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Is GURU Energy Drink Gluten-Free? (Full Analysis)

If you want an energy drink that’s naturally derived, GURU energy drinks may pique your interest.

Contrary to other energy drinks, GURU energy drinks are certified organic. They also have USDA organic seals and are Non-GMO Project Verified. This ensures that GURU energy drinks are plant-based ingredients and GMO-free.

The only question that’s needed to ask is whether GURU energy drinks are gluten-free.

Luckily, GURU energy drinks are gluten-free. There are no traces of gluten ingredients like wheat, rye, and barley in a can of GURU energy drink.

I’ll further explain and analyze the ingredients of GURU energy drinks.

Let’s start.

Ingredients in GURU Energy Drink

The following are the ingredients used to make a can of GURU energy drink:

  • Sparkling water
  • Organic cane syrup
  • Organic white grape juice concentrate
  • Natural flavors, apple acid
  • Citric acid
  • Organic green tea leaf extract
  • Organic guarana seed extract
  • Organic echinacea flower extract
  • Organic panax ginseng root extract
Nutrition Facts of GURU Energy Drink
Nutrition Facts of GURU Energy Drink

Nutrition Facts of GURU Energy Drink

Here’s a table for you to easily read the nutrition facts of a can of GURU energy drink:

Standard ValueAmount Per Serving (8.4 fl oz)
Total Fat0g or 0%
Sodium0mg or 0%
Total Carbs21g or 7%
Supplement Facts of GURU energy drinks

Caffeine in GURU Energy Drink

A can of GURU energy drink contains 100mg of caffeine.

This amount is enough to keep you awake throughout the day. It also doesn’t exceed the recommended intake of caffeine per day which amounts to 400mg of caffeine.

It’s important to not exceed 400mg of caffeine per day. This is because doing so will cause side effects like:

  • Restlessness
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability
  • Increased Body Temperature
  • Dehydration
  • Headache
  • Heart Palpitations

Wheat, rye, and barley are considered gluten ingredients. Luckily, none of these ingredients are found in GURU energy drinks. This makes the caffeine in a can of GURU energy drink gluten-free.

Sugar in GURU Energy Drink

There’s 21g of sugar in a can of GURU energy drink.

The sugar used for a can of GURU energy drink is organic cane sugar. It’s better than regular sugar since it retains certain nutrients of sugarcane.

Sadly, a can of GURU energy drink still contains a ton of sugar. This is a common problem for most energy drinks. It’s also the problem that makes energy drinks bad for your health when consumed excessively.

The limit intake for added sugar is 30g per day for adults. However, it’s recommended to only consume 36g of added sugar for men and 24g of added sugar for women.

Although organic cane sugar is less harmful than added sugar, it would be beneficial to your health if you follow the recommended amount of sugar intake per day.

Consuming too much sugar can lead to harmful effects like:

  • Weight Gain
  • Stress
  • Increased Risk of Heart Disease
  • Higher Risk of Developing Acne
  • High Blood Pressure

Benefits of Sugar

Despite the harmful effects of sugar, it still has a few benefits. However, these benefits can only be obtained by your body if you consume them moderately.

The benefits of sugar are the following:

  • Provides an Immediate Burst of Energy 
  • Helps You Store Energy for Later
  • Provides an Instant Mood Boost
  • Natural Sugar Sources Come With Added Nutrients

How Many Calories Are in a Sachet of GURU Energy Drink?

A can of GURU energy drink has 80 calories.

This amount of calories per can of GURU energy drink will not put your health at risk. However, you should keep in mind that drinking too much GURU energy drink can lead to weight gain.

To avoid gaining more weight, limit yourself to 2,500 calories per day if you’re a man and 2,000 calories if you’re a woman.

Is GURU Energy Drink Bad for You?

Consuming GURU energy drinks moderately will not make them harmful.

When people talk about energy drinks like GURU being harmful, what they’re actually talking about is the excessive consumption of energy drinks.

Too much of anything is surely bad, but drinking energy drinks wisely will give you advantages.

Benefits of GURU Energy Drink

The benefits of drinking a can of GURU energy drink are the following:

  • Sugar content of GURU energy drink is less harmful since they use organic cane sugar
  • GURU energy drink is vegan-certified which means it’s suitable for you if you have a vegan diet
  • GURU energy drink is USDA organic which means all of GURU’s ingredients are organic
  • GURU energy drink is non-GMO project verified which means that their ingredients aren’t derived from genetically modified organism

How Much GURU Energy Drink Can You Drink In A Day?

Drinking one can of GURU energy drink daily is considered safe.

Although it’s not a good habit to drink energy drinks every day, your health is still safe if you only drink one can of GURU energy drink per day.

If your reason for drinking a can of GURU energy drink every day is for energy, there are other options. You can get more energy even without drinking energy drinks. Here are some examples:

  • Drink more water
  • Exercise regularly
  • Get sufficient amount of sleep
  • Reduce stress

What Is a Gluten-Free Diet?

This type of diet is necessary for those that have celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. However, other people live a gluten-free lifestyle due to its benefits like:

  • Improved Energy Levels
  • Eliminated Bloating
  • Reduced Joint Pain
  • Reduced Frequency of Headaches

Are all energy drinks gluten-free?

Gluten, a protein present in wheat, rye, and barley, is not found in many energy drinks. Although some energy drinks mention gluten-free ingredients, only a few are certified gluten-free.

It’s awesome to see more companies providing gluten-free options, like in energy drinks, to cater to those with dietary restrictions. This helps promote inclusivity and accessibility, allowing everyone to enjoy their favorite drinks without any worries. It’s great to witness the rise of such products in the market, and we hope to see more of them in the future.

What drinks are not gluten-free?

Drinks that could contain gluten are bottled wine coolers, pre-made coffee drinks, drink mixes, commercial chocolate milk, and beer.

It’s important to always check the label of any beverage to confirm if it contains gluten, especially for those with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity.

How Can You Know If a Food or Beverage Is Gluten-Free?

Look for a gluten-free label to quickly know if a product has no gluten ingredients.

There are some foods or beverages that have a gluten-free label. If the product you’re buying has no gluten-free label, your best option is to analyze its ingredients.

You can also search for a particular product on credible websites like Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO).

Is GURU Energy Drink Gluten-Free?

GURU energy drink is gluten-free.

IngredientsIs It Gluten-Free?
Sparkling WaterYes
Organic Cane SyrupYes
Organic White Grape Juice ConcentrateYes
Natural FlavorsYes
Apple AcidYes
Citric AcidYes
Organic Green Tea Leaf ExtractYes
Guarana Seed ExtractYes
Organic Echinacea Flower Extract Yes
Organic Panax Ginseng Root Extract Yes
Is GURU Energy Drink Gluten-Free?

How Many Flavors Does GURU Energy Drink Have?

The list below shows the different flavors of GURU energy drinks:

Organic Energy

  • Original
  • Original Lite (Sugar-Free)
  • Matcha

Energy Water

  • Grapefruit
  • Lime
  • Pomegranate

Where Can You Buy GURU Energy Drink?

You can buy GURU energy drinks directly on their website. Another option would be to go on AmazonWalmart, and eBay 

The product description on Amazon also states that a can of GURU energy drink is gluten-free.

Alternatives to GURU Energy Drink

Final Thoughts

GURU energy drinks are made from organic ingredients. This makes it an energy drink that’s less harmful to your health. On top of that, it’s also gluten-free.

And by analyzing the ingredients of GURU energy drinks, there seem to be no traces of gluten ingredients like wheat, rye, and barley.

They use organic cane sugar which has certain benefits. It’s better than added sugar, but you still need to follow the limit intake since it’s still sugar.

If you like energy drinks and you’re worried about weight gain, drinking a can of GURU energy drink may be an option for you. It only has 80 calories per can.

This is considered low since some energy drinks have 100 up to 200 calories in just a single can.

The last thing you should know about energy drinks is to consume them moderately. Energy drinks like GURU are only bad for your health if you drink too much of them.

Drinking energy drinks moderately can give you benefits without risking your health.

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