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Is Red Bull Blue Edition Bad for You? (Revealed)

If I ask you to guess the most popular energy drink, then it would be an easy guess.

With 82 billion cans being sold since 1987 and almost 7.9 billion cans being sold each year, the Red Bull energy drink is surely one of the most popular energy drinks.

From classic Red Bull energy drink to several editions of Red Bull, the company has brought diversity to the product.

It has been claimed by the Red Bull brand that different editions of the drink have the same basic formula, so the editions of the drink are just different flavors nothing else.

Despite the amazing benefits of Red Bull energy drinks such as boosting energy and alleviating fatigue, people have started to question Red Bull’s impacts on health.

The Red Bull blue edition is not harmful to you if you manage to drink it in moderation. However, I do not want to sound misleading by claiming it to be healthy. It is a sugary beverage with extra calories.

If you want to enjoy the drink without experiencing the side effects, then try drinking it within a specific limit.

Let’s explore the query of whether the Red Bull blue edition is bad for you or not!

What is Red Bull Blue Edition?

Red Bull Blue Edition is just a flavored version of the original Red Bull with the same basic formula.

Like other Red Bull Editions such as the Tropical flavored Yellow Edition, Dragon Fruit flavored Green Edition, and watermelon flavored Red Edition, the Blue Edition of Red Bull has a fruity blueberry flavor.

Red Bull Blue Edition Nutrition Facts

To make sure whether Red Bull Blue Edition is bad for you or not, you should check the nutrients present in it.

Nutrients in Red Bull Blue Edition 8.4fl ozAmount Per Serving
Total Fat0
Total Carbohydrate41g
Total Sugar38g
Added Sugar38g
Vitamin B12120%
Nutrients in Red Bull Blue Edition

Red Bull Blue Edition Ingredients

By taking a look at the ingredients present in Red Bull Blue Edition, you can judge for yourself whether Red Bull Blue Edition is bad for you or not.

Following are the ingredients of Red Bull Blue Edition:

  1. Carbonated Water
  2. Citric Acid
  3. Sucrose
  4. Glucose
  5. Sodium Citrate
  6. Taurine
  7. Caffeine
  8. Niacinamide
  9. Calcium Pantothenate
  10. Pyridoxine HCL
  11. Vitamin B12
  12. Natural and Artificial Flavor
Back label of Red Bull Blue Edition
Red Bull Blue Edition Ingredients

However, if you are not aware of the few ingredients in the list above, continue reading the article.

Carbonated Water

The zero-calorie fizzy water with an added carbon dioxide gas is known as carbonated water or sparkling water.

The benefit of carbonated water is that it contains no calories at all and it helps you to keep full for longer. It can aid you with digestion.

When this carbon dioxide is added under high pressure to the water, so it creates a bubbly appearance and you can enjoy a fizzy tangy drink.

However, some people have complained about bloating and a gassy stomach after the consumption of carbonated water. Moreover, the continuous consumption of carbonated water is not good for the enamel of your teeth.

Sodium Citrate

Sodium Citrate is both, a sour yet salty ingredient. It is usually added to energy drinks and food to give them better preservation and a good form.

However, there are more benefits to consuming Sodium Citrate. This added ingredient can help with kidney diseases by reducing urine acidity.

Sodium Citrate also has a few side effects such as nausea and stomach pain. However, these symptoms are not observed in everyone.


Taurine is amino sulphonic acid. This chemical is already present in our body and the rich sources of it are fish, eggs, and other meats.

Even though it is found in natural form in meats and dairy products, people who are concerned about their product being vegan do not have to worry about it; Mostly, the Taurine present in energy drinks is made in labs synthetically.

Taurine is great for the health of the heart and brain, but it is also great for athletes who require plenty of muscle functioning. It reduces oxidative damage as well and hence it reduces fatigue.

Red Bull Blue Edition Caffeine Content

The most popular energy drink ingredient, caffeine, is great for a cognitive boost along with the physical activity.

Red Bull Blue Edition contains the same amount of caffeine as the original Red Bull and other Editions of the drink.

An 8.4 FL Oz can of Red Bull contains around 80 mg of caffeine whereas a 12 FL Oz contains around 114 mg of caffeine. So you can select your caffeine pick!

Be it 80 mg of caffeine or 114 mg of caffeine, Red Bull has a safe amount of caffeine content as per the recommendation of the FDA which is around 400 mg.

If you exceed the limit of caffeine, then you might experience the following side effects:

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Jitters
  • Nervousness
  • Insomnia
  • Heart palpitations
  • Numbness

You can also feel the above side effects if you have high sensitivity toward caffeine. If you want to benefit yourself from caffeine then you should consume it in moderation.

Here’s a complete review of this drink to fill you in with all the details Red Bull Blue Edition Review (Truth)

Caffeine in Red Bull Blue Edition
Red Bull Blue Edition Caffeine content ranges from 80 mg to 114 mg

Calcium Pantothenate

This is a calcium salt of Vitamin B5 which is beneficial for you in many ways.

It can produce energy by breaking down proteins, fats, and carbohydrates and increases the performance of an individual. It is also good for skin, bones, and hair.

However, in some cases, it can cause skin rashes, nausea, and vomiting.

Pyridoxine HCL

The hydrochloride form of Vitamin B6 is generally used to treat patients with anemia.

It also helps to produce the energy from the certain foods we eat. It can be found in eggs, cereals, and legumes.

It is also great for other conditions such as PMS, heart diseases, morning sickness, Alzheimer’s, etc.

Sweeteners in Red Bull Blue Edition

Red Bull Blue Edition contains the following two sweeteners:

  • Sucrose
  • Glucose

These are high glycemic sweeter which can raise your blood sugar level quite quickly and add extra calories to your diet.

If you are trying to lose weight, then Red Bull is not a perfect partner to assist you with weight loss.

Calories in Red Bull Blue Edition

There are around 110 calories in an 8.4 FL Oz can of Red Bull and 160 calories in a 12 FL Oz can of Red Bull.

Even though these calories are not too much, they are additional or extra calories in your diet. Consuming Red Bull sometimes is fine, but drinking it on a regular basis is not really a healthy choice.

What does the Red Bull Blue Edition Taste Like?

Red Bull Blue Edition has a particularly fruity taste of blueberries. Some people might find it a little tangy. However, it has a smooth texture than a regular Red Bull drink.

Is Red Bull Blue Edition Bad for You?

Red Bull Blue Edition is not bad for you as we have analyzed almost all the ingredients of the Red Bull Blue Edition above.

However, it is a sugary beverage with high glycemic sweeter, and extra calories. Considering Red Bull energy drink a good and healthy option would be totally wrong!

If you really want to consume Red Bull Blue Edition, then you should drink it within a moderate limit so that you do not experience any side effects or negative health impacts of the drink.

Red Bull Blue Edition Review!

Red Bull Blue Edition Vs Yellow Edition

There are different Editions of the original Red Bull. These editions are released either for a particular season or a region.

However, there is no particular difference between Red Bull Blue Edition and Red Bull Yellow Edition except for their flavors.

They have the same basic formula with different flavors. Yellow Edition of Red Bull is a tropical flavor, whereas Red Bull Blue Edition is a blueberry flavor.

Comparison of Red Bull Editions

Red Bull EditionsRed EditionYellow EditionBlue EditionGreen EditionPeach EditionCoconut EditionSummer Edition
TasteWatermelonTropical Frutis (Pappaya, mango and apple)BlueberryDragon Fruit (Green Apple)Peach NectarineCoconut BerryStrawberry and Apricot
Rate (Out of 10)878.58986
Rating other editions of Red Bull

Bottom Line

Red Bull is a globally renowned energy drink and it is extremely popular among athletes.

It has several editions such as the Yellow edition, red edition, green edition, peach edition, Blue Edition, etc.

Red Bull Blue Edition contains around 80 to 114 mg of caffeine and some sugar.

It is not harmful to an individual, however, if you consume the drink excessively, then you might end up experiencing certain side effects of the drink. But if you consume it within a moderate limit, then you are good to go!

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