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Best Energy Drinks For Old Age (Top 5)

Energy drinks are known for boosting your energy in an instant, and they may help people of old age to gain the energy needed in their daily lives.

However, there are many factors in energy drinks that can affect your elderly health such as caffeine, sugar, and caloric content. Illnesses are common in old age, so it’s risky for old people to drink these beverages.

Older people are prone to many diseases.

Despite this, there are many options out there that are safe to drink. I’ll be listing down my top picks throughout this article, so continue reading.

I’ll be tackling facts and important information you need to know about energy drinks and their effects on old age. In the end, a list of the best energy drinks will be further discussed as well.

Let’s begin.

Are Energy Drinks Safe for Old People?

Old people can safely consume energy drinks as long as it’s consumed in moderation.

Ingredients such as caffeine, sugar, and calories in these beverages play a huge role in boosting one’s energy. It’s best to be conscious and to check these components to see how much caffeine and sugar a serving a drink contains. Moreover, it depends on your health status and caffeine sensitivity.

If you have the following, caffeine may take a bad effect on your health:

  • Diabetes
  • Ulcer
  • Gastritis
  • Osteoporosis

Before consuming any energy drinks, it’s best to consult your doctor to make sure it’s safe for you.

How Does Caffeine Affect Older People?

Caffeine can do wonders for your body, especially when you consume it in the right amounts.

If you’re of old age, caffeine can benefit you in a ton of ways, such as:

  • Improved Cognition
  • Better Mental Health
  • Increased Energy Levels
  • Lowered Risks of Stroke
  • Lowered Risks of Dementia
  • Gained Antioxidants

However, negative effects may still occur if you overconsume the ingredient:

  • Sleep Impairment
  • Jitters
  • Anxiety
  • Diarrhea
  • Gastrointestinal Problems
  • Faster Heart Rates
  • Stress in the Kidney
  • Worsened Bladder Infections
  • Increased Blood Pressure
Coffee is also a great source of Caffeine.

How Does Sugar Affect Older People?

Sugar can affect your health a lot, most specifically if you’re someone who has a hard time maintaining blood sugar levels.

With this, always take precautions and take notes on your sugar intake to be safe.

Some seniors have low blood sugar, also known as Hypoglycemia, which may lead to unconsciousness, memory loss, and even death. On the other hand, high blood sugar or Hyperglycemia can lead to kidney, eye, nerve, and heart problems.

In general, too much sugar may produce side effects despite age, and these are not limited to:

  • Weight Gain
  • Higher Risks of Heart Disease
  • Increased Risks of Type 2 Diabetes and Cancer
  • Skin Aging
  • Increased Cellular Aging
  • Energy Drain
  • Fatty Liver
  • Higher Risks of Kidney Disease
  • Higher Risks of Gout Development
  • Poor Dental Health

On the other hand, sugar can also bring health benefits to your body:

  • Higher Energy Levels
  • Stronger Immune System
  • Better Sleep
  • Improved Gut Health
  • Weight Loss
Sugar can also affect your Dental Health.

Caffeine Content and Old Age

The recommended amount that the FDA has mentioned is 400mg per day for an average adult.

However, a study shows that 50-100mg of caffeine daily is well tolerated by most elderly people, equivalent to 5-10g of coffee powder.

If you exceed that amount, the side effects mentioned earlier may persist, and it may lead to life-threatening effects.

With that, it’s best to consume caffeine moderately to avoid unwanted outcomes. To add up, caffeine tolerance or sensitivity may differ from one person to another.

Caffeine sensitive people usually may feel the symptoms:

  • Heavy Adrenaline Rush
  • Heartbeat Racing
  • Headache
  • Jitters
  • Nervousness
  • Anxiousness
  • Restlessness
  • Insomnia

The said amount may either be too much or too little for you to get the energy boost you need. To be safe, consult a medical professional before drinking any energy drinks with high caffeine levels.

Sugar Content and Old Age

The American Heart Association recommends should only consume 36g of sugar (150 calories) daily while women should consume 25g per day (100 calories).

However, this limit still depends on your health. For instance, sugar may benefit elders to increase blood sugar. On the other hand, you may consider consuming sugar as dangerous for your health.

Other than what was mentioned, there are great effects that sugar can bring for the elderly such as:

  • Improve Memory
  • Better Energy Levels
  • Better Mood

Although, it’s best to keep in mind that seniors have a great risks of getting diabetes. So, remember to keep your blood sugar in check before taking any products or food with sugar.

Seek a doctor to get yourself checked up before drinking anything that’s full of sugar like energy drinks.

Sugar can be replaced with Artificial Sweeteners and Sugar Alcohols.

Caloric Content and Old Age

Calories are also a factor to consider whenever you’re about to consume energy drinks.

If you’re an inactive male over 70 years old, you require about 2,000 calories per day. If you’re active, then you can consume about 2,600 calories in that time span.

For sedentary females who are over 70 years old, you should eat 1,600 calories in 24 hours. However, if you’re active, then consider consuming 2,000 calories.

These calories, in the right amount, can benefit your body’s functions. They’re considered as nutritional if they’re consumed moderately:

  • More Energy
  • Aided Controlled Weight
  • Prevented Diseases (e.g. Cancers)

Just like the other two ingredients mentioned, too much may cause harm to your health, and these effects may be the following:

  • Weight Gain
  • Higher Risks of Chronic Health Problems
  • Negative Effects on the Digestive System

I recommend that you watch the video below to learn more about how calories work:

What is a calorie? – Emma Bryce

Comparison of the Best Energy Drinks for Old Age

Before we get into the overview of all the energy drinks best for old age, let’s compare how these beverages differ from one another.

Below are five energy drinks that I think are good for elderly people in terms of caffeine, sugar, and caloric content:

Energy DrinkAmount Per ServingCaffeine ContentSugar ContentCaloric Content
Optimum Nutrition Essential Amino Energy 12fl oz. 100mg 0g 5
Zipfizz Energy Drink11g (per tube)100mg0g20
Guru Energy Drink8.45fl oz.100mg3-21g20-80
Mountain Dew Kickstart16fl oz.90mg20g80
Red Bull Zero8.4fl oz.80mg0g10
Five Energy Drinks that are Good for Old People

Overview of the Best Energy Drinks for Old Age

Other Brands of Energy Drinks in the Market.

Throughout this section, I’ll be listing the Top 5 Best Energy Drinks for Old Age. These are all safe to be consumed by elderly people, as long consumed in moderation.

All of the five drinks are based on caffeine, sugar, and caloric content.

Red Bull Zero Energy Drink

Red Bull Zero has the least amount of caffeine on the list since it contains 80mg of caffeine in an 8.4fl oz. can. The beverage is also sugar-free, and it only has 10 calories in this particular serving.

A Regular Can of Red Bull

If you’re wondering how much sugar and calories is in a regular can, Red Bull has 27g of sugar and 110 calories, which is why I suggest you try out the Zero version instead.

This particular drink has Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), Calcium Pantothenate (Vitamin B5), Vitamin B12, and Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B6), all of which are B-Vitamins.

These vitamins have the following benefits:

  • Cell Health
  • Red Blood Cells Growth
  • Energy Levels
  • Good Eyesight
  • Healthy Brain Function
  • Good Digestion
  • Health Appetite
  • Proper Nerve Function

Mountain Dew Kickstart

Mountain Dew Kickstart has higher caffeine content than the last drink. It contains 90mg of caffeine per 16fl oz. serving. This drink also offers 20mg of sugar and 80 calories in each can.

Mountain Dew Kickstart in Midnight Grape.

This drink has 16 flavors you can choose from to fit your taste:

  • Hydrating Boost (Energizing Strawberry Kiwi)
  • Hydrating Boost (Energizing Pineapple Orange Mango)
  • Hydrating Boost (Energizing Watermelon)
  • Kickstart Hydrating Boost (Energizing Raspberry Citrus)
  • Kickstart Recharge (Energizing Blood Orange)
  • Kickstart Recharge (Energizing Blueberry Pomegranate)
  • Kickstart (Energizing Midnight Grape)
  • Kickstart (Energizing Original Dew)
  • Energizing Orange Citrus
  • Energizing Fruit Punch
  • Energizing Black Cherry
  • Energizing Limeade
  • Energizing Orange Cranberry
  • Energizing Mango Lime
  • Energizing Grape
  • Energizing Original Dew

On top of this, Mountain Dew Kickstart has 90mg of Vitamin C that brings benefits to your body, which are:

  • Stimulated Collagen Synthesis
  • Supported Growth Development
  • Enhanced Brain Function
  • Protection Against Chronic Diseases
  • Strengthened the Immune System
  • Bolstered Cancer Treatment
  • Antioxidants Rich
  • Eye Protection

Guru Energy Drink

Guru Energy Drink has 8.45fl oz. can, it has 100mg of caffeine, 3-21g of sugar, and 20-80 calories.

The sugar and caloric content is different in every flavor. For reference, here are Guru’s corresponding flavors with their sugar and calories:

FlavorSugar ContentCaloric Content
Yerba Maté3g20
Guru Energy Drink Flavors

In addition to this, Guru also has Panax ginger that can benefit your health, especially when consumed in the right amounts:

  • Hindered Menopause
  • Lessened Fatigue
  • Decreaseed Risks of Insomnia
  • Reduced Cholesterol Levels

Zipfizz Energy Drink

Zipfizz in Blueberry Raspberry.

In an 11g tube of Zipfizz, there’s 100mg of caffeine. The energy drink also doesn’t have any sugar and it only has 20 calories.

If you’re interested in trying Zipfizz for yourself, it has 10 different flavors which are:

  • Berry
  • Blueberry Raspberry
  • Orange Soda
  • Citrus
  • Black Cherry
  • Grape
  • Fruit Punch
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Pink Grapefruit
  • Orange Cream

Zipfizz has an amino acid called ‘Taurine’ that plays a huge role in your body’s health. These are not limited to the following:

  • Supported Metabolism
  • Boosted Physical Performance
  • Protection Musculoskeletal System
  • Better Eye Health
  • Better Ear Health
  • Heart Protection
  • Protected Brain Aging
  • Safeguard Against Diabetes

Optimum Nutrition Essential Amino Energy

Optimum Nutrition Essential Amino Energy is, in my opinion, my top pick among the five. It has 100mg of caffeine and zero sugar. Moreover, it only has 5 calories, being the lowest one on the list.

Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy Drinks.

On top of this, it has a variety of flavors you can choose from and try for yourself. These are the following:

  • Blueberry Lemonade
  • Grape
  • Green Apple
  • Juicy Cherry
  • Juicy Strawberry
  • Mango Pineapple Lime
  • Mixed Berry Sangria
  • Peach Bellini
  • Watermelon

This energy drink has its own Amino Blend, and it has nine essential amino acids which include:

  • L-Leucine
  • L-Theanine
  • L-Alanil
  • L-Glutamine
  • L-Threonine
  • L-Citruline
  • L-Lysine Hydrochloride
  • Sustamine
  • Micronized Taurine

Amino Acids are needed in many of your bodily functions, and it surely gives a lot of good effects on your body as well:

  • Improved Mood
  • Better Exercise Performance
  • Prevented Muscle Loss
  • Promoted Weight Loss

If you want to know other sugar-free drinks such as Optimum Nutrition Essential Amino Energy, check this article I wrote: 10 Best Sugar-Free Energy Drinks (Detailed List)

Can seniors drink energy drinks daily?

Seniors are not advised to drink energy drinks daily. Although energy drinks can provide a quick boost of energy, they are not recommended for daily consumption, especially for seniors. Energy drinks can contain high levels of caffeine and sugar, which can lead to adverse health effects.

Seniors should consult with their doctor before consuming energy drinks, as they can interact with medications and exacerbate underlying health conditions. If seniors do choose to consume energy drinks, they should do so in moderation and opt for low-caffeine and sugar options.

What ingredients should seniors look for in energy drinks?

Seniors should look for energy drinks that contain ingredients that support overall health and well-being. These include B vitamins, which help convert food into energy, and antioxidants, which protect against cell damage and inflammation. Seniors should also look for energy drinks that are low in caffeine and sugar.

Some of the best ingredients to look for in energy drinks include green tea extract, ginseng, and guarana. Green tea extract contains caffeine and L-theanine, which work together to provide sustained energy without the jitters. Ginseng is an adaptogen that can help reduce stress and fatigue, while guarana contains caffeine and theobromine, which can improve mental alertness and focus.

Is energy drink good for old age?

Energy drinks may not be ideal for older individuals due to potential health concerns. The high caffeine content can exacerbate age-related conditions like hypertension and heart issues. Moreover, energy drinks might interfere with medications commonly taken by older adults.

For seniors, prioritizing natural sources of energy, like a balanced diet and regular physical activity, is recommended. Staying hydrated and getting adequate rest are vital. Consulting healthcare professionals is essential before incorporating energy drinks, as their expertise ensures safe and personalized guidance tailored to the unique health needs of older individuals.

How can I boost my energy after 60?

Boosting energy after 60 involves adopting a holistic approach. Regular physical activity tailored to your abilities enhances cardiovascular health and energy levels. A balanced diet rich in nutrients, including whole grains, lean proteins, and fruits and vegetables, supports vitality.

Prioritizing hydration, managing stress, getting sufficient sleep, and engaging in activities you enjoy contribute to sustained energy. Consulting healthcare professionals for guidance on exercise regimens, dietary adjustments, and potential supplements ensures a safe and personalized approach to maintaining optimal energy levels as you age.

Final Thoughts

Energy drinks are safe to be consumed by people of old age. As long as you drink in moderation, then it won’t have a detrimental effect on your health.

Before drinking these types of products, always take into consideration to check the caffeine, sugar and caloric content of the drink, because these ingredients have a huge effect on the body.

If you’re still unsure, don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor in order to avoid negative effects. Know what you need first before consuming what you want to get the best effects.

With all this info, drink healthy and stay safe.

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