Where To Buy Game Fuel? (Great Finds)

Where can you buy affordable Game Fuel energy drinks? Find out below!

Straight to the Point: You can buy Game Fuel energy drinks at a convenience store near you or in online shops like Amazon.

Most goods nowadays can be ordered online or bought in physical stores; including your go-to energy drink, Game Fuel!

As you know, Game Fuel energy drink is a popular beverage for athletes and online gamers. It is tried and tested to enhance your concentration and keep you alert for hours on end, perfect for participating in long online tournaments or battles.

Usually, energy drinks like Game Fuel are available in convenience stores and groceries. However, if you’d like to shop without enduring long lines, you should consider buying from online stores. You might even get Game Fuel for a cheaper price.

If you want to have more options to compare the prices of Game Fuel from different stores, keep reading!

By the end of the article, I am sure you will have saved yourself a couple of bucks.

Are G Fuel and Game Fuel the same?

Are Game Fuel and G Fuel the same? Let’s find out.

Game Fuel and G Fuel are two distinct energy drink brands. Game Fuel, for starters, is a canned energy drink manufactured by Mountain Dew, while G Fuel is a powdered energy drink mix manufactured by Gamma Labs.

These two energy drink brands are often thought to be the same because of their names. However, it’s important to point out that their packaging and content are very different.

Game Fuel contains 90 calories per regular serving of 16 fl. oz. while G Fuel only contains 25 calories for the same serving size. 

The suggested daily calorie intake ranges from 2,000 to 2,500 calories per day, depending on your lifestyle and metabolism, so the calorie content of both energy drinks will not have a significant impact on your diet.

Now, let’s take a look at the sugar and caffeine content levels of the two brands. 

ContentGame Fuel (16 fl. oz.)G Fuel (7 grams serving)Recommended Level (Male/Female)
Sugar Level23 gramsSugar-free36 g / 25 g
Caffeine Level90 grams150 grams400 mg
Calories90 calories25 calories2500 / 2000 calories
Table comparison of sugar, caffeine, and calorie level in Game Fuel and G Fuel energy drinks.

As you can see, they have very different values in terms of sugar and caffeine levels. Although different, both are within the recommended range of daily intake of sugar, caffeine, and calories.

In my opinion, both are good options. Game Fuel, for instance, has a relatively low sugar content compared to other canned energy drinks.

Between the two of them, it’s just a matter of preference. If you want a drink that’s on-the-go, choose Game Fuel. But if you have the time to whip up your own drink, then choose G Fuel.

Both brands have a remarkable reputation for boosting alertness and reaction level while gaming. Check out the results for yourself by purchasing some in the stores I will suggest in this article.

For more information on the two energy drink brands, check out the video below.

Game Fuel vs G Fuel

Does Walmart Sell Game Fuel?

Buy Game Fuel online or from supermarkets near you.

Like other supermarkets, Walmart sells Game Fuel energy drinks. You can check them online or shop from its physical stores. 

To give you an idea of Game Fuel’s price range in Walmart’s online shops, I’ve compiled and arranged them in a simple table below.

Game Fuel Walmart Price
(12 Cans) 4 Flavor Variety Pack, 16 fl oz$22
(12 Cans) Charged Orange Storm, 16 oz$28.93
(12 Cans) Charged Raspberry Lemonade, 16 oz$28.88
(12 Cans) Charged Watermelon Shock, 16 oz$26
Charged Berry Blast, 16 oz$1.98
List of Game Fuel products available in Walmart. PRICE VARIES FROM TIME TO TIME.

Where Can You Buy Game Fuel?

Aside from Walmart, you can also check other online sites such as Amazon and Food4Less. You can also shop from convenience stores and supermarkets near you.

Here are some convenience stores you can check for Game Fuel energy drinks:

Now, let’s get into detail about the prices of Game Fuel from different online shops.

Amazon(12 cans) 4 Flavor Variety Pack, 16 fl. oz. $21.99
Amazon(12 cans) Game Fuel Zero, Variety Pack, 16 fl. oz $48.93
Amazon(12 cans) Game Fuel, 3 Flavor Variety Pack, 16 fl. oz. cans & Kickstart, Midnight Grape, 16 fl. oz. $36.99
Amazon(12 cans) Game Fuel Zero, Charged Raspberry Lemonade, 16 fl. oz. cans (packaging may vary)$22.99
Food4LessGame Fuel Charged Original Dew Energy Drink$2.15
Game Fuel varieties available in Amazon and Food4Less. PRICE VARIES FROM TIME TO TIME.

Shopping in Amazon has a lot of perks. For one, they sell Game Fuel Zero which in my experience is hard to find in bulk. Additionally, the prices don’t vary much from Walmart, so you can definitely consider shopping at Amazon.

Another shop you can check out is Food4Less. They offer almost all the flavors of Game Fuel. The downside, however, is that it’s a little pricier and only sold in retail.

Is Mtn Dew AMP Game Fuel an Energy Drink?

The manufacturers of Game Fuel say this drink belongs to its own category. This is because Game Fuel is directly marketed to video gamers and athletes looking for a drink that boosts alertness and endurance.

Based on my research, the manufacturers don’t necessarily categorize Game Fuel as an energy drink, unlike Kickstart, which is also a product of the Mountain Dew company.

Even though it’s not officially marketed as an energy drink, Game Fuel is just like one because of its contents. For instance, its caffeine level is comparable to other energy drinks in the market today. Kickstart, which is an energy drink formulated with 92 mg of caffeine, is pretty close to Game Fuel’s 90 grams.

Additionally, the sugar content level is comparable. Game Fuel has 23 grams while Kickstart contains 20 grams of sugar.

So, in terms of the performance of the drink, I can definitely consider Game Fuel as an energy drink. It delivers its promise of elevating your energy level and quickening your reaction time, especially when gaming.

Is Game Fuel Bad For You?

Game Fuel has a caffeine content of 90 grams, sugar content of 23 grams which is all within the suggested level of daily sugar and caffeine intake. So it’s not harmful to your health.

In every energy drink that rolls out in the market, there’s always speculation about the safety of consuming the energy drink. For me, the best test is to compare the numbers to the recommended amount set by a professional or government health board.

Additionally, I think it is also important that you take into account your pre-existing conditions. For example, if you are diabetic or if you have high blood pressure, you should probably watch what you eat. Observe your body’s reactions and use that to gauge your limits. 

In these instances, the usual limit of 1-2 cans of Game Fuel daily may not necessarily be recommended for you.

Our lifestyle and metabolism play a role in the amount of caffeine or sugar our body can tolerate. Depending on these factors, your body may react differently from an average healthy person.

Final Say

Do not be afraid to check out online stores if you’re buying Game Fuel, especially in bulk! You might even have more luck finding different flavors online instead of in physical stores. Plus, you’ll be able to score some great deals that may not be available anywhere else.

I hope I was able to give you enough shopping options for Game Fuel. If you’d like to know more about Game Fuel, check out our articles below!


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