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GFuel In Sweden (All You Need To Know)

a Gfuel box
The G fuel Energy Formula

GFuel is a natural energizing beverage or “energetic formula” as its creators prefer to refer to it.

Due to its components that help with focus and memory, the beverage swiftly became the official energy drink for Esports. 

Although “Game Fuel” is the name of the substance, it should not be confused with the beverage made by Mountain Dew. They are entirely distinct beverages! 

G Fuel is available in carbonated beverages as well as drink mixes (my favorite). G Fuel is designed to increase your energy and attention.

What distinguishes G Fuel from the dozens of other energy drinks, such as Red Bull, Monster, Rockstar, and so forth? Let’s discover this in this article!

G Fuel In Sweden


G Fuel is also available in Sweden
G Fuel is also available in Sweden

G Fuel differentiates itself from most of its competitors since it is a powdered energy drink with a wide range of components and no added sugar. 

You can persevere through strenuous game sessions with the aid of this boost. 

You’ve likely heard of G Fuel if you’ve worked in the video game industry at all. This energy drink brand probably sponsors some of your favorite content creators and has attempted to become part of the e-sports scene. 

G Fuel is marketed as a pure and healthy energy drink for gamers. It guarantees immediate focus and endurance gains. 

Ever wonder where you might be able to find G Fuel in Sweden? 

Not all of G Fuel’s items may be sent straight to Sweden. To have your items delivered to the place of your choice, you can order them through the Official Website, Amazon, Lime Pro Gaming, etc

A tub of G Fuel powder costs approximately 351.74 SEK, and each serving costs about 10.75 SEK. Essentially, the price of G Fuel may differ from retailer to shop. Though you might get the best price if you buy directly from their own website.

Continue reading as we examine G Fuel energy drinks in greater detail to see how they stack up against other energy drinks in terms of effectiveness. 

What Stores Sell G Fuel In Sweden? 

Official website of G Fuel 

The selection of the company’s drinks may be seen on its website. Small drink mixes, tubs, and carbonated beverages are available (my favorite). 

  • All flavors are accessible and available for purchase. 
  • You have priority access to new flavors. 
  • Applying discount codes is up to you. (If you’re making a direct purchase from the website, use this option—there are some incredible discounts available.) 

Using Amazon 

I suggest purchasing the G fuel in tubs from Amazon if that’s what you prefer. If you have Prime, you’ll save money on delivery, and the prices are a little bit lower than on G Fuel’s website! 

To purchase on the Amazon website, follow these steps: 

  • Amazon G Fuel, kindly click this link. Verify your login status. 
  • After selecting a product, click the Add to Basket button. 
  • When you’re done buying, click the shopping cart button in the upper left corner of your screen. 
  • After carefully considering your choices, press the Proceed to checkout button. 
  • After entering your mailing address, click the following button. 
  • Click Continue after deciding on your payment method. 
  • Finally, press the Order Place button. 
G Fuel has a wide range available on Amazon

Lime Pro gaming 

For devoted gamers in the UK, Lime Pro Gaming is the go-to source for high-performance gaming equipment. If you’re looking for Sweden, it also delivers there.  

The following is the order process

  • Access your Lime Pro Gaming account and find the required page by logging in. 
  • Pick your preferred flavor. 
  • One option is Add to Cart. 
  • When you’re done buying, click the shopping cart button in the upper left corner of your screen. 
  • Look over your possessions. Click the Proceed to Checkout button when you are finished. 
  • After entering your payment information, click Continue. 
  • To complete your transaction, click the Confirm Payment button one last time. 

Nutrition Facts About G Fuel 

Nutrition Facts behind the can
Nutrition Facts behind the can
Nutrients Value (Serving size: 16 fl. oz.)
Total Fat 0g 
Total Carbohydrates 0g 
Sugars 0g 
Vitamin B-3 4mg 
Vitamin B-6 0.4mcg 
Vitamin B-12 0.6mcg 
Sodium 70mg 
G Fuel Nutrition Facts

What is the primary drawback of any typical energy drink? Sugar brings about the dreaded crash sensation. So what makes G Fuel different? 

It’s free of sugar. Even while most energy drinks have a sugar-free variant, that isn’t particularly unusual, and it tastes fantastic too! Sucralose is used in G Fuel in place of sugar.

There are many treats in it. It includes numerous vitamins, including vitamins C, B, B12, B6, and E, in addition to other beneficial components. Find out more about the members of G Fuel. 

You can see how G Fuel became the preferred energy drink in esports since it contains several components that improve brain function (competition gaming). 

back of G Fuel
Nutritional values at the back of the tub
Nutrition FactsAmount Per Serving (7g)Daily Value
Total Fat0g
Vitamin C250mg278%
Vitamin E10mg
Vitamin B610mg588%
Vitamin B1210mcg417%
Powdered Gfuel nutrition table

Caffeine Content of G Fuel 

A 16 fl. oz. serving of G Fuel includes 300mg of caffeine. 

Caffeine is a necessary component of any energy drink because it gives the beverage its ability to keep you alert and enhance your general cognitive function.

The amount of caffeine in G Fuel cans is substantially higher than the typical energy drink serving size of 80 to 300 mg. 

However, the quantity of caffeine in caffeinated beverages is less than the maximum amount you may take in without experiencing a minor headache.

For instance, the recommended quantity of caffeine for a quick boost is between 50 and 100 mg per serving in energy drinks, which is what I favor.

G Fuel Pre-Workout  

Check out this video on G Fuel Nutrients.

Lifters have been seen using Gamma Labs G Fuel pre-exercise, but I have to admit that gamers are its core market.

Actual competitors of Gamma Labs G Fuel pre-workout include Redbull, Monster Energy Drink, and carbonated beverages. 

Fun Fact: Pewdiepie, the most infamous and well-known content creator on YouTube, who started by streaming video games and has since amassed well over 93 million subscribers and counting, is even their current brand ambassador (and a model on their website). 

How Does G Fuel Taste? 

iced coffee gfuel flavor
Iced Coffee G Fuel Flavor

G Fuel got a taste of its various flavors.

One of their original and most popular flavors is blue ice. 

The 7 grams of G Fuel powder in the sachet have a delicious flavor. It tastes delicious and leaves a crisp, pleasant aftertaste. You’ll get an energy boost from it, but it won’t taste fruity or minty.

Another popular taste developed by G Fuel is fazeberry. Blueberry, strawberry, and pomegranate are all present.

This flavor could appeal to you if you like berries. It tastes good and smells like strawberries. When mixed with water, it takes on a vivid crimson hue.

There are 19 different fruits in the fazeberry. I’m not a fan of berries, so it’s not on my list of favorites. To my taste, it is way too sweet. 


  • Natural energizing drink G Fuel is what its makers prefer to call an “energetic mix.” The drink quickly established itself as the official energy drink for Esports due to its ingredients that aid in concentration and memory. 
  • Since G Fuel is a powdered and as well as canned energy drink with a variety of ingredients and no added sugar, it stands out from most of its rivals. 
  • You can order your things through the official website, Amazon, Lime Pro Gaming, etc. to have them delivered to the location of your choice. 
  • On its website, the company offers the widest assortment of beverages. There are offered small drink mixtures, tubs, and carbonated drinks. 
  • If you prefer, I advise getting the G fuel from Amazon in tubs. The prices are a little bit lower than on G Fuel’s website. 
  • Lime Pro Gaming is the go-to retailer for top-notch gaming hardware for ardent UK gamers. It also delivers to Sweden, if that’s where you’re looking. 

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