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Emerge Energy Drink Nutrition Facts (Full Information)

Emerge is a popular UK based energy drink that provides a significant energy boost and an enhanced focus. But ever wondered what goes on into your favourite energy drink?

In this article, we’ll go over all the nutritional values and ingredients of Emerge energy drink.

I will also cover up everything you need to know before deciding to buy a can of Emerge.

I hope to keep you on board as I go over all the details.

Let’s get started.

What Are Emerge Energy Drink’s Ingredients?

A single 250ml can of Emerge stimulation energy drink contains the following ingredients:

  • Citric acid
  • Taurine
  • Sodium Citrates
  • Flavourings
  • Ammonia caramel (colouring)
  • Riboflavin (colouring)
  • Sodium benzoate (Preservative)
  • Sucralose (Sweetener)
  • Acesulfame K (Sweetener)
  • Niacin
  • Pantothenic acid
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12
  • Inositol

What Are The Nutrients Of Emerge Energy Drink?

Emerge energy drink has a lot of nutrients in each can. So, here is an easy-to-read table that explains all the nutrients most profitably.

Nutrients AppliedAmount Present In Each Serving
Total Carbohydrate11.2g
Total Fat0g
Energy53 calories
Nutrition values of Emerge energy drink.
A picture of the nutrition facts of Emerge energy drink.
Nutrition facts of Emerge energy drink per 100ml.

What Are The Flavors Of Emerge Energy Drink?

Emerge energy drink has introduced seven flavours, which includes:

  • Original
  • Original Light
  • Zero White
  • Citrus
  • Impact
  • Tropical
  • Mixed Berry

Despite the flavours, the drink offers four different versions. All of which are:

  • Original
  • Zero
  • Dual
  • Flavoured
A photo of two different sugar-free flavors of Emerge energy drink.
A snippet of the dual version of the Emerge energy drink.

What Are The Product Ranges For Emerge Energy Drink?

Emerge Original

This is Emerge’s first original flavour. It has 21 calories in every 100ml of the drink, which means 53 calories in the 250ml version of the glass.

The energy drink is available in two sizes: a 250ml can and a 1L bottle.

There is the presence of both artificial sweeteners and sugar in the energy drink.

And the key ingredients are caffeine, taurine, and B vitamins.

Emerge Zero Sugar

With no added sugar and only three calories in each 100ml, it means 7.5 calories in a 250ml can. It’s a good option if you want to avoid too much sugar.

But it doesn’t mean the drink tastes any less tasty just because there is no added sugar. Acesulfame-K is the artificial sweetener used in Emerge Zero Sugar.

Emerge Dual

Emerge Dual is the original Emerge, but with fewer calories.

The manufacturers have introduced three different flavours of Emerge Dual, Emerge Dual, Emerge Mixed Berry Dual and Emerge Dual Sugar-Free.

Emerge Dual also contains less sugar than the original Emerge.

Emerge Flavoured

The idea behind launching this version was to spice up the original lineup of Emerge.

The sugar content in Emerge Flavoured is 12g each serving, and they’re sold in 250ml cans only. There’s no 1L bottle option available for this version.

There are two flavours of Emerge Flavored; Juice Berry and Tangy Tropical.

How Much Caffeine Does Emerge Energy Drink Have?

Each 250ml can of Emerge energy drink has 75mg of caffeine. That’s 30mg of caffeine per 100ml.

75mg is not a lot of caffeine. So it doesn’t go in the solid caffeinated energy drink category.

The EFSA recommends a maximum caffeine intake of 400mg in a day. Also, drinking up to 200mg of caffeine in a single drink is recommended.

A regular cup of coffee contains about 95mg of caffeine, so even considering that Emerge doesn’t have a lot of caffeine.

It all comes down to your caffeine tolerance. Someone with a high caffeine tolerance might not even feel the caffeine working, whereas someone with a low caffeine tolerance might feel hot flushes.

I like to have 50-100mg of caffeine in a single energy drink serving. Anything more than that leaves me feeling uneasy.

It’s also a good idea to know the possible side effects of high caffeine content. Overconsumption of caffeine can lead to:

  • Insomnia
  • Lack of focus and concentration
  • Anxiety
  • Headaches

Emerge has a label in the back saying the drink isn’t suitable for children, pregnant or breast-feeding women.

A photo of a warning label.
The brand also labels the drink to have “high-caffeine content.”

How Much Sugar Does Emerge Energy Drink Have?

Every Emerge energy drinks’ sugar content ranges from 8g to 12g, depending on the flavour or version you’re purchasing.

I’m not a fan that the brand did not provide enough information about the sugar content. It mainly concerns that they didn’t specify which sugars are in the drinks.

The National Health Service UK (NHS) recommends adults not consume more than 30g of free sugar daily.

Free Sugar means the sugar you add to a food that already has sugar in it. Free sugar means added sugar.

I don’t think the sugar content in Emerge energy drinks is over the top. Energy drink brands like Uptime with a whopping 37g sugar content in a similar serving size.

Nevertheless, Emerge uses artificial sweeteners like Acesulfame Potassium or Acesulfame-K on the sugar-free versions of its energy drinks. Acesulfame-K is a zero-calorie sweetener and is 200 times sweeter than regular sugar.

However, it’s still a great choice to be aware of the probable health risks of consuming too much sugar. Too much consumption of free or added sugars can cause health problems like:

  • Weight Gain
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Inflammation
  • Spike In Blood Pressure
  • Sugar crashes, etc.
A photo of sugar cubes in a blue background
Too much added sugar consumption could cause fatigue too.

B Vitamins In Emerge Energy Drink

Emerge uses 4 B vitamins in its energy drinks primarily. They are

  • Niacin (Vitamin B3)
  • Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5)
  • Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6)
  • Cobalamin (Vitamin B12)

Vitamin B3

Vitamin B3, commonly known as niacin, is excellent for lowering our LDL cholesterol and increasing our HDL cholesterol.

It helps with heart diseases and may play a role in preventing type 1 diabetes. This B vitamin also boosts our overall brain function and helps in improving our skin.

Vitamin B5

Vitamin B5, or pantothenic acid, helps produce energy by breaking down nutrients like fats and carbohydrates. The B vitamin also helps in keeping healthy skin, eyes, liver and hair.

However, you should keep track of how much vitamin B5 you’re consuming, or else it may have side effects like dizziness or insomnia.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 or Pyridoxine helps in improving our mood and reducing symptoms of depression. It helps with nausea during pregnancy and promotes a more muscular immune system.

It helps in reducing possible risks of Alzheimer’s too.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 or cobalamin promotes the formation of red blood cells in our body. It also keeps our body’s nerve and blood cells salutary.

Like vitamin B6, this nutrient helps without mood too.

Can You Drink Emerge Energy Drink Regularly?

You can drink Emerge energy drink regularly, in moderation.

However, you can consume the energy drink regularly only if you’re a healthy adult with no pre-medical issues or are not pregnant.

I don’t recommend drinking energy drinks every day. I think they work the best if you drink them every once in a while.

Again, if you plan to drink Emerge energy drinks every day, please stick to one can of Emerge. But if you want to, two cans should be your limit.

Here is a detailed video of what might happen if you drink energy drinks regularly.

Benefits Of Drinking Emerge

With 75mg of caffeine and little to 8-12g sugar with 53 calories per 250ml can. Emerge has more benefits than you think it has.

Some of the benefits are:

  • It makes you feel refreshed
  • Keeps you energized
  • Enhanced physical performance
  • Better focus and concentration
  • It helps in keeping you awake

The benefits will only be effective and visible if you consume the energy drink in moderation.

A photo of emerge energy drink dual flavor in a person's hand.
Drinking Emerge for that boost of energy is fine, but don’t go overboard.

Do Emerge Energy Drinks Have Any Side Effects?

Emerge works the best if you have them within limits. If you’re not careful with your energy drink consumption, you’ll face side effects.

However, your body’s ability to consume and digest caffeine and sugar also play a vital role. But again, you’ll not face anything out of the blue if you’re cautious with your consumption.

But these are some side effects you might face if you consume too many Emerge energy drinks:

  • Caffeine Overdose
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Sleep Deprivation
  • Fatigue
  • Feeling nauseous
  • Sudden headaches, etc.

Where To Buy Emerge Energy Drink

Most supermarkets like Tesco, Poundland, B&M Stores, Home Bargains, Sainsbury’s, and others will have Emerge.

If you’re buying Emerge online, you can buy the drink from the brand’s official website. Or go for resellers like Amazon, eBay, Star Bargain, etc.

Energy Drinks You Can Try Instead Of Emerge

Here are some alternatives to Emerge if the drink is not fitting your forte:

Did you know? Aspire is the world’s first energy drink that claims to burn calories. Check out my in-depth review.

Final Roundup

Emerge energy drinks, with all the brand is offering, is a pretty good energy drink.

It doesn’t have too much caffeine, only 75mg. And the sugar content range is 8-12g, in my opinion, not too much. The calorie content isn’t high either, only 53 calories per 250ml can.

The drink is giving you a brilliant boost of energy and is keeping you focused. It also has a sweet blend of 4 multi-vitamins.

You can drink Emerge regularly in moderation and won’t see any significant health effects.

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