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Buy X-Gamer Energy Drink In New Zealand (Find The Way)

If you live in New Zealand, you may get X-Gamer energy drinks from online retailers like Amazon, Fish Pond, Play Tech, and the official website of the energy drink.

Young adults in particular are getting more interested in energy drinks. These are energizer-rich beverages that include caffeine, guarana, and taurine. Together, these components provide you with an energy and alertness boost.

The X-Gamer energy drink is one of the numerous well-liked energy beverages. There is about 200 mg of caffeine in it, and Sucralose is used as the only sweetener.

Scroll down if you want to learn more about X-Gamer energy drinks.

Nutritional Fact Of X-Gamer

The precise details of the nutrients that are present in food are known as nutrition facts. A food’s caloric, fat, protein, carbohydrate, vitamin, and mineral content are all included in this data.

They can assist you in making knowledgeable judgments about the things you eat and are typically found on food labels.

Before purchasing energy drinks, it’s vital to familiarize oneself with their nutritional content. For example, before purchasing the X-Gamer energy drink, one should review its nutrition facts:

NutrientsPer 10g ServingDaily Intake Limit
31 calories2000-2500
Caffeine200 mg400 mg
Fat0.02 g
Carbohydrates3 g225 and 325 g
Added Sugar0.2 g24 to 36 g
Protein0.7 g
Sodium (Salt)0 g2,300 mg
Nutritional table of x-gamer

Ingredients Of X-Gamer

Nutritional Values
Ingredients and nutritional values of x-gamer

Ingredients are listed below:

  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin C
  • Taurine
  • Caffeine
  • Niacin
  • Dextrose Monohydrate
  • Maltodextrin
  • Malic Acid
  • Citric Acid
  • Ascorbic Acid
  • Flavorings
  • Colorings
  • Sucralose
  • L- Carnitine
  • L-Tyrosine

Calories Content

The X-Gamer energy drink has about 31 calories.

The amount of energy that food delivers is expressed in calories. Given that our body needs calories to function, it is crucial to eat a particular level of caffeine.

However, you may encounter some adverse effects if you ingest too many calories.

Numerous energy drinks are calorie-dense and add more calories to your diet. It is preferable to choose energy drinks with moderate or low-calorie content.

Caffeine Content

The caffeine content of an X-Gamer energy drink is 200 mg.

A stimulant of the central nervous system is caffeine. More than 60 plants, including cocoa beans, tea leaves, and coffee beans, naturally contain it. Additionally, caffeine is added to a wide range of goods, such as energy drinks, sodas, painkillers, and even some weight-loss supplements.

It is renowned for its capacity to enhance both physical and mental performance. Understanding the possible hazards and advantages of caffeine is essential given the widespread usage of energy drinks.

While there are some advantages to caffeine, such as a brief spike in energy, it can also have significant drawbacks, especially when ingested in excessive quantities.

Here are a few caffeine adverse effects:

  • Headaches.
  • Dizziness.
  • rapid heartbeat.
  • Dehydration.
  • Anxiety.
  • Dependency.
  • Uncertainty and unease.
  • Insomnia.

It’s crucial to use energy drinks in moderation and to be conscious of their caffeine level. Stay under 400 mg of caffeine per day for safe usage.

Sugar Content

X-Gamer has sucralose in it
X-Gamer has sucralose in it

Almost no sugar, at 0.2 grams, is present in X-Gamer.

The benefits of energy drinks for both physical and mental performance are frequently touted. They frequently contain a lot of sugar and calories, too, which can counteract any potential advantages.

Drinking beverages with added sugar has been related to issues like weight gain, diabetes, and other health issues. Nevertheless, a lot of individuals continue to drink these things, frequently in the guise of energy drinks.

Because of these factors, it’s critical to understand how much sugar is in energy drinks. If you’re looking for a sugar-free energy drink or another kind of beverage entirely, consider doing so if you want to increase your energy levels in a healthy way.

Sucralose In X-Gamer

Sucralose sweetener is used in X Gamer.

Nearly 600 times sweeter than sugar is the artificial sweetener sucralose.

A typical sweetener found in energy drinks is sucralose. There are certain potential negative effects to be aware of, despite the fact that it is typically safe for intake.

Additionally, ingesting energy drinks sweetened with sucralose may cause digestive problems for certain people. These problems can include diarrhea, gas, and bloating.

More information about X-Gamer

Flavors Of X-Gamer

Here is the list of its flavors:

  • Mega Mango
  • Post Malone
  • Sun Beam
  • Sakurafuri
  • Nightshade
  • Hydrastorm
  • Hyperbeast
  • X Gamer Steve’s Apple
  • X Gamer King Of Banana
  • X Gamer Fuzzberry
  • X Gamer Powacrush
  • X Gamer Nukefushion
  • X Gamer Hyper berries
  • X Gamer Cape Town
  • X Gamer Zomberry
  • X Gamer Black Metal Berry
  • X Gamer Bluenitro
  • X Gamer Horus
  • X Gamer Dr. Beast
  • X Gamer Gummilicious

What is the price of X-Gamer?

Energy drinks can provide you with a number of advantages, but they can be rather expensive and are therefore not budget-friendly.

But there are lots of inexpensive energy drinks available. The price of the X-Gamer energy drink is as follows:

X-Tubz 600g (60 servings)AUD 50
X-Shotz 10g per sachet (3 pieces)AUD 7
Prices at which x-gamer is available.

Can I purchase X-Gamer from a store?

X-Gamer cannot be purchased in stores. When you want to buy one for yourself while you’re out and about, this may seem to be an issue, but it’s not all terrible.

Ordering from X Gamer is as easy as walking into a store. You can also buy the goods through other websites, which might make the process simpler for you. You can place online and have your products delivered without ever leaving your house.

Where To Buy X-Gamer In New Zealand

Following are some ways to get X-Gamer in New Zealand:

Official Website

A well-known energy drink is called X-Gamer, and you can purchase it on the company’s official website.

You may acquire a variety of updates by going to the official website for the X-Gamer energy drink. Visit the company’s official website to learn more and subscribe for updates on special tastes.


In addition to having a website of their own, X-Products Gamers are offered on Amazon. As a result, their audience is more reachable and their products are more approachable.

Play Tech

In New Zealand, Play Tech offers X-Gamer energy drinks.

A website called Play Tech strives to offer the most affordable gaming systems as well as numerous other connected items. You may get an X-Gamer energy drink from Play Tech, it also sells powdered energy drinks.

Fish Pond

An X-Gamer energy drink is available from Fish Pond in New Zealand.

Online retailer Fish Pond offers a variety of services to its consumers and conducts business in both Australia and New Zealand.


  • X-Gamer is a powerful energy drink for gamers that has about 200 mg of caffeine. Sucralose is used to sweeten it because it is sugar-free.
  • There are no physical stores in New Zealand that sell X-Gamer.
  • Online retailers in New Zealand that sell X-Gamer energy drinks include Amazon, Fish Pond, Play Tech, and their official website.
  • 60 servings of the X-Gamer energy drink cost about AUD $50.

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