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OxyShred Energy Drink Review (Detailed)

If you are having a hard time burning fat and losing weight but don’t like the idea of exercising every day to lose weight, the product I will be reviewing today may be extremely important for you in your journey of burning fats.

Do you know that the obesity rate in the USA is 42.4% which is a high percentage given the circumstances?

Therefore, it is alarming and people should opt to get fit and manage their daily intake to avoid the side effects of obesity.

OxyShred Energy drink is a great beverage containing a wide variety of nutrients to improve consumers’ health.

It has caffeine, B Vitamins, and many minerals to fulfill your body’s needs and contributes to helping you shed those extra pounds.

Moreover, energy drinks have proved to be the best alternatives for coffee because they can give you instant energy, and you can take it anywhere around with you easily.

Energy drinks claim to boost energy and an extreme concentration level to finish your work at a given time efficiently.

OxyShred Energy drink does not contain any sugar or other carbohydrates that can cause complications in your health.

However, due to the caffeine content, it is better to consume OxyShred in moderate amounts for the safety of your health.

If you wish to learn more about OxyShred, read on for more hidden facts about the brand.

Nutrition Facts of OxyShred Energy Drink

Ingredients label of OxyShred Energy drink.
Nutrition facts of OxyShred Energy drink

Mostly, there is a label on every food or drink beverage given to let you know the details of the specific beverage or food, but most people ignore it, and it is a bad choice which I will tell you how.

You need to be aware of the nutritional facts of the beverage before trying it out to know the details of its ingredients.

Many brands of energy drinks taste good, but they have a huge amount of caffeine or sugar in them, which can have very serious adverse effects on you.

For example, If a person with low caffeine tolerance drinks an energy drink with high caffeine, he will face crashes and jitters.

Therefore, knowing the ingredients in an energy drink is the top priority for every consumer because it allows them to know the actual chemistry of their drink, and they can easily calculate the perfect number of drinks for themselves to avoid crashes and jitters.

I have added a table below to tell you about the nutritional facts of the OxyShred energy drink, and I have also added the recommended daily intake to help you manage your supplements:

NutrientsAmount Per ServingRecommended Daily Intake
Vitamin B120.9mcg2.4mcg
Vitamin B61mg1.3mg
Vitamin C50mg90mg
Vitamin B10.6mg1mg
Vitamin B30.8mg1mg
Ingredients present in OxyShred Energy Drink

After learning about the nutrients in OxyShred, let’s move on to the details of each primary and important supplement of the beverage for a closer look.

Caffeine in OxyShred Energy Drink

Image of a cup of coffee and coffee beans.
Caffeine increases heart rate and blood pressure

OxyShred Energy drink has 113mg of caffeine in one supplement.

Caffeine is a stimulant that can stimulate your central nervous system, making you feel more focused and awake, and it can boost your energy.

Caffeine is found in over 60 products, but it is mainly derived from cocoa, guarana, and Kola nuts.

Caffeine is used by 90% of the world’s population to get themselves energetic and mentally alerted for the next few hours.

Caffeine consumption worldwide can not be ignored, showing the significance of caffeine qualities that other products can not provide.

Around 90 percent of US citizens consume caffeinated beverages daily to keep themselves awake and active and complete their daily chores more effectively.

However, extreme caffeine consumption may lead to many complications in health.

According to a study, caffeine can increase short-term memory and affect other parts of the brain, too, in working on multiple tasks.

Conversely, caffeine is a diuretic meaning it can make your body get rid of salts and water through frequent urination.

In addition, caffeine is harmful to women in labor and children as it can affect their bodies in dangerous ways, leading to serious health issues.

Side Effects of Caffeine

Overconsumption of caffeine may lead to these side effects:

  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Dehydration
  • Frequent Urination
  • Irritation
  • Headache
  • Restlessness
  • Upset stomach
  • Sleep disruption
  • Addiction of caffeine
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Rapid heart rate

Vitamins in OxyShred Energy Drink

Image of multivitamins pills on the floor.
Vitamins are essential for our body

Vitamins are micronutrients that carry out different functions in our bodies.

There are two types of vitamins; fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins, and they both provide great assistance to our body in regulating nutrients.

Energy drinks have mostly water-soluble vitamins like B vitamins and vitamin C.

Water-soluble vitamins must be taken with water to absorb easily in our bloodstream and keep helping our body function properly.

Oxyshred Energy drink has a wide range of vitamins, making it a really good beverage for fulfilling the needs of our body.

Our body can not produce vitamins, and therefore they must be taken from the food we eat.

A Table below is given to show the vitamins present in Oxyshred Energy drink along with their roles in our body:

VitaminsRole in Our Body
Vitamin B6This vitamin helps in converting food into energy, forming genetic material, and producing new red blood cells.
Vitamin B3It helps in keeping the nervous system working properly and converting carbohydrates into glucose.
Vitamin B12Vitamin B12 helps in forming red blood cells and forming DNA and RNA.
Vitamin CThis vitamin supports the immune system, repairs tissues, and overall helps in the growth of our body.
The primary vitamins and their role in our body

Minerals in OxyShred Energy Drink

Minerals are those elements our body requires to carry out essential tasks and function normally. Without minerals, our body will lack a particular element and be unable to function properly.

Oxyshred Energy drink has a lot of minerals such as calcium, potassium, chromium, and sodium. These minerals are required in our body for many reasons and contribute a lot to making us healthy.

OxyShred can provide you with all these minerals in one supplement to make you one step ahead in a healthy lifestyle.

Such minerals must be provided to our bodies to avoid serious health complications.

Minerals perform a variety of crucial functions in our body ranging from supporting the immune system to strengthening our bones.

Minerals are required for our body for three main reasons:

  • Promoting strong bones and teeth
  • Turning the food we eat into energy
  • Control the body fluids in a specific arrangement

So many elements can be called minerals, such as calcium, iron, magnesium, sodium, chromium, and many more.

The table below given shows the roles of some minerals in our bodies:

MineralsRole in Body
CalciumCalcium plays an important role in nerve functions and in strengthening bones and teeth.
SodiumIt helps in contracting and relaxing muscles and also helps in the movement of water in our body.
PotassiumIt helps in regulating normal levels of fluids in our body cells.
ChromiumPlays a great role in the breakdown of fats and carbohydrates.
Minerals in OxyShred and their role in our body

How Does OxyShred Energy Drink Work?

OxyShred is one of the unique and innovative energy drinks available in the market.

By consuming one beverage of OxyShred, you will gain boosting energy, enhanced focus, and a lot of balanced diet nutrients that not only make you energetic but can also make you healthy.

The road to a perfectly healthy lifestyle is a good diet and health, which can be achieved by managing your daily intake and monitoring the changes in your body.

Unlike other energy drinks, OxyShred does not only focus on its brand sales, but they help to give you good nutrients with the extra package of energy.

OxyShred Energy drink has 113mg, zero fat, zero sugar, B vitamins, and many minerals that can assist you in making yourself fit.

In my opinion, the caffeine content in OxyShred is within the limits of FDA recommendations. However, it would be best not to consume more than three cans of OxyShred Energy drink.

The limit of caffeine intake is 400mg per day, and if you take more caffeine than this limit, it will make you vulnerable to many serious health problems.

So it is better to avoid those side effects at any cost and keep yourself in the safe zone.

I have added a video for a detailed review of OxyShred Energy Drink:

This video gives a detailed review of the OxyShred Energy Drink

Does OxyShred Energy Drink help in Burning Fat?

OxyShred Energy drink is known for its great ability to burn fat and lose weight.

As stated earlier, OxyShred asserts that all of its products are created and produced in GMP & NSF-certified facilities using only premium quality components.

So, their manufacturing quality is really good compared to other energy drinks.

Most importantly, OxyShred Energy drink contains a proprietary thermogenic blend that helps in shedding some extra pounds gained from other sources.

As the beverage does not contain fat and sugar, it implies that there will be no extra pounds from drinking the OxyShred Energy drink.

OxyShred Energy drink induces a low mood, which is known to be beneficial for burning fat and losing some extra pounds.

However, the caffeine content in OxyShred may contribute a little to some complications.

In addition, OxyShred does not claim that its energy drink is the perfect remedy for losing weight because it is an energy drink made to provide you with boosting energy.

If you want to burn fat, other physical and more perfect approaches are available to lose weight, and OxyShred might not be the best fit for burning all your body fats.

Flavors of OxyShred Energy Drink

There are many flavors of OxyShred Energy drinks available in both online and physical stores. Some of them are given below:

  1. Cotton Candy
  2. Cali Cola
  3. Gummy Snake
  4. Kiwi Strawberry
  5. Peach Candy Rings
  6. Passionfruit
  7. Guava Paradise
  8. Pina Colada

Alternatives of OxyShred Energy Drink

Although OxyShred can provide you with many health benefits, somehow you don’t like it, there are other options available to give you similar boosting energy and health benefits.

Advocare Spark

Image of Advocare spark energy powder drink.
Advocare spark has great nutrients

Advocare Spark is a powdered energy drink that has qualities similar to the OxyShred energy drink.

It contains 120mg of caffeine and many minerals and nutrients to working perfectly as a recovery drink.

Advocare Spark has no sugar and uses sucralose as a sugar substitute to provide you with a sweet taste without gaining extra pounds.

Advocare Spark comes in a stick packet, which costs around $2, available both online and in physical stores.

Celsius Energy Drink

Image of celsius energy drink powder.
Celsius energy resembles the Oxyshred energy drink

Celsius Energy drink is another great alternative to Oxyshred, the content in both energy drinks is slightly similar, and both work as great recovery drinks.

Celsius Energy is marketed as a fitness drink and contains many minerals and vitamins for better health results.

However, the caffeine content in Celsius is higher, and it is best to consume one beverage a day only.

Celsius contains 200mg of caffeine, B vitamins, Vitamin C, Calcium, Sodium, and many other supplements to give you an extreme boost of energy and enhanced mental reaction for several hours.

Final Verdict

  • OxyShred is a unique and innovative energy drink made to give its consumer a great boost of energy with the benefit of providing many minerals and vitamins in one can.
  • OxyShred Energy drink claims to burn fat and help in losing weight; however, it is not the best approach to losing weight.
  • OxyShred Energy has 113 mg of caffeine, and it is sugar-free and fat-free for the sake of the good health of its consumers.

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