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Where Can You Buy 5-Hour Energy Drink? (Best Deals)

5 hour energy energy drink
Energy shots that fits right into the palm of your hand!

5-hour energy drink is a shot of instant energy packed in a 1.93 fl. oz. bottle.

There’s no need to scoop or mix, just snap it open and enjoy a shot. You’ll get 200mg of caffeine, B vitamins, and electrolytes in only one shot. And using these elements daily can help you stay focused on your task throughout the day.

There’s little doubt that 5 Hour Energy is very popular. So there could be some chance of stores running out of the drink quickly.

I hope this article answers all of your concerns, whether you’ve been wanting to try this drink for a while or can’t seem to find it anywhere.

Let’s begin!

5-Hour Energy Flavors

Like most drinks, 5-hour energy also has different versions with variations of ingredients. And each version of the drink has different flavors.

Regular Strength Energy Shots

  • Berry Flavor
  • Grape Flavor
  • Orange Flavor
  • Pink Lemonade Flavor
  • Pomegranate Flavor

Daily Immune Support Plus 5-Hour Energy

  • Pineapple Apricot Flavor
  • Pink Watermelon Flavor
  • Ultra Orange Flavor

Extra Strength 5-hour Energy Shots

  • Berry Flavor
  • Blue Raspberry Flavor
  • Cherry Flavor
  • Cool Mint Lemonade
  • Grape Flavor
  • Orange Flavor
  • Peach Mango Flavor
  • Sour Apple Flavor
  • Strawberry Banana Flavor
  • Strawberry Watermelon Flavor
  • Tropical Burst Flavor
  • Watermelon Flavor

As for the taste, hopefully you can find how some of these flavors taste like from this video:

5 Hour Energy Drink Review

How Much Does 5-Hour Energy Drink Cost?

The price of 5-hour energy drink varies depending on which flavor or pack you choose to have.

You can customize the type of drink and the pack if you choose to order from the official website. Remember that there are also shipping fees to consider.

Here’s how much the packages on official site may cost you:

  • 12 packs of any two flavors- around $35
  • 24 packs of any two flavors- around $60
  • 24 packs of any four flavors- around $60

And if you want to buy from the stores, here’s a table on the types of the drink, quantity and price. Remember, these prices are just an approximation and may vary from store to store.

Type SizePrice
5-hour Energy Regular Strength2 x 1.93 oz.$5-$7
5-hour Energy Regular Strength6 x 1.93 oz.$14-$16
5-hour Energy Regular Strength10 x 1.93 oz.$22-$24
5-hour Energy Berry Extra Strength2 x 1.93 oz.$6-$8
5-hour Energy Berry Extra Strength6 x 1.93 oz.$15-$17
5-hour Energy Berry Extra Strength10 x 1.93 oz.$22-$24
5-hour Energy Berry Regular Strength1.93 oz.$3-$5
5-hour Energy Blue Raspberry Extra Strength1.93 oz.$3-$5
An estimation of how much these shots cost

Where To Buy 5-Hour Energy Online?

You can find 5-Hour energy shots on most online sites, like many other energy drinks. If ordering online is more convenient for you, these are the few sites that you could visit to buy 5-hour energy shots:

5-Hour Energy Drink Official Site

I prefer to get 5-Hour Energy from the company’s official website. I can find several flavors that aren’t accessible on other sites on the official site. 5-Hour energy immunological support, for example, can be difficult to come by.

Then, if you sign up for the site, you’ll be notified of new flavors and be able to pre-order them. This appears to be fantastic news for the supporters.

There’s a “Build your own pack” option on this site where you can customize your flavors for 12 and 24 packs. The price depends on which package you choose.

Apart from that option, you’ll also get 10 flavors for around $20, 12 packs for around $35, and 24 packs for around $60. Regarding shipping, the site claims that it may take 5-10 days to reach the parcel at your home. And the shipping charge can be $5-$10.


After the official site, Amazon will be the next best choice. You can find both regular strength and extra strength versions on this site. In fact, you can find most of the flavors here- berry, apple, pomegranate, watermelon, grape, etc.

There are a variety of packs available with 12, 24, 20, and 74 beverages. And, depending on the pack and flavors, it may cost you anywhere from $13 to $60. However, depending on the sellers, prices may vary from time to time.

If you live in the US, Amazon offers free shipping if you spend at least $25 on eligible products. After confirming your purchase, you may monitor your product and expect it to arrive in 5-8 business days.


eBay is another platform from where you could order 5-Hour drinks from. It’s a multinational E-commerce corporation that allows both business-to-consumer and consumer-to-consumer purchases.

A pack of 12 shots may cost $30-$35, while a pack of 24 shots may cost $45-$55. Various flavors and packs, on the other hand, have different prices.

However, I’ve found a pack containing 6 regular-strength drinks only, which costs around $18. It’s the cheapest deal you’d find out there.

The prices on eBay are far lower than those on other internet marketplaces. You can also track your order using their shipping calculator.

online shopping, card, laptop
Always choose trusted sites to put credit card details!

Where To Buy 5-Hour Energy Drink In-Store?

You can purchase 5-Hour energy shots from these stores if you like seeing the product beforehand:


There are thousands of Walmart stores in the US, and they have all kinds of energy drinks out there. You can check out this “Store Finder” option to pick the nearest Walmart store.

These stores do give many offers and discounts. But there are chances you may not find your desired flavor or version of 5-Hour energy. Make sure to call them to check.


One 5-Hour energy shot costs about 3 dollars in Walgreens. Most places sell the drink in packs. So for a first-timer, getting one drink at this price seems like a win.

Walgreens has locations in all 50 states, so I’m confident you’ll be able to find one near you. It’s mostly a pharmacy that also sells a variety of energy drinks, including 5-hour.

Amazon Go

My favorite store to visit is Amazon Go. There are no huge lineups or waiting for the cashier to check out your products.

It operates on an automated system in which you select your item off the shelf and pay for it later using the Amazon Go app.

As a matter of fact, you can find 5-Hour energy shots on the high-tech shelves. But make sure to have the app installed on your phone for the “Just Walk Out” shopping experience.


There are about 7,800 7-Eleven stores in the US, so I’m sure finding this convenience store won’t be difficult. You can visit the site and find the nearest one from the map.

The store sells 7-Hour energy drinks in a variety of flavors, but the prices aren’t listed. Check out their delivery website for more information.

Variety of Energy Drinks

Should You Buy It Online or Offline?

Both modes of purchasing have their pros and cons depending on you and your circumstances. But for me, the pros of buying online weigh out buying in person.

Buying online has a few advantages like:

  • Getting more varieties of flavors, especially if you order from the official site.
  • Saves you the time and energy required for roaming shop to shop to find desired items.
  • Compare the prices online.
  • In some cases, you might also find discounts while buying online.
  • Buying online may be cheaper than buying from stores.

As for the concern about quality and service, you can check the reviews to decide if you’re willing to order from that site or not.

Yet, many people prefer buying in person because they like to check its quality and read the label on the back.

5-Hour Energy Drink Nutrition Facts

energy drink bottle, label
Nutritional facts on the back of the bottle

Compared to other mainstream energy drinks such as Monster, Reign, and Red Bull, 5-hour energy shots have a bit higher caffeine content but lower calories.

  • Monster: 160 mg caffeine and 210 calories.
  • Reign: 300 mg of caffeine and 10 calories.
  • Redbull: 30 mg caffeine and 45 calories.

Other than that, a 5-hour energy drink also contains B vitamins, electrolytes (sodium and potassium), an energy blend containing amino acids, and no added sugars. Here is a detailed table on the drink’s nutrition:

Standard Value5-Hour Shot
(1.93 fl.oz)
Calories4 calories
Added Sugars 0 g
Sodium15 mg
Potassium15 mg
Choline2 mg
Vitamin B3 (Niacin)30 mg
Vitamin B650 mg
Vitamin B12500 mcg
Energy Blend1870 mg
Supplement facts of 5-hour energy drink

Check out my comprehensive article on the caffeine content of 5-Hour energy drink.

How many 5-hour energies can I drink in a day?

How many 5-Hour energy you should drink depend on your tolerance. However, limit your consumption to one. 5-Hour advises to limit consumption to two bottles per day, with a maximum of one bottle consumed every four hours, and not to consume more than two bottles in a 24-hour period.

It is always best to follow the product label instructions and to monitor your personal tolerance to caffeine and other ingredients. It is also important to consider other sources of caffeine in your diet and to make sure you are not exceeding the recommended daily limit.

Is 5-Hour Energy healthy?

5-Hour energy is not healthy. While they are marketed as an energy boost, they contain large amounts of caffeine which can have negative effects on health when consumed in excess. Excessive caffeine intake can cause symptoms such as jitters, increased heart rate, anxiety, and trouble sleeping.

In addition, the high sugar content in some flavors can contribute to excessive calorie intake and an increased risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease.
In general, it is recommended to limit or avoid energy drinks like 5-Hour Energy and to opt for healthier ways to boost energy.

Is 5-Hour Energy worth it?

5-Hour Energy Drink is worth it for a lot of people. For some people, the temporary energy boost and mental alertness it provides can be beneficial during times of fatigue or low energy. However, the value of 5-Hour Energy depends on individual needs and preferences.

Excessive use may lead to jitteriness, headaches, and sleep disturbances. Additionally, the high concentration of vitamins and amino acids in 5-Hour Energy may not be necessary for those with a balanced diet. As a supplement, it’s best to use 5-Hour Energy in moderation and only when needed.

Is it OK to drink 5-Hour Energy once?

It is generally considered safe for most healthy adults to drink 5-Hour Energy once, following the recommended serving size. As a single-use energy shot, it provides a temporary boost in energy and mental focus due to its caffeine and nutrient content.

However, it’s important to use 5-Hour Energy responsibly and in moderation. Avoid exceeding the recommended serving size, and be mindful of individual caffeine sensitivity and potential side effects. If you have specific health conditions or concerns, it’s advisable to consult with a healthcare professional.

Does 5-Hour Energy Drink Actually Work?

5-hour energy, I’ve discovered, is meant to provide you with long-lasting immediate energy with just one shot. And it does a fantastic job!

200 mg of caffeine in the drink can improve your mental performance, along with helping you to recover fast from fatigue.

Caffeine is a stimulant that prevents the relaxation of muscles by blocking the effects of neurotransmitters. It also triggers dopamine and norepinephrine activity that helps you to stay alert and focus on many things at once.

Physically, you also feel more energetic as caffeine helps to increase adrenaline levels, metabolism, and muscle contractions.

The B vitamins in the 5-hour energy shot help you generate energy by breaking down the food you’re eating into glucose. The drink also has an energy mix that includes taurine, N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine, and L-Phenylalanine, among other amino acids.

All of these are responsible for providing you with the energy you require to get through a long and exhausting day.

To learn more details about the drink’s ingredients, check out this article analyzing if the drink is what you’re looking for.

Are 5-Hour Energy Drinks Bad For You?

5-hour energy drink isn’t necessarily bad for you if you have it in moderation because its caffeine content is quite a lot. Apart from caffeine content, the drink has no added sugars and an insignificant amount of calories.

FDA has recommended not having more than 400 mg of caffeine in a day or else an overdose of caffeine can lead to:

  • Trouble breathing
  • Irregular or fast heartbeat
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea
  • Insomnia
  • Headache
  • Fever

As a result, it’s recommended that you limit your daily caffeine intake, and consuming only one shot per day may assist you in doing so.

However, it’s also dependent on your caffeine tolerance, as caffeine-sensitive persons may become ill even if just a trace quantity is consumed.

The energy shots also have no added sugar and only 4 calories. So you have fewer chances of gaining weight, diabetes, and heart diseases. You don’t have to worry about crossing your daily sugar and calorie intake limit with this drink.

Considering all these aspects of the drink, it seems like there are very few harmful effects of the drink if you consume it in moderation.

For more insight on this specific topic you can go to the article that I made.

5-Hour Energy Shots Alternatives

Apart from 5-Hour energy shots, you could also find a lot of other energy drinks in the market. These are:

Final Thoughts

5-Hour energy drink should be pretty easy to spot at both stores and websites, as it’s loved by many. Even if you don’t seem to find them anywhere, I’m sure the official site will always be able to supply you.

Both Amazon and eBay seem to be a pretty great choice, but you should compare the pricing, shipment charges, and delivery days to choose the website that’s best for you. But you can find single shots on stores like Walgreens.

I’m sure the drink is available in stores which are just around the corner- Walmart/7-Eleven.

Trying to get best deals both online and offline can be tough, so I hope this article has been a great help for you.

Best of luck!

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