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Bee NRG Drink Review (Honest Review)

Bee Firm NRG is a natural honey energy drink brand in Western Australia. It was first released in the market last 2017.

It’s a healthy substitute for other energy drinks that contains a high amount of caffeine and sugar. Bee NRG uses only natural ingredients. It doesn’t contain taurine and other artificial flavors.

Bee NRG has a tasty sweet flavor, and it has a unique taste that doesn’t taste a typical energy drink. And you can get a natural boost of energy.

Do you want to know more about Bee NRG? Read this article, and I will have an honest review of Bee NRG.

Nutritional Facts Of Bee NRG

Let’s take a look at the nutrients included in Bee NRG.

NutrientsPer 250mlPer 100ml
Energy100 calories40 calories
Bee NRG Nutrition facts
Nutrition facts of Bee NRG

Ingredients In Bee NRG

Next, let’s see what the ingredients included in Bee NRG are.

  • Water
  • Australian Honey
  • Guarana
  • Ginseng Extract
  • Acacia Gum(414)
  • Xanthan Gum(415)
  • Acidity Regulator 330
  • Natural Flavours

Calories In Bee NRG

fork wrapped in measuring tape

A 250ml of Bee NRG can give you almost 100 calories.

Bee NRG calorie amount won’t primarily affect your overall calorie intake in a day. As a reference, the recommended daily calorie intake is 2000-2500 calories.

Some factors vary your calorie intake, such as:

  • age
  • gender
  • weight
  • height
  • activity level

Caffeine In Bee NRG

Bee NRG is caffeine-free.

Even though Bee NRG doesn’t have caffeine, it still has other ingredients that give a kick of energy like guarana and ginseng.

So if you like an energy drink that doesn’t have caffeine Bee NRG is suitable for you. And you don’t have to think about exceeding the caffeine limit per day, which is 400mg.

Ad will not be at risk of adverse effects of too much caffeine, such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Digestive Issues
  • Muscle Breakdown
  • Addiction
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Rapid Heart Rate
  • Fatigue
  • Frequent Urination

Bee NRG Sugar Content

a spoonful of sugar and a strawberry
Sugar inside energy drinks.

Bee NRG has 22.5g of sugar in every 250ml serving.

The sugar content of Bee NRG is derived from natural honey and natural sugar. it was the trademark of bee firm drinks

Honey is sweeter than sugar and has more calories as well. However, it contains vitamins, antioxidants, and other ingredients. It has several health benefits, such as:

  • It helps protects against metabolic syndrome
  • Improves heart health
  • Promote burn and wound healing
  • Helps suppress cough
  • Has antioxidant properties

Although it provides health benefits, honey is still a sugar, and when you exceed 25g to 34g sugar per day, it may cause:

  • cavities
  • inflammation
  • overeating
  • increased waist size
  • weight gain
  • skin aging
  • wrinkles

If you’re switching to sugar-free drinks, Read: 10 Best Sugar-Free Energy Drinks (Detailed List)

Effects of sugar in the body.

Guarana Seed Extract In Bee NRG

Bee NRG contains guarana seed extract.

Guarana is a native plant of the Amazon. And it has been used by the Amazonian tribe due to its therapeutic and medicinal properties.

It also contains stimulants and antioxidants. The stimulants in guarana will keep you awake and boost your energy.

It also provides different benefits, including:

  • Reduces fatigue
  • Improves focus
  • Improves learning
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Relieves chronic diarrhea
  • Treats constipation
  • Boosts heart health
  • Provides pain relief
  • Improves skin appearance
  • Have anti-cancer properties
  • Has antibacterial properties
  • Protection against age-related eye disorders

However, if you consume high doses of guarana, you may feel similar side effects of caffeine, including:

  • heart palpitations
  • insomnia
  • headaches
  • seizures
  • anxiety
  • nervousness
  • upset stomach
  • shakiness

Guarana will serve as the stimulant and energy booster in Bee NRG.

Bee NRG Ginseng Root Extract

Aside from guarana Bee NRG also contains ginseng root extract.

Ginseng has been commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. It was believed to have a stimulating effect.

It can also provide you with several health benefits, including:

  • Reduces inflammation
  • Benefit brain function
  • Improve erectile dysfunction
  • Boost immune system
  • Potential benefits against cancer
  • Fight tiredness
  • Increase energy levels
  • Lower blood sugar

Is Bee NRG Good For You?

Bee NRG is good for you as long as you consume it in moderation.

It contains honey which can provide you with several health benefits. It also contains antioxidants that are good for your health.

Bee NRG also contains guarana and ginseng, which have antioxidant properties—and are also known to have therapeutic properties.

However, you still need to keep in your mind that honey is still sugar, and if you over-consume sugar, it may put you at risks for:

  • cardiovascular disease
  • colon cancer
  • cognitive problems
  • diabetes
  • hypertension
  • kidney disease
  • liver disease
  • obesity
  • pancreatic cancer
  • retina damage
  • muscle and nerve damage

Always remember to drink Bee NRG in moderation.

Is Bee NRG Gluten-Free?

Bee NRG is a gluten-free energy drink

there are no ingredients found that contains gluten like:

  • grains
  • rye
  • barley

these are the ingredients used in Bee NRG

  • Guarana seed extract
  • Ginseng root extract
  • honey

Bee NRG is a healthier option for an energy drink since it doesn’t contain gluten and caffeine. Although it’s healthier, you should consume Bee NRG moderately due to its high sugar content.

Is Bee NRG keto-friendly?

Bee NRG isn’t keto-friendly

Bee NRG contains honey that makes it not keto-friendly

the other ingredients are keto-friendly, ginseng, and guarana extract. However, honey is rich in carbohydrates that make it not keto-friendly

If you’re looking for keto-friendly drinks, Bee NRG isn’t suitable for you

Can You Drink Bee NRG Every Day?

You can drink Bee NRG every day.

My only concern here would be the sugar content of Bee NRG since the primary ingredient is honey, and it has 22.5g of it.

Consuming too much sugar will cause long-term effects and increase your risk of having severe health conditions, as mentioned above.

The only thing you can do if you want to consume Bee NRG daily is to have it in moderation to avoid negative effects on your health.

How Much Bee NRG Should You Drink In A Day?

I recommend drinking only one serving of Bee NRG in a day.

There is caffeine from guarana in Bee NRG, and honey is also the main act of this energy drink which is also a sugar. If you consume more than one serving, you may go overboard on the maximum limit, especially sugar.

It will not result in benefits; instead, it will put you at risk for health conditions.

Benefits Of Bee NRG

Bee NRG is one of the healthy energy drinks that can provide you with plenty of benefits. These include:

  • Boosts your energy
  • Improves memory
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Aids in weight loss
  • Has antioxidant properties

You can have these benefits as long as you consume them in moderation.

Does Bee NRG Actually Work?

Bee NRG works by providing you with an energy boost from guarana extract.

Guarana is known to have a stimulating effect because it contains stimulants like caffeine, theophylline, and theobromine.

It’s also a common ingredient in energy drinks as an added stimulant aside from caffeine.

It also has the same benefits as caffeine, such as:

  • reduces fatigue
  • boosts energy
  • improves learning and memory
  • weight loss

Flavours Of Bee NRG And What Does It Taste Like?

The only flavor is available in the natural honey flavor. It has a distinct taste of honey which is sweet and refreshing.

Bee NRG Review

7 out of 10.

Bee NRG is a healthy option for an energy drink. If you want something new and tired of the same familiar taste as other energy drink brands, Bee NRG is a must-try.

It can give you the same effect as other energy drinks containing caffeine due to its guarana content. You can get an energy boost that you want to keep you up all day without worrying about any artificial additives.

Taste-wise, it’s refreshing, and if you’re a honey lover, you will love Bee NRG.

However, there’s only one flavor. You can’t have any other option.

Alternatives To Bee NRG

If you want other energy drinks that have a more potent formula than Bee NRG, you can try the following:

Final Verdict

Overall, Bee NRG is a great, healthy energy drink that only contains natural ingredients.

It can give you an energy boost from guarana because ut doesn’t contain caffeine. But, it can also contribute to your overall health because guarana also has antioxidant properties.

However, honey is still sugar. To prevent adverse effects, you must drink Bee NRG in a moderate amount. Consuming too much sugar can cause serious health risks

Bee NRG is a must-try. You can have a unique energy drink if you want something new and healthy.

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