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What Energy Drinks Does Pepsi Own? (Find Out)

The second-largest beverage and food company in the world, after Nestlé, is PepsiCo. It is the biggest in North America. Numerous well-known food and beverage brands are available from PepsiCo, including Pepsi, Rockstar Energy, Muscle Milk, Gatorade, Frito-Lay, and Quaker Oats.

Over the past few years, PepsiCo has pushed quickly to move to a significant position in the energy beverage market.

The energy drinks owned by PepsiCo include Bang, Amp Energy, Rockstar Energy, Cool Attitudes, Gatorade, and Starbucks.

The multinational snack and beverage company doubled down on the market in 2020 when it acquired Rockstar for $3.85 billion and teamed up with Bang.

In addition, PepsiCo launched a line of energy drinks called Mountain Dew Rise Energy, which was later renamed Mtn Dew Energy as a result of legal action. These drinks were designed for consumers who wake up early. Under the Mountain Dew name, it also provides Amp.

So, if you want to know more amazing information about PepsiCo, then read this article until the end.

How Many Brands Does Pepsi Own?

23 brands are owned by Pepsi.

When the Pepsi-Cola Firm and Frito-Lay Inc. merged in 1965, the company was established in its current form, and it has since grown significantly. 23 brands in PepsiCo’s product portfolio as of 2021 are expected to produce more than $1 billion in yearly retail sales.

There are some of the most well-known products, from Kombucha to Hummus, owned by Pepsi that you might want to know. Here is the list of some brands and product types under PepsiCo:

Brands Under PepsiCoBrand Type
TropicanaFresh juice brand
Rice-A-Roni and Pasta RoniReady-made pasta brand
Cheetos, Chester’s, Munchies, Funyuns, and moreSnack food brand
Cap’n Crunch And LifeCereal brand
AquafinaWater brand
KevitaKombucha brand
Quaker OatsCereal brand
LiptonTea brand
SabraHummus brand
Aunt JemimaReady-made pancake brand
Stacy’s Pita ChipsChips brand
Starbucks bottled beveragesCold caffeine brand
Naked JuiceSmoothie and juice brand
Doritos, Ruffles, Sunchips, Miss Vickie’s, and TostitosPotato chips brand
Gatorade and PropelSports drink brand
Sierra Mist, Mirinda, Manzanita Sol, Mug root beer, and Mountain DewSoft drinks brand
Baya, Kickstart, game fuel, and AmpEnergy drinks brand
SoBeJuice cocktail brand
Brands owned by Pepsi

Energy Drinks Under PepsiCo

Pepsi has been struggling to achieve success in the energy drink market for years and now it can compete with its rivals in the market.

Pepsi Energy Cola
Pepsi has six energy drink brands

The following are the energy drink brands owned by Pepsi:


Energy drink company Bang is American. It is produced by Vital Pharmaceuticals, a Florida-based business. Bang is, behind Monster and Red Bull, one of the most popular energy drinks in the United States.

The company is well-known for its outspoken public persona; in addition to supporting multiple social media celebrities on TikTok and Instagram. CEO Jack Owoc has gained recognition on social media, thanks to the success of the beverage.

AMP Energy

Amp is the brand name for an energy drink made by PepsiCo under the Mountain Dew umbrella. Amp Energy was previously sold under the Mountain Dew soft drink brand when it was first released in 2001.

The beverage is offered in the United Kingdom, United States, Lebanon, and Canada in 16-ounce and 24-ounce cans. According to total retail sales, Amp Energy was the fourth-best selling energy drink in the United States as of 2009.


In the US non-alcoholic beverage industry, Rockstar, an energy drink first introduced in 2001, holds a 0.3% market share as of 2020.

Over 20 different flavors and more than 30 different countries offered Rockstar energy drinks. PepsiCo announced in March 2020 that it has reached a $3.85 billion deal to buy Rockstar.

Pepsi takes over Rockstar

Cool Attitudes

The craft cocktail company Cool Attitudes was created to serve this new generation of consumers and the expanding cocktail market.

The ingredients used in Cool Attitudes mixers are fresh, natural, healthy for you, and always delicious. Some of the best cocktails on the planet are made using only fresh fruits, agave nectar, natural tastes, and cane sugar, finally have a top-shelf mixer partner for their top-shelf booze.


A popular American company known for its line of sports beverages, Gatorade also produces food items with a sports theme. PepsiCo currently produces Gatorade, which is sold in more than 80 nations.

The original Gatorade is a salt, sugar, and water beverage with a citrus-based flavor and additional food coloring that is based on oral rehydration therapy.

Starbucks’ Baya Energy

With the introduction of the renowned Frappuccino coffee drink more than 20 years ago, Starbucks and PepsiCo established the Ready-to-Drink (RTD) coffee category. With their partnership, they launched the Baya energy drink.

Customers looking for premium, high-quality coffee products while traveling can continue to get category-leading innovation and products from Starbucks and PepsiCo through the North American Coffee Partnership (NACP).

Did PepsiCo Launched Baya Energy Drink?

Through its nearly 30-year-old partnership with Starbucks, the North American Coffee Partnership, PepsiCo introduced a ready-to-drink energy beverage called Baya.

The beverage comes in three flavors: Raspberry Lime, Mango Guava, and Pineapple Passionfruit. It contains the naturally occurring caffeine found in coffee fruit as well as the immune-supporting antioxidant vitamin C.

Baya Energy
Baya is newly launched by Pepsi and Starbucks

As customers seek even more useful qualities in the beverages and food they eat, Baya is the most recent product in the quickly expanding energy drink sector to hit the market.

Does PepsiCo Carry Red Bull?

Red Bull is not a product of Coke or Pepsi; rather, it is an Austrian brand that is unaffiliated with the two aforementioned corporations.

The Austrian company Red Bull GmbH sells energy drinks under the Red Bull name.

Red Bull
Red Bull has its own identity

Red Bull is a rival to PepsiCo and Coca-Cola Company and is not affiliated with it. Dietrich Mateschitz, an Austrian billionaire, is in charge of the Austrian company that owns Red Bull. Mateschitz initially developed Red Bull as a drink to combat jet lag.

Is Monster Energy Drink Part Of Pepsi?

Monster energy drink is not part of PepsiCo, rather, it has a partnership with CoCa-Cola.

Monster Energy
Coca-Cola and Monster are working together

Although Monster is not owned by Coca-Cola, the two companies have a tight relationship as a result of a 2015 agreement (Coca-Cola has a 16.7 percent stake in the company).

The terms of the agreement state that Monster must release its non-energy items under the name Coca-Cola while Coca-Cola must release its energy products under the name Monster.

Competition Between Pepsi And Coca-Cola At Energy Drink’s Arena

PepsiCo and Coca-Cola have struggled in the energy drink market, but both companies are making an effort to increase their market share in the quickly growing beverage segment.

The change also reflects consumers’ evolving tastes as they gradually wean themselves away from soda and toward alternative options like low-calorie drinks and beverages with flavors of coffee and tea.

Pepsi and Coca-Cola
Pepsi and Coca-Cola have tough competition with each other

Coca-Cola and PepsiCo are attempting to use the recognition of their venerable brands to get a larger foothold in the expanding energy drink market as soda consumption in the U.S. decreases.

By the end of 2019, Coca-Cola intends to launch Coca-Cola Energy in 20 nations. Caffeine from natural sources, guarana extracts, and B vitamins are all present in the energy drink.

PepsiCo has not ruled out attempting to do the same with its eponymous soda brand while continuing to push its Mountain Dew line into the energy drink market.


  • PepsiCo has diversity in itself. There are six energy drinks owned by Pepsi.
  • Bang, Amp Energy, Rockstar Energy, Cool Attitudes, Gatorade, and Starbucks are among PepsiCo’s energy drink brands.
  • The North American Coffee Partnership, a nearly 30-year-old alliance between PepsiCo and Starbucks, paved the way for the introduction of the ready-to-drink energy drink known as Baya.
  • PepsiCo-owned energy drinks might possess the ability to compete with its rival successfully.

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