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Can Energy Drink Give You Erectile Dysfunction? (Fact Check)

No, energy drink consumption is not associated with an increased risk of erectile dysfunction.

Energy drinks are typically widely promoted to men with claims of enhanced sex drive and improved physical power.

Do energy drinks aid in erections? You might be thinking about using one later tonight to improve performance.

Energy drinks do help you have more general stamina for physical activity, including sex.

You can get the boost in energy you need from energy drinks to stay in bed longer and be a better lover.

But no study has demonstrated that they can cause erections.

What Does Erectile Dysfunction Mean?

When a man cannot get or keep an erection strong enough to support pleasurable sexual activity or an orgasm, it is known as erectile dysfunction (ED).

Men over the age of 60 and men over the age of 70 are more likely to have ED than men under the age of 40, with ED affecting 44% of men in these age groups and 70% of men over the age of 70.

Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

Image depicting risk factor of erectile dysfunction.
Factors for Erectile Dysfunction

ED and physical and mental health are closely intertwined.
The following are typical causes of ED:

  • Vascular disease: ED may be brought on by decreased blood supply to the penis.
  • Neurological conditions: ED can be brought on by nerve damage from diabetes, MS, or even a stroke.
  • Mental health: ED can be exacerbated by stress, sadness, and performance anxiety. An onset of ED could also be brought on by a catastrophic injury.

Additional ED risk factors include:

  • Age (over 50)
  • drinking alcohol
  • drug abuse
  • Smoking
  • Inactivity or being overweight
  • sedentary kind of life
  • sleep deprivation
  • Having a heart condition (high blood pressure or high cholesterol)

What Drink Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

Alcohol consumption can give you Erectile Dysfunction.

Excessive alcohol use may make it challenging to get or keep an erection.

The brain’s signals that instruct the penis to swell with blood are hampered by alcohol.

The term for this is erectile dysfunction which is abbreviated as ED.

Alcohol’s ability to suppress testosterone production is another reason why it might occur.

The hormone that regulates male sexual functioning is testosterone. ED is typically a transient issue.

Some effects can affect men in the short- to medium term, even though many of the long-term effects of frequent drinking are associated with abuse.

Male sexual dysfunction is foremost among these.

Overindulging in alcohol can directly influence term the testicle’s work and how normally produced male hormones behave.

A male may develop infertility, impotence, and erectile dysfunction as a result of this.

Video about alcohol and erectile dysfunction

Do Every Energy Drink Contain Alcohol?

No, every energy drink has alcohol but yes there are energy drinks available in the market containing alcohol as an ingredient.

Following are the energy drinks having alcohol.

Alcoholic Energy DrinksAmount Of Alcohol
Budweiser Energy Drink8%
Hyphy Joose14%
Energy Drinks Containing Alcohol

What Goes In Energy Drinks?

Following are the Common Ingredients that almost every energy drink has.


Your energy levels are boosted by caffeine, which is the major element in energy drinks.

Additionally, it stimulates the brain, improving attentiveness and potentially serving as a mood enhancer.

Most people seem to respond well to moderate amounts of caffeine, and it doesn’t seem to contribute to erectile dysfunction.

One study discovered that consuming two to three cups of coffee each day can reduce the risk of ED.

However, too much caffeine can have negative effects on your health, including anxiety, insomnia problems, headaches, and heart palpitations.

These side effects can also affect how well you perform during sexual activity.

Does Caffeine Reduce Erectile Dysfunction?

Yes, caffeine not only can save you from erectile dysfunction but it increases the power to get hard.

Twice or thrice time cups of coffee a day may make it simpler for men to achieve and keep an erection.

According to one study, males who drank between 85 and 170 mg of caffeine daily had a 42% lower risk of developing erectile dysfunction.

Between those who drank 171-303 milligrams of caffeine daily and those who didn’t, those who reported having an ED were 39% less likely.

This may be because coffee increases blood flow and enhances erectile performance by relaxing the smooth muscle and arteries in the penis.

A second study, however, showed no link between caffeine use and ED.

In addition to giving people more energy, moderate coffee consumption has other negative effects on men’s reproductive health.


In addition to increasing your energy levels, sugar is also unhealthy and will likely cause a sugar crash that will leave you feeling drained.

Not exactly the ideal recipe for a sensational performance in bed with a loved someone.

You should select an energy drink that has little to no sugar due to the chance of a sugar crash as well as all of the other possible detrimental effects on your health that sugar may have.

Can Sugar Affect Erectile Function?

Yes, sugar puts negative effects and increases the rate of erectile dysfunction.

Contrary to popular belief, a close relationship exists between sex hormones, stable blood sugar levels, and insulin balance.

According to the specialist Sade Oguntola, certain dietary decisions can unquestionably raise a man’s risk of developing erectile dysfunction.

Men frequently advise one another not to consume sugar since it can harm their sex desire.

After all, there might be some justification for this.

Over time, a diet reduced in sugar and fat may enhance blood flow throughout the body, particularly to the penis.

Erectile function and fertility are byproducts of general health.

An occasional fatty meal or sugary soda is not a concern.

When consuming high-fat or sugary foods or beverages regularly, there is a problem.

Energy Beverages And Endurance

Energy makes partners happy.
Energy makes partners happy

A 3-mile run is equivalent to 20–30 minutes of sexual activity, according to studies, although it’s far more fun!

You should “train” for sexual activities much like you would for a half-marathon.

A nice sex night with your lover depends on your stamina.

Not just during the act, but also during how long it takes you to recover and get yourself back up a second or third time.

Post-concourse energy reduction may contribute to future sexual behavior decline.

As a result, it makes sense to use stimulants like energy drinks to assist increase your stamina and libido and make sure you’re always at your best in the bedroom.

Do Energy Drinks Lengthen Sexual Encounters?

There are a few crucial considerations to bear in mind when drinking energy drinks, though, including:

  • A sugar crash might be brought on by consuming an energy drink, which would lower your stamina and hurt your sexual experiences.
  • There is no proof that energy drinks can make men wait longer between ejaculations. The issue of general stamina is unrelated to this.


  • There is no direct link between energy drink consumption and erectile dysfunction.
  • Alcohol and sugar can give you erectile dysfunction.
  • Caffeine helps you with an erection.

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