Is Reign Bad For You? (Secrets Revealed)

6 cans of Reign energy drink

Speaking frankly, Reign is not bad for you as long as you consume it in healthy amounts.

A can of Reign Energy Drink contains B-Vitamins, BCAAs, caffeine, calories, and other ingredients that can help enhance your exercise performance and focus.

That doesn’t sound bad at all, right?

However, we should investigate more to find out if Reign is really that good or bad for you.

So, no more dilly-dally, let’s cut the chase now!

Reign Energy Drink Ingredients

For a starter, let’s look at this list of ingredients to see what’s inside a can of Reign Energy Drink.

  • Citric Acid
  • Potassium Citrate
  • Natural Flavors
  • Sodium Citrate
  • Sucralose
  • Potassium Sorbate
  • Sodium Benzoate
  • Niacin (Vitamin B3)
  • Magnesium Citrate
  • Coenzyme Q-10
  • Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B6)
  • Cyancobalamin (Vitamin B12)
  • L-Isoleucine
  • L-Valine
  • L-leucine
  • Carbonated water
  • Caffeine
Ingredients of Reign Energy Drink
Reign Energy Drink Ingredients

Nutrition Facts of Reign Energy Drink

Standard ValuesAmount (16 fl.oz)
Protein0 g
Of Which Saturated
0 g
(0 g)
Of Which Sugar
3 g
(0 g)
Sodium200 mg
Potassium70 mg
Caffeine300 mg
Vitamin B321.6 mg
Vitamin B162.0 mg
Vitamin B126.25μg
Nutritional Value of a 16 fl. oz can Reign Energy Drink
Reign Energy Drink Nutrition Facts found on the back of the can.

How much caffeine does a can of Reign contain?

Reign Energy Drinks contains 300 mg caffeine which is quite close to the recommended caffeine intake as proposed by the FDA.

A daily caffeine intake of 400 mg for healthy adults is most recommended and anything more than that can potentially lead to the following symptoms:

  • insomnia
  • fever
  • headache
  • diarrhea
  • dizziness
  • increased thirst

The good news is, you don’t have to worry about these symptoms as long as you stick to one can of Reign Energy Drink per day.

Moreover, caffeine, if consumed healthily, is also beneficial in so many ways. Some of the known benefits of caffeine include:

  • improved mental alertness
  • good short-term recall
  • improved brain function
  • protects against heart disease
  • aid in weight loss
  • enhances exercise performance
  • boosts metabolism rate

Does Reign have sugar?

Reign Energy drink does not contain any sugar but it uses the artificial sweetener sucralose to give you the best flavor.

Sucralose is a zero-calorie sweetener that is commonly used in food and beverages. It is 400 to 700 times sweeter than sugar and has no bitter aftertaste.

A pile of sugar
Reign contains zero sugar!

Although excessive sugar intake is common, it’s still in your best interest to cut down sugar on your diet to prevent any of the adverse effects linked to it.

At the end of the day, it is important to listen to your body to find out the right intake for you.

Anyway, here are potentials signs that you might be consuming too much sugar:

  • weight gain
  • low energy
  • acne and wrinkles
  • foods do not taste sweet enough
  • digestive issues

Reign Energy Drink Calorie Content

Reign Energy Drinks has a calorie count that ranges from 0 to 10, which is a small amount compared to other energy drinks available.

For comparison, Monster (16 fl.oz) contains 210 calories, while Red Bull (8.4 fl.oz) only have 110 calories.

As a reminder, the recommended daily calorie intake for women is around 1500 to 2000 calories, while men need 2100 to 2600 calories. However, the calorie needs of people depend on the following factors such as age, gender, body type, and activity level.

Of course, if you want to lose weight, cutting back calories from your diet is very important.

So, if you’re looking for a safe addition to your low calorie diet, Reign is definitely a fine choice!

A can of Reign
Reign has only 10 calories!

Is Reign bad for your heart?

In my opinion, Reign can be bad for your heart if drank in large quantities.

Energy drinks, in general , are linked to heart diseases and high blood pressure.

Caffeine and sugar are the main culprits of cardiovascular-related diseases. In addition, long-term use of energy drinks obstructs the flow of blood in your arteries which can lead to heart diseases.

The thing is, it could be hard to draw a firm conclusion for this matter because of certain factors such as the volume of drink ingested, body type, and your state of health.

As an avid Reign drinker, I choose to limit my intake to one can per day just to stay on the safe side.

Is Reign Bad for Your Liver?

Energy drinks can damage your liver especially if you consume them carelessly.

They have been linked to acute liver injury that can lead to a need for a liver transplant. Acute liver injury, or sometimes acute liver failure, means the loss or decline of liver function.

Depending on its extremities, it can occur within days or weeks. Sometimes, people don’t show any preexisting liver disease and can happen abruptly. Lifestyles are the common culprit.

This study specifically talks about how energy drinks can impact the liver. You can read it for more clarity, especially if you’re concerned.

That being said, I also think that people with any liver conditions should consult a doctor before drinking any kind of energy drink.

Are Reign Energy Drinks bad for your teeth?

Long-term consumption of energy drinks like Reign can lead to tooth decay because they’re too acidic. The acidity in energy drinks is two times stronger than in sports drinks.

Some dentist points to energy drinks as one of the culprits of tooth decays amongst adults.

The lower pH level can make you lose the enamel in your teeth which can lead to tooth decay. Enamel is harder than bone but it can be dissolved due to acidity.

That being said, it is important to care for your mouth after having a can of Reign.

Make sure to rinse your mouth out with water after drinking this kind of beverage to neutralize the acid and enhance saliva production. You can also chew gum to increase saliva production.

Lastly, wait 30 minutes to an hour before brushing your teeth. The combination of brushing and acidity can further damage the tooth enamel.

Is it bad to drink Reign on an empty stomach?

Drinking energy drinks, such as Reign on an empty stomach is really bad.

The caffeine in Reign is pretty strong and drinking it on an empty stomach is dangerous because it’s going to make you feel sick and uncomfortable.

Caffeine can damage your stomach lining which causes heartburn and indigestion. So, it is wise to have a meal or snack before drinking a can of Reign or any other caffeinated drinks.

How many cans of Reign can you drink in a day?

A single can of Reign Energy Drink per day is considered safe. I think this applies to most people no matter how high your caffeine tolerance is.

Sticking to one can of Reign per day is a wise idea – you won’t feel jittery or suffer from headaches if you follow this dosage.

Also, I recommend drinking it bit by bit to avoid caffeine shock, especially when you’re new to caffeinated drinks.

On a side note:

If you really want to experience the full effects of drinking Reign, have a can of it 15 to 20 minutes before your workout session.

Alternatives to Reign Energy Drink

Here are a few alternatives for you:

So, here’s what’s going to happen if you only drank energy drinks. Watch and learn!

Penny for your thoughts?


All in all, Reign is not bad at all, if you only intend to consume one can per day.

A can of Reign is enough to give you a quick boost and can also become harmful if you drank excessively. It can keep you energized for the entire day and can make you sick if you drink too much in one go.

Reign Energy Drink is a great option for anyone who’s into strenuous physical activities. The caffeine can surely give you the power boost that you need the whole time.

As a takeaway, drinking in moderation is the best way to enjoy Reign and other energy drinks.

So, think twice before grabbing the second can. Don’t just pour it into your system without checking the ingredients and nutrition label of your favorite energy drink.

And if you think Reign is your kind of energy drink, grab one now!


The only thing I like more than a delicious energy drink is uncovering the TRUTH about energy drinks. Well, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but I like to share the facts that I uncover and I hope you find my words interesting and useful.

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