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How Many Mixt Energy Can You Drink In A Day? (Revealed)

Mixt energy is a powdered energy supplement specially designed for people with active and busy lifestyles. It gives you enough energy to keep you charged for almost 12 hours.

Quick Answer: You can drink only one scoop (single serving) of Mixt energy in a day.

A single serving of Mixt energy contains 165 mg of caffeine, zero sugar, zero calories, along with other nutrients like Taurine, tyrosine, and vitamins.

If you want to know how much Mixt you can have in a day and what it will do to your body. Read till the end.

Ingredients Of Mixt Energy

You can find the following ingredients in the Mixt energy drink.

  • L-Taurine
  • L-Tyrosine
  • Caffeine Anhydrous
  • Niacin (Vitamin B3)
  • Pyridoxine HCL (Vitamin B6)
  • Methylcobalamin (Vitamin B12)
  • Natural and Artificial Flavor
  • Citric Acid
  • Acesulflame Potassium (Ace-K)
  • Red 40
Ingredient label of Mixt energy
Ingredients of Mixt energy

Nutritional Facts Of Mixt Energy

Mixt energy has various beneficial nutrients in it. Here is a table showing all nutrients present in Mixt energy.

NutrientsAmount Per Serving
Caffeine Anhydrous165 mg
L-Tyrosine830 mg
L-Taurine830 mg
Carbohydrates (Sugar)0 g (0 g)
Energy0 calories
Protein0 g
Vitamin B38 mg
Vitamin B68 mg
Vitamin B1216 mcg
Image of nutrient label of Mixt energy
Nutritional facts of Mixt energy

Calories In Mixt Energy

Mixt energy doesn’t have any calories.

Drinking it shouldn’t interfere with your daily calorie intake.

It’s recommended not to have more than 2000 to 2500 calories per day. However, this will vary according to your age, gender, and lifestyle.

You don’t have to worry about Mixt energy as it has no calories at all. To keep yourself energized, you have to eat healthy and nutritional food.

Caffiene In Mixt Energy Drink

Mixt energy has 165 mg of caffeine in a serving.

The caffeine of Mixt energy keeps you focused and alert. It helps you to kick-start your day. It’s enough to keep your mind fresh, and your body energized.

According to FDA, the daily caffeine intake limit is up to 400 mg.

Drinking too much caffeine can cause the following symptoms:

  • an increase in the body’s temperature.
  • more frequent urination
  • dehydration.
  • headaches and dizziness
  • palpitations
  • agitation and excitability.
  • apprehension and irritation.

Sugar In Mixt Energy

No sugar label of Mixt energy
Mixt energy has no sugar in it

There is no sugar in Mixt energy.

You should avoid added sugars as much as you can. Mixt gives you energy without raising your blood sugar levels or giving you extra calories.

According to AHA, women should not have more than 25 g (6 teaspoons) of sugar, while men should not have more than 36 g (9 teaspoons) in a day.

Apart from Mixt energy, you should also keep your sugar intake in check from other food sources. If you don’t limit your sugar intake, you may experience these health problems:

  • Increased risk of heart diseases
  • Acne
  • Obesity
  • High blood sugar levels
  • Skin ageing
  • Fatty liver
  • Increased risk of cancer

How Many Mixt Energy Can You Drink In A Day?

You can drink only a single serving(one scoop) of Mixt energy in a day.

Mixt energy contains caffeine. Its caffeine amounts to almost half of your daily caffeine intake limit. And if you’re not careful with drinking your caffeine, you will face serious side effects.

One scoop of Mixt energy is enough to you awake and more focused throughout the whole day. The taurine in it will also help in keeping your brain active and improving mental activity.

You shouldn’t drink more than one scoop if you don’t want to experience any effects.

Can You Drink Mixt Energy Everyday?

You can drink Mixt energy every day if you drink it moderately.

Mixt energy is safe to drink daily as it doesn’t have any sugar in it. Bear in mind that it has 165 mg of caffeine in it, so it’s still best to consume it in moderation.

Here are some of its benefits, experienced only when you drink responsibly:

  • Improved athletic performance
  • Enhanced metabolism
  • Mental alertness
  • Memory enhancement
  • Improves your energy levels

What Happens If You Drink Too Much Mixt Energy In A Day?

If you drink a lot of Mixt in a day, you might experience caffeine crashes and other caffeine overdose symptoms.

Mixt energy has caffeine in it. If you drink more than 400 mg of caffeine, you can experience the mentioned side effects.

It’s better to stick to less than 400 mg of caffeine in a day. I think 50 to 100 mg of caffeine is enough to kick-start your day. Still, if you want a high dose of caffeine, avoid drinking energy drinks with more than 200 mg of caffeine.

Is Mixt Energy Good For You?

No energy drink can be considered good, but it could be beneficial.

Mixt energy has caffeine along with taurine and other vitamins in it. All these nutrients have a positive effect on your health. They help to keep your brain healthy, and your body energized.

There’s sugar or calories in it. This makes it an effective energy drink that won’t give you any sugar crashes. You won’t gain any calories or weight from drinking it.

Caffeine in Mixt energy is a stimulant that helps you start your day with a fully active mind and energized body. Vitamins and nutrients also give you a nice boost along with improving your athletic and mental activity.

How Much Time Does Mixt Energy Take To Kick In?

Mixt energy takes almost 30 to 40 minutes to show its effect.

When you drink Mixt energy, it gets absorbed through your stomach and intestine and reaches your blood flow. Through blood, it goes to every part of your body. All this process takes approximately 30 to 40 minutes to complete.

When the caffeine in Mixt energy reaches your brain, you start feeling that energy buzz, and your mind becomes more alert.

This caffeine remains in your system for 10 to 12 hours. So you will feel the effect of your energy drink for almost 12 hours.

What Is The Best Time To Drink Mixt Energy?

The best time to drink Mixt energy is morning or at least 4 to 5 hours before bed.

Mixt energy has caffeine in it, which is a stimulant. If you drink in the morning, it will completely wear off till evening. And if you will drink it in the afternoon or midday, its concentration will reach half in 4 to 5 hours.

So it is best to drink it at least 4 to 5 hours before bedtime if you do not want to spend your night counting stars. You can drink it at night if you are up for an all-nighter. Other than that, you should avoid drinking it at night.

Benefits Of Mixt Energy

Mixt energy has a lot of positive effects on your body and mind if you stick to one scoop per day.

Mixt energy contains caffeine, vitamins, and amino acids with no sugar or calories in them. So you can reap its benefits without worrying about gaining any calories from it.

  • High energy level
  • Strong immune system
  • Increased metabolism
  • Weight loss
  • Increased athletic performance
  • Improved endurance

You can have all these benefits if you drink Mixt energy responsibly.

Where Can You Buy Mixt Energy?

Mixt Energy is available at your local supermarket and online.

You can check Walmart for amazing offers, but you can also utilize Store Locator to find a mart that sells Mixt near you.

If you’re looking to purchase Mixt Energy online, you can always do it through Amazon or eBay. You can also place an order directly through Mixt Energy’s official website.

A tub of Mixt Energy is approximately $30. Prices, however, may vary depending on where you purchase.

Flavors Of Mixt Energy

Mixt energy is available in 9 different flavors.

  • Fruit Punch
  • Watermelon Rush
  • Rainbow Candy
  • Sour Slurp
  • Starfruit Blast
  • Orange Sherbet
  • Grape Popsicle
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Fresh Lemonade
A short video review of different flavors of Mixt energy

Alternatives Of Mixt Energy

Here are a few other energy drink options for you to try.

Final Thoughts

Mixt energy is a healthy drink, but you should not drink more than one scoop of it in a day.

Mixt energy has 165 mg of caffeine in its one serving. This amount of caffeine can keep you alert and buzzed for the whole day. It can help you to continue your daily activities without being tired.

But don’t drink more than one scoop a day. Otherwise, you will feel effects like headache, nausea, anxiety, insomnia, etc.

The nutrients in Mixt are all healthy. It has no sugar and calories in it. So it is the best option you can have while avoiding unnecessary effects related to added sugars.

Just give it a try and feel energized healthily.

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