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Where Can You Buy Bing Energy Drinks? (Best Places)

Cans of Bing energy drink
355ml Bing carbonated juice-based energy drink in various flavors

Bing is a well-known energy drink brand in the United States. It’s popular not only because it provides a good energy punch but also because of its refreshing taste.

What also sets Bing apart from other energy drinks in the market is its potent components that include Ginseng, B-vitamins, vitamin C, and many more.

Bing is also considered a vegan. So, if you’re following a vegan diet or simply into fruit-based energy drinks, then Bing is a must-have for you.

I’m sure you’re weighing in between purchasing your favorite Bing online or in physical stores. To help you with that, I’ve listed my top four online retail stores for you to consider.

However, if you want to satisfy your caffeine cravings right away, you can always visit any convenience store near you.

Is it worth it to go after Bing? To find out, keep reading till the end of this post.

Let’s begin.

Bing Energy Drink Ingredients

It’s critical to understand each component to determine whether or not they’re good for your body.

  • Carbonated water
  • Cherry juice (from concentrate)
  • Cane sugar
  • Natural flavors
  • Citric acid
  • Grape juice (color)
  • Taurine
  • Potassium sorbate (to preserve freshness)
  • Sodium benzoate (to preserve freshness)
  • Caffeine
  • Asian ginseng
  • Acesulfame potassium
  • Sucralose
  • Niacinamide
  • D-calcium pantothenate
  • Guarana seed
  • Pyridoxine hydrochloride
  • Riboflavin
  • Acai
  • Cyanocobalamin
  • Flax seed

Bing Energy Drinks Nutition Facts

Now, let’s take a look at the nutritional information on Bing energy drink.

Standard ValueAmount Per Serving
Total Fat0g or 0%
Potassium105mg or 3%
Sodium20mg or 0%
Total Carbohydrates10g or 3%
Bing energy drink nutritional data

You can check out the full details of Bing energy drink nutrition facts here.

Bing Energy Drink Caffeine Content

Are you aware of your caffeine tolerance?

A typical 12-ounce can of Bing energy drink includes 120mg of caffeine, which is more than enough to keep you awake and alert throughout your day.

I believe 120mg of caffeine is a moderate dose compared to Bang which has a whopping 300mg of caffeine content.

Although Bing doesn’t exceed the FDA‘s recommended 400mg caffeine limit, consuming it two to three times a day will likely put your health at risk.

It is critical to be aware of your caffeine limit in order to avoid the following caffeine-related adverse effects:

  • Sleep deprivation
  • Headache
  • Diarrhea
  • Heightened thirst
  • Dizziness
  • Irritability
  • Fever

You may also suffer from the following severe symptoms such as:

  • Difficulty in breathing
  • hallucinations
  • confusion
  • vomiting
  • chest pain
  • Occasional rapid heartbeat
  • convulsions
  • uncontrollable muscle movement

If you have any of the symptoms listed above, you should seek medical help immediately.

It’s better to consume a moderate amount of caffeine than suffer from an overdose. Based on this study, moderate consumption of caffeine has the following advantages:

  • Improving cognitive performance
  • Reducing the likelihood of exhaustion
  • Increasing reaction times
  • Reduce your chances of developing mouth cancer
  • Lowering the risk of stroke in women over the age of 65
  • Enhance energy states
  • Memory enhancement
  • Burned Fat
  • Improved Physical Performance
  • Essential Nutrients
  • Reduce Type 2 Diabetes
  • Protection from Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Protection from Dementia
  • Reduced Risk of Parkinson’s Disease
  • Lowered Risk of Certain Types of Cancer
  • Reduced Risk of Stroke
  • Antioxidants

It’s important that you’re aware of your caffeine consumption, in order to keep track of your caffeine intake and prevent exceeding your body’s caffeine limit.

If you wanted to learn more about energy drinks with high caffeine concentration, you can check out my full post about it here.

How Much Sugar Does Bing Energy Drink Contains?

Bing energy drink contains 9g of sugar per 355ml serving. When compared to Rockstar, which has a whopping 69g per 500ml can, this is relatively a small amount.

In fact, 9 grams of sugar is not even half of the AHA’s recommended daily sugar intake, which is between 25g-36g.

According to AHA, for women and children under the age of two, the daily sugar intake should not be exceeded to 25g while men, on a daily basis, should consume no more than 36g of sugar.

However, this amount is only appropriate if you aren’t ingesting other sugary products and beverages.

Sugar, when not consumed too much provides the following benefits:

  • Provides a burst of energy
  • Save your energy for a later use
  • Improve your mood right away

Excessive consumption of sugar, on the other hand, may result in the following side effects:

  • Addiction
  • Obesity
  • High blood pressure
  • Fatty liver disease
  • Chronic inflammation

Consuming too much sugar may also contribute to:

  • Fatigue
  • Acne
  • Weight gain
  • Increase the risk of type 2 diabetes
  • Increase the risk of heart disease.

Keep in mind that these negative consequences will only occur if you try to ignore your health and go overboard with your sugar intake.

Check out the article I published about sugar-free energy drinks here for additional information.

Bing Energy Drink Calorie Content

The 12 fl oz can of Bing energy drink has 40 calories.

Bing’s calorie count, in my opinion, isn’t that large to cause you weight gain. However, if you’re serious about losing weight, you can always refer to the FDA’s guidelines about calorie intake

According to the FDA, the average calorie intake you can consume on a daily basis shouldn’t be beyond 2000-2500 kcal.

In fact, it’s advised that should consume women consume 2,000 calories per day, while males should consume 2,500 calories per day.

Calories are an important source of energy for our bodies. The only time it becomes an issue is if you don’t burn it off completely.

Is Bing Energy Drink Bad For You?

Bing is not bad for you as long as you consume it moderately.

Except for children, pregnant women, and caffeine-sensitive individuals since they’re more vulnerable to side effects.

  • Children

Children are not advised to consume energy drinks, particularly those with a large dose of caffeine. Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, extreme restlessness, and other side effects are possible to happen if consumed excessively.

  • Pregnant

Caffeine is also not recommended for pregnant women. Too much caffeine consumption during pregnancy has been linked to miscarriage and poor birth weight.

  • Caffeine sensitive

Individuals who have poor tolerance to caffeine are also not advised to consume Bang Shots and other highly caffeinated beverages for their health’s sake. They may experience trembling, jitters, headaches, insomnia, anxiety, and many more.

When consuming highly caffeinated beverages, keep your health in mind.

Is Bing Energy Drink Good For You?

Bing energy drink is good for you as long as you don’t overlook its caffeine content. In addition to that, this energy drink is vegan and gluten-free.

It’s a plant-based energy drink that provides you the power and energy you require while not jeopardizing your health.

Does Bing Energy Drink Actually Work?

Bing energy drink is a good caffeine booster and it works well for me. However, it doesn’t guarantee that it’ll work for you. So, I recommend that you test it for yourself.

Aside from its moderate dose, this fruit-based energy drink also contains antioxidants, B-vitamins, and Ginseng, all of which had been shown to prevent you from getting health problems.

Take note that Bing is not a substitute for all your fluid intake.

If you want to learn more about whether or not this energy actually works, you can check out the full details here.

How Many Bing Energy Drink Can You Drink In A Day?

I suggest limiting yourself to one can per day. Although Bing contains a moderate amount of caffeine, doesn’t mean that it can be consumed recklessly.

Keep in mind that energy drinks contain twice as much caffeine as regular soda and coffee, making you more susceptible to caffeine-related health issues.

Children under the age of 18 are not advised to drink Bing energy drinks because this may cause them a variety of negative health effects.

Can I buy Bing Energy Drinks internationally?

You can buy Bing Energy internationally through international orders. Bing Energy Drinks are primarily marketed and distributed within the United States. However, the availability of Bing Energy Drinks in international markets may vary, and this includes in all areas of availability.

If Bing Energy Drinks are not widely available in your country, you may explore online retailers that offer international shipping orders. Keep in mind that additional shipping costs and import regulations may apply when ordering Bing Energy Drinks from overseas

Are Bing Energy Drinks sold in bulk or multipacks?

Bing Energy Drinks are often available in bulk or multipack options. This allows consumers to purchase multiple cans of Bing Energy Drinks at once, offering convenience and potential cost savings. Bulk or multipack options can be found online or in certain retail stores that carry Bing Energy Drinks.

When considering bulk purchasing, it is advisable to check the product packaging or the official website of the preferred retailer to determine if they offer such options. This will provide you with information on the specific bulk quantities available and any associated discounts or benefits.

Where is Bing energy drink made?

Bing energy drinks are manufactured in various locations, primarily in the United States, where the company is headquartered. However, the specific production facilities and locations may vary based on factors like distribution and market demand.

The exact production location of Bing energy drinks might not be readily available in public sources, and it can change over time. To obtain the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the manufacturing of Bing energy drinks, contacting the company directly or referring to their official website is recommended.

Are Bing energy drinks healthy?

The healthiness of Bing energy drinks is a matter of debate. Bing is marketed as a healthier alternative to traditional energy drinks, offering lower calories and sugar content, as well as natural flavors. However, they still contain caffeine and artificial ingredients.

Whether Bing energy drinks are considered healthy depends on individual perspectives and dietary priorities. While they might be a better choice for some people due to their reduced sugar content, it’s important to read labels, consider potential sensitivities, and consult healthcare professionals.

Physical Stores To Purchase Bing Energy Drink

If you’re looking for a local store to buy your Bing energy drink, here are the best places to go:


7-Eleven is a multinational convenience store chain. Food, snacks, hot and cold beverages, and so much more are all available at 7-Eleven. This store is typically open 24 hours a day.

Amazon Go

Amazon Go is a walk-in store that offers a “Just Walk Out Shopping Experience,” as the company puts it. It sells everything from fresh produce to everyday necessities.

They sell a variety of items, including energy drinks. The 12 fl. oz. Bing energy drink, for example, costs around $61 for 24 packs.


Walmart is a US-based multinational retail corporation that runs a chain of hypermarkets, department stores, and grocery stores.

It has roughly 10,500 shops and clubs in 24 countries, as well as eCommerce websites, under 48 banners.

You may purchase your Bing Energy Drink at a price of around $52 per 24 packs.

Where To Buy Bing Energy Drink Online?

If you want to save time, I recommend ordering your favorite Bing energy drink from the comfort of your own home. You can spare yourself the effort of going to local convenience stores with just a few clicks.

Bing energy drink is available on AmazoneBay, and Walmart. You can also drop your orders via their official website.


Amazon is one of the most popular online stores in the world. This website focuses on e-commerce.

However, you can also visit Amazon Go if you prefer shopping in a physical store. Amazon also provides free delivery, but you need to spend at least $25 on your order.


eBay, similar to Amazon, is a leading online marketplace that ships to over 210 countries. Free shipping is also available on eBay under eligible orders.

eBay, on the other hand, does not have any official physical locations. Instead, they support their local merchants who operate retail shops.

Bing Energy

The company that produces Bing energy drink has its own website where you can get it. However, the product exclusively ships to the United States.

So, if you live outside the US, then you’ll have to look for another option.

How Much Is Bing Energy Drink?

A case of 9 cans of Bing energy drink (12 fl. oz.) costs roughly $50, or around $6 per can. This is quite costly when compared to other well-known energy drinks like Red Bull, which costs around $3 per 12 fl oz can.

The pricing range between Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and the official Bing Energy website is shown in the table below.

Online Retail StorePrice (Rough Estimates)Free ShippingDelivery Time
Amazon$60 (24 Packs)Free shipping on eligible
5-8 business days,
depending on your location
eBay$70 (24 Packs)Free shipping on eligible
1-2 business days,
depending on your location
Standard delivery
Walmart$50 (24 Packs)Free Shipping on qualified
3-5 business days
depending on your location
Bing Energy$40 (24 Packs)Not Specified2-3 business days,
depending on your location
Standard delivery

Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and the official Bing Energy website all have different pricing. Prices may vary depending on which location you are in and whether or not the item is on sale.

Bing Energy Drink Flavors

Bing energy drink comes in four flavors, all of which are berry-based. You try each one out to see what best suits you.

  • Original (cherry)
  • Black (blackberry)
  • Crisp (cherry and apple)
  • Raz (raspbeery)
This video will help you understand each flavor.

Alternative to Bing Energy Drink

Aside from Bing, these energy drinks are also worth checking out:

Final Thoughts

Bing energy drink, in my opinion, is worth your time and money. It’s an excellent energy drink prepared with natural fruit juice.

Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Bing’s online store are just a few of the many online stores available. Remember to explore around your neighborhood to see if Bing energy drink is available for purchase.

I hope you found this post useful. If you’re interested in learning more about energy drinks, you can go to my website or click the link below to read another post I’ve written.

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