores, you can also check Sam’s Club. You can buy 24 cans of 16 fl. oz NOS for about $30. Cool, right?

NOS Energy Drink Prices

The price of NOS Energy drink is average compared to other energy drink brands. The standard size 16 fl. oz. costs less than $2.

In the table below, I compiled the price of NOS energy drinks per piece in bulk from the online stores I found.

Note, however, that the availability and price of these items may vary depending on the place of delivery. On the bright side, online shops usually offer free delivery, so you don’t have to worry much about that.

Walmart16 oz. $1.78
16 oz. x 6$24.95
24 oz. x 24$56.99
12 oz. x 6$22.99
Amazon16 oz. x 6$22.08
384 fl. oz$55.15
Sam’s Club16 oz. x 24$28.98
KMart12 oz. x 6$7
Walgreens16 oz.$2.5
PRICE TABLE: Price tags of NOS Energy Drinks among different online stores. *PRICE VARIES FROM TIME TO TIME*

Does Costco Sell NOS Energy Drinks?

A picture of COSTCO store building.
You can also check Costco stores for wholesale prices!

Costco also sells NOS Energy Drinks together with other brands. They have the Original NOS flavor in 16 fl. oz and in 24 cans. Their physical stores offer wholesale prices.

I can’t say much about the price because the cost usually varies depending on your zip code if you order online. You can also check Costco’s website for store locations and delivery areas.

In my experience, the price of NOS in Costco is relatively cheaper, especially when you buy in bulk, compared to online stores. If you want to save on your purchase, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to buy NOS in Costco.

Final Say

I just shared with you the shops to visit for bulk and retail purchases of NOS Energy Drinks. I hope I was able to help you save at least a few bucks by providing a table of prices.

I have also explained to you the advantages of buying one type of NOS energy drink packaging from another.

Remember that although there is no difference in taste, bottled NOS energy drinks can be resealed and stored later.

In contrast, canned NOS are convenient and can be carried around anywhere. However, it would be best to be mindful of the waste created by bottled drinks, so buy these sparingly.

These days, ordering energy drinks is like ordering pizza. You want to buy it from the place that offers you the best value for your money.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and place your orders now. Restock your refrigerators NOS’ roster of energy drinks.


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