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Spike Hardcore Energy Drink Review (Detailed)

I wonder how many caffeine lovers are out there like me. I enjoy trying different energy drinks, but once I find the one I like, I tend to stick with it.

Over the years, the Spike Hardcore energy drink has been the one I’ve consumed the most frequently. It’s been my go-to until I’m looking for something less caffeinated or milder.

This occasionally happens later in the afternoon when I need a pick-me-up but don’t want to disturb my sleep with something too strong, as this drink is a beast in itself.

Spike Hardcore Energy claims to suit everyone’s energy needs with its high-intensity energy drink. It offers five different flavors, which are both energizing and delicious.

The caffeine content of Spike Energy Drink is 350 milligrams per fluid ounce, which is close to the FDA’s caffeine limit. It contains 10–15 calories per serving, no sugar, and no carbohydrates.

Due to its low-calorie content and sugar-free concentration, I would give this drink an 8 out of 10. The high salt and caffeine level, on the other hand, is a concern for me, as it should be for everyone who consumes this beast.

Keep reading to know more about what I like about Spike Hardcore, its ingredients, and how they can benefit your health, alongside its cons.

Ingredients in Spike Hardcore Energy Drink – Overview

Spike Hardcore’s recipe contains a few key elements, including the following:

  1. Carbonated water
  2. Citric acid
  3. N-Acetyl-L-tyrosine
  4. Natural flavors
  5. Beta-alanine
  6. Sodium citrate
  7. Caffeine
  8. Sucralose
  9. Sodium benzoate
  10. Methylcobalamin (Vitamin B12)

Carbonated water

Water that has been infused with carbon dioxide gas under pressure is known as carbonated water.

Carbonated liquids, except seltzer water, are frequently flavored with salt. Other minerals are occasionally added in modest amounts.

Sparkling water hydrates equally as much as regular water. But not all sparkling waters are created equal. Because some sparkling water products have added sugars or artificial sweeteners, it’s critical to check the nutrition label before purchasing.

Some potential benefits of carbonated water are:

  1. It helps in staying off dehydration
  2. Few calories compared to sodas
  3. Weight Loss
  4. Improves Digestion

Citric acid

Citric acid is an organic acid that has a firm acidity. Citrus fruits like limes, oranges, and lemons, as well as other foods, contain it.

It’s used as a preservative, emulsifier, and flavoring in energy drinks.

Citric acid’s antioxidant and fat-burning capabilities are advantageous even if there is no link between weight loss and enhanced energy.

It’s crucial to take it in moderation because too much can lead to:

  1. Teeth Damage
  2. Stomach and Joint Pain
  3. Swelling and Stiffness
  4. Diarrhea


Beta-alanine is a non-essential amino acid that the body produces on its own.

Carnosine is produced with the help of beta-alanine. This is a chemical that helps with high-intensity exercise muscle endurance.

It is used in energy drinks due to its effect on muscle performance. How does it work then?

Carnosine is found in muscles. Carnosine levels that are higher may help muscles to work for extended amounts of time before becoming exhausted.

Carnosine accomplishes this by assisting in regulating acid accumulation in the muscles, which is a leading cause of muscle tiredness.

Beta-Alanine also gives off the following benefits:

  1. It helps in stabilizing the body after high-intensity workouts
  2. Increases muscle endurance 
  3. Antioxidant benefits
  4. Muscle mass gains
  5. Antioxidant effects
  6. Antiaging properties
What does Beta-Alanine do?

Sodium citrate

Sodium citrate is a European food additive, often known as citric acid sodium salts.

This chemical is commonly combined with citric acid to improve flavor or lower the PH level in foods and energy drinks.

It can be made directly by neutralizing sodium carbonate or sodium hydroxide with citric acid, but there are various drawbacks, including reaction speed and final product quality.

Sodium Citrate has the following uses:

  1. Enhances taste by imparting salt and tart flavors to drinks.
  2. It acts as an emulsifier.
  3. Acts as a preservative.
  4. Combining with calcium ions, it acts as an anticoagulant and prevents blood from clotting.

Methylcobalamin (Vitamin B12)

Vitamin B12 insufficiency is treated with methylcobalamin. Vitamin B12 is required for the proper functioning of the brain and nerves and the synthesis of red blood cells.

Energy drinks are trendy right now, and one of the most popular substances is vitamin B12.

B12 is required for lipid and carbohydrate metabolism and the creation of DNA and RNA in the body.

As a result, the FDA has approved a qualified health claim linking folic acid, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12 to a lower risk of vascular disease.

Caffeine Content in Spike Hardcore Energy Drink

Coffee beans
Coffee Beans: A natural source of caffeine

Spike Hardcore includes 350mg of caffeine per serving.

Now, while Brien Fuel and Redline Xtreme are the top contenders for the most caffeinated drinks on the market, Spike Hardcore has the advantage of containing no sugar and no calories at the same time.

Since the caffeine concentration is intense, it should only be consumed by persons with high caffeine tolerance and who are in good physical form. Only on exceptional occasions when you need enough energy to keep you active throughout the day.

According to the FDA, adults should not consume more than 400mg of caffeine.

It is critical to limit oneself to one bottle per day. Start with half a serving if this is your first time drinking Spike Hardcore.

Intake of caffeine in excessive amounts can cause:

  1. Insomnia
  2. Anxiety
  3. High blood pressure
  4. Headaches
  5. Irregular heartbeat
  6. Hungry
  7. Fatigue
  8. Dizziness

In my opinion, the caffeine content of Spike Hardcore makes it twice as powerful as Redbull. I’ve had them both, yet Spike Hardcore does more than just give me an instant energy boost; it leaves me without a sour aftertaste.

Nutrition Content of Spike Hardcore Energy Drink

Spike Hardcore energy drink nutrition content
Nutrition Facts of Spike Hardcore
Spike Hardcore Energy Drink 16fl 0zNutrition Value
Total Fat150mcg
Total Carbohydrate0
Vitamin B122000mcg
Nutrition Value of Spike Hardcore Energy Drink

Spike Energy Drink has some interesting nutritional information.

It contains 2000 mcg of methylcobalamin, a type of vitamin B12. Since methylcobalamin is the more bioavailable form of B12, it’s worth noting.

The form of B12 found in most supplements and energy drinks is cyanocobalamin, which is the less absorbable form.

Additionally, Spike Hardcore consists of zero sugar and low calories, with no protein or carbohydrates, which would be satisfyingly well for individuals who are weight conscious or are obese.

Is Spike Hardcore Energy Drink sugar-free?

How much sugar is too much?

Yes, there is no sugar in Spike Hardcore’s mix.

Sugar is another type of carbohydrate that offers us energy. On the other hand, this exhilaration is temporary and will not assist you in losing weight. As a result, sugar should constantly be ingested in moderation.

The formula of Spike Hardcore energy drink is sugar-free. However, sucralose is used to give the glass a sweet taste.

Sucralose is an artificial sweetener. Artificial sweeteners are sugar alternatives that are both healthy and effective.

Sucralose is a low-calorie, non-nutritive sweetener 600 times sweeter than sugar. This sweetener has no known adverse effects and is perfectly safe to use.

Flavors of Spike Hardcore Energy Drink

Spike Hardcore energy drink has a range of 5 different flavors.

  1. The Orignal
  2. Blue Raz
  3. Strawberry Lemonade
  4. Purple Surge
  5. Watermelon
Flavors of Spike Hardcore Energy Drink Taste
The Orignal It had a pleasant aftertaste and tasted like bubbly water. After consuming this beverage, I felt a surge of energy. It has a lovely taste, and the carbonated water tickles my tongue.
Blue Raz It has a bubbly flavor that is both delightful and energizing. You don’t feel like you have an energy drink but more of a light soda.
Strawberry LemonadeIt tasted like fresh strawberries, but it was too sugary for me. After the first few minutes of drinking this drink, I felt a surge of energy similar to the original flavor.
Watermelon This flavor gives off a fantastic watermelon hint as soon as you open the can. This also doesn’t have a sour aftertaste but more of a sweet watermelon taste. I would call this drink a premium of all Spike ranges.
Flavors of Spike Hardcore Energy Drink

My favorite would be the Spike Hardcore Orignal since it feels refreshing and has a bubble-like, tart, and crisp aftertaste. Some people say it used to have a cherry-like taste, although that isn’t true anymore.

Spike Orignal is a perfect fit for you if you’re looking for a highly caffeinated sweet energy drink that gives off a refreshing taste and doesn’t make you feel like you’re taking in that much caffeine.

Consumption Pattern for Spike Hardcore

Even though the can of Spike Hardcore specifies that no more than two cans should be drunk in one day, I strongly recommend sticking to one serving each day.

Even though Spike Hardcore has a low-calorie count, no sugar, and no carbs, it includes a significant amount of caffeine.

Caffeine metabolism is determined by how much caffeine a person can tolerate in a day. As a result, before consuming Spike Hardcore, you should check your caffeine tolerance.

If you’re new to energy drinks, I’d recommend starting with half a serving of this drink. There are a variety of caffeine-free energy drink powders to choose from if you require an extra boost.

You can also refer to the following ways to keep yourself energized throughout the day:

  1. Walking Often
  2. Exercise
  3. Balanced Diet
  4. Getting enough sleep

Is Spike Hardcore Safe?

If taken in moderation, Spike Hardcore is safe for consumption.

Spike Hardcore is a sugar-free, low-calorie energy drink with just 10 to 15 calories per serving. It also contains a significant amount of salt, which may aid in keeping you hydrated when playing various games.

However, the 350mg of caffeine in this energy drink should be taken into account. It’s vital to remember that the amount is closer to the FDA’s 400mg of daily maximum restriction.

Alternatives to Spike Hardcore Energy Drink


Bawls energy drink
Bawls Energy Drink – Orange

Bawls energy drink, a herbal and delicious energy drink, has been around since 1996, making it one of the industry’s most well-known products.

Bawls has a ginger ale blend with artificial flavors, natural tastes, and high fructose corn syrup, resulting in a drink with a pleasant overall taste.

According to the creators of Bawls energy drinks, each ounce of Bawls has 6.38 mg of caffeine, for a total of 21.56 mg in a 100 ml serving.

Indulging in carbonated energy drinks has never been more pleasurable or refined than with Bawls. Each bottle has a delicately sweet taste with a lemony flavor.

The Red Bull Yellow Edition

Redbull Yellow Edition energy drink
Energy Drink for high performers

The Red Bull Yellow Edition energy drink was created to enhance and boost physical and mental performance. It increases your stamina and gives you a boost of energy.

It is a good energy drink with many calories, carbs, and sugar. This Yellow Edition includes a small amount of salt and a few B vitamins to keep you nourished and hydrated.

Red Bull Yellow Edition has 114mg of caffeine in each 8.4 fl. oz.

It also contains 38 grams of added sugar, which is a lot, in my opinion. Therefore, I wouldn’t recommend drinking it in large quantities.


Spike Hardcore Energy has 10 to 15 calories, 350 mg of caffeine, and no sugar or carbohydrates. I’d give it an eight out of ten if I had to rate it.

Spike Hardcore is a high-intensity energy drink that claims to meet most people’s energy needs. It features a pleasant and energizing flavor and active components that will appeal to most energy drink drinkers.

If you’re caffeine-sensitive, new to energy drinks, or have a medical condition, look for brands like Alani Nu that have lower caffeine content.

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