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Baya VS Bang (Which Is Better?)

Starbucks Baya Energy Drink contains caffeine, which is present naturally in coffee fruit, and antioxidant vitamin C for immune support and a burst of feel-good energy.

Meanwhile, the Bang Energy drink is a good pre-workout drink because it contains 300 mg of caffeine and micronutrients like EAAs, CoQ10, and Bang’s proprietary Super Creatine. The contents of the beverage are intended to improve both your physical and mental performance during your activities.

Energy drinks have long ruled the market. Caffeine addiction and the urge for a boost in both adults and children are the main causes of this.

People become dependent on energy drinks for a number of reasons, such as staying up late to fully comprehend the exam curriculum, needing extra time to fulfill job deadlines, and having quite so much energy to force themselves to the limit during a difficult workout.

Let’s check now.

Ingredients Of Baya And Bang

Baya contains natural ingredients
Baya contains natural ingredients

Here are the ingredients of both energy drinks:

BAYA Energy DrinkBang Energy Drink
Carbonated WaterCarbonated water
Cane SugarCitric Acid Anhydrous
White Grape Juice from ConcentrateSodium benzoate
Lemon Juice from ConcentrateCaffeine
Raspberry Juice from Concentrate L-Leucine
Lime Juice from ConcentrateSucralose
Natural FlavorsCaffeine Potassium sorbate
Ascorbic Acid (vitamin c) Calcium chloride
Coffee Fruit extractsAcesulfame potassium
Green Coffee ExtractsMagnesium chloride
LycopeneSuper creatine
Ingredients Of Baya and Bang Energy drinks

Carbonated water, which is simply ordinary water that has been pumped with CO2, serves as the basis for both energy drinks (CO2). It soothes dyspepsia in addition to hydrating.

The main ingredients in BAYA Energy are coffee fruit extract, ascorbic acid, and lycopene. Lycopene has been found to provide a few health benefits, such as a reduced risk of certain diseases.

On the other hand, caffeine, electrolytes, and vitamins are all concentrated in Bang Energy. Hyper creatine is one of its distinctive selling points. It differs from regular creatine due to the addition of L-leucine, which enhances focus and clarity. Creatine can aid in muscle growth and recuperation after exercise.

Nutritional Information: Baya VS Bang

Bang has zero sugar
Bang has zero sugar

Let’s check the nutritional facts of these energy drinks.

Nutrition FactsBAYA EnergyBang EnergyRecommended Daily Amount
Energy90 calories02000-2500
Total Carbohydrate23g0g300g
Sugar 22g0g50g
Sodium 0g40mg2400mg
Vitamin C Niacin25% of RDV20mg
Niacin Vitamin C90g50% of RDV60mg
Vitamin B625% of RDV2mg
Vitamin B1225% of RDV6mcg
nutritional values of baya and Bang.

While Bang Energy contains no calories, BAYA Energy does. For sugar, the same is true.

Bang Energy, which omits calories and sugar while incorporating essential b vitamins, wins this category with ease.

However, both energy drinks contain calcium, potassium, and vitamin C to help you keep nourished and hydrated amid intense heat.

Caffeine Content

Bang Energy has 300mg of caffeine in each 16 fl. oz. can, compared to 160mg in each 12 fl. oz. can of BAYA Energy.

Bang Energy includes more caffeine than other brands, so you’ll get a more substantial energy boost that lasts longer.

The caffeine level of Bang Energy is practically exactly on the border of the daily dosage advised by this research, which is a drawback you may encounter.

Sugar Content

Bang Energy is sugar-free, compared to BAYA Energy’s high sugar content (22g).

Along with flavor, sugar offers the beverage energy. I personally don’t like extra sugar in my food or drinks, yet there’s no denying that sugar can provide extra energy.

Processed foods frequently contain sugars, which are used to add flavor, color, thickness, and weight to food.

Most adults should avoid consuming more than 25g or 37g of sugar per day, according to health experts.

By not including any additional sugar in their beverages, Bang Energy once again wins the prize.

Calories Content

Your body requires calories to work, so BAYA Energy’s 90 calories will keep you going all day long. Bang Energy has no calories, so it won’t make you gain weight.

Health problems might arise from a lack of energy, and weight gain can happen from eating too few calories if you don’t burn them off rapidly enough through exercise.

This study found that men and women, respectively, require 2,500 and 2,000 calories per day.

Contains Vitamins

B-Vitamins, which help with energy metabolism, are abundant in Bang Energy.

The B vitamins, a group of eight chemicals, are important for many organs and body systems. Although they can work together in the body, each has a specific job to do.

BAYA Energy and Bang Energy both contain ascorbic acid, or vitamin C, which is crucial for cellular repair, growth, and development. Vitamin C, which is high in antioxidants, boosts the immune system’s ability to heal human tissues.

Electrolytes Content

Both beverages contain electrolytes like potassium and salt. Because there is more sodium electrolyte in Bang Energy, it is more hydrated.

Chemicals that are spread in water and are referred to as electrolytes develop natural positive or negative electric charges.

They assist your body in a variety of ways, such as controlling chemical reactions and preserving the balance of fluids both in and out of your cells.

Electrolytes or their component parts are delivered to your body by the food and drink you eat. Your kidneys eliminate excess electrolytes from your body and discharge them in urine.

They assist your body in a variety of ways, such as controlling chemical reactions and preserving the balance of fluids inside and outside of your cells.

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Which Drink Is More Healthy? Baya Or Bang

Let’s look at the following table to find out which drink is healthier than the other one.

IngredientsBAYA (16 fl. oz)Bang (16 fl. oz)Daily Max Limit (Female/Male)
Calories90 calories0 calories2400 calories/3000 calories
Caffeine Content160mg300mg400mg
Sugar Content22g0g25g/36g
Comparison of main ingredients of energy drinks

It is quite hard to declare one as a healthy energy drink. Compared to Bang Energy, BAYA Energy contains less caffeine, making it less likely that you will consume too much of it. It is also appropriate if you have a lower tolerance to caffeine.

However, BAYA Energy lacks the essential amino acids and vitamins found in Bang Energy and contains a sizable amount of sugar.

Flavors Of Baya And Bang

Bang has a vast variety of flavors

Baya has three meanwhile Bang has 29 flavors. Here is the list:

Baya Flavours:

  1. Mango Guava
  2. Raspberry Lime
  3. Pineapple Passionfruit

Bang Flavours:

  1. Bangster Berry
  2. Birthday Cake Bash
  3. Black Cherry Vanilla
  4. Blue and Yellow Limoncello
  5. Blue Razz
  6. Candy Apple Crisp
  7. Champagne
  8. Cherry Blade Lemonade
  9. Citrus Twist
  10. Cotton Candy
  11. Delish Strawberry Kiss
  12. Frose Rose
  13. Key Lime Pie
  14. Lemon Drop
  15. Miami Cola
  16. Nectarine Blueberry
  17. Peach Mango
  18. Pina Colada
  19. Power Punch
  20. Purple Guava Pear
  21. Purple Haze
  22. Radical Skadattle
  23. Rainbow Unicorn
  24. Root Beer
  25. Sour Heads
  26. Star Blast
  27. Swirly Pop
  28. Whole Lotta Chocolata
  29. Wyldin Watermelon

Price: Bang And Baya

Starbucks Baya Energy is a $3 beverage that can be purchased online, at petrol stations, convenience stores, and supermarkets around the country.

The price of Bang Energy is also around $3, and it is sold by every online retailer in the United States.


  • It’s less probable that you’ll overdo it on the caffeine with BAYA Energy compared to Bang Energy. If your tolerance of caffeine isn’t as high, BAYA would be a better choice.
  • Nevertheless, BAYA Energy lacks the vital vitamins and amino acids present in Bang Energy and has a significant amount of sugar.
  • The finest energy drink will depend on your personal preferences.
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