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Best G Fuel Powder Flavors (Ultimate Guide)

You probably heard of G Fuel from your favorite YouTuber or gaming prodigy.

What makes G Fuel stand out from other energy drinks?

The drink has both powdered and liquidated forms available in the market. And has a lot of beneficial ingredients and nutrients in it.

A single powdered form of G Fuel has only 140-150mg of caffeine, 0 added sugar, and only 15 calories per serving.

Sounds reasonable enough. In this article, we’ll take a more in-depth look at G Fuel and help you decide which flavor is the best fit for you.

Buckle up, and let’s get started.

Prime Ingredients Of G Fuel Powder


A single energy tub of G Fuel has 150mg of caffeine in it.

The caffeine content may vary depending on which flavor you’re choosing.

150mg of caffeine is a lot. Even if you’re a regular energy drink consumer, ingesting one serving of G Fuel in a day will keep you awake throughout the day.

Not only will G Fuel keep you awake, but it’s also high in multivitamins and antioxidants, which will keep you energized all day and night.

All of these depend on your body’s ability to metabolize caffeine. A person with high caffeine tolerance can chug in a serving of G Fuel like it’s nothing, whereas a person with low caffeine tolerance will feel uncomfortable, even nauseous, if they consume a serving of G Fuel all at once.

The FDA recommends the highest intake of 400mg of caffeine per day for men and women. Caffeine consumption above this amount per day can have serious side effects:

  • Anxiety
  • Nervousness
  • Jitters
  • Dull concentration
  • Heart palpitations


G Fuel Powder version has no added sugar, so it’s safe to say the energy drink is sugar-free.

If you like to drink energy drinks with added sugar, then G Fuel might disappoint you. Because you won’t feel the adrenaline rush you get in traditional energy drinks in G Fuel due to the lack of sugar.

But on the bright side, since the energy drink doesn’t have any sugar, you won’t feel any bitter taste of sugar. Or have any sugar crashes. Sugar crashes cause a sudden energy level drop, which will make you feel exhausted afterward.

For your better understanding, the American Heart Association (AHA) recommends consuming a maximum of 36g and 25g sugar a day for men and women.

Nevertheless, if you’re not a fan of energy drinks that contain added sugar, you can check out my article on the best energy drinks without any sugar.

Artificial Sweeteners In G Fuel

Sucralose and acesulfame potassium are both used to sweeten G Fuel because of the lack of regular sugar in the ingredients list.

Sucralose is a popular, if not the most common artificial sweetener in the world. The sweetener is zero-calorie and is a great sugar substitute. Sucralose is known to be 600-700 times sweeter than regular sugar.

Second to sucralose is acesulfame potassium, also known as Ace-K. This artificial sweetener is zero-calorie too and is 200 times sweeter than table sugar.

Both of the artificial sweeteners mentioned were approved by FDA for food uses. The artificial sweeteners are not metabolized by our body, meaning they won’t add any fat to our body.

Other Ingredients In G Fuel Powder

G Fuel used many ingredients in its energy drinks, and I’ll go over the important ones.


Taurine is an essential amino acid that our bodies can produce. Certain foods, such as meat, fish, and other protein-based foods, contain amino acids.

Taurine enhances both our physical and mental performance. Some research, including this one, shows how consuming taurine before doing physical work has remarkably increased the subject’s performance.

Taurine consumption should be between 500 and 2000mg per day.


Choline is known as a dietary supplement and a nutrient that helps maintain good overall health. Our bodies can produce Choline, but it’s not enough to satisfy the daily need for choline.

Here are some ways that choline can benefit you:

  • Maintaining healthy cells
  • Synthesizing DNA
  • Boosts body metabolism
  • Promotes a better cognitive performance

The precise amount of Choline is not in G Fuel, but 1.2g of Choline is present in its Focus Complex.


Maltodextrin’s primary function is to thicken the texture.

Maltodextrin is considered a safe additive, as per the Food Drug Administration (FDA). However, people who have diabetes or are diagnosed with pre-diabetes should avoid consuming maltodextrin as it has a high glycemic index (GI).

Again, maltodextrin is not harmful if you consume them in a small dosage.

Is G Fuel OK for a 13 year old?

G Fuel contains caffeine and other stimulating ingredients. While the company markets some products as suitable for all ages, it’s generally recommended that adolescents, like 13-year-olds, limit caffeine intake. High caffeine consumption can lead to side effects and interfere with normal growth and development.

Considering a balanced diet, hydration, and consulting healthcare professionals is crucial. If G Fuel is consumed, opting for their caffeine-free or lower-caffeine options might be a safer choice for younger individuals. Responsible guidance helps ensure appropriate consumption and supports the well-being of adolescents.

How many scoops of G Fuel per day?

The recommended number of G Fuel scoops per day varies based on factors like caffeine tolerance and health status. Typically, G Fuel suggests using one scoop per serving, but it’s important to read the product label for specific instructions.

To avoid excessive caffeine intake, especially in younger individuals, it’s advisable to adhere to suggested serving sizes. Consulting healthcare professionals provides personalized guidance, ensuring responsible consumption that aligns with your individual needs and health considerations.

Best G Fuel Powder Flavors

Some of my favorite flavors of G Fuel Powder are:

  • Sour Cherry
  • Strawberry Shortcake
  • Rainbow Sherbet
  • Strawberry Banana
  • Golden Apple Pear
  • French Vanilla
  • Tropical Rain
  • Peach Rings
  • Moon Pie
  • Cherry Limeade

Below is a brief description of the flavors mentioned.

Sour Cherry

G Fuel Sour Cherry energy tub held in hand
The Sour Cherry flavor.

When I first tried the Sour Cherry flavor, the taste was robust, yet sweet too.

Fortunately enough, the taste wasn’t too sweet; my guess is because of the lack of added sugar in the powder. Unfortunately, the powder was a little thick, and it took a while to dissolve entirely in water.

Strawberry Shortcake

G Fuel Strawberry Shortcake energy tub held in hand with different flavors of G Fuel in background
The strawberry shortcake flavor of G Fuel.

The strawberry shortcake flavor tastes very sweet, in my opinion. But when I first drank it, I would say the flavor of strawberry was more visible than a shortcake.

I tried drinking the flavor with milk, and to be honest, it tasted far better than just mixing the powder with water.

Rainbow Sherbet

G Fuel Rainbow Sherbet energy tub held in hand with different flavors of G Fuel in background
At first glance, you may mistake the powder with ice cream packaging.

The rainbow sherbet tasted like ice cream but liquidated, of course.

It was like drinking very fancy ice cream. Besides tasting like ice cream, you might feel a slight creamy orange-ish flavor too. And the powder is heavy, so you might have to shake it a little more before drinking.

Strawberry Banana

G Fuel Strawberry Banana energy tub held in hand with different flavors of G Fuel and supplements in background
It’s like a smoothie; you won’t even feel like you’re drinking an energy drink.

I like this flavor of G Fuel. It tastes very similar to a strawberry banana milkshake. But of course, you’ll get your caffeine and energy fix from it.

I then tried drinking it with milk, but then the taste wasn’t so pleasing. It had a sour aftertaste and, overall, didn’t taste the same as before when I drank it by mixing the powder with water.

Golden Apple Pear

G Fuel Golden Apple Pear energy tub held in hand with different flavors of G Fuel in background
One of my favorite from G Fuel’s energy tub collection.

Golden Apple Pear, in a word, tastes fantastic.

The taste of the energy drink is sweet and robust. But not too strong, which I personally like a lot.

Suppose you’re looking for something that has both apple and pear in it and tastes delicious. Give the Golden Apple Pear of G Fuel a try, and I’m confident you won’t be disappointed.

French Vanilla

G Fuel French Vanilla energy tub held in hand with different flavors of G Fuel and supplements in background
A fine mixture of coffee and a chocolate milkshake, that’s all!

The French Vanilla flavor can be an excellent option for those who don’t want to drink something too sugary but tastes delicious.

After mixing the french vanilla flavor, you get an iced coffee or chocolate smoothie-like look. However, after drinking it, the drink felt like black coffee with a punch of milk.

That’s not my forte, but if you like to drink black coffee in an energy drink form, it might be a good choice for you.

Tropical Rain

G Fuel Tropical Rain energy tub held in hand with different flavors of G Fuel and supplements in background
Tropical Rain is one of my go-to picks when it comes to G Fuel energy tubs.

The tropical rain tastes like a sweet and fresh mixture of kiwi, raspberry, and blueberries.

In addition to tasting fruity, the drink also tastes a little like medicine, so if you’re not into that, you might want to pass on this one.

Peach Rings

G Fuel Peach Rain energy tub in a table
They brought sonic in the packaging, an intelligent move.

If you like peach candy or peach candy rings, this G Fuel flavor is for you.

It tastes like peach iced tea, so for all of you peach lovers out there, this can be your next game-changer

Moon Pie

G Fuel Moon Pie energy tub held in hand with different flavors of G Fuel and supplements in background
The moon pie goes with water, milk, almond milk, chocolate milk, you name it.

This flavor tastes exactly like Moon Pie; if you mix it with just water, you’ll get hit with all the good stuff. The marshmallow, chocolate, graham cracker, and chocolate in the flavor keep it all packed and delicious.

You can go a step ahead and try it with milk, almond milk, or even unsweetened milk. It tastes tasty regardless.

Cherry Limeade

G Fuel Cherry Limeade energy tub in a table
Cherry Limeade is like a popsicle ice cream in energy drink form.

It’s like a cherry popsicle with a mixture of limeade flavor. However, if you tried the sour cherry flavor of G Fuel, you might notice some similarities with it.

Overall, this flavor is excellent during the hot summer days.

Here is a video of a YouTuber trying all the flavors of G Fuel powders.

Is G Fuel Bad For Your Health?

G Fuel isn’t bad for you as long as you consume the drink within limits. Check out the table below for a comparison.

NutrientsG Fuel PowderDaily Tolerable Intake (Men and Women)
Sugar0g36 and 25g
G Fuel’s nutrition compares to the daily recommended amount for both adult men and women.

If you glanced at the table, you would notice that the energy drink does have quite a high caffeine content. 140mg of caffeine is a heavy load of caffeine.

And with that caffeine content, it’ll surely help you stay awake and boost your stamina and athletic performance.

G Fuel energy tubs come in powdered form, it might be challenging to keep track of your consumption, especially if you drink more than one serving of G Fuel. I recommend not to drink more than one serving of G Fuel in a day.

G Fuel powder is sugar-free for the sugar content, so you don’t need to worry about any sugar crashes, fortunately.

And the calorie count is as little as only 15 calories per serving so that it won’t cause any difficulties either.

The bottom line is that G Fuel powder is not bad for you if you drink it to a certain extent.

Energy Drinks You Can Try Instead Of G Fuel Powder

Here are some energy drinks you can try instead of G Fuel, both canned and powdered versions included:

Final Thoughts

G Fuel is one of the most popular energy drink brands.

G Fuel offers 30+ flavors, both canned and powdered versions. The brand also offers you to make your own G Fuel by giving you the customizing option.

Each powdered energy tubs of G Fuel has 140mg of caffeine, no added sugar, and just 15 calories. Given the abundance of sugary and calorie-laden energy drinks on the market, I’d say that’s pretty impressive.

The flavors mentioned are my personal favorites. You can head over to G Fuel’s official website and get your own taste of G Fuel and have it delivered right to your doorstep, that too without spending too much.

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