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Do Energy Drinks Make You Bloated? (Detailed Check)

It’s important to keep in mind that bloating might also place you in a challenging scenario.

Be aware that the so-called “zero-calorie” energy drinks are actually sweetened with aspartame and sucralose, two artificial sweeteners commonly used in energy beverages. For some people, these covert offenders can result in painful bloating, gas, and diarrhea.

Therefore, remember that other factors outside your diet or energy drinks could also be blamed.

It’s crucial to understand the true source of this uncomfortable and stressful situation to avoid it.

This article will tell you in detail whether energy drinks can make you bloated or not.

What Is Bloating?

Image of a person experiencing stomach cramp.
A bloated stomach feels tight and full

You could feel bloated even though your stomach is not.

Bloating is typically a digestive problem, despite the fact that stress and hormones also play a key role in it.

First and foremost, a bloated stomach is a sensation of fullness, tightness, or pressure in your abdomen.

It might or might not be accompanied by an obviously bloated or enlarged abdomen.

The sensation might be anything from barely vexing to excruciatingly agonizing and normally fades away after some time.

However, for some, it keeps happening. In this case, you should visit a doctor to figure out the reason for your swollen stomach if it doesn’t go away.

Symptoms Of Bloating

Gas, stomach pain, and discomfort are typical signs of bloating. Additionally, you could regularly belch, burp, or have belly gurgling or rumbling.

Severe bloating may coexist with other troubling symptoms like the following:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Heartburn
  • Nausea
  • Fever
  • Blood in stool
  • Weight loss
  • Periods or postmenopausal
Learn more about bloating by watching the video

Reason Of Bloated

When the GI (gastrointestinal) system fills with air or gas, bloating occurs.

This may result from something as straightforward as the food or drink you consume.

Image depicting how a normal and bloated stomach feels.
More gas is produced by some foods than by others

Some of the straightforward causes of bloating include the following:

  • Overtaking (food or drink)
  • Constipation
  • Swallowing air (can be caused by smoking, chewing gum, or eating fast)
  • Reflux
  • Menstruation
  • Weight gain

How Much Bloating Is Common?

Around 10% to 25% of healthy individuals report experiencing occasional stomach bloating.

Approximately 10% of people claim to have it regularly.

As many as 90% of persons who have been given an IBS diagnosis may experience this.

Premenstrual and menstrual bloating affects up to 75% of women.

Only 50% of those who notice bloating also report an enlarged abdomen.

Food To Avoid Or Stop Bloating

After consuming items that cause your GI system to create more gas, you could feel bloated.

You can make certain dietary changes if you want to lessen gas and bloating.

Carbonated Beverages

To begin with, stay away from carbonated beverages including beer, carbonated water, soda, and energy drinks.

You can experience less intestinal gas and feel less bloated by avoiding fizzy beverages.

Fermentable Carbohydrates (FODMAPs)

Foods high in fermentable carbohydrates and dairy products should be avoided.

These are sugars that some people’s small intestines have trouble properly digesting.

How Do Energy Drinks Make You Bloated?

Energy drinks contain a variety of substances, including caffeine, carbs, artificial sweeteners, and gluten all of which cause bloating.

This problem can be resolved by using fewer or no energy drinks.

Cans of energy drinks.
Gases are caught in your stomach as a result of energy drinks’ high caffeine content

Artificial sweeteners and carbohydrates both contribute to gas production.

It’s critical to identify whether your gassiness is caused by energy drinks.

You may need to change your diet and way of living from time to time.

Let’s check how can you get bloated with the energy drink’s ingredients.

Bloating And Caffeine

One of the digestive problems that caffeine can cause is bloating.

Although, there aren’t sufficient pieces of evidence to support these claims.

Energy Drinks Amount Of Caffeine
Red Bull30mg
Monster 36mg
Caffeine-containing energy drinks

According to studies, there is no particular diet that might prevent you from experiencing irritable bowel syndrome symptoms (IBS).

You can only prevent these effects by staying away from certain foods, particularly coffee.

You may be asking if there is any relationship between IBS and bloating.

Let me inform you that one of the signs of IBS is bloating.

You may say that caffeine in some way contributes to gastrointestinal distress, which can be treated by removing this nootropic from your diet.

Does Artificial Sugar Make You Bloated?

The effects of sugar substitutes on the GI (gastrointestinal) tract are not well studied in humans.

There is conflicting research regarding how artificial sweeteners influence your gut.

Image of sugar.
Different types of sugar

According to some evidence, some persons are unable to digest both sorbitol and fructose, a natural sugar (artificial sugar).

Meaning that whether or not your stomach will tolerate something differs from person to person.

Energy DrinksArtificial Sugar
Red Bull26g
Amount of artificial sugar in energy drinks

It’s interesting to note that energy drinks typically do not include both sweeteners at the same time, making them safe for your digestive system.

Some energy drinks include sugar alcohols, which can cause bloating symptoms. They can occasionally be found as “added sugar.”

What Is The Link Between Carbohydrates And Being Bloated?

Highly refined carbs can be the reason for bloating.

Image of various carb sources.
Carbohydrates can be found in different food products

Processed carbs and healthy carbs are the two main varieties of carbohydrates. Although Refined carbohydrates are prevalent in energy drinks they are not good for the digestive system.

Energy DrinksCarbohydrates
Red Bull11g
Carbohydrates in energy drinks

Your gut may require some time to become habituated to eating carbs.

Carbonation And Bloating

Everyone knows that non-fizzy drinks are unpleasant. That’s might be a possible reason why there is a lot of carbonation in energy drinks.

However, the consumption of carbonated beverages might be a major cause of your digestive issues.

One of the things that might cause gas and bloat from energy drinks is carbonation.

Bloating due to carbonation varies from person to person as some are sensitive to it while some are not.

Is Gluten Bad For Bloating?

The most typical symptom of gluten sensitivity is bloating.

Image of different pastry and bread products.
Different bread and pastry products

If you’re gluten-sensitive, drinking energy drinks that include gluten will make you feel bloated and gassy.

As a result, companies have begun labeling drinks as gluten-free.

But wait, what is gluten?

A protein called gluten, which is present in wheat and other grains, causes sensitivity in certain people.

They experience stomach discomfort after consuming any beverage or food that contains this protein.

Gluten-Free Energy Drinks

The following gluten-free energy drinks are available on the market:

Can Someone With Bloating Take Energy Drinks?

Yes, you can still drink energy drinks with bloating, but only in moderation.

Caffeine and other stimulants in your stomach can be problematic and delay your recovery.

Additionally, it’s essential to monitor the amount of caffeine and other components that can result in digestive issues.


  • Energy drinks can make you bloated but not all the time.
  • Most often, persons who are sensitive to or allergic to a certain substance experience the symptoms.
  • Energy drinks contain a variety of ingredients that could make you feel bloated. Caffeine, fizz, carbohydrates, artificial sweeteners, and gluten are some of these substances. But gluten can helps to stop bloating.
  • Reducing air intake or getting rid of the thing that’s causing the problem are the greatest ways to stop bloating.

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