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Can You Drink Expired Energy Drinks? (Full Analysis)

As with most of the food and drinks we consume, energy drinks can also expire. Which leads us to believe that these drinks are no longer suitable and safe for our consumption.

Since energy drinks contain sugar, preservatives, and acidic ingredients, these can help make food products last longer. There might be a chance that these drinks can still be consumed past their expiration date.

If you want to find out more on whether you can drink expired energy drinks or not. Stick around for a detailed discussion on a number of related questions and the safety of consuming them past their expiration date.

Let’s get started…

Expiration Date On Products

Companies that produce food products are required to put an expiration date on them according to the law.

In the U.S., the requirement for an expiration date on food products is monitored, regulated, and enforced on food companies by the FDA.

Companies are required to put a label on the packaging of foods and drinks which mentions the date. This indicates that the food is no longer edible, healthy, or safe for consumption.

We commonly call this an expiry date. Doing so helps companies avoid lawsuits and allows them to be transparent with the consumers.

Expiration Of Energy Drinks

If energy drinks are stored properly and remain unopened, the drink will still be edible and tasty for about 6-9 months.

If energy drinks are stored properly and remain unopened, the drink will still be edible and tasty for about 6-9 months.

For energy drinks, the expiry date is either put in short form (EXP) or the normal printed date. With this information, you’ll be able to know how long the energy drink you are drinking is going to last if it remains unopened and stored in room temperatures.

Should You Refrigerate Energy Drinks?

Refrigerating energy drinks isn’t a must.

However, energy drink companies do recommend refrigerating them as it tastes better while cold. If you go to your local mart or store, you’ll see that energy drinks are kept in the fridges.

The companies do that so they’ll taste better, but if they aren’t refrigerated, it doesn’t mean they’ll taste or go bad. It just will be warm and won’t be that enjoyable as much.

Does Red Bull Last Unopened?

Red Bull can last unopened.

Red Bull can last around 6-9 months after it’s expiry date.

Most energy drinks can last about 18-24 months after it’s manufacturing date, which is a pretty long time.

That said, the longer you keep your Red Bull without drinking it, it might not be as tasty or good for consumption anymore. The caffeine, nutrients and the vitamins in it won’t be as effective before.

Plus, most energy drinks come with preservatives, which will become more saturated over time, leading the drink to be not as healthy.

Although preservatives can help the energy drink to last for a long time, it can cause side effects, which include:

  • May cause Headaches.
  • Allergies.
  • Causes hormonal disturbances

Thus, while a Red Bull can last if it remains unopened for quite a long time, I don’t think it’s wise to keep it that long without drinking it.

How Long Does Red Bull Last If Opened?

Red Bull Energy can last around 2 to 4 days after being opened.

That said, it may not taste good if it’s opened and kept for a few days. So, the best option is to drink it as soon as it’s opened.

Does Red Bull Expire?

Like any other energy drinks, Red Bull does expire.

If you flip a Red Bull can over to the other side, you will find its expiry date, which isn’t longer than 18 to 24 months.

After the mentioned time, the ingredients and the nutrients in the energy drink aren’t very effective anymore. So, it’s best to drink it before the expiration date.

If you want to know how Red Bull is like past its expiration date, check out this video:

The Shelf Life Of Red Bull

Red Bull can last up to 18-24 months after being manufactured which is nearly 2 years.

However, you can still drink it if you store it rightly but it’s better to drink it before the expiry dates. That way your energy drink will be more effective and probably won’t taste funny.

How Long Does Monster Energy Drink Last If Remained Unopened?

monster energy drink
Monster Energy Drink

Like Red Bull, Monster can also last up to 18-24 months before it expires.

But the secret to making your Monster last longer is by keeping the it in cold temperatures and to make sure the energy drink isn’t exposed to sunlight.

How Long Does Monster Energy Drink Take To Expire If Remain Opened?

A Monster Energy Drink can last around 2-4 days before it expires if it’s already opened.

While Monster can still be consumed within that time period, you must remember that energy drinks are carbonated. So, once you open a can of Monster, as time passes by, the carbonation will lessen and it won’t taste as great as before.

The nutrients and ingredients will not work properly if the can is opened for a few days so you might not get a good boost compared to if you drank it on the spot.

How To Tell When Your Monster Energy Drink Has Expired?

There are multiple ways to tell if your Monster has expired or not. For starters, you can check the expiration label and see if it has exceeded the expiration date by 18 to 24 months.

If your Monster Energy Drink has expired, the can will look swollen and it might have a funny smell once you’ve opened it.

Energy drinks can become swollen due to two reasons:

Poor processing means that bacteria has entered the can and the energy drink is not safe to drink anymore. As for hydrogen swelling, it refers to the corrosion of the acidic properties in an energy drink.

You should absolutely not consume an energy drink if it looks swollen, as it’s no longer safe for consumption.

How Long Do Energy Drinks Last?

The effects of energy drinks can last for about 2-3 hours depending on your caffeine metabolism.

If you aren’t a regular caffeine drinker, you’ll experience the effect of energy drinks for around 4-6 hours or more. So, make sure to know your caffeine tolerance before picking an energy drink.

It’s always best to drink energy drinks within 2-3 hours after the can has been opened. If not, as soon as possible.

Do Energy Drinks Lose Effectiveness?

Energy drinks can lose their effectiveness if consumed too much.

A 2019 study reported that the consumption of caffeine provided a significant performance boost during the first few days, but the effects lessened after two weeks.

Can You Drink Energy Drinks Every Day?

It mostly depends on your caffeine and sugar tolerance.

As long as you consume energy drinks in moderation, drinking them on the daily shouldn’t cause any problems to you. However, I wouldn’t recommend it as energy drinks usually contains a lot of caffeine and sugar.

Having energy drinks every day isn’t completely harmful provided that you drink them in moderate amounts.

Many energy drink brands contain high amounts of caffeine which can lead to adverse effects if not consumed properly.

For reference, the daily caffeine limit is 400 mg caffeine for adult as recommended by the FDA. I’d advise to consume caffeine within the recommended limit to avoid side effects like headaches, nausea and dizziness.

Furthermore, energy drinks also come with a lot of sugar, which isn’t very healthy for you. For guidance, the recommended daily sugar limit from the AHA is as follows:

GenderSugar Intake (Per Day)
This is the table for daily sugar intake.

An excessive sugar intake can lead to some serious health problems such as:

  • Diabetes
  • Aging skin
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • High blood pressure

I’d recommend to avoid drinking energy drinks too frequently and to have them during times you really need an extra boost.

Energy Drinks You Can Try

If you are looking for energy drinks to drink, here are a few you can try:

Final Thoughts

It’s best to not consume energy drinks past their expiration date.

Perhaps it’s fine to try having a can around 1 or 2 days after it expires, but if it smells funky, pour it away as that’s a sign it has gone bad already.

You might feel that it’s wasteful to do so, but getting a new energy drink instead of drinking an expired one will spare you from stomach aches and other unpleasant side effects.

Plus, if an energy drink has been stored for too long, it won’t be as effective as before.

I would suggest checking the energy drink first once it passes its expiration date to see if it’s still good. If it smells and tastes fine, then you’re good to go. Although, it might not be as effective as before.

But if it has a funny smell and taste, buy a new one.

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