NOS Energy Drink Ultimate Review (Complete)

NOS Energy Drink and its exciting flavors.

NOS is an effective high-performance energy drink. It is packed with B vitamins and taurine, among other ingredients that help improve brain function and focus. However, despite its many benefits, the primary health concern in NOS is its high sugar levels.

When trying something new, it’s good practice to look for feedback and credible reviews on the product.

If you’re curious about the energy drink brand NOS, you’ve come to the right place to learn more about it.

This comprehensive guide to NOS energy drinks will tell you more about its nutrition facts, benefits, possible health risks, and cost.

For a detailed and thorough discussion on NOS and its pros and cons, keep reading!

Nutrition Facts of NOS

Make it a habit to check the nutrition facts label!

Let’s begin our review of NOS energy drink with its nutrition facts label. The nutrition facts label is important because it tells you what nutrients you can get from this beverage and how much of it is contained in it.

Using the information on this label, you’ll know if NOS has a healthy or unhealthy amount of calories, sugar, or sodium.

Take a good look at the figures in the table below and see if they pass the daily recommended limit set by health experts.

Amount per ServingPer 8 fl. ozPer 16 fl. oz
Calories100 grams210 grams
Total Fat0 grams0 grams
Sodium200 mg410 mg
Total Carb27 grams54 grams
Sugars27 grams54 grams
Protein0 grams0 grams
Vitamin B6100 % DV100 % DV
Vitamin B 12100 % DV100 % DV
NUTRITION FACTS of a 16 fl. oz NOS Original can. Note that there are additional nutrients in other flavors.

Let’s focus on three key ingredients that could affect your health: calories, sodium, and sugar.


A plate of pancakes has more calories (250) on average than NOS Energy Drink (210).

NOS contains 210 grams of calories, an amount well within the daily recommended limit.

Calories are the amount of energy you get from food or beverage. With the sizeable amount of calories contained in a single can of NOS, you know you’ll be instantly filled with a huge amount of energy in just one gulp.

However, you should take note that other factors might affect the calorie consumption suitable for you. Age, gender, lifestyle, and metabolism or the rate your body digests food are some of these factors.

Be sure to consider these factors when you estimate your calorie consumption. For a general guideline you can refer to this suggested daily calorie intake according to health experts:

  • Male: 2500 calories per day
  • Female: 2000 calories per day


NOS Energy Drink can be a good source of sodium too. A can of NOS contains 410 mg of sodium, which is safely within the recommended limit of sodium intake.

According to the FDA, you should limit your sodium consumption to 1 teaspoon of salt or 2,300 mg of sodium per day.

More than this amount of sodium may lead to a spike in blood pressure or even urinary tract infections.


Learn all about the consequences of high sugar level consumption.

NOS Energy Drink contains high sugar levels at 54 grams. Unfortunately, this is twice the recommended amount of healthy daily sugar intake, so it may increase your risk of health complications.

Energy drink manufacturers use sugar to help increase energy levels significantly. However, the amount of sugar in NOS is very high and could pose some considerable risks when consumed regularly.

According to the American Heart Association, the daily sugar intake should not exceed:

  • Men – 36 grams or no more than 9 teaspoons per day.
  • Women– 25 grams or no more than 6 teaspoons per day.

A simple look at the numbers tells us that the sugar levels in NOS is more than the daily recommended amount for both men and women.

For me, this is one of the few downsides of NOS energy drinks because equally high-powered drinks have lower sugar levels.

The workaround that I can think of is finding NOS Sugar-Free variants. They may be hard to find in physical stores, so try to shop for them online. 

Now, I would like to dive into the caffeine content in NOS.


The caffeine content in NOS is well within the daily recommended intake.

NOS Energy Drink contains 160 mg of caffeine. This amount is pretty reasonable and within the recommended daily limit.

In comparison, Monster energy drink has 158.4 mg of caffeine, which is close to NOS’ caffeine content level.

On the other hand, Red Bull only contains 80 mg of caffeine in a regular-sized can, while Bang contains a whopping 300 mg of caffeine.

The FDA suggested daily intake of caffeine is capped at 400 mg per day.

Despite the differences in caffeine content per energy drink, I think it’s important to note that we have different caffeine tolerance levels. Some can handle energy drinks with 300 mg of caffeine in them, while others can’t.

If it’s your first time drinking an energy drink and want to try it safely, don’t start with high-powered energy drinks with a caffeine content of 400 mg or more.

Now, let’s move forward and discuss the accompanying health risks of consuming NOS energy drinks often.

However, if you don’t feel like reading, go ahead and watch this video instead.

What are the health risks of drinking NOS Energy Drink?

NOS Energy Drink Health Risks

The most common risk in drinking NOS is sugar and caffeine overdose, but other than that, NOS is not life-threatening if consumed in moderation.

However, I know many of you may be wary about the high sugar content in NOS, so let’s begin with sugar overdose and what you need to know about it.

Sugar Overdose

Sugar overdose happens when there’s too much sugar in the body and it becomes resistant to insulin.

Experts warn that if you’re consuming huge amounts of added sugar regularly, the cells in your body can become resistant to insulin over time.

Please take note of the word “over time,” as this is important because it tells us that drinking one can of NOS occasionally is not bad. 

It only becomes harmful when consumed in unhealthy amounts.

Here are some of the symptoms of sugar overdose that you should take note of:

  • increased hunger and weight gain
  • irritability
  • fatigue and low energy levels
  • craving for sweets
  • high blood pressure
  • acne and wrinkles
  • joint pain

Caffeine Overdose

If you exceed the suggested safe caffeine intake per day, which is 400 mg, you may be at risk of experiencing caffeine overdose.

Limiting yourself to one can of NOS every day keeps you safe from caffeine overdose. If you really have to consume more energy drinks, strictly limit yourself to two cans per day to avoid experiencing caffeine toxicity.

Studies have shown that caffeine stays in the blood from 1.5 to 9.5 hours. This means it can take anywhere from 1.5 to 9.5 hours for the level of caffeine in your blood to drop to half of its original amount.

The period varies because the effect of caffeine in the body depends on your caffeine tolerance and sensitivity. Other relevant factors that could affect your body’s reaction to caffeine include age, weight, and overall health status.

If ever you or someone you know accidentally consumes more than 400 mg of caffeine in a single day, watch out for the following symptoms:

  • anxiousness
  • fast heart rate
  • jitters
  • upset stomach
  • nausea
  • headache

If any of these symptoms get worse, better visit the nearest hospital to receive the right medical attention.

NOS Energy Drink Prices

Check the list of prices below and save a few bucks on your NOS purchase.

The price of NOS Energy drink is low to average relative to other energy drink brands. The standard serving of 16 fl. oz is around $2, depending on the store.

You can buy NOS in physical stores as well as online shops.

The main advantage of buying online is that there are usually more flavors to choose from. So, if you’re planning for a party and serving NOS energy drinks, you’ll save more if you buy in bulk online.

You can check out the table below where I compiled the price of NOS energy drinks from the online stores I found.

Note, however, that the availability and price of these items may vary depending on your address. On the bright side, some online shops usually offer free delivery services, so you don’t have to worry about delivery fees.

Walmart16 oz.$1.78
16 oz. x 6$24.95
24 oz. x 24$56.99
12 oz. x 6$22.99
Amazon16 oz. x 6$22.08
384 fl. oz$55.15
Sam’s Club16 oz. x 24$28.98
KMart12 oz. x 6$7
Walgreens16 oz.$2.5
PRICE TABLE: Price list of NOS Energy Drinks taken from different online stores. Note that prices may vary without notice.

Final Verdict

NOS is one of the most trusted energy drink brands out there. It does a pretty good job of boosting your energy and focus within a matter of minutes.

I also love that it contains many B vitamins that are essential for the body’s optimal health.

As you know, the only downside to drinking NOS is its high sugar levels. I usually make a compromise by buying the NOS Sugar-Free variant whenever it’s available.

Also, when I am planning to consume NOS I make sure to cut back on the sugar content of my other food and beverages for the day.

Aside from sugar, I think NOS also has an ideal amount of caffeine. It doesn’t leave me flushed or jittery. 

Plus, it has six flavors to choose from so I can explore different ones depending on my mood! 

Try a can of NOS today and let me know what you think about it!


The only thing I like more than a delicious energy drink is uncovering the TRUTH about energy drinks. Well, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but I like to share the facts that I uncover and I hope you find my words interesting and useful.

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