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Razorwire Energy Drink Nutrition Facts (In-Depth)

If you want something to boost your energy and make you more alert without increasing your blood sugar levels. Then Razorwire Energy is a great option for you.

Razorwire Energy is a powdered energy drink that comes in a sachet form. It has 150mg of caffeine, 15 calories, and no added sugar.

In this article, I’ll discuss the nutritional facts of Razorwire Energy.

Let’s begin.

Ingredients In Razorwire Energy

For starters, let’s have a look at the ingredients in Razorwire Energy:

  • L-Taurine
  • L-Theanine
  • Citric Acid
  • Maltodextrin
  • Natural Flavors
  • GreenTea Extract
  • Tri-Sodium Citrate
  • Caffeine Anhydrous
  • N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine
  • Sodium Chloride
  • Sucralose
  • Potassium Chloride
  • Pine Bark Extract
  • Guarana Extract
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin B3
  • Vitamin B5
  • Vitamin B12

Nutrients In Razorwire Energy

After the ingredients, let’s have a look at the nutrients in Razorwire:

Nutrients AppliedAmount Per Serving
Total Carbohydrate1.3g
Total Fat0g
Vitamin C125% of the tolerable intake or 100mg
Vitamin B316.5mg or 103% of the tolerable intake
Vitamin B54.9mg or 82% of the tolerable intake
Vitamin B61.2mg or 86% of the tolerable intake
Vitamin B122.5ug or 100% of the tolerable intake
Vitamin E12mg or 100% of the tolerable intake
Energy15 calories
Razorwire Energy Nutrients

Caffeine Content Of Razorwire Energy

Razorwire Energy contains 150mg of caffeine in a single sachet.

The caffeine content of Razorwire Energy is slightly on the higher side compared to drinks like Emerge.

You may not like this much caffeine at once since it depends on your caffeine tolerance. If you do have one, then 150mg of caffeine may not be appealing to you.

I personally like to have 50mg to 100mg of caffeine in a day. So 150mg can be a lot for me.

According to FDA recommendations, an adult shouldn’t consume more than 400mg of caffeine in a single day.

Consuming caffeine can have many health benefits:

  • Improved Energy Levels
  • Burned Fat
  • Improved Physical Performance
  • Lowered Risks of Type 2 Diabetes
  • Lowered Risks of Parkinsons
  • Liver Protection

It’s important to have caffeine at a certain limit. Otherwise, it can lead to health issues:

  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Digestive Issues
  • Muscle Breakdown
  • Addiction
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Rapid Heart Rate
  • Fatigue

Here’s a video that can inform you of the effects of caffeine

Effects Of Caffeine

Sugar Content Of Razorwire Energy

Razorwire Energy doesn’t have any added sugar.

Given that recommended sugar intake for women is up to 25g of sugar in a day and up to 36g for men in a day, Razorwire Energy doesn’t have any extra sugar in your daily sugar intake.

Razorwire Energy is a sugar-free drink, which is why it’s a better option than other energy drinks like Irn-Bru that contains more sugar than the recommended sugar intake.

Since Razorwire Energy has no sugar, you shouldn’t worry about side effects caused by excessive sugar consumption:

  • Obesity
  • Increased Risks of Heart Disease
  • Acne
  • Risks of Type 2 Diabetes
  • Risks of Cancer
  • Depression
  • Skin Ageing

Moreover, consuming less sugar in your diet improves your overall health and have the following health advantages:

  • Younger Looking Skin
  • Long Lasting Energy
  • Weighy Loss
  • Reduced Risk of Diabetes

Artificial Sweetener In Razorwire Energy

Sucralose is used in Razorwire Energy.

Since Razorwire Energy is a sugar-free drink it has an artificial sweetener which is sucralose.

Sucralose is a low-calorie sweetener that’s 600 times sweeter than regular sugar. It’s also safe to consume since it’s approved by FDA.

Using sucralose is better than regular sugar because it has the following health benefits:

  • Maintained Calories
  • Reduced Risks of Tooth Decay
  • Improved Digestion
  • Boosted Immunity

Although sucralose is approved by FDA, this doesn’t mean you can have it excessively.

Excessive consumption of sucralose can still have the following adverse effects:

  • Increased Blood Sugar
  • Fatigue
  • Migraines

Calories In Razorwire Energy

Razorwire Energy has 15 calories in a single sachet.

For your reference, a woman’s body needs up to 2000 calories in a single day while a man’s body needs up to 2500 calories in a single day. This can vary depending upon your physical activity and age.

Razorwire Energy has very fewer amount calories, so drinking a single serving of Razorwire Energy won’t make a noticeable difference in your daily calorie intake.

Vitamins In Razorwire Energy

Razorwire Energy contains essential vitamins which are beneficial for your overall health.

Here’s a table that shows vitamins in Razorwire Energy and their benefits:

Vitamin CNecessary for the growth, development, and repair of all body tissues and helps the proper function of the immune system.
Vitamin B3Improves blood fat levels and boosts brain functions. It also reduces blood pressure and helps treat type 1 diabetes.
Vitamin B5It’s necessary for making blood cells, and it helps you convert the food you eat into energy. 
Vitamin B6It improves your mood, reduces the symptoms of depression, prevents clogged arteries, and reduces heart disease risk.
Vitamin B12It helps keep your body’s blood and nerve cells healthy and helps make DNA, the genetic material in all of your cells.
Vitamin EIt may prevent coronary heart disease, support immune function, prevent inflammation, promote eye health, and lower the risk of cancer.

Amino Acids In Razorwire Energy

Razorwire Energy contains amino acids which are good for improving your athletic performance and brain functions.


Taurine is an amino acid that can be found in the brain, heart, retina, and blood cells. It’s naturally produced by the human body.

Taurine has the following health benefits:

  • Supported Nerve Growth
  • Reduced Blood Pressure
  • Relaxed Nervous System
  • Prevented Heart Failure

Taurine is usually added to energy drinks because it can increase your sports performance.


L-Tyrosine is also an amino acid that is present in the human body tissues and most of the body fluids.

L-Tyrosine has the following benefits:

  • Aided Phenylketonuria Treatment
  • Improved Mental Alertness
  • Helps with Sleep Deprivation

L-Tyrosine is added to energy drinks because it makes your brain more alert and increases productivity.


L-Theanine is also an amino acid that is commonly found in green and black tea and mushrooms.

L-Theanine has several health benefits, such as:

  • Relieved Stress
  • Relieved Anxiety
  • Boost focus
  • Improves immunity
  • Help in treating cancer
  • Regulates blood pressure

L-Theanine is added in energy drinks because it can help your brain to concentrate better on the task.

Is Razorwire Energy Gluten-Free?

Razorwire Energy is a gluten-free energy drink.

For context, a gluten-free drink doesn’t have any traces of wheat, oats, barley, and rye. Razorwire Energy is gluten-free,w which means even if you avoid gluten in your diet, you can still have this drink.

Here’s a table containing ingredients in Razorwire and whether they are gluten-free or not:

IngredientIs it Gluten-Free or Not
Citric AcidYes
Natural FlavorsYes
Green Tea ExtractYes
Tri-Sodium CitrateYes
Sodium ChlorideYes
Potassium ChlorideYes
Pink Bark ExtractYes
Guarana ExtractYes
Vitamin CYes
Vitamin EYes
Vitamin B3Yes
Vitamin B5Yes
Vitamin B6Yes
Vitamin B12Yes

Is Razorwire Energy Good For You?

Razorwire Energy is good for you if you drink it in moderate amounts.

Razorwire Energy has vitamins that are good for your health. It has vitamin C which is good for your skin and improves your overall health and even B vitamins that provide energy to your body.

Besides vitamins, Razorwire Energy has amino acids which help in improving your athletic performance.

The amino acids in Razorwire also help improve your brain functions and make your brain work more efficiently.

Moreover, it doesn’t have any added sugar which is a plus if you avoid having sugar in your diet since it won’t affect your insulin levels.

It also has only 15 calories, so one serving of Razorwire won’t have a huge impact on your daily calorie intake.

Razorwire is good for you in moderate amounts

Can You Drink Razorwire Energy Every Day?

You can drink Razorwire Energy every day

However, I highly wouldn’t advise you to have it every day.

Razorwire Energy is sugar-free, so drinking it daily won’t increase your blood sugar levels and affect your sugar intake. It has only 15 calories as well, so one serving wouldn’t make you gain weight

However, despite no sugar and fewer calories, it’s still not healthy to have Razorwire Energy every day. It has 150mg of caffeine and has 150mg of caffeine every day can make you addicted to caffeine which is harmful.

So it’s better to have Razorwire occasionally to avoid getting dependent on caffeine.

Keep a track of your caffeine intake when having Razorwire since you are already having 150mg of caffeine through an energy drink.

How Much Razorwire Energy Can You Have In A Day?

You can have up to 1 sachet of Razorwire Energy in a single day.

Even though Razorwire Energy has no sugar and has few calories, you shouldn’t have more than a single serving of Razorwire Energy in a day.

Consuming multiple servings in a day can result in caffeine overdose which can cause the following damage to your health:

  • Vomiting
  • Chest Pain
  • Hallucination
  • Headache
  • Confusion
  • Uncontrollable Muscle Movement

Does Razorwire Actually Work?

Razorwire does work.

Razorwire works by boosting your energy and improving your ability to focus and concentrate.

Razorwire includes 150mg of caffeine in a single sachet, which provides you the energy boost and focus you need to keep going for lengthy periods of time when gaming or working.

Moreover, it includes B-vitamins, so it can boost your stamina and performance to a new level.

When I tried Razorwire, I got an energy boost and I was able to focus more on my tasks and improve my workflow. Although I didn’t work out, Razorwire worked wonders in enhancing my working experience.

Is Razorwire Energy Bad For You?

Razorwire Energy isn’t bad for you, that’s only if you have it in a controlled amount.

In fact, Razorwire Energy has some ingredients which are quite beneficial for you. It has vitamins which are healthy for your body.

The amount of has amino acids it contains also increases your exercise capacity and helps you to perform your physical task better.

Furthermore, it has caffeine that can increase alertness and improve brain functions. You can also have a serving of Razorwire Energy before the gym to help you work out better.

However, if you don’t drink Razorwire Energy in a controlled amount it can be harmful to you and can put your health at risk.

Side Effects Of Razorwire Energy

Razorwire Energy doesn’t have any major side effects if you drink responsibly.

However, An excessive consumption of Razorwire Energy does have some side effects:

  • Increased Heart Rate
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Heart Palpitations
  • Insomnia
  • Dehydration
  • Restlessness

What Does Razorwire Taste Like?

The taste of Razorwire depends on the flavor you choose.

When I tried the Watermelon flavor, it had a moderate amount of carbonation and a pleasant sweetness added to this beverage. When you drink it, you’ll notice that there’s no aftertaste at all.

However, my taste is different from yours, so try it for yourself to get a better idea with your own opinions.

Where Can You Buy Razorwire Energy?

You can buy Razorwire Energy from any of your nearest convenience stores and online.

Using Store Finder is a great option if you want to discover the nearest convenience store selling Razorwire, but you can also order it online from Amazon, eBay, and Razorwire’s official website to get it delivered to your doorstep.

You can get a tub of Razorwire Energy for almost $32, but this may also depend on the flavor and additional delivery charges.

Flavors Of Razorwire Energy

Razorwire Energy comes in 6 different flavors:

  • Apple
  • Cherry
  • Raspberry
  • Watermelon
  • Tropical
  • Sweet Lemonade

Alternatives To Razorwire Energy

If you are open to options, then here are some other energy drinks that you can try:

Final Verdict

I personally feel that Razorwire is a fine energy drink. It has enough caffeine to give you your required boost of energy. Even if you have high caffeine tolerance, Razorwire Energy will give you your desired result.

Also, it has no added sugar and only 15 calories which is a plus since it won’t increase your sugar intake and make a significant difference in your daily calorie intake.

If consumed in moderation, you shouldn’t worry about any weight gain.

Apart from that, Razorwire Energy has some important vitamins which can improve your overall health.

Buy yourself a sachet of Razorwire Energy and enjoy. But remember to drink in moderation.

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