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Can Energy Drinks Make You Taller? (TRUTH)

Short Answer: Energy drinks do not help you to grow taller.

We all can agree with the fact that people tend to like taller height as it seems more attractive. However, not everyone has a tall and attractive height, which can make some people feel less confident.

Such individuals keep looking for several ways to grow their height; they explore markets to get supplements that can make them grow taller, however, they end up being scammed.

Since we are talking about supplements to grow height, have you ever wondered if energy drinks can grow your height?

Well, the truth might disappoint you. Consuming energy drinks cannot make you taller and there is no fact or evidence which shows that energy drinks can make you taller.

However, let’s explore various studies and information to give our final verdict! So, do not stop here, and let’s keep going.

What Is an Energy Drink?

The history of the energy drink can be traced back to the late 1800s when scientists discovered the stimulating effects of Guarana. The first commercialized energy drink was Red Bull in 1987.

Energy drinks are soft drinks that contain a significant amount of caffeine. The caffeine in these drinks is typically about 1/4 the amount found in a cup of coffee.

Energy drinks have been used for decades by people who need to stay awake or need an extra boost of energy. They are also popular among athletes, students, and others who lead active lifestyles.

These drinks are loaded with ingredients such as caffeine, taurine, and other stimulants.

Common Ingredients in Energy Drinks

Before giving a conclusion about whether energy drinks make you taller or not, you should consider the ingredients which are generally present in these energy drinks!

Following are the most common ingredients and nutrients, which are found in most energy drinks!


Caffeine is the most commonly used stimulant. It has effects that include faster mental processing, increased alertness, and increased energy levels.

Caffeine is a generic name for the chemical 1,3,7-trimethyl-xanthine, an alkaloid that can be isolated from the leaves of the plant Coffea species.

The main benefits of caffeine in energy drinks are that it helps to increase alertness and concentration, reduce fatigue, enhance muscle performance and increase endurance.

Caffeine in energy drinks can therefore be useful for athletes and students in improving their energy levels and providing mental stimulation. It is also able to enhance short-term memory, reaction time, and reaction speed.

Even though the organic compound, caffeine is shown to improve mental efficiency, and on the other hand, it is suspected to have negative side effects such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Nervousness
  • Palpitations
  • Jitters
  • Nausea
  • Insomnia
  • Dizziness
coffee beans in a cup
Caffeine is the main ingredient in energy drinks


Taurine is an amino acid that is found in animal tissues and plays an important role in metabolism. It is also found in plants, where it functions as a protection against stress and as a way of improving yields.

It is used in many dietary supplements, drinks, and food products as a way of improving athletic performance and the health of the cardiovascular system. It is also used as a drug to treat disorders such as fibroids and diabetes.

Due to its amazing benefits, it is added to most energy drinks to provide an extra boost of energy.

Many people are interested in whether taurine can boost height, but there are no studies to show whether this is true or not.

Carbonated Water

Water is surely the most important drink for our body. However, plain water can get boring sometimes, that’s where sparkling water comes in. It’s an alternative to plain water, but it contains the same amount of water.

Sparkling water, the clear and tasteless drink of choice in today’s energy drinks, has become a staple in today’s society.

Drinks containing carbonated water are easily accessible and have been a go-to drink for those looking for refreshment.

However, there is more to sparkling water than meets the eye. As the name implies, sparkling water is simply water that has been aerated, or fizzy.

However, you must be wondering what does carbonated water really do? Well, it can provide you with a feeling of refreshment, and it can keep you full for longer.


The sweet-tasting ingredient, sugar, not only make your food taste sweet, but also elevates your mood immediately.

Sugar is one of the most common ingredients found in energy drinks. The ingredient is added to energy drinks because companies use it to make their products taste better.

Even though sugar can make your energy drinks taste sweet, it doesn’t make your energy any better.

Sugary soft drinks, energy drinks, sports drinks — these drinks are often targeted at our most basic cravings.

But, they are linked to obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, and are not something that you should be putting in your body any more than you should be putting in your body’s regular sugar.

The high quantity of sugar in energy drinks is actually bad for you. When you drink them, your blood sugar levels shoot upward and then crash, leaving you feeling tired and irritable.

Moreover, the sugar in energy drinks is also bad for your teeth. It causes them to decay and weaken, which can lead to toothaches, gum disease, and tooth loss.

Sugar in energy drinks does not promote height!

Alpha GPC

It is one of the most popular forms of choline supplement and is used to improve memory and cognitive function.

Alpha-GPC can also help improve athletic performance and may be beneficial for people who have experienced memory problems.


Energy drinks, also known as sports drinks, are beverages that are typically high in caffeine and sometimes vitamins.

Many energy drinks contain vitamins, which give them a health boost and can help to improve athletic performance.

Some people use energy drinks as a substitute for traditional sources of vitamins, such as vegetables and whole grains.

Vitamins in energy drinks have been linked to a variety of health benefits, including better hair and skin, reduced risk of cancer and heart disease, and improved cognitive function.

Let’s take a look at the most common vitamins found in energy drinks and their benefits

Vitamin B3Vitamin B3 helps control cholesterol, ease arthritis, and boost brain function if taken in moderate and recommended amounts.
Vitamin B6Vitamin B6 promotes brain health and aids hemoglobin production. It also plays a role in the prevention of clogged arteries.
Vitamin B12Vitamin B12 helps the body to keep its blood and nerve cells healthy. It helps with the formation of DNA and genetic material. It prevents you from feeling weak and tired all the time.
Vitamin CVitamin C plays an important role in the absorption of iron, and regulation of the immune system. It promotes wound healing and also helps with the maintenance of cartilage, teeth, and bones.
Vitamins and their benefits

Can Caffeine Stunt Your Height?

Caffeine is a widely used organic compound and we all are aware of the benefits and side effects of caffeine.

However, if you are wondering if caffeine might reduce or stop your height as a side effect, then stopping your height growth is not the side effect of caffeine.

There is no significant and proven evidence that caffeine has any effects on the growth of the height.

Do Energy Drinks Affect Height?

Energy drinks are not just about stimulating your brain to stay alert. They also affect your body in various ways.

However, to say that energy drinks can affect your height is not completely true and it requires more research.

The height of the person is determined by the genes and hormones that regulate growth in children.

However, energy drinks may have adverse effects on health if they are consumed at an early age.

a man measuring height
Energy drink does not affect your height!

Do Energy Drinks Make You Smarter?

Energy drinks are beverages that provide a mix of water, sugar, and caffeine. It is not uncommon for energy drinks to also contain taurine, B vitamins, Guarana, and other substances.

These energy drinks claim to provide you with an extra boost of energy because of the stimulants present in these drinks.

In addition to providing an extra boost of energy, some people believe that energy drinks make you smarter. But this is not true because they can make you feel more focused or alert, but they don’t actually make you smarter.

Does Soda Make You Taller?

There’s no physiological evidence that drinking soda will make you taller.

However, whether it increases your height or not, drinking excessive soda has another side effect.

It has also been found that drinking diet soda can be bad for your teeth. The acidity in diet sodas causes enamel erosion and makes teeth more sensitive to temperature changes, which increases the risk of cavities and tooth decay.

Can Energy Drinks Make You Fat?

Whether energy drinks make you fat or not depends on the type of energy drink you consume.

If you are consuming energy drinks high in sugar and calories, you are most likely to gain weight and become fat.

However, you can choose energy drinks that are sugarless and contain fewer calories.

What Can Make You Taller?

In order to grow taller, you need a proper diet containing the nutrients which are required for good growth and development.

If you do not consume a balanced diet at an early age, then you can experience a growth stunt.

You should consume drinks or foods which contain vitamins, minerals, and other ingredients to grow healthily.

This might help you out.

Final Verdict

Energy beverages are popular worldwide due to their energy-boosting properties.

However, there are many myths associated with energy drinks such as becoming sharper, growing taller, becoming healthy, etc.

Energy drinks do not help you to grow taller.

You can drink energy drinks for a temporary energy boost, however, drinking them for any medicinal purpose, growing taller, or losing weight should not be considered.

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