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Buy Rogue Energy UK (Complete Guide)

The marketplace for Rogue Energy Drink only recently began to exist; the firm claims that its gaming drink is the most popular in the entire world.

It has several vitamins, amino acids, and a Nootropic stack to support the greatest possible function of your body and mind.

Additionally, everything is included in a sugar-free, zero-calorie composition that gives you the energy you need for long gaming sessions and everyday workouts.

In a nutshell, Rogue Energy includes five calories, no added sugar, and a bevy of other healthy components including L-theanine and choline-L-bitartrate, in addition to 175 mg of caffeine per serve.

You may get your preferred flavor of Rogue Energy from their official website, Amazon, and Lime Pro Gaming if you’re from the UK and are curious where to buy it.

Let’s delve deeper to learn more about Rogue Energy’s shipping process so that you can eventually get your hands on this highly regarded energy supplement.

Nutritional Information Of Rogue

Any energy drink’s nutritional information is one of its most important components because it explains how many calories and what exactly is in the drink, allowing you to make wiser choices.

Check out Rogue Energy’s nutritional information below:

Rogue Energy PowderValues Per Scoop (7 g)
Caffeine70 mg
Total Carbohydrates1 g
Vitamin C185 mg
Vitamin B315 mg
Vitamin B613 mg
Vitamin B12400 mcg
Choline57 mg
L-Carnitine700 mg
L-Citrulline500 mg
Taurine400 mg
Glucuronolactone200 mg
Sodium70 mg
Glycine25 mg
N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine1,000 mg
L-Phenylalanine200 mg
L-Theanine200 mg
Mucuna Pruriens100 mg
Bacopa Monnieri10 mg
Know about rogue’s flavors

Ingredients Of Rogue Energy

Energy drinks contain ingredients with the dual function of preserving your health and supplying you with energy. Despite the fact that the tastes of the ingredients differ, a normal Rogue Energy Drink usually includes the list:

  1. Caffeine
  2. Glycine
  3. N-Acetyl Tyrosine
  4. L-Phenylalanine
  5. L-theanine
  6. Mucuna Pruiens Extract
  7. Bacopa Monnieri Herb
  8. Citric Acid
  9. Natural and Artificial Flavors
  10. Maltodextrin
  11. Rebaudioside A
  12. Silicon Dioxide
  13. Coloring
  14. Sodium
  15. Vitamin C
  16. Vitamin B3
  17. Vitamin B6
  18. Vitamin B12
  19. Choline L-Bitartrate
  20. L-Carnitine Tartrate
  21. Glucuronolactone

Calories Content

Calories are essential nutrients because your body requires a specific amount of them to work. Additionally, calories also affect how much energy your body has; in general, so more calories you consume, the more energy you’ll have.

Nevertheless, calories should be consumed in balance, and an energy drink should include as few calories as possible. Rogue Energy has only 5 calories, which is neither too many nor too less.

Additionally, it’s critical to consume calories in moderation because consuming too much might result in weight gain and even obesity.

According to the study, men and women must keep accurate calorie consumption of 2500 and 2000, correspondingly.

It would take over 1000 cans of Rogue Energy to get a calorie excess because it only provides 5 calories in each can. Nevertheless, you still need to be in charge of how much you consume.

Considering that Rogue Energy has so few calories, it is suitable for people who closely adhere to a nutritious diet.

Caffeine Content

Rogue has reasonable amount of caffeine
Rogue has a reasonable amount of caffeine

The substance caffeine activates the central nervous system and the brain. Energy drinks contain this active component, which can enhance both your mental and physical abilities and increase your productivity.

Caffeine is advantageous as much as it is taken in moderation. Thankfully, Rogue Energy drinks have the correct dose of caffeine; one scoop contains 175 mg, which is just right, in terms of its effectiveness.

The Food and Drug Authority (FDA ) advises limiting your caffeine consumption to 400 mg per day in order to prevent any health issues because caffeine has several negative consequences which have been reportedly recorded when consumed in excess.

Below is a list of drawbacks associated with excessive caffeine consumption:

  • Uncertainty and unease.
  • Insomnia.
  • Headaches.
  • Dizziness.
  • Rapid heartbeat.
  • Dehydration.
  • Anxiety.
  • Dependency.

For those who are sensitive to caffeine, Rogue’s high caffeine content may be too much; instead, I advise choosing Zevia or another energy drink with low caffeine content.

Sugar Content

One of the most popular components utilized in energy drinks to cover the potential bitterness of some ingredients is sugar. Although sugar has historically been utilized as a source of energy, this shouldn’t be a justification for consuming it in large quantities because it might have negative health effects.

Rogue Energy is fortunately a sugar-free beverage that doesn’t contain any artificial sweeteners, making it significantly healthier.

It’s a good thing that Rogue Energy doesn’t include sugar because experts have linked consuming too much sugar to problems with their health, including:

  • Headaches.
  • Irritability.
  • Fatigue and attention deficit disorder.
  • Being uneasy or worried.
  • Feeling unsteady or faint.
  • Hunger.
  • Bloating.
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Inflammation.
  • Gaining weight
  • Diabetes.
  • Fat in the liver.
  • Increased chance of having a heart attack or stroke.

Women can consume about 25 g of sugar daily, while men can consume up to 36 g, according to the American Heart Association (AHA).

Rogue Energy’s Flavors

Choose from a variety of varieties of Rogue energy that will appeal to your taste buds. Each flavor has a unique, delicate taste.

  • Rogue Energy Pina Colada.
  • Rogue Energy Blood Orange.
  • Rogue Energy Grape Popsicle.
  • Rogue Energy Blue Raspberry.
  • Rogue Energy Pink Lemonade.
  • Rogue Energy Watermelon.
  • Rogue Energy Cherry Limeade
  • Rogue Energy Rocket Pop.
  • Rogue Energy Sour Candy.
  • Rogue Energy Strawberry Kiwi.
  • Rogue Energy Black Cherry

There are 30 servings in each tub, and if you only eat one scoop or 7 g, you may maintain your health and hydration while experiencing a big boost in energy without experiencing any jitters.

Know about rogue’s flavors

Is Rogue Energy Available In The UK?

Finding a trustworthy website where you can make your purchase can be challenging. You could be duped by some websites, leaving you unhappy.

Here are a few trustworthy websites where you can buy Rogue energy drinks without worry, though.

Authentic Website

The most reliable source for Rogue energy powder without having to worry about quality is Rogue Energy Drink.

Updates on new flavors, new deals, and information about Rogue Energy Drinks can be found on the official Rogue Energy Drinks website.

These are the payment options that are offered on its website.

  1. Shop Pay
  2. Amazon Pay
  3. Google Pay
  4. Paypal


Reading comments on Amazon, a well-known online retailer, will help you find genuine products.

The real kicker is that Amazon offers to ship to the UK, so you can quickly get your Rogue energy drink.

Lime Pro Gaming

If you’re looking for Sweden, it also ships there.

You might find Playstation headsets, Xbox controllers, professional gaming seats, as well as gaming energy drinks, at their gaming Aladdin’s cave.

The following payment options are accepted: Shop Pay, PayPal, or G Pay.


  • One well-liked beverage called a “rogue energy drink” has a well-balanced cocktail of different substances, the most important of which is caffeine.
  • It is an energy drink without caffeine that has 175 mg of sugar.
  • But regardless of the energy drink you choose—whether it’s Rogue or another—always check the nutritional facts and remember that going over the recommended daily limits might be bad for your health.
  • You may always purchase Rogue Energy Drink from various sites like official Rogue Energy Websites, Amazon, or Lime Pro Gaming.

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