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Outbreak Nutrition Energy Powder Review (Know All)

There are several energy drinks on the market; however, not all energy drinks and energy powders serve the same purpose.

A few energy drinks provide you with a subtle kind of energy, whereas a few energy drink powders are meant to provide a stronger kind of energy boost; these are pre-workout energy powders.

If you are looking for pre-workout energy powder, then Outbreak Nutrition FPS might serve you just a perfect energy boost.

It contains 125 to 250 mg of caffeine, which is more than average energy drinks, which contain caffeine somewhere around 100 to 160 mg. The good thing about this energy drink is that it contains no sugar at all and has a variety of vitamins. It can be bought in 4 different flavors.

If you ask me to rate this drink, then I would rate it 7 out of 10.

Keep reading to learn more about this drink.

Outbreak FPS Nutrition Facts

Following are the nutrition of Outbreak Nutrition FPS:

NutrientsAmount Per ServingDaily Recommendation
Calories102000 to 2500
Total Carbohydrates5 g225 and 325 grams
Vitamin C1000 mg65 to 90 mg
Vitamin B68.5 mg 1.3 to 1.7 mg
Vitamin B332 mg14 to 16 mg
Vitamin B12120 mcg2.4 mcg
Taurine3000 mg400 mg
Arginine Silicate1600 mg
N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine400 mg
Caffeine Anhydrous125 mg400 mg
L-Theanine150 mg
Broccoli, Kale50 mg
Lutein10 mg10 mg
Outbreak FPS nutrients

Ingredients of Outbreak Nutrition FPS

Following are the ingredients of Outbreak Nutrition FPS:

  • Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid)
  • Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine HCL)
  • Niacin (as Niacinamide)
  • Vitamin B12 (as cyanocobalamin)
  • Taurine
  • Inositol-Enhanced Arginine Silicate (as nooLVL)
  • N-Acetyl L-tyrosine
  • Caffeine Anhydrous
  • L-Theanine
  • Broccoli
  • Lutein
  • Coffee bean extract
  • Green tea extract
  • Turmeric extract
  • Tart Cherry
  • Blueberry
Outbreak Nutrition ingredients and nutrients
Outbreak Nutrition ingredients and nutrients

Calories in Outbreak FPS

Calories are basically the energy that you get from the food you consume. Consuming calories within a particular limit is necessary.

However, if you exceed the limit of calories you consume then you will end up gaining those extra pounds – but not necessarily, if you are someone with an active lifestyle and you burn these calories then you can still manage to stay in shape.

Outbreak FPS Nutrition contains around 10 calories, whereas the recommended amount of calories is somewhere from 2000 to 2400.

Caffeine in Outbreak Nutrition FPS

Caffeine is the most commonly used drug in the world, it is not surely the drug you are thinking of; it is a psychoactive drug that makes you active and alert and makes your fatigue go away.

Outbreak Nutrition FPS contains around 125 to 250 mg of caffeine, which is going to provide you with a good and decent energy boost.

However, it might be a little too extra for people who are not habitual of drinking caffeine, so if you are new to energy drinks, it is better to start with energy drinks with a little amount of caffeine.

I have been drinking energy drinks for quite some time now, however, this high amount of caffeine did not suit me as well.

So good luck with your caffeinated outbreak, it might compliment your body!

Vitamin in Outbreak Nutrition FPS

Vitamins are important micronutrients found in Outbreak FPS nutrition:

Vitamin B3Vitamin B3 is a water-soluble vitamin that plays an important part in numerous metabolic processes. It is primarily used to aid in the health of body tissues, help ensure proper brain function, and prevent deficiencies.
Vitamin B6Vitamin B6 is an essential vitamin found in food. It is used to keep the body and nervous system healthy. It is also needed for the body to use protein and carbohydrates.
Vitamin B12The human body requires B12 to stay healthy and strong throughout life. It’s known that getting too little of this essential nutrient can lead to a weakened immune system, which makes you more vulnerable to illness and reduces your ability to fight infections.
Vitamin CVitamin C is an important nutrient and an antioxidant having various benefits.
Vitamins in Outbreak Nutrition FPS


Taurine is a common ingredient found in most energy drinks because it is associated with health from different points of view.

Following are the benefits of Taurine:

  • Boosts metabolism
  • Boost physical performance
  • Great for Heart Health
  • Protects your musculoskeletal system
  • Fights Brain Aging
  • Good for eye


Lutein is a yellow pigment, and it is one of the most carotenoid-rich substances on Earth. Its unique structure and biological functions have been the subject of decades of research.

Lutein has been shown to act as a filter for ultraviolet light in the eye, playing an important role in vision. It is also able to absorb blue light, which is why it is sometimes referred to as a “blue light blocker.”

The reason why it is added to energy drink powders is to benefit your eyes and it is great for the people who play video games.

Lutein in outbreak
Lutein is good for the eyes


L-Theanine is an amino acid found in plants and animal tissue. It is a primary building block of proteins in the body and has been used in herbal remedies and dietary supplements to increase levels of glutamate in the brain.

It is sold in supplement form as a supplement, with some being sold in the form of capsules, tablets, or powder.

L-Theanine is sometimes marketed as a nootropic, or a supplement that enhances the function of the brain and improves cognition.

Flavors of Outbreak FPS Nutrition

There are around 4 flavors of Outbreak FPS nutrition:

  • Battleground Berry 
  • Caustic Cola 
  • Devastated Dew 
  • Nuka Fruit 

The flavors have a kind of thematic name; however, it simply makes it difficult for a person to comprehend the flavors of the drink. If you are someone who has not had these flavors before then you would not be able to pick out the one for you because you will not know what the flavor is!

Like Red Bull, G-Fuel, or monster energy drink, Outbreak FPS nutrition does not really contain lots of energy drinks.

One good thing about Outbreak Nutrition FPS is that it does not leave a chalky taste, however, you are going to feel a little powder taste in the end.

The flavor of Caustic cola is quite artificial, and I did not like it personally, it almost tasted as a normal cola would.

Whereas the flavors such as Battleground berry and Nuka Fruit, which have fruity flavors were quite good and they had a moderate amount of sugar and that is why I liked them.

flavors of outbreak nutrition
There are 4 flavors of Outbreak Nutrition

Benefits of Outbreak Nutrition FPS

Outbreak Nutrition FPS is a famous energy power and many people use it because of the benefits it provides. Let’s check these benefits:

  • Outbreak Nutrition FPS is a good pre-workout energy drink.
  • Like other highly caffeinated energy drinks, it does not leave you with jitters.
  • It contains no sugar, so you are not likely to experience a sugar crash.
  • It can boost your cognition.

Side Effects of Outbreak Nutrition FPS

Normally, a person would not complain after consuming Outbreak Nutrition FPS. However, a few people might not find Outbreak Nutrition the perfect choice for themselves.

Following are the side effects of overconsuming Outbreak Nutrition FPS:

  • A person who is caffeine sensitive might feel nauseous.
  • It might cause stomach pain.
  • It is likely to cause insomnia.

You might be wondering if this energy drink is bad for you or not, to answer this I’ve penned down all the facts in the following article:

Is Outbreak Nutrition Energy Powder Bad for You? (Reality)

Where to Buy Outbreak Nutrition FPS

If you are intrigued about buying Outbreak Nutrition FPS, then you can surely find them on the following websites.

Outbreak Nutrition FPS is not available in convenience stores. However, ordering means that you will have to pay for additional shipping rates and you would have to wait for a long time.

Price of Outbreak Nutrition FPS

On average, a single tub of 30 servings can be bought for about $30, which means that a single serving might cost you $1.40.

So the price of the drink is not too costly, but you can definitely find alternatives which are going to offer you more benefits.

Rating and Reviews

Considering all the factors such as flavors, price, and nutrients, I would rank Outbreak Nutrition FPS 7 out of 10.

It is not my personal favorite, because I believe that one can find better options at the same price. However, I would encourage you to try this energy powder because it might work out for you.

Final Verdict

Outbreak nutrition FPS is a pre-workout energy drink having 125 to 250 mg of caffeine.

It has around 4 flavors, namely Battleground Berry, Caustic Cola, Devastated Dew, and Nuka Fruit.

You can buy the Outbreak FPS Nutrition drink from the Outbreak Official Website, Amazon, Walmart and
Supplement retailers (AU).

I would rate it 7 out of 10, overall it is a decent energy drink powder.

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