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How Much G Fuel Powder Can You Drink In A Day?

Bahama mama flavor of G Fuel Powder
Bahama Mama flavor of G Fuel Powder

G Fuel Powder is a gluten-free, sugar-free energy drink manufactured by Gamma Labs. It’s packed with lots of antioxidants and B-vitamins and has a moderate amount of caffeine to give you a quick boost. It’s claimed to be cleaner and healthier than sugar-loaded energy drinks by the brand.

However, just because it’s gluten and sugar-free, doesn’t mean you can drink G Fuel Powder in unlimited doses. So, the question arises, how many packs of G Fuel Powder can you drink in a day?

If you want to find out what happens if you consume more than two scoops, feel free to keep reading this article.

Nutrition Facts Of G Fuel Powder

Here’s a table of what nutrients we can find in G Fuel Powder:

NutrientsAmount per scoop (7g)
Total Fat0g
Total Carbohydrates5g
Vitamin C 250mg
Vitamin E 15 IU
Vitamin B610mg
Vitamin B12425mcg
Sodium 79mg
Nutrition Facts of G Fuel Powder
Nutrition facts of G Fuel Powder
Nutrition facts of G Fuel Powder

G Fuel Powder Ingredients

As per the label of a tub, G Fuel Powder’s ingredients list is divided into 4 sections. The sections are:

  • Energy Complex, which boosts your metabolism rate
  • Focus Complex, which improves cognitive abilities like alertness, memory, and focus
  • Antioxidant Complex, which helps our bodies stop or limit the damage caused by free radicals
  • Miscellaneous Complex, which refers to food coloring and preservatives.

Look at the photo below to see the ingredients of G Fuel Powder:

Ingredients list of G Fuel Powder
Ingredients list of G Fuel Powder energy drink

Calorie Amount In G Fuel Powder

Each 7g pack of G Fuel Powder contains 25 calories. As G Fuel Powder doesn’t contain any sugar or fat, its calorie amount is low compared to other energy drinks.

To give you a better idea, one 8.4fl. oz. can of Red Bull contains 110 calories. A 16fl. oz. can of Monster has around 210 calories.

Take a look at the table below to know the recommended daily calorie intake as suggested by the NHS:

Male2500 calories
Female2000 calories
Recommended daily calorie intake

We can say G Fuel Powder doesn’t add much to your diet plan. You can easily consume one scoop of G Fuel Powder without worrying about your daily calorie intake.

Caffeine Content In G Fuel Powder

Each pack of G Fuel Powder energy drink contains 150 g of caffeine.

The caffeine in G Fuel Powder enables gamers to concentrate for long hours.

The caffeine in G Fuel Powder enables gamers to concentrate for long hours. In addition, it also boosts cognitive abilities like mental alertness. Apart from these, caffeine also has benefits like:

  • improve brain function
  • boost long term memory
  • enhances sports performance
  • lowers the risk of kidney stones
  • reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes
  • lowers the risk of stroke

However, you shouldn’t consume too much caffeine because that can do more harm than good. According to the FDA, the caffeine limit is 400mg. The side effects are:

  • rapid heartbeat
  • digestive issues
  • insomnia
  • muscle breakdown
  • fatigue
  • anxiety

You should drink G Fuel Powder energy drink in moderation to keep the side effects at bay.

Sugar Content In G Fuel Powder

G Fuel Powder doesn’t contain any sugar. Instead, it makes use of artificial sweeteners like sucralose and acesulfame potassium.

Sucralose is a no-calorie sweetener that replaces sugar in G Fuel Powder. It’s said to be around 400 to 700 times sweeter than sucrose—more commonly known as table sugar. In addition, it doesn’t affect blood sugar levels and insulin levels.

Acesulfame potassium is another zero-calorie sweetener that is 200 times sweeter than sugar. It’s known to have a bitter aftertaste, that’s why it’s paired with sucralose to mask the aftertaste.

These artificial sweeteners might not raise blood sugar levels or insulin levels, but their long-term effects are still unknown. It’s still best to limit consuming food or beverages with artificial sweeteners.

A pile of sugar
G Fuel has 0 g of sugar

Is G Fuel Powder Bad For You?

If you consume G Fuel Powder energy drink in moderation, it shouldn’t be harmful to you.

Here’s a comparison between a scoop of G Fuel Powder and the daily limit of nutrients

G Fuel Powder (7g)Daily Limit
Daily Limit
Calories25 2500 calories2000 calories
Sugar0 g36 g25g
Caffeine150 mg400mg400 mg
Nutrition values in G Fuel Powder in comparison with the daily maximum limit

G Fuel Powder’s sugar and calorie content shouldn’t be a cause for concern. However, the caffeine amount of G Fuel powder is at a moderate level.

How Much G Fuel Powder Can You Drink In A Day?

You shouldn’t drink more than 1 serving of G Fuel Powder in a day in my opinion.

Because of its caffeine content, it’s not wise to drink more than one. Do remember that we consume caffeine in other everyday foods like tea and even chocolate. Drinking more puts you at risk to go over the recommended daily limit. You might face problems of caffeine overdose.

What Happens If You Drink More Than Two Scoops Of G Fuel In A Day?

If you drink more than two scoops of G Fuel Powder in a day, you may experience the side effects of too much caffeine.

There are several symptoms of caffeine overdose. Here are some side effects:

  • irritability
  • insomnia
  • fever
  • headache
  • dizziness
  • diarrhea

Other symptoms of caffeine overdose are more serious and call for medical treatment. More severe symptoms of caffeine overdose are:

  • irregular heartbeat
  • hallucination
  • vomiting
  • chest pain
  • trouble breathing

You should never drink more than two scoops of G Fuel Powder. You won’t be able to enjoy G Fuel Powder because of the side effects.

Is it OK to drink G FUEL?

It is OK to drink G FUEL. It would appear that an ordinary adult who consumes the daily serving recommendation of G FUEL is not at risk of experiencing any adverse effects. It is also a healthier option to sugar-loaded energy drinks because it contains no sugar at all.

Please note, that GFUEL still isn’t the healthiest thing to consume. There are no studies that discuss that G FUEL does promote healthy living. However, based on ingredients, G FUE still tends to be on the safer side of energy drinks especially when consumed in moderation.

Does G Fuel have health risks?

G Fuel does have health risks. Ingesting more than the recommended amount of G Fuel can have these negative effects, whether in powder form or not. Furthermore, if not addressed, these health issues can have both immediate and long-term consequences.

In other words, this suggests that a healthy adult who consumes the recommended daily amount of G FUEL won’t have any negative reactions to the supplement. Since it has zero calories and no sugar, it’s a better choice than sugary energy drinks.

How Long Can You Feel Its Effects?

According to their website, the effects of G Fuel Powder can last for around 4-6 hours.

Because of this consideration, it’s best to drink G Fuel Powder in the morning or early in the afternoon. Sleep is very important for good health and drinking energy drinks late at night might disrupt it.

How Long Does G Fuel Stay In Your System?

Depending on your caffeine metabolism, G Fuel Powder can stay in your system for 12 hours.

According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM), caffeine has a half-life of up to 5 hours. But it takes more than 5 hours for the rest of the caffeine to flush out of our body.

If you have a large body mass or caffeine sensitivity, it may take longer for the caffeine to circulate your body.

Flavors Of G Fuel Powder

G Fuel Powder has over 35 flavors. There is no original flavor of G Fuel Powder, so you can go for these flavors of G Fuel Powder:

  • Battle Juice
  • Bahama Mama
  • Blue Ice
  • Bubble Gum
  • Cherry Limeade
  • Coconut
  • FaZeberry
  • French Vanilla Ice Coffee
  • Guava
  • Rainbow Sherbet
  • Star Fruit
  • Strawberry Shortcake
  • Tropical Rain
  • Wumpa Fruit

You can watch this video to find out which flavors of G Fuel Powder you should try first:

Ranking of G Fuel flavors!

Where To Buy G Fuel Powder

The best place to buy G Fuel powder is their official website. They offer highly customizable purchases including a Build Your Own Box option.

You can also put yourself on a waitlist for flavors that are currently unavailable. They will notify you when stocks arrive.

If you’re looking for cheaper options, you can find them on Amazon. Many online retailers would have G Fuel on their stores, but you need to do a little research to find the best deals.

In-store, you can find G Fuel Powder in your nearest Walmart, Amazon Go, or 7-Eleven stores.

G Fuel Powder might be cheaper than other energy drinks, but remember to drink it in moderation to stay healthy.

Alternatives To G Fuel Powder

If you’ve somehow changed your mind about consuming G Fuel Powder, here are some recommendations for you:

Final Thoughts

In my case, I have at most only one serving of G Fuel Powder a day. It gives me a nice concentration boost while also staying within healthy limits for caffeine.

Consuming more G Fuel can put you at serious risk. Remember that too much caffeine can lead to high blood pressure, nausea, sleep disorder, and other caffeine-related issues.

G Fuel Powder is a great choice for a quick concentration boost for long hours. They are most especially popular among gamers. The fact that it is a sugar-free energy drink too makes it a great option.

So, go and get your tub of G Fuel Powder now!

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