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Can You Drink Bawls Energy Every Day? (Answered)

According to health experts, energy drinks may be popular around the globe, but they have gotten a bad reputation. The World Health Organization warns that ‘they might be dangerous to public health.’

Therefore, brands have come up with healthier versions of energy drinks that include organic caffeine, green tea extracts, ginseng, and sugar-free content.

Such an energy drink, called Bawls Energy, has caught the attention of many individuals.

Bawls energy drink is designed to provide you a significant boost in energy, function, and attention without the jitters or crashes that come with other energy drinks.

It’s a caffeinated beverage with 102 mg of caffeine produced from the guarana berry. It has 28 grams of sugar, which will give you a sugar rush and 110 calories.

You can have Bawls energy every day, ensuring that your limit doesn’t go over a single can. Although caffeine is under the recommended amount, the sugar content should worry you the most.

I’d give this drink a six out of ten. It is devoid of the vital vitamins that make energy drinks beneficial to your health, light to consume, and provide additional benefits. It also lacks the necessary electrolytes, has high caffeine content, and is heavy in sugar.

Please continue reading to get the answer to this question, as well as more information about Bawls Energy and the effects of its ingredients on our health.

Ingredients In Bawls Energy Drink

Bawls Energy contains caffeine and guarana extract, two critical ingredients in popular soda and energy drinks worldwide. While some customers rave about the Bawls drink, others claim it’s alright, and that coffee is to blame.

  1. Carbonated Water
  2. High Fructose Corn Syrup
  3. Citric Acid
  4. Natural Guarana Extract
  5. Sodium Benzoate
  6. Caffeine
  7. Natural and Artificial Flavors

Natural Guarana Extract

Natural Guarana extract is used by Bawls.

Guayusa is a plant endemic to the Amazon rainforest that is predominantly gathered in Ecuador. Its leaves are used to create tea and are known for their high caffeine and antioxidant content.

Guayusa trees can reach heights of 19–98 feet (6–30 meters), with brilliant green, oblong leaves.

Because it’s difficult to obtain, just a few energy drink producers employ it. As a result, guarana and ginger extract is commonly used as caffeine sources in energy beverages.

Guayusa leaves contain fewer tannins than yerba mate leaves, implying that it tastes better and are smoother.

Guayusa may have several health benefits, but there isn’t much research on the subject.

  1. Improves mood and concentration
  2. Boasts antioxidants
  3. Aids weight loss
  4. Stabilizes blood sugar level

Citric Acid

Citric acid is a weak acid present naturally in all citrus fruits. If you’ve ever eaten a lemon, you’ve probably tasted citric acid.

Citric acid can be present in a wide range of foods other than sour citrus fruits. All plants and animals have trace amounts of it.

It is found in a wide range of packaged foods as well as non-food items like cosmetics and cleaning supplies.

It is widely used as a cleaning agent and nutritional supplement, as well as a food and beverage additive. Its sour flavor and high acidity are the main reasons behind this.

It has also proven to be effective in the following areas:

  1. Weight Loss
  2. Metabolizing Energy
  3. Protection against Kidney Stones
  4. Enhancing Nutrients Absorption

Carbonated Water

Unflavored water that has been carbonated with carbon dioxide gas is known as sparkling water, sometimes known as soda water or carbonated water.

Many people love the sparkling experience and slightly different flavors that carbon dioxide provides from the customer’s perspective.

Carbonated water hydrates just as well as still water, and some study suggests it may aid digestion.

If you drink a lot of sparkling water, you might feel bloated, but Japanese researchers discovered that this side effect can be beneficial.

According to the American Dental Association, studies show that both water and sparkling water do not affect tooth enamel. It’s also far healthier for your teeth than sugary beverages like soda.

Here are a few more advantages of carbonated water:

  1. Weight Loss
  2. Digestion
  3. Improve heart health
  4. Hydration
  5. Relieves constipation

Caffeine Content Of Bawls Energy Drink

The bottled version of Bawls has 59mg of caffeine. On the other hand, the canned version has 102mg. Regardless of which option you choose, I don’t believe a single serving of Bawls energy will make you crash.

Caffeine is a stimulant that can provide your body with the boost it needs in terms of alertness and excitement.

Caffeine comes from organic berry guarana in Bawls. While organic caffeine can certainly help you avoid jitters and crashes, the downsides of caffeine should not be overlooked.

Even though 102mg is not a particularly significant amount, you should exercise caution when taking it.

Caffeine use should not exceed 400mg per day, according to the FDA. Limit yourself to two cans or bottles if you absolutely can’t stop yourself.

If you don’t, you’ll have caffeine crashes, which include the following signs and symptoms:

  1. Panic attacks or anxiety attacks
  2. Dehydration
  3. Diarrhea
  4. Headaches
  5. Seizures
  6. Irregular heartbeat 
  7. Sweating
  8. Death
  9. Insomnia

Nutrition Facts Of Bawls Energy Drink

Bawls Energy Drink Nutrition Facts
Nutrition Facts Of Bawls Energy Drink
Nutritional ValueAmount per serving% Daily Value
Calories 120
Total Fat0g0%
Total Carbohydrate32g11%
Sugars32g –


Too many calories!

If you don’t lose weight easily, Bawls Energy offers 120 calories per serving, which is a lot for you.

Calories are energy fragments released by your body as a result of food digestion and absorption. The amount of energy provided by food is determined by its calorie content.

Women should aim for around 2,000 calories per day, while males should aim for around 2,500 calories per day. You must also know how many calories you should consume daily.

If the calorie count of Bawls Energy worries you, be assured that the 190 calories can be burnt through a variety of activities and workouts.

Benefits of having an adequate amount of calories are:

  1. Energy
  2. Elevates mood
  3. Strengthens bone
  4. Promotes skin health


The sodium content of Bawls energy is around 40mg, which is a safe amount to take.

It is necessary to ingest sodium, but only in amounts that do not exceed the daily limit of 1500 mg.

Excess salt in your diet will almost surely raise your blood pressure, raising your long-term risk of heart disease. They’re nevertheless high in empty sugar calories, which leads to weight gain and higher heart stress.

Sodium aids in the prevention of disease by inhibiting the growth of bacteria and other disease-causing substances.

The importance of knowing the effects of salt in energy drinks cannot be overstated. It enhances the flavor of your glass, making it taste better.

However, consuming an excessive amount of sodium can cause:

  1. Risk of stroke
  2. Osteoporosis
  3. Stomach cancer
  4. Kidney disease. 

Is Bawls Energy Drink Sugar-Free?

Sugar is unavoidable, but how bad can it really be?

No, Bawls Energy is not sugar-free.

It contains 28 grams of sugar. The use of high fructose corn syrup as a component is mostly to blame.

According to the American Heart Association. sugar is a great source of energy, but consuming too much of it will deplete your energy. Therefore, women should take no more than 24 grams of added sugar per day, while men should consume no more than 36 grams.

Bawls energy contains extremely close to the necessary quantity. As a result, I don’t think you should use Bawls energy on a regular basis, especially if you’re prone to sugar crashes.

Sugar crashes happen when you eat too much sugar in a short amount of time, exhausting your body. The difference between it and natural exhaustion is that your energy levels will drop suddenly rather than gradually as they should.

Apart from that, the following are some of its drawbacks:

  1. Obesity
  2. Type 2 diabetes
  3. Cancer
  4. Heart Diseases
  5. High blood pressure
  6. Acne

High Fructose Syrup

High-fructose corn syrup is a corn-based liquid sweetener. Maize syrup is made by breaking down corn starch into separate molecules.

High fructose corn syrup has been found in a growing number of our foods over the last few decades.

It’s less expensive and sweeter than regular sugar, and it’s absorbed faster by your body. On the other side, high fructose corn syrup consumption can lead to insulin resistance, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure.

As a result, high-fructose corn syrup increased from 1% of sweeteners in the 1970s to 42% in 2004 in the United States.

According to studies, high fructose corn syrup boosts hunger and induces obesity more than regular sugar.

High-fructose corn syrup has a variety of negative consequences, including:

  1. High Triglycerides
  2. Liver Problem
  3. Type 2 Diabetes
  4. Damage to Intestinal Lining

Can You Drink Bawls Energy Every Day?

You can drink Bawls Energy daily, but keep in mind that there are some restrictions.

This delicious energy drink contains 45 milligrams of sodium, which aids with fluid balance, as well as 102 milligrams of caffeine. You won’t experience a caffeine crash as long as you drink carefully.

On the other hand, when it comes to sugar content, you must be worried.

The high sugar content, which comes primarily from high fructose syrup, exceeds the daily limit and, if taken more than once a day, can result in a severe sugar rush, which can lead to cardiac arrest, high blood pressure, and kidney problems.

Pros And Cons Of Bawls Energy Drink

There’s no denying that Bawls uses standard and common components found in most energy drinks and sodas; there’s nothing special about it.

The use of natural Guarana extract, which has been found to enhance energy and focus, may be considered a plus, however, the high sugar content turns me off.

Pros of Bawls Energy Drink are:

  1. Organic Guarana
  2. Light Crisp Taste
  3. Vegan

Cons of Bawls Energy Drink are:

  1. High Sugar
  2. High Calories and Caffeine
  3. Use of High Fructose Syrup
  4. Expensive

Alternatives To Bawls Energy Drink

Bang Energy Drink

Bang Energy Drink
A highly caffeinated energy drink to get you through your day

Bang Energy Drink appears to be causing a stir among fitness enthusiasts all over the world with its new and revolutionary energy drinks, which contain creatine, BCAAs, and CoQ10 and are the first of their type on the market, claiming to improve mental and physical capacities.

Creatine is a substance that is produced during protein metabolism and found in practically all biological tissues.

The caffeine content in a can of Bang Energy Drink (16 Fl.oz) is 300mg, which is around 3 cups of coffee.

Bang energy drink is unlikely to hurt you unless you have a serious health problem.

However, 300mg of caffeine is a lot, and you should be aware that it can produce vomiting, nausea, headaches, irritability, nervousness, and a quick pulse if used in excess.

Bang energy drink is sugar-free and makes use of sucralose as a sugar substitute.

Hi-Ball Energy Drink

Hi Ball Energy Drink
What sugar-free energy drinks look like

Hi-Ball Energy is a great choice because it contains no calories or sugar. Aside from that, it contains 160mg of organic caffeine as well as antioxidants that may be appropriate for your fitness level.

You will notice an increase in the activity of your brain and nervous system after consuming this moderate amount of caffeine.

It has the ability to improve your physical and mental performance without causing any jitters. If you have a sweet tooth, though, Hi-Ball might not be for you.

Hi-Ball Energy contains organic caffeine, organic ginseng, organic guarana, and B vitamins in every can.

It can be rather enjoyable if consumed carefully. It’s not only good for your gym routine, but it’s also keto-friendly.


Bawls Energy can be consumed regularly, but only in moderation. Unless you have allergies to some of the ingredients or are sensitive to the high sugar content, it won’t trouble you.

It has a moderate amount of caffeine, and if you’re concerned about the sugar content, you can easily switch to Bawls Zero.

Because of the high sugar content, I would not advise you to consume it in excess, as we all know how harmful sugar can be to our health.

There are five different flavors to choose from, so you’ll have lots of options. Examine a can or a bottle for yourself. Limit yourself to one can each day to avoid health problems.

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