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Moose Juice Review (Honest Review)

Moose Juice is a UK-based energy drink that’s more popular with athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and bodybuilders.

It contains a substantial amount of caffeine which is 200mg, sugar-free, and low-calorie. BCAAs, taurine, and B Vitamins are also included in a can of Moose Juice.

The combination of Moose Juice ingredients is excellent if you want an immediate energy boost on a hectic day or a pre-workout before going to the gym.

In this article, I’ll review Moose Juice, its taste, effectiveness, and dig into more details.

What Are The Ingredients In Moose Juice?

  • Carbonated water
  • D-Glucuronolactone
  • Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA)
  • Taurine
  • Caffeine anhydrous
  • L-Tyrosine
  • L-Carnitine
  • L-Tartrate
  • Pyridoxine Hydrochloride
  • Nicotinamide
  • Sucralose
  • Choline Bitartrate
  • Acesulfame Potassium
  • Cyanocobalamin
  • Folic Acid
  • Flavourings
  • Malic Acid
  • Citric Acid
Ingredients of Moose Juice
Ingredients in a can of Moose Juice.

Nutrition Facts Of Moose Juice

Per 500 ml
Total Fat0g
Total Carbohydrates1.67g
Folic Acid400mcg
Vitamin B330mg
Vitamin B640mg
Vitamin B12500mcg
Energy15 calories
Moose Juice nutrition facts
Nutrition facts of Moose Juice

Caffeine Content Of Moose Juice

Spilled coffee beans.
Too much caffeine is not good for your health.

Moose Juice will give you 200mg of caffeine per servings.

This amount is already half of the recommended daily caffeine intake, which is 400mg set by the EFSA.

There are other foods and drinks with caffeine that you’ll consume within the day that may fill up the remaining 100mg.

Too much caffeine in your diet will lead to several adverse effects, including:

  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Jitters
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Fatigue
  • Dependency
  • hypertension
  • Irritability

It’ll help if you’re going to have control over your caffeine consumption, so you won’t ever experience any of the adverse effects listed above.

If you want to know more about its caffeine and ingredients, read my in-depth article regarding Moose Juice Caffeine And Ingredients.

Does Moose Juice Contain Sugar?

Moose Juice doesn’t contain sugar.

It’s glad to hear that Moose Juice is sugar-free. You don’t have to worry about sugar crashes, and if you’re cutting down the amount of sugar in your diet, it would be suitable for you.

For your reference, the recommended maximum daily sugar intake suggested by NHS for a healthy adult is 30g per day.

Too much sugar in your diet isn’t suitable for you and might bring about adverse effects, such as:

  • weight gain
  • risk of heart disease
  • acne
  • risk of type 2 diabetes
  • depression
  • skin ageing
  • cellular ageing
  • sugar crashes
  • fatty liver
  • dental caries

You might want to consider other sugar-free energy drinks for a healthier lifestyle.

Artificial Sweetener In Moose Juice

Sugar free biscuits
Moose Juice has artificial sweeteners.

Sucralose and Acesulfame potassium are the artificial sweeteners in Moose Juice.

Artificial sweeteners are approved by EFSA for safe consumption.

Sucralose is an artificial sweetener that’s 60% sweeter than sugar and has no calories. The most popular brand is Splenda.

Since it’s safe to consume, there are advantages to using sucralose.

  • No aftertaste
  • Controls caloric intake
  • Doesn’t affect blood sugar level
  • Lessens the risk of dental caries
  • Ideal for baking and other processes that need heat
  • Compatible with other ingredients

Acesulfame potassium is 20% sweeter than sugar but has a slightly bitter aftertaste. That’s why it’s usually combined with other artificial sweeteners.

Even though there are advantages to using artificial sweeteners, you still have to consume them moderately to avoid negative effects.

Does Moose Juice Contain BCAAs?

Moose Juice contains BCAAs (leucine, isoleucine, and valine).

BCAAs, stand for Branched-chain amino acids, are usually found in protein-rich foods like eggs, meat, and dairy products.

They’re also well-known as a popular dietary supplement in powder form.

It offers several benefits, including:

  • Reduces fatigue
  • Lessens muscle soreness
  • Aids in weight loss
  • Supports muscle growth
  • Improves liver disease

What Are The B Vitamins In Moose Juice?

A can of Moose Juice is fortified with B Vitamins, namely B3, B6, B9, and B12.

Let’s take a look at the B Vitamins in Moose Juice and their benefits.

B VitaminsBenefitsAmount
In Moose Juice
Vitamin B3Reduces blood pressure
Boosts brain function
Improves skin health
Vitamin B6Improves mood
Reduces symptoms of depression
Promotes brain health
Vitamin B9Reduces the risks of preterm birth
Lowers the risk of heart disease
Reduces the chances to develop anemia
Vitamin B12Prevents major birth defects
Osteoporosis prevention
Improves mood

Taurine In Moose Juice

A man working out
Taurine and caffeine when combine is known to improve mental and physical performance.

Taurine is an amino acid that can be found in the body. It’s essential for your overall health.

It plays a crucial role in several body functions, such as:

  • Controlling calcium levels in a specific cells
  • Bile salts production
  • Balances electrolytes in the body
  • Helps in the development of the nervous system

According to a review, insufficient taurine in the body may result in various health complications, including:

  • eye tissues damage
  • kidney dysfunction
  • developmental disorders
  • cardiomyopathy

However, if you have an adequate amount of taurine in the body, it’ll give several benefits for you, such as:

  • Healthy metabolism
  • Eye protection
  • Heart protection
  • Muscles protection
  • Brain protection
  • Protection against neurological conditions
  • Improves exercise performance
  • Reduces cholesterol levels
  • Improves insulin resistance
  • Reduces glucose level

Is Moose Juice Vegan?

Since Moose Juice contains ingredients that may have been derived from animal sources probably, it’s not vegan.

Taurine, tyrosine, and choline are primarily found in animal by-products, such as:

  • meat
  • liver
  • eggs
  • fish
  • nuts

However, there are amino acids that are synthetically made. And, some vegans were already consuming products that had synthetically produced ingredients.

In Moose Juice’s case, the brand didn’t mention the source of taurine, and to be safe, and it’s better not to consume it.

You can refer to my thorough analysis regarding Moose Juice being a vegan-friendly drink.

Is Moose Juice Gluten-Free?

Moose Juice is gluten-free.

Almost all energy drinks don’t contain wheat, barley, and rye which is known to have gluten.

Thus, Moose Juice doesn’t declare if it’s gluten-free or not.

Most of the energy drinks that I reviewed with almost the same ingredients as Moose Juice, they’re all gluten-free.

The video shows several facts about the gluten-free diet.

Is Moose Juice Keto-Friendly?

Moose Juice is keto-friendly.

If you’re on a keto diet, you’re only consuming food and drinks that are low in carbs. And since sugar is a carbohydrate, you’re allowed to consume a small amount.

A sugar-free energy drink and low-calorie are recommended for the keto diet.

Since Moose Juice contains only 15 calories and is sugar-free, it’s definitely keto-friendly.

Besides Moose Juice, there are other keto-friendly energy drinks that I can recommend if you’re on a keto diet. Read: 10 Best Energy Drinks For A Ketogenic Diet (Stay Fit)

How Long Does Moose Juice Last?

Moose Juice can provide you with up to 5 hours of an energy boost.

Moose Juice has caffeine and the effects can last up to 5 hours due to caffeine’s half-life.

Caffeine’s half-life is the time for the caffeine to reduce to half of the original amount.

The remaining half of the caffeine that you consumed can last up to 5 hours or longer.

Caffeine-sensitive people may still feel the symptoms for several hours or even a few days after consuming.

Does Moose Juice Really Work?

Due to strong nutrients added to its formula, Moose Juice works efficiently as an energy drink.

The caffeine amount in every 500ml can is relatively higher than other drinks, which makes Moose Juice effective for staying awake and improving focus.

There are also BCAAs and B-vitamin that help with promoting high-level performance and overall wellness.

However, it’s effective under limitations. You’re restricted to drinking 1 can a day since you can get high consumption of caffeine.

If you want to enjoy Moose Juice benefits, consume moderately and responsibly.

Moose Juice Side Effects

Caffeine in Moose Juice can give you some adverse effects such as insomnia, palpitation or caffeine overdose if not taken in moderation.

Since it’s a stimulant that makes the consumer more alive and energetic, it might affect your heartbeat and sleeping patterns if taken 6 hours or so before sleeping.

Take note of this so you can consider drinking it 7 hours earlier than your rest time.

Actually, both might be under caffeine-overdose symptoms. If ever you accidentally consume more than 1 can, take note of these side effects and I suggest consulting your doctor for safety measures.

How Many Moose Juice Can You Drink In A Day?

As the label at the back of the can suggests, the maximum daily intake is 1 can per day.

If you’ve exceeded the consumption limit, you might experience the said side effects previously tackled.

To prevent these risks, make sure to enjoy drinking only a can. It can benefit you if you’re going to follow the limit.

Nevertheless, it’s an energy drink that can make you energized even drinking only 1 serving.

Can You Drink Moose Juice Every Day?

You can drink one 500ml Moose Juice per day for a daily boost of energy.

The ingredients present in Moose Juice are quite strong for some, but for general drinkers without sensitivity to caffeine, it’s a good drink for an extra boost in alertness and performance.

It’s also effective for people with strenuous tasks and routines.

Just omit to drink more than a serving to prevent health risks, especially if you have preexisting health conditions.

Regardless, you can drink it regularly, but I suggest taking some breather from it to prevent caffeine dependency.

What Are The Flavours Of Moose Juice?

Here are the flavours of Moose Juice.

  • Mojito
  • Green Apple
  • Berry
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Passion Fruit

What Does Moose Juice Taste Like?

I have already tried four flavours of Moose Juice. I have the feedbacks below.

Moose Juice Berry Flavour

It has a strong flavour with incredible sweetness. And it’s a pretty sherbety tangy taste.

Moose Juice Green Apple Flavour

It tastes like typical sour apple candy. But, compared to Rockstar and Reign sour apple, this one is more on sour side.

Moose Juice Blue Raspberry Flavour

It has a nice, slightly bitter, tangy flavour. And, it has a sweet sugarcane candy smell.

Moose Juice Blue Raspberry Flavour

It tastes like a mixture of passion fruit and honeydew melon.

Moose Juice Review

7 out of 10

All in all, when it comes to taste, Moose Juice has a strong flavour, but there’s quite an aftertaste of a typical sugar-free energy drink.

It only has five flavours to choose from, which isn’t good compared to other energy drinks with 10, 15, or even 20 flavours.

But, if you’re a fan of sour-flavoured drinks, you can consider Moose Juice.

When it comes to effectiveness, it indeed can give you a significant energy boost and performance without worrying about sugar crashes.

It’s also a tremendous pre-workout drink that definitely enhances your exercise performance during workouts.

And lastly, the packaging is quite lovely, but you’ll not be able to determine if it’s really an energy drink due to its name. People who are not familiar might think it’s a kids’ beverage.

Alternatives To Moose Juice

If you want an energy drink that’s a bit similar to Moose Juice, you can try the following:

Final Words

Moose Juice has nice sweet and sour flavours. It’s an excellent substitute for other energy drinks since it has the typical tangy, intense flavours, unlike other energy drinks.

It contains 200mg of caffeine which is quite a substantial amount but will definitely give you the energy you need during pre-workouts or if you just need a quick refresh of power in the afternoon

It has BCAAs, B vitamins, and other amino acids that undoubtedly will contribute to the benefits that you might get from Moose Juice.

But, for vegans, it’s safe not to consume it since its manufacturer hasn’t confirmed Moose Juice if it’s vegan or not.

However, for keto and on a gluten-free diet, Moose Juice is safe to drink.

As always, consume Moose Juice or any other energy drink in moderation to make it beneficial for you.

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