Is Red Bull Bad For You? (Know Your Drink)

Short Answer: As long as you’re drinking in moderation and conscious about your caffeine and sugar intake, Red Bull is not bad at all.

The main ingredients found in an 8 fl.oz can of Red Bull includes 70 mg caffeine, some sugar, B-Vitamins, taurine and alpine water.

I personally think those ingredients are just about right to lift your mental and physical performance.

Red Bull is a sweet caffeinated energy drink designed to improve energy, and boost physical and mental performance.

On the contrary, there are a few concerns over its safety and possible side effects.

Bur nothing to worry about as I’m here to help you understand if Red Bull is really bad for you.

So, fasten your seatbelt and let’s get to it!

What’s in Red Bull?

The exact composition of Red Bull varies from country to country.

Some of the additional ingredients may include citric acid, baking soda, glucuronolactone, magnesium carbonate, and artificial colors and flavors.

For reference, take a look at these ingredients:

  • Carbonated Water
  • Sucrose
  • Glucose
  • Citric Acid
  • Taurine
  • Sodium Bicarbonate
  • Magnesium Carbonate
  • Caffeine
  • Niacinamide
  • Calcium Panthothenate
  • Pyridoxine HCI
  • Vitamin B12
  • Natural and Artificial Flavors
  • Colors
What’s in Red Bull?

Also, here’s the nutrition label list for a can 8.4 fl. oz Red Bull:

ContentServing Size
Caffeine80 mg
Total Fat0 g
Sodium105 g
Total Carbohydrates28 g
Sugars27 g
Proteinless than 1 g
Niacin100 %
Vitamin B1280 %
Vitamin B6250 %
Pantothenic Acid50 %
Nutrition Facts for 8.4 fl. oz Red Bull based on 2000 calories diet.
Red Bull Nutrition Facts based on 2000 calorie diet.

As you can see, the most concerning ingredients in a can of Red Bull are the added sugar and caffeine.

But, again, these are very common ingredients that are present in almost all energy drink brands alongside numerous products other than energy drinks.

So, blaming Red Bull alone for being unhealthy or dangerous would be unfair.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a sugar-free option, I recommend:

Why is Red Bull bad for you?

Is Red Bull really that Bad for you?
Is Red Bull really that bad for you?

In my opinion, Red Bull can be bad for you if consumed heavily. I am not saying it is a healthy drink but it is something that can give you a quick boost for a couple of hours. And headache too, if you drink too much of it!

While the ingredients in Red Bull may provide you with a boost of energy, they may also cause potential short and long-term side effects.

The 80 mg caffeine content in an 8.4 fl. oz can of Red Bull is equal to at least 2 cups of coffee. This is not a problem, in any way, because it’s not even close to the 400 mg caffeine intake daily.

However, if you consume more than 5 cans of Red Bull a day, you are putting yourself at risk of caffeine overdose.

Here are the symptoms associated with caffeine OD:

  • vomiting
  • nervousness
  • jitters
  • diarrhea
  • headaches

Here’s the thing, you probably won’t feel any of the symptoms if you have a pretty high level of caffeine tolerance.

But again, anything that has too much caffeine can lead to health issues. So, it’s not really fair to state that energy drink like Red Bull is bad for you.

There are other controversies regarding the health effects of energy drinks like Red Bull, particularly in teenagers and young adults. Here you’ll find the medical analysis on them.

Red Bull Sugar Content

The American Heart Association (AHA) proposed a recommended daily intake of 25 g of sugar for women and 36 g for men.

A can of 8.4 fl. oz Red Bull contains 27 g of sugar which is a little bit more than the recommended intake per day for women.

My suggestion would be to drink it slow and be mindful of your sugar intake throughout the course of day.

Sugar-wise, I can say that drinking more than one can of Red Bull per day is a pretty bad idea.

Is it safe to drink Red Bull daily?

Is it safe to drink Red Bull on regular basis?

I personally think that it’s better to consume Red Bull or any other energy drink once in a while.

However, it doesn’t mean drinking Red Bull daily will seriously damage your health.

But it might affect you health-wise if you already have pre-existing health conditions. Otherwise, I don’t see why you can’t drink Red Bull every day.

Coffee or Red Bull, which one should you drink?

Is Red Bull Better Than Coffee? Find out!

Both coffee and Red Bull are caffeinated beverages and supposed to provide you with an energy boost. But they don’t actually work the same way especially in terms of caffeine content and health effects.

To get a better picture, regular and sugar-free Red Bull contains around 80 mg of caffeine per 8.4 fl. oz can which is equivalent to a cup of home-brewed coffee.

Frankly, I’ll ditch the Red Bull and go for the cup of brewed coffee. However, I might consider Red Bull if I need an extra boost.

In my honest opinion, I’ll say coffee is a better drink than Red Bull.

Drinking coffee in moderation is beneficial to your health and can minimize the risk of type 2 diabetes, cancer, and Alzheimer’s.

If you’re planning to consume caffeine daily, I’d say coffee might be a better choice for the fact that it has antioxidants and a low-calorie count. Red Bull, on the other hand, is better when consumed occasionally because of its added sugars and caffeine.

But you’re free to choose between Red Bull or coffee depending on your personal preference.

Still, I strongly suggest monitoring your regular caffeine intake with either of these drinks.

Is Red Bull addictive?

In summary, Red Bull can be addictive to those who drink it frequently.

The thing with energy drinks, especially the ones with high caffeine and sugar content- is that they can cause your brain to release higher amounts of dopamine.

As a result, when you consume too many energy drinks, you begin to experience less of the usual dopamine response. And eventually, it leads you to consume increased amounts to continue experiencing the dopamine response, leading to dependence- another name for addiction.

The addiction can happen quickly or gradually, depending on the psychological perspective of individuals. Some may feel they are unable to perform their daily tasks well without energy drinks which can turn to a perfect disaster.

So, it is in your best interest to drink Red Bull in moderation.

What does Red Bull do to your health?

Red Bull is harmless to your health if you intend to drink it responsibly.

Like any other energy drink, it also has some potential side effects that might end up making you uncomfortable and feeling jittery.

Drinking a single can of Red Bull every day will not have too much of an effect on your health unless you have pre-existing health issues.

So once again, the key here is to consume in moderation. No more than a can or two per day.

Is Red Bull suitable for kids?

If you’re underage, then I would highly suggest you to not have Red Bull.

As we know, energy drinks are high in caffeine and sugar which are not suitable for kids under the age of 18. And Red Bull Energy Drink or any other energy drink is definitely something you shouldn’t give to your child.

In countries like England and France, children under the age of 16 are banned from buying energy drinks.

Even though in the United States, you’re free to buy Red Bull at any age. I’d still recommend kids to stay away from energy drinks.

Is Sugar-free Red Bull Healthier?

Sugarfree Red Bull has no added sugar which makes it a great option for those with blood sugar and insulin level issues.

Red Bull Sugarfree has a lower calorie count compared to the original flavored Red Bull that contains 110 calories.

So, Red Bull Sugarfree is one of the best options for energy drinks if you’re trying to lose some weight and manage diabetes.

The issue with sugar-free caffeinated beverage are the use of artificial sweeteners such as sucralose and acesulfame potassium, which are associated with side effects.

But you’ll be fine as long as you don’t take too much of it. Besides, the FD considers it safe for general use.

All in all, I can say that Red Bull Sugarfree is not healthy but a better option for you if you want an energy drink with a low caloric count.

Here’s a comparison video of Red Bull Original Vs Red Bull Sugar-free that you might want to check.

Regular Red Bull vs Sugar-free Red Bull

All About Red Bull Flavors

As of now, Red Bull has the following flavors available in the market:

  • Original (amber)
  • Sugar-free (5 calories)
  • Simply cola (cola)
  • Limon (Lime)
  • Red (watermelon)
  • Orange Sugar-free (orange)
  • Blue (blueberry)
  • Yellow/Tropical (tropical fruit/mango-papaya)
  • Green/Kiwi (kiwi-apple)
  • Ruby/Red (grapefruit)
  • Purple/Acai Sugar-Free (açai)
  • White/Coconut (coconut berry)
  • Peach (peach-nectarine)
  • Purple/Acai (açai berry)
  • Total Zero (no calories)
  • Yellow/Tropical Sugar-free (tropical)
  • Green/Refreshing Splash (Citrus-Lime)
  • Lime Sugar-Free (lime)
  • White Edition (white peach)
  • Winter Edition 2020 (arctic berry, wintergreen-blue raspberry)
  • Dragonfruit (Summer 2021 Edition)

As you can see, they have wings for every taste. And I must say they’re not wrong. Every flavor is equally incredible. You should totally try them out yourself and figure out which one you like the most.

Do check out this video to determine the amount of caffeine in each flavor.

Can Red Bull kill you?

I don’t think that Red Bull would be directly responsible for killing you. But excess consumption of Red Bull or any energy drink can cause health hazards that might deteriorate your health and contribute to an early death.

If you’re someone who has never tasted energy drink, I’d definitely suggest you take a good look at this product closely.

In short, Red Bull can’t kill you unless you overconsume!

Alternatives For Red Bull Energy Drink

If you’re looking for something similar to Red Bull, I highly suggest you take a look at the following energy drinks and figure out what works best for you.

  • Rockstart
  • Celsius
  • Bang Energy
  • Reign
  • Monster
  • 3D Energy
  • Game Fuel

Final Say

If consumed moderately, Red Bull is not bad for you.

It contains the right amount of ingredients that can help give you a quick boost that could last for hours.

I do not recommend drinking more than 5 cans of Red Bull a day to avoid caffeine overdose and other caffeine-related symptoms.

For safety, I’ll say one can per day is good figure.

And I think it’d be unreasonable to have an opinion against Red Bull without even fully realizing the ingredients.

I think it is clear that there’s nothing too scary in Red Bull and as long as you drink in moderation, you’ll be fine.

So, go on have a gulp now!


The only thing I like more than a delicious energy drink is uncovering the TRUTH about energy drinks. Well, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but I like to share the facts that I uncover and I hope you find my words interesting and useful.

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