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Does Rip It Energy Drink Actually Work? (Facts Only)

Rip-It is a carbonated energy drink produced in the US in 16 oz. cans. The energy drink has several flavors, and the taste is interesting.

But the question remains, does Rip It energy drink work?

Well, for shorthand, it does. Each 16 fl. oz providing you a nice boost of energy with 160mg of caffeine and 100 calories.

Let’s get started.

What Are The Ingredients Of Rip It?

A single 16 fl. oz can of Rip It, you will find the following ingredients:

  • Carbonated water
  • High fructose corn syrup
  • Taurine
  • Citric acid
  • Natural flavor
  • Sodium citrate
  • Guarana seed extract,
  • Inositol
  • Sodium benzoate (preservative)
  • Potassium sorbate (preservative)
  • Guarana seed extract,
  • Ester gum
  • Yellow 5
  • Folic acid
  • Yellow 6

Rip It also comes in shot bottle versions. In a single shot bottle, you will find:

  • 30mg Vitamin B3 (Niacin)
  • 40mg Vitamin B6
  • 400mcg Folic Acid
  • 500mcg Vitamin B12
  • 100mg Taurine
  • 100mg of Caffeine
  • 20mg L-Glutamine
  • 20mg d-Glucuronolactone

What Are The Nutrients Of Rip It?

Now that you know which ingredients go in a single can of Rip It. The table below will help you understand nutrients better.

Nutrients AppliedAmount Per Serving (8 fl. oz)
Total Carbohydrates26g
Total Sugars26g
Total Fat0g
Vitamin C120% of the tolerable intake
Vitamin B6100% of the tolerable intake
Vitamin B12170% of the tolerable intake
Energy100 calories
Caffeine80mg of caffeine
Nutrition value 8 fl. oz of Rip It energy drink.
A photo of nutrition facts at the back of the can.
Nutrition facts of Rip It energy drink.

How Much Caffeine Is In Rip It?

A single sixteen fl. oz can of Rip has 160mg of caffeine, whereas an eight fl. oz can have 80mg of caffeine. The two fl. oz shot bottle versions of Rip It has 100mg of caffeine in them.

Considering the shot bottle, a regular can of Rip has 160mg of caffeine, which is not too much. Whichever you’re choosing, it depends on you.

Again, 160mg of caffeine can be a lot for people who have a low caffeine tolerance. People who consume caffeine regularly probably won’t even feel the caffeine working as they’re used to high caffeine content.

As a reminder, the FDA recommends the highest intake of 400mg of caffeine per day. Consuming more than 400mg of caffeine can cause vital side effects like:

  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Nervousness
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Jitters, etc.
Here’s a detailed video on what happens to our bodies when we consume too much caffeine.

How Much Sugar Does Rip It Have?

Each sixteen fl. oz can of Rip It has 26g sugar.

Although it doesn’t look like much, 26g is a lot of added sugar. I was considering the AHA‘s recommended sugar intake.

The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends a maximum intake of 36g, and 24g added sugar for men and women. That’s 9 and 6 teaspoons of added sugar.

Added sugar is the sugar you add to foods that already contain sugar or are sweetened. For example, energy drinks, soft drinks, chocolates, etc.

However, too much added sugar is not suitable for our health.

Overconsumption of sugar may lead to:

  • Hypoglycemia
  • Headaches
  • Upset Stomach
  • Uneasiness
  • Diabetes
  • Weight Gain
A photo of sugar
Excessive consumption of free sugar causes fatigue too.

Rip It offers sugar-free flavors for those who don’t like adding sugar in their energy drinks or are trying to cut down sugar overall.

Calories In Rip It

A sixteen fl. oz can of Rip It has 100 calories in it.

However, the shot versions of the drink claim to have no calories. But again, with two fl. oz volume of liquid, we aren’t looking for an essential taste, just something to boost our energy and keep us awake.

Nevertheless, the 100 calories of a regular can of Rip It shouldn’t be a big deal, even if you’re on a calorie-restricted diet. Considering the recommended daily calorie intakes are 2,500-2,000 calories for healthy males and females.

Keep in mind; the calorie count is different in person because of a person’s metabolism, age, physical activity, gender.

A picture of a woman measuring her waist in a white background.
Drinking a can of Rip It now and then won’t hurt your diet.

Is Rip It Energy Drink Bad For Your Health?

Rip It energy drink is not bad for your health if you drink within limits.

Rip It energy drink will only raise health concerns if you’re reckless with your consumption. Drink Rip It in moderation, and you’re good to go.

If you’re drinking Rip It regularly, I highly suggest that you don’t consume more than one can of Rip It every day. Or else you might face side effects.

Does Rip It Have Any Side Effects?

If you go overboard with your Rip It energy drink consumption, you might face side effects like these:

  • Caffeine Addiction
  • Sugar Crashes
  • Nausea
  • Obesity
  • Lack of focus
  • Type 2 diabetes or Prediabetes

Try to keep track of the amount of Rip It you’re drinking if consumed often.

Is Rip It Energy Drink Good For Your Health?

Rip It energy drink can be beneficial and good for your health, to a specific limit.

Rip It boost your concentration and give you an excellent boost of energy. On those days when you struggle to meet deadlines or have a test the day after, sure, go for a can of Rip It. The drink will help you.

Girl in bed with laptop at night
Rip It will help you increase your focus.

But don’t start consuming Rip It every day. As I said, the drink is good for your health only if you drink it when you need it. Overconsumption will do more harm than any good.

Does Rip It Energy Drink Really Work?

The straightforward answer is, Yes, Rip It energy drink works.

The energy drink will help you in both boosting up your stamina and concentration.

If you hunt for something that doesn’t contain over-the-top caffeine, will not cause fatigue, and doesn’t cost too much. Rip It might be an excellent choice for you.

A study shows Rip It increasing stamina in the subjects but no increase in physical strength.

How Does Rip It Energy Drink Taste?

I tried the “Active Mandarin and Live Wild Lime” flavor of Rip It.

I was greeted by a greenish carbonated haze as soon as I opened the can.

The smell was similar to a Mountain Dew soda. The drink’s color was light green and yellow, again identical to Mountain Dew but not too eye-catching.

While drinking it, The energy drink tasted like a richer, more robust version of Mountain Dew, so I had to drink it slowly and thoroughly. I didn’t want to chug it.

The taste was delightful, too sweet for me. So I found the drink hard to finish because I already felt the bitter aftertaste.

But when I drank most of the drink, the bitter taste was barely noticeable. But the taste was potent and artificial. I will not say it’s from natural lime or citrus, rather flavored.

6 cans of Rip It energy drink in a table
The “Active Mandarin and Live Wild Lime” flavor of Rip It that I tried.

Where Can You Buy Rip It Energy Drink?

You can buy Rip it from your favorite stores like Walmart and Dollar Tree. You can also buy from the Rip it website. If you’re the type of person who loves online shopping, you can order Rip it at Amazon. It is more convenient.

They come in packs of 12 for 16 fl. oz for the price of $16. If you want more, they also have 24 cans for $47. Just keep in mind, drink in moderation.

How Many Flavors Does Rip It Have?

Rip It energy drink comes in a total variation of 18 different flavors, for various versions:

Rip It Can Flavors

  • Atomic Pom (pomegranate)
  • Power (berry flavor)
  • Power Sugarfree
  • Lemoan’r (raspberry lemonade)
  • Limewrecker (lime)
  • 3 Way (berry mix)
  • F Bomb (mixed berry, has a sugar-free version as well)
  • Shot Poo!tin Power (coconut and mango)

Rip It Shot Bottle Flavors (2 fl. oz)

  • Code Blue (Mixed Berry)
  • Freek (Blood Orange)

Rip It flavors that come in both canned and shot:

  • Tribute (comes in active mandarin & wild lime, orange creme, and cherry lime)
  • Citrus (can version also comes in sugar-free)
  • Red-Zone (strawberry)
  • Stinger Mo (tropical fruit)
  • G-force (grape)
A photo of multiple Rip It energy drinks in a red table in tribute flavor.
Rip It Tribute flavor in the canned version.

Is Rip It Energy Drink Sugar-free?

As said earlier, the brand offers sugar-free options. You’ll find five sugar-free flavors of Rip It, namely:

  • Active Mandarin and Live Wild Lime Sugar-free
  • Power Sugar-free
  • Citrus Sugar-free
  • F-bomb Sugar-free
  • G-force Sugar-free

So if you’re trying to avoid sugar but want a can of Rip it, they’ve got you covered!

Alternatives To Rip It

Rip It is a decent choice for an energy drink, but there are better options available. Here are a few:

The Bottom Line

A single 16 fl. oz can of Rip It costs $2. While this is not too expensive if you’re looking for an energy drink to help you get through the day, Rip It might be a good option.

As per taste and everything else, the drink is very basic and average.

Not to mention, the 160mg of caffeine and 26g sugar together will provide you a significant boost of energy and an increased focus if taken in the right amount.

Rip It is a solid and decent energy drink. I rate it a solid 5/10.

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